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Rohit Sharma @geek_rohit Gurgaon, India

UI/UX Designer, Coffee addict, Fitness freak, Movie buff, Music explorer, Man Utd|F1|Batman|EDM fan, Google nerd, AvGeek|Train|PetrolHead, Beer|Chicken lover

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PSA: The Big Bang Theory season premier is on Monday, NOT Thursday and will be aired on Mondays till late October.Car park #cars #tiltshift @ Gurgaon Unitech Cyber Park http://t.co/9x4dCu0nQwDay has started in a chaos, and getting fucked up by each hour. Cut me some slack.I miss Champions League. Not used to not seeing Man Utd in Europe. :(Dortmund scores. Arsenal are behind. Immobile scores. Wait, that's a real name? Immobile? I am mobile?Aila! Basel scores one immediately. Crazy game happening.James Rodriguez makes it 4-0. Real Madrid on fire tonight.Liverpool are playing a team called "Ludogorets". Never heard of them before the UCL draw happened.Hate what @ESPNFC have done with their site post World Cup. Their scoreboard earlier was so good to follow. Now I don't know who scored.Whoa! Real Madrid is 3-0 up already! #HalaMadridMissing my Samsung Galaxy S II :( What a phone that was. Sigh!
12 Foreign TV Shows That Made Our Childhood Awesome http://t.co/BWFWNG20I4 http://t.co/6dGn4jNG59
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaEDM tracks below 320kbps should be declared a federal offence.The coffee pre-mix brewed in corporate offices is probably what debilitating depression tastes like.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma
We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaThe music industry in 4 images http://t.co/DkQqoUqM6q http://t.co/u6H2pLgjn2
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaOFFICIAL: @MumbaiCityFC have signed Nicolas Anelka. Welcome to the #HeroISL, @anelkaofficiel! http://t.co/o2y9yUvcv6
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaHow Man Utd's diamond suits Di Maria http://t.co/OD1DqmM6yEMaggi is the food of life
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaFuck arranged marriage. I am going to cook crystal meth #breakingbad
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaGet over your physical insecurities. There's much, much more to life than the diameter of someone's tummy or the thigh-gap.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaSometimes when you can't change the other, change yourself.Trying a new thing, self-restraint. On some important things. Arguments, Procrastination, and a few more.Meet #AndroidOne - A Phone with a Philosophy: http://t.co/PHuhvs8Kjv
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaAfter scoring against QPR, @WayneRooney is now the third-highest #BPL scorer of all time with @ThierryHenry http://t.co/aJdoK3i3z1
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaGod created Mondays. Then God created EDM. Then EDM said to Monday, So wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wiser and I'm older.Loved how @deepikapadukone dealt with that TOI tweet. That breast and cleavage thing was quite well put. Well played DP, well played.
Full-time: Manchester United 1-0 QPR. Super win. Great performance. Loved it. Hope this is the way of things to come. #MUFCManchester United fans singing, "Put him on a plane, bring him back from Spain, Viva Ronaldo."
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaAbeyaar Valencia, what a fail re.Falcao. Almost!hehe....crowd singing viva ronaldo. so cute. so much love for cristiano.@coderzombie soon still?MATAAAAAAAA!!!!!! 4-0Half-time: Manchester United 3-0 Queens Park Rangers.. What a performance. So good to see Manchester United playing like old times.ROOONEEYY!!! 3-0Herrera! 2-0! Manchester United are back! Good goal. #mufcThis is looking good now United, looking good.Goal! Di Maria! Get in! 1-0. #manutdSupposedly India's 'LEADING' newspaper and this is 'NEWS'!!?? http://t.co/D3wiVVXuyM
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Tomorrow is an exciting day. Football is back and how! :D #MUFC #ManUtdWhoa! Villa beats Liverpool at Anfield! Where did this come from! o_OMadrid Derby started! #HalaMadridFirst LIIT ever @ Hard Rock Cafe Gurgaon http://t.co/46PtaCuYav
Started watching House of Cards. Good show. Kevin Spacey is awesome. 4 episodes in, getting intense.Hope Modi Government can work on this stupid issue of taxation preventing the Indian GP.FIA confirms 20-race calendar for 2015. India missing from it. :( http://t.co/hcGRG4ZuWFI feel like a zombie.Well hello, Friday! It's so good to see you!
