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Computer security expert, blogger and public speaker. Former text adventure author. Fighting malware and cybercrime since early 1990s. Dr Who fan since 1972.

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r/t Mystery surrounds "iCloud Hack" as naked celebrity photos leak http://t.co/51OiedUYAP http://t.co/k4rAqKw6Nor/t Mystery surrounds "iCloud Hack" as naked celebrity photos leak http://t.co/51OiedUYAP http://t.co/ugRVUVV5lf
.@gcluley Technically tournament is the #Sinqcup. Far more impressive vs. this field! Unbelievable performance by @FabianoCaruana!
Retweeted by Graham CluleyIn non-security news, extraordinary performance by @FabianoCaruana in the US Chess Champs. If you're not watching, you're missing a treatIt's not just nude photos celebs need to worry about — a number of the leaked images reveal their GPS location http://t.co/2MhrqSq4tr
Retweeted by Graham CluleyDid Jennifer Lawrence’s naked photos leak out because she told the truth? Lying can p http://t.co/58cvZ6T6HK http://t.co/LHBrxphZP2@gcluley nature of a cloud? to dissipate.
Retweeted by Graham CluleyMystery surrounds "iCloud Hack" as naked celebrity photos leak http://t.co/51OiedUYAP http://t.co/LHjClUxqdUDon't call it "the cloud". Call it "someone else's computer" http://t.co/u7oUgxyM9k http://t.co/2DI9AeIJ8J@GuyClapperton I am now. :)Delighted to be giving keynote at the @ISACAIreland security conference in Dublin, October 3rd. Details http://t.co/VL0qrtk3Vs@boxcryptor But BoxCryptor doesn't support iCloud, right? (I know you Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc..)
Start-ups have come and gone in the time it took Apple to put out one measly sentence.
Retweeted by Graham CluleyThanks to @CyberSec_EXPO for sponsoring my website this month. Check out the security exhibition at @IPEXPO Oct 8-9 http://t.co/cEH1BLtm1CLast week I had a good friend who uses Mac's ask me how to get rid of a malware infection on their Mac Book Air. #NeverHappens?
Retweeted by Graham Cluleyr/t Naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrity starlets leak online http://t.co/LZH4IHcmXGRT @charlesarthur: Naked celebrity hack: security experts focus on iCloud backup theory http://t.co/k6U3V5ARmXThe great thing about being a Windows Phone user is that nothing ever happens. No security breaches, no malware, no new apps.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@iRon4k loved LOVED that scene. Magical. :)Apple patches 'Find My iPhone' exploit http://t.co/yx9VZBwbHw Was it used in the celeb pix hack? Who knows...RT @verge: Say hello to men who hate the NSA but love invading the lives of women http://t.co/1Nbg6uGZU4@Nesient @chris_campbell apologies for the upset. note: the image was severely cropped, so only face was visible@xbouwman which doesnt mean that the celebs are "guilty" for taking the photos in the first place. just helping everyone be safer next time@xbouwman however, we should tell people that there's a very easy way to stop it ever happening to them.@xbouwman everyone has a right to privacy. agreed. and i'm not blaming the celebs either. it's the criminal hacker who is at faultThe time @gcluley told me we should replace 'cloud' with 'somebody else's computer' seems relevent to iCloud leaks http://t.co/Z7Q2CHVMBJ
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@jgrahamc @hannahdev @dderbyshire Cheers JGC! Happy to help. Contact details here: http://t.co/kaWtKtOcdO or read http://t.co/LZH4IHcmXGNaked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrity starlets leak online http://t.co/LZH4IHcmXG http://t.co/jSnxcxCVZUHow to avoid having naked photos stolen by hackers http://t.co/zio6emrR1wAs always, @gcluley does a great job summing up banking attacks http://t.co/lmbtvDi8Wm
Retweeted by Graham Cluley
@PhilGardham @PC_Winter The more useful computer security warnings are more specific, and more actionable@PhilGardham @PC_Winter I'd agree if virus/exploit warnings didn't explain what was at risk, or what to look out for, or how to preventr/t Are Americans dumber than Russians? Trend Micro says yes http://t.co/UR6mtgwCGC http://t.co/Sn1QPtwnn4Independently, and within two minutes of each other, two police officer colleagues texted me asking if I could tell them their passwords :-/
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@NewtonMark you may be right. t's certainly far from scientific.Study claims 1 in 5 corporate networks host child sex abuse content http://t.co/FeMu8tvoPw@martijn_grooten as you've just tweeted it I'm sure GCHQ are aware.@gcluley I noticed my neighbour - the one who is building a nuclear reactor in his basement - is growing a beard. Should I report him?
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@PC_Winter Why announce publicly the threat level has changed if we don't have to act any differently? I don't get it.According to MI5, we just have to be "vigilant" regardless of the threat level. That helps. https://t.co/hFSL1cazjhOdd how the UK govt tells you the terror threat level, but not how public should respond https://t.co/77AvDfQkZr@PC_Winter So, what I'm interested in is this... https://t.co/dYsGWnxf47The UK has raised its #terror #threat #level http://t.co/Hot6SsXFSR@thegaryhawkins congratulations!Has any western security company ever referred to state-sponsored American hackers as APT?
Retweeted by Graham CluleyFancy a villa holiday? Read about this interesting scam that's hit some owners and holiday makers http://t.co/caQ9DgSZqe@kevtownsend @mikko i archived a copy on my site. http://t.co/rsMqZgIKqE@addelindh mission accomplished! :)r/t Kaspersky Lab "accidentally" defends monitoring of innocent internet users in online http://t.co/rsMqZgIKqEAre Americans less intelligent than Russians? Trend Micro security chief says yes http://t.co/UR6mtgwCGC http://t.co/4sufeDWmNI@gjhewitt77 Never fear - I have mentioned Red Bull in my latest blog post@gcluley go about your daily life, but with more arm waving and screaming than you usually would.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@gcluley and I wonder if they have ever used the lowest level ?
