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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

NSFW and profane SJW. Mac Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJZbuak. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids. I fight for the users.

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@wingedpig @chuq There’s a BBB on Cape Cod that is just WAY too close to exactly that.Sid Meier's Starships isn’t the deepest game, but it’s LOTS of fun. http://t.co/RIoJ8lH7Do http://t.co/TbVKjsuO9T@jperlow I cooked a nine pound ham yesterday. #trayf4lyfeI love how cable television companies and content providers conspire to absolutely ruin Apple TV. http://t.co/5wmGspyTKF@jperlow uhhhhI love it when someone tries to insult me by branding me a social justice warrior. I wear the badge proudly, motherfuckers.@jcenters Winner winner chicken dinner, 100 internets for you sir@flargh MOBAs overtook MMOs in nerd rage a long time ago.
Retweeted by Peter CohenMOBAS to overtake MMOs in F2P revenue this year? I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. http://t.co/4OkwkeZOldPlay this Mac/iOS game: Sid Meier's Starships http://t.co/nRuETZSeUZ via @iMore@mattgemmell "My favourite colour in the world is purple. A rich, vibrant, royal purple.” Something we share beside stunning physiques.@JeffLynch @dnanian @siegel I do like the “powder fresh” scent.If your Snapchat buddy list is a mess, here’s @iMuggle’s tip on how to fix it! http://t.co/JJ2DIt27mj http://t.co/hTrm3OB8eJHow to change someone's Snapchat display name by @iMuggle http://t.co/fSLsNnskAJ via @iMoreAdobe Comp CC for iPad makes it easier to get started on your new app or web design http://t.co/EPbhuC1MyW via @iMore@dnanian My own fault: the Mac gets a lot of abuse from software testing. I think from here on out I’ll just run a VM instead.@arcsine Reboot, reformat, Internet Recovery, restore from Time Machine.Thinking about opening a place called Old Yeller Senior Care Center.When 10.10.3 goes final I’ma do a clean install on this Mac. Not looking forward to it.@TheGlennja Time for a good ELE to flush the gene toilet and reboot.iCloud Photo Library: Explained — @reneritchie deep-dives to help you understand how it works. http://t.co/8ApiMwrwqa via @iMore@hodapp LOL perfect@rolphus That’s what I understand it’s all about. If he’s less lonely, that’s a good thing. :)@davidcaolo @heyjimhill dealer’s choice.@KevinHarvell I really didn’t want to anyway, but now I have a new reason not to. ;)@davidcaolo @heyjimhill This is what would happen: https://t.co/kiI7W4oMUKMy 15yo’s parakeet seems happier now that he has mirrors to look at. Narcissistic little bastard.@sethclifford Yep. My Waterloo.Zen Pinball adding Star Wars Rebels table in late April for iOS and Mac http://t.co/VrtvndjJfj http://t.co/itSRpF38rI@MR_COLDHARBOUR LOL. Actually, I blame the record companies.@MR_COLDHARBOUR I blame Obamacare. ;)@aaronmb *sigh* FINE@drance Holy crap! The return of the pocket rocket!I just heard someone pronounce “doge gif” as “dozh jif” and now I want to punch a baby in the throat.@PhilipMichaels @lexfri @jsnell National language of Belize is English. Just sayin’.I stand with Tim Cook: Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law is bigotry. If you don’t agree, please unfollow me. http://t.co/vsphO9ioAgWant to view your iTunes Radio play history on your iPhone or iPad? Let @iMuggle help! http://t.co/w0fKlSf3xj https://t.co/MTywgD7Fn5@lexfri @ismh Aryans from Darien.@syedzq In some cases. But I’ve worked with BBEdit for nigh on 20 years now.@garagebandking9 Either way, a hardware test failure is Not Good News. :(I thought I’d never seen as ridiculous a luxury car as a Porsche Cayenne then I saw a Mercedes pickup.@ladywhimsy k, fixed. Thanks. :)Comments in the Tim Cook piece I posted late last night are sadly predictable.
@syedzq I spend all day in Markdown and HTML, so some of those features are very useful. Bare Bones TextWrangler is free, btw. Same core.@syedzq @TypedApp @iMore Sometimes. I have a lot of workflow invested in BBEdit. I mostly use Typed for creative work.Tim Cook: 'Religious Freedom' laws are pro-discrimination http://t.co/9xXWvjnP6t via @iMore@fpetrie Thanks!@garagebandking9 @iMuggle @reneritchie Assuming the problem is with the SSD, that’ll fix it.@garagebandking9 @iMuggle @reneritchie If If you have AppleCare, use it. Otherwise you can replace the SSD yourself with OWC or Transcend.Jailbreaking a first-gen Apple TV: Worth it?As co-sponsor of a bill to outlaw gay marriage Mike Pence could easily clarify The Religious Freedom Act: "Look at my record, I'm a bigot."
