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My license was expired. My phone was haunted. Best at internet.

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@whoisrico Thank you sir!This is easily turning into my favorite Umbrella Academy series so far. #comics #umbrellaacademyGood morning from Germany I think
Just a reminder: tix for MN, IL, MI, OH & Canada go on sale tomorrow at noon local time! http://t.co/SyDaohkC6U <3 <3 http://t.co/kEq48fbvoq
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@johnaraya thanks buddy!Hey guys it is impossible to sign tonight. But it was a magical night. So huge! Thanks for making us feel so welcome. Love!This is one of my favorite things. Here we are on @pancakemountain w/@jimmyurine @gerardway #daisybell #wpr https://t.co/SKygsv71qY
Retweeted by Gerard Sleighpancake in the faceToday is my big brother smack's bday so everybody please wish @AlabamaSmith a happy birthday!!!!best big brother ever!
Retweeted by Gerard SleighPretty inspired by this city. Think I'm going to name an upcoming Umbrella Academy issue WARSAW in the next series or two.Good afternoon Warsaw! Very excited to play tonight
I am made up of thousands of teenage girls @WhorrorCreature@JokeLvr so are mine, I have gentle hands@thomas_violence I prefer the pronunciation to be honestsometimes I can't tell if a bottle needs an opener or if I'm just too weak to twist it offalooooMINIum@youth_code that's my favoriteI'm getting a real good vibe off this city@youth_code vitamins *said the british way*Hashtags about causes generally freak me out anyway because you never truly know what they are attached to- some of the timeWhich is a shame, because while its doing some people a lot of good, it can do others a world of badLet's try and make every day a day to talk about mental health.Deleted the other post because I read some disappointing things about the #@JaiKanCat that is so cool!Good afternoon from Warsaw!
http://t.co/k9szDqPCk9@ineptune_ psychic powers@IanGonzales disco12 hours ina bus what's up put a little gravy on that and get weirdIt was lovely meeting and signing for some of you! Thanks for coming!Our wonderful merch person Adam and my new favorite t-shirt http://t.co/LQN76cEI6mGet an exclusive preview of #Neverboy with art from Gerard Way: http://t.co/6vHXKKJKLJ http://t.co/6dLz9yfMCQ
Retweeted by Gerard SleighThanks Prague! You were amazing! http://t.co/socl5VGkUYSo excited for tonight- here are the socks. Thank you for the gift. #prague #tour #hesitantalien http://t.co/f8O1bwv9Q5werewolves for handsSoundcheck time from Prague!
our bus is so coldimagine if I was really into the devil and worshipped satan legitimately and I wonder what your guys vibe on me would beThanks Berlin! It's freezing out and there's the sickness going around the bus. I need to get warm and you should do the same. Lots of loveHi!! Had you seen this? Tickets for MN, IL,, MI, OH & Canada go on sale Sat at noon local time. Boston is on sale now http://t.co/DNYollm7HN
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh
just waiting for this sinus headache to go away so I can start writing again, thought you should know@bigwormy the gas ball has just started to show up, now everything is a shade of grey@tysonritter thanks buddy@tysonritter yeah like I have to take this home with me no matter what the cost and threat of US customs dogs finding outI'm listening to Autobahn by Kraftwerk and this was not intentional@tysonritter oh shit did you bring this home with you?when the sun finally rises I'm going to feel like I've been up all night and it's really going to mess with my emotionsso dark@beckycloonan treasure pickle@chantalclaret tru truwhy is it still dark af outside and it's 7:15 berlin@beckycloonan I wonder what it's like? Is it like other pickles?@chantalclaret I'm ballin' with the pellegrino tho@ineptune_ in a canoh I'm not eating this, this was in my hotel room when I got here and I finally picked it up to figure out what it wasstraight up pickle in a mf canIf this is what I think it is, then this is the craziest thing I've seen on tour #berlin #youwin http://t.co/IGRJQRkuob@barelywill pretty sure of itjamiroquai in the hotel lobbyhttp://t.co/qvirJl8Qu3@DanSlott that makes me so happy! I love your work!writing comics.umbrella academy comics http://t.co/jPNJbHbBJsDay off #berlin #hesitantalien http://t.co/WpxUvACQHh
Posting crowd shots (when we can get them) on Facebook. You all follow G's Facebook, right? https://t.co/5jEPug4846
Retweeted by Gerard SleighCologne! Amazing show!! Thanks for showing so much love, it's good to be back.Not easy to sign tonight and it's raining, so go get warm!Ready Freddy http://t.co/rXrpk2N4eVGood evening from Cologne!
I hear there is no way to sign and the venue is turning into a club. Please be safe out there and thank you for being a part of tonight! LuvAmsterdam you rocked! Had such a great night- liveliest crowd I have ever seen in this city http://t.co/wykuRBquSwI think my favorite personal reaction to things is "yikes"lolaplusg's video http://t.co/oK8z0eZ1H2The definitive euro-tour element: sweaty cheese #hesitantalien #tour http://t.co/FekC5v7a8o"The entire experience is one of unencumbered energy...with heart, style and conviction": @GerardWay reviewed http://t.co/cq6J7mEN1l
Retweeted by Gerard SleighGood vibes @shitdeweessays http://t.co/lt3gOVdjo2peepin you all from the window- such a colorful bunch- I love it. lets have some fun tonight.@fabiomoon @LambiekComics Ah! Great to know- Thanks so much Fab!I hear you singing outside the bus, it was a nice way to wake up :)Good morning from Amsterdam!
I always try and give a heads up as early as possible but it won't be possible to sign tonight. Thank you so much for coming to the show!Brixton! Thank you for an amazing night! I will never forget it.RT: @LolaPlusG PS: Enter URTYPEOFMETAL at checkout for 15% off through the 29th :) http://t.co/7CknoscDLG http://t.co/YDaW7pvxGWI'm digging the new Valentine's shirt, what do you think? http://t.co/9e5qogLiei http://t.co/z4FnpVVmLb
Retweeted by Gerard SleighTonight's socks #Lola #London Thanks for the gift! http://t.co/9sbVnjTB4c
@bigwormy good morning big wormUp at 6:30 am Gandalfing it upThanks Oxford Union! http://t.co/8RZ1x81L7LAbout to speak at the Oxford Union! http://t.co/uqE900hEVzGood afternoon from London!
And yes I wore a feathered boa because Lola askedI mentioned on stage that I sadly cannot come out to meet you all- it's been especially hard on this tour logisticallySouthampton thank you for a lovely show- you guys really brought it tonight. Extra shout out to Lola!Southampton http://t.co/rUDEvLiv3K"There might be expectations, but I’m out to shatter them"—Ray Toro on his solo debut and MCR - Alternative Press http://t.co/AUvYpS1VQT
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@petewentz exactly! Ice macheeeeen@kyletwebster yuck! That stinks!teenage jesus and old age jesus also get bummed out by bootleg merchRemember kids, buying bootleg G gear bums out baby jesusOur #WaComics Anthology Pressure/Sensitivity available today on @comiXology. Download free: http://t.co/DSrVEO4x8K http://t.co/AIhRablBbO
Retweeted by Gerard Sleighthink this bus is comin down with the wa-ah-ah-ah
Dear Birmingham, it seems to be a running theme this tour but signing is not possible for many reasons. Thanks for making me smile. Love.Y'all are troopers being out there in the snow. I'll make it worth it. Still uncertain about signings as they have been difficult this tour.
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