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@gcluley Ever see the Ron White bit about explaining terror levels and his suggested levels? Good stuff. http://t.co/NvFIkaVD1M
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@gcluley Do not leave your house and stay in bed. Whatever you do, do not use the Internet. We shall send you a letter when it's safe again.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@jack_daniel nice one! The only colour coded terror level that should ever be used is "brown alert"@jaimeblascob Tom's an American. It figures.In non-security news, the games so far in the US Chess Champs have been amazing. #SinquefieldCup14 http://t.co/K7v3AoyEpV Go MVL!Remind me how am I supposed to act when the UK Terror threat level is raised. And if no different, whats the point in saying it has changed?
@gjhewitt77 ahh. you're upset by the hoodie reference? sorry just trying to add some colour. surely the pizza bit was just as bad?@gjhewitt77 Umm. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying how can you tell the difference between a state-sponsored hacker and a regular oner/t JPMorgan and other US banks get hacked. Why is Russia getting the blame? http://t.co/lkq8rQ5C5OKaspersky Lab "accidentally" defends monitoring of innocent internet users in online article http://t.co/rsMqZgIKqE http://t.co/85GN2woO47@JournalistJill awww shucks. no problem@icycleoc I don't know. I don't believe it has been said@RonW123 Maybe they are. But maybe Belgium are guilty. Or Mexico. Or Tasmania. Where's the evidence?Also, wouldn't it be bigger news if during a month, no 'hackers' bothered to try and attack JPMorgan (or any other bank)? @gcluley
Retweeted by Graham CluleyHuh? Kaspersky Lab has an article *defending* online tracking and monitoring of internet users http://t.co/OGhieSTVrX http://t.co/dbs4mGYOxh
Retweeted by Graham CluleyJPMorgan and other US banks get hacked. Why is Russia getting the blame? http://t.co/lkq8rQ5C5O http://t.co/eD0C7U1q5LWhoops! Mozilla leaves thousands of email addresses and passwords lying around (again): http://t.co/J6auIGzaLs@MYirrell @terlin Umm.. didn't some guy called Snowden breach NSA security? Insider threat always a big problem..Response to NSA's search tool for meta data via @gcluley http://t.co/c2o3RigeR3
Retweeted by Graham CluleyEven the Department of Homeland Security isn’t immune from hackers - 25,000 workers exposed http://t.co/byIlXv3v0W
Oops! Mozilla left thousands of email addresses and passwords lying around (again) http://t.co/F43LW5SMsQ50 oil companies hacked in Norway, and 250 more warned of the threat http://t.co/3usqKIa3Tq
@bootdisk Havent tried it. A lot of apps these days make similar claims.New Snowden leak: NSA shares 850 billion metadata records via Google-like tool http://t.co/Wq2DKVCHEl
Online gaming data breach affects millions in South Korea http://t.co/LNnj6aLLfd http://t.co/zT1aE1qXecFlashback to the biggest Mac malware attack of all time – Is Flashback still a threat? http://t.co/y14Ca4vWoN@JournalistJill easiest if you email me. Details here: http://t.co/kaWtKtOcdO
@Allistair_488 if you didn't install it then you should be ok, but never a mistake to run an anti-virus scan on an android...
@QuantumPirate @mckeay Sontarian?? Happy #capalday everybody@lauraegreenwald @mikemcsharry link doesn't work for me, but I imagine folks could simply add it to their wallpaper@PogoWasRight Afraid I don't get to moderate comments there, but I'll keep an eye open for when it's published. Cheers
UPS Store data breach – the post mortem can wait, it’s time to warn and advise the victims http://t.co/R8FTZsub4ODespite what Met Police may tell you, it's not a criminal offence to watch a video http://t.co/LWm9Mb2Kom via @JackofKentRT @secmeme: Somewhere In Nigeria http://t.co/MSaRoaIc7q http://t.co/p4v5KyMdIrSecret app takes mere minutes to hack, revealing anyone’s secret via simple vulnerability (now fixed) http://t.co/TB20fxwCC3@mikemcsharry that sounds most worrying of all...@mikemcsharry clearly the two are incompatible!UK Police push for all smartphones to be password-protected https://t.co/uHDcJlxxp9
I've been watching the timeline for @TheUPSStore today & its a great example of how to use social media as part of your Incident Response
Retweeted by Graham CluleyHeartbleed blamed for hack that put 4.5 million patients at risk http://t.co/KiEFdqtcIU http://t.co/ueLonWTVTHThink before clicking. Great piece by @jamesrbuk on #JamesFoley and the daily horrors of the internet http://t.co/vV0mCZ5LSO via @guardian
Retweeted by Graham CluleyWindows gets all the spyware because there's absolutely no one who wants to watch a Linux user's webcam.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley
US nuclear reactor safety regulators hacked three times in three years http://t.co/rqeHXGhT4RDropbox beefs up security of shared links – for business users at least http://t.co/xKdkFddnL4Sex pestering email blamed on hackers.. umm.. forget that... drunkenness http://t.co/MsKw7OoLwpGot a letter from Fly, dude who sent heroin to my house. He writes from prison: he's found God, apologizes. Says he forgives me 4 doxing him
Retweeted by Graham CluleyChrome web browser toughens up, blocking “deceptive” downloads http://t.co/zrruuzTph1
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