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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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Hey, @iMore fans: If you’re wondering where our video podcasts went, check our YouTube channel. https://t.co/oW6ftWYT2s@thecapecoder raccoon and corn, beans and squash.I love this time of year: Pats play (and win) in the afternoon, now B’s are on the ice.GO PATS! #PatriotsvsJets@coutinho_paul That’s annoying. Happens to me too.One letdown of Yosemite call relay is that one it bounces to the iPhone, there’s no way to bounce it back.@11bitstudios np! Thanks and happy holidays.@coutinho_paul FSM@phreddyl sour cream filled then@11bitstudios Have they been since 12/10, btw? That’s when I sent a query and I’m still waiting for a response.@11bitstudios Thanks!Never mind the croissant donut. Dunkin’s should do an apple-filled latke donut.Cause I smell frost on cotton leaves… https://t.co/XOeMZH2H1dThe shortest day of the year. Is this when we throw virgins into volcanoes to appease the sky gods?@Spacekatgal it is!@Spacekatgal From Croteam (Serious Sam).@Spacekatgal FPS puzzler; gorgeous, thought provoking, really well done.@Spacekatgal http://t.co/J6HoACr2Tk@Spacekatgal Have you looked at The Talos Principle yet?@11bitstudios Is there a press contact I can e-mail?It’s Christmastime in Hollis, Queens. Mom’s cooking chicken and collared greens… https://t.co/xqmHODIRdmOur holiday music favorites http://t.co/ixjnK431uh via @iMore"Even if 90% of the [GamerGate] supporters are good and 10% are bad, the bad are poisoning the message for everyone.” - Jimmy WalesBefore you assume the US has an airtight case against North Korea for the Sony hack, remember how certain the US was that Iraq had WMDs.@superpixels “Side effects may include mild death."@kerri9494 FREADOM OF SPEACH 1ST AMMENDMINT@lexfri Wait until they start parodying podcast advertisers.
@roCkerChick @iMore Not sure, but when I tried the link it worked fine.@FinnerPhoto Dunno if this will work but it might be worth a try. http://t.co/EmFeL1tuDg@philnickinson there're?@flargh when a mum instructs her son to urinate on the floor of a busy multi-story shop? Which he does. #RetailLife #Applestorelyfe
Retweeted by Peter Cohen“I need a case for an iPad.” “Which iPad?” “Just a regular one.” #RetailLifeHow to fix a broken Lightning dock in an iPhone 5s by @iMuggle http://t.co/cDcB6dBS1m via @iMoreiMore show 345: iOS 8 + iPhone 6, three months later! @settern @iMuggle @flargh @reneritchie https://t.co/LR31y0waoa https://t.co/W4XWBdN2Pm
Retweeted by Peter Cohen“We’re open 11-5 tomorrow.” “You’re not open tomorrow, are you?” #RetailLife@GrumpusNation I miss baconProblems streaming iTunes purchases to Apple TV? Try these fixes! by @iMuggle http://t.co/93YrN2QKWT via @iMore“I actually have a two meter cable.” “How long is it?” #RetailLifeWhat we're watching: Holiday movie and TV favorites http://t.co/IyHov38H8p via @iMoreT-Mobile will pay $90 million to settle "cramming" charges http://t.co/OiFxMP5d4Y via @iMore
Apple Watch, WatchKit, and Accessibility by @steven_aquino http://t.co/LwxTrWWfaj via @iMoreCurrently in rotation at casa @flargh: Lt. Lucia’s “When the Night” https://t.co/3AMy8SYL0E@bluntedge I sent the developer an email. Will let you know.Audioengine B2 review: Premium Bluetooth sound from compact speaker http://t.co/s8ab4tAh8l via @iMore@Audioninjatom Gracias.@BruceGMobiSol @imore Thanks!Totally agree with @robfahey here: Buggy games deserve much harsher treatment. http://t.co/SUhzmoES4m@danielwcooper @phonewisdom Only if you want job security, a steady income and a death that doesn’t involve liver failure or suicide.@danielwcooper It’s whiskey o’clock!@danielwcooper um wtf@JackWellborn Not me, Obama.James FlacoWhat do the Apple Watch and WatchKit mean for Accessibility? @steven_aquino shares his ideas! http://t.co/YE2WEVhccB http://t.co/W2Lf5rXuhs