Besides, no matter how advanced our phones become, nothing can match the ease of typing on a physical keyboard. @telegram FTW!In today's world, where communication is multi-platform, please don't restrict to one medium. I'm looking at you @WhatsApp desktop app NOW!I laughed so hard watching this. ROFLcopter. Another gem from TVF team: Anti Social Experiment Qtiyapa: http://t.co/VKX56MvPuYFeel like having a nice cup of hot chocolate.Wow, this is BIG news. Ferrari chairman Luca Di Montezemolo to quit after 23 years http://t.co/oQ19i3sqSA@arnab_das https://t.co/C02exxvb2H@LadyOfByzantium Congratulations!"Hey bro, you got the time?" "Yeah, it's ... hang on. Just a sec. God fucking damnit. " http://t.co/2R4MXIVIcY
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaTim Cook just said “it’s amazing what you can do from your wrist…” I agree, Tim, I so agree… #AppleEvent
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma
I have been paying at Wholefoods with my Google wallet for almost 2 years.. err. you have worked to make that happen? :P
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma@vforvelvetta Bras? You could keep a phone in your bra? Was it that small really?Like I said, I didn't have to make any joke on the event. Apple making jokes on themselves. Bhadiya hai.Lol. Apple giving 50% improvement stats over the original iPhone, compare it with the last version idiots.So I can't see the live stream of the Apple Event if I'm not on OSX or iOS. Well played Apple, well played. The smug that you always are.Manual transmissions are disappearing from the U.S.: http://t.co/Cajh5Mi4l5 Only 10% of vehicles have them now http://t.co/xgkUYfpMqr
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaDaily soaps are a bigger evil to society than chow mein is to khap.@kalpik you'll not see it? It's important to see how the competition is doing *cough* copying *cough*@ddjmac Now that is really an old phone. Can't do much on it then.@ddjmac I see. Which phone?@ddjmac yike! Why you went back to stone age?@ddjmac I've never heard or seen anyone having battery issues because of hangouts. O_oApple event tonight. Thought of making some jokes, but then counting on Apple to make a joke themselves. Let's see...Feeling little feverish and cold. Was fine in the morning. Dafuq just happened.Dear lord of coffees, why does the machine coffee have to suck that bad huh? Why?Schumacher family statement; "Michael's rehabilitation will take place at home..progress made...is however, a long & difficult road ahead"
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma@tweettabulous I also had some ideas on this binness. Wanted to start an online portal. Partnership?
Five reasons why ScoopWhoop, BuzzFeed’s clone in India, has been so successful http://t.co/AyQUeXJ6b1
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma@nitinsgr good for you then! Let's hope Apple doesn't disappoint with the huge expectations with the new phone. Godspeed.@nitinsgr orgasmic*@nitinsgr then add a few more hours post the keynote, when iFanatics will be orgamsing over the new stuff, and plan to break the bank.
AB - Hello, main Amitabh Bachhan bol raha hun KBC se Girl- K AB - Hello? main AMITABH BACHHAN bol raha hun Girl - Hmmm
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaAndroid is still the top smartphone OS in the US, according to comScore http://t.co/zNvwdz3Qka #android
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Look what I got! Parle Poppins! Haven't had one of these since my childhood! http://t.co/YKMuI2U91GMercedes may consider driver change http://t.co/l4Y0bN5XNNThis Is Where I Leave You - Official Trailer [HD]. Might be good, and has Jason Bateman & Tina Fey! http://t.co/rDz1U8wC49
@123nitin Nah, just have a look.You just have to follow this Instagram account. http://t.co/xCXh5rWQDiConsensual #sexting can lead to increased intimacy & mutual respect. Why sexting *abstinence* is not the answer: http://t.co/hY5UOdqfpq
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaAir India to use Dreamliners on metro routes in peak hours http://t.co/pfbgKKRmM3 via @timesofindiaAlonso wants to extend Ferrari stay. Yay The world title will come Fernando. Ferrari will be back to where it belongs http://t.co/bAT31ZOPUV
@AmberPrevoo hahaha!Maggi hair! RT @Squawka: Carlos Valderrama celebrates his 53rd birthday today. He won 111 caps for Colombia. http://t.co/wf75pinnUzMike Phelan fears #mufc's identity is broken with the departure of Danny Welbeck to #afc http://t.co/pTkIbKOZDR http://t.co/08nN0PSNxM
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaDafuq Seriously United? o_O RT @ManUtd: RT if you think new #mufc signing @BlindDaley will be a hit at Old Trafford. http://t.co/VhiXyw7BBoOn surgery reports Van Persie told @FOXSportsnl "I am impressed that people have the imagination to invent something like that"
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma
Is it just me or does @BlindDaley look a lot like Kit Harrington's brother.Just saw Welbeck in Arsenal colors. Looks odd to see him without that United shirt. Good luck Danny.PICTURE: Danny Welbeck in his new @Arsenal colours #WelcomeWelbeck http://t.co/wbOjefGCsU
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma@technofunky bas, chal raha hai jaise taise. 2 coffees down. But post lunch it's really hard to manage. :(
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