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@garagebandking9 @iMuggle @reneritchie Looks like a bad hard drive or faulty SATA controller. Which Mac?@tmaes Did you run at a wall really fast?We submitted the universal update of OmniFocus to the App Store for review last week, and expect it to ship this Thursday (April 2).
Retweeted by Peter CohenWhat the hell is “xfinitywifi” and how do you get rid of it? Read on for details! http://t.co/0Zfkq2mqyu http://t.co/pOpsyyNxqE@ddt You’re never going back? ;) https://t.co/x68GJLFzeu@ddt @BlueShieldCA That’s terrifying.OMG. @neilhimself and Laurie Anderson at @BARDCollege? Wish I could go! http://t.co/KvRuNpSMhi@ddt da fuqGAME DAY. #NHLBruins Preview: http://t.co/vDA9Uk7trx http://t.co/u9UocBDh1R
Retweeted by Peter CohenGreat White Shark. Flat White coffee. Australia. There’s a joke there but I can’t quite see it.Remember, these folk were just "practicing their religious freedom" to intimidate, maim, and murder black folk. http://t.co/07SyOp5Q2k
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@ElliotSchechter The entire state legislature that voted for this abomination is a disgrace, as are the law’s supporters.Option c: Mike Pence is both stupid _and_ ignorant. A government by the people, for the people. #IndianaboycottIndiana Gov. Mike Pence understands that religious freedom can only come from persecuting gays, and not from things like helping the poor.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@MikeTRose @reneritchie @paulkent Huh. That explains it. I thought it was Thunderstruck, Hungry Like the Wolf and an Ian Anderson flute soloMike Pence is either really stupid or really ignorant.@settern Takeaway Scones is my The Dubliners cover band.Comic by @rstevens: This Beta is on FIRE http://t.co/DelGVoaJMc via @iMore@MikeTRose @reneritchie @paulkent And all three of us playing different songs.@erichof Thanks!
Look’s like I’ve gotten Alexander’s stamp of approval. http://t.co/aoKdzbKxlTTHIS: RT @tedlandau: @flargh So so true! One solution: Have a global provider login in Settings. Unlocks all channels you are eligible for.@rawsoncj @stevensande The Ancients once etched their grunts, hoots and whistles onto metal discs.@strngwys @danielpunkass #blessed@mdhughes @theloop Thanks!@decktonic #freedom #MURICASid Meier’s Starships is like Spaceward Ho meets Star Fleet Battles.@Amandablum yeah wtf @verso can’t u pull some strings@Amandablum @BiancaJSmith Alameda/Weehauken Burrito Tunnel?@stawecki I haven’t had any symptoms since my surgery. I hope never to have any again! My hope is the Watch can help.@Amandablum @BiancaJSmith Miss you too! We need transporter pads between pr0tland and the Cape!@BiancaJSmith @AmandaBlum I thought you said “Prince” and I was all TAKE IT BACK HE’S LEGENDARY@dkdsgn Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases Edge case? LOLOLBest Buy couldn’t get enough Canadian Tire dollars for Future Shop to buy a double double at Tim Horton’s, eh? #allthecanadianiknow@stawecki @TheLoop Thanks for reading!@aminorjourney My accuracy and speed goes way up using a mechanical keyboard.@CaffeineAndHate Also, do a better job of wiping.@aminorjourney respect.@aminorjourney I know! I have the TP and two Das Keyboards, plus my old AppleDesign, which I’ve just resurrected with an ADB to USB adapter.@aminorjourney able to sync with three BT devices; you can sync to Mac, Apple TV and iPad.@aminorjourney Yes. Similar keyfeel to Apple wireless kbs.@Spacekatgal Human garbage.Solid deal. Nice keyboard. @macsales: $59.95 Kanex Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard http://t.co/nPqEdPyemX http://t.co/BUvzoYk3pj@aminorjourney @Ihnatko I'm screwed. My blubber reserves have disappeared!It’s snowing again. I blame Obamacare.@ApplWatcher Thanks!My now-15-year-old was a ridiculously adorable baby. https://t.co/4LUal3mfb4@FaberMallei Thank you for reading!@gorskic It says “many.” :)
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