Retweeted by Peter CohenNSFW: Special Magenta Snowflake http://t.co/xFPfNNqT8g via @iMore@blakespot I love the Black Orpheus stuff. His collaboration with Bola Sete was outstanding too.@kerri9494 JFCGood news from Strange Flavour - they’re getting back into OS X games with their new Fast Fishing title. http://t.co/xXhwQ49Mro@iCape4Business *blush* thanks, guys. :)iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review: 3 months later http://t.co/9RT6cVDYXL via @iMore@llofte I’m laughing. And wincing. And laughing.Figured out that it’s hickory that the cat likes so much. She goes crazy over hickory smoked turkey the same way she does for bacon.@roCkerChick So say we all.GameStop charged us sales tax on a League of Legends points card yesterday. But gift cards aren’t taxable in MA. So WTF.How to record phone calls on your Mac by @settern http://t.co/FECBOXXbkN via @iMore
Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati t-shirts by @ElizSimins are now back in stock at @Fangamer. Get em while you can! http://t.co/CWLb2g2Rua
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@drfyzziks I bring good tidings then!“Cast Your Fate to the Wind” is on that album - that’s what made Lee Mendelson look up Guaraldi to begin with.The Hit List 2 now syncs with Mac, available for $9.99 through December 31st http://t.co/F1unTXCjYr via @iMoreYou know, there’s a lot more to Vince Guaraldi than the amazing Charlie Brown soundtracks. https://t.co/n26D3YysC2@hippiemanx Dude, it’s trivial to make. It’s basically just a beaten egg whisked into seasoned chicken broth, with some green onions.@hippiemanx No, a fresh batch.So good I'm having it again today. Homemade egg drop soup. http://t.co/fOBpC0gkY7@tfraley No. Though they previously said three months after the PC release. So Marchish?Any other Mac users excited about playing Elite: Dangerous once it’s ready for OS X? https://t.co/1LcsfWGoSiFlipboard gets Flowboard to rebrand after trademark spat http://t.co/LrTsIKbCHa via @iMoreInevitably, when my iPhone stops loading web pages, I find “xfinitywifi” is to blame. Must stop connecting.@danbenjamin Seance.@neiltyson Does this count? http://t.co/Od7xwP2FbgHackers and terrorists didn’t “defeat America.” Sony and movie theaters capitulated because they’re spineless corporate cowards.Imperial Fist, the first expansion for Space Hulk Ascension, is now available for download: http://t.co/X6GtlqstA9Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai joins the battle on OS X http://t.co/iynvLOOPOQ via @iMore@SammyWalrusIV 6, 64@zachyounkin I think Sony will bow to public pressure and release it somehow. But stuff like this finds a way. BitTorrent, if nothing else.@Beviharwood iCloud content is available anywhere. Your Time Capsule is a local area networking device. It’s a false equivalency.
App Store and the need for sloppier search @reneritchie http://t.co/hbP8JoiT7k via @iMoreEchoes for iOS turns your iPhone into an intercom http://t.co/VkkNT7nSD1 via @iMore@Beviharwood Nope. About the only connection Time Capsule has to iCloud is to facilitate a Back to My Mac connection.Grids gets major overhaul to bring better Instagram experience to Macs http://t.co/xa76LGAiKO via @iMore@siegel @theloop @jdalrymple No, that’s encephalitis.Cecily Strong’s “One Dimensional Female Character From a Male Driven Comedy” is bang on. http://t.co/f0UxqnqkptiOS 8 review: 3 months later http://t.co/ZaKCJZ41L7 via @iMore@Moltz @reneritchie @panzer I was kind of hoping they’d target Adam Sandler.@reneritchie @jdalrymple Keep your milk and cookies, kids. This Santa wants a pack of Player’s and a Heineken.Run old-school console games on the Mac with OpenEmu http://t.co/m6tyuGBv0A via @iMoreSo, Guardians of Peace, where do you stand on ethics in games journalism?@reneritchie @chuckjoiner @MGGJim No, but something to go with it! A siphon coffee maker, like Blue Bottle does.I have to admit, I didn’t give a shit about The Interview before today. But now I’m making it my mission to see it.@strngwys @jeffcarlson @CLINT @ejacqui That is epic. But does it have LASER CATZILLAS? http://t.co/rEJSnh1I6KNeed ideas for Christmas presents? I joined @chuckjoiner and @MGGJim on the MacJury’s final Holiday Gift Guide. http://t.co/GucE7dqLgcAs true today as it was a decade ago http://t.co/RvkYKDYD8k http://t.co/OhgZdUAozn
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