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Happy Birthday, @justinbieber!!! 🎉 http://t.co/HRMSuYYfjt
Retweeted by donny♡Dear Rain, do NOT fuck this day up. Thanks@2KingsOneMan LMFAOOOOO NO HE DIDN'T 😩😩😩😩
I love everybody! #21
Retweeted by donny♡@justinbieber 21 😍😭💃🎈Grateful to be alive!!! Love u!!! 21
Retweeted by donny♡HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDSOME I LOVE YOU 😭💙😭 @justinbieberLiterally falling asleep on myself. #grannyforeverSleepy af and we haven't even left the house yet 😅Almost 21....
Retweeted by donny♡Luis Suarez has now double digits for both goals (10) and assists (10) at Barcelona this season #fcblive [via mrchip]
Retweeted by donny♡With goal, assist and through ball, Rakitic has been involved in all 3 Barcelona goals so far today #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡With a final pass, a goal and an assist, Luis Suarez has been involved in all 3 Barcelona goals so far today #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡Rakitic: "Why celebrating goal with Ter Stegen? Because he told me 2-3 weeks ago that I would score." #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡Picture: Messi celebrating his goal with Suarez, who gave the assist #fcblive [via @laliga] http://t.co/Re8n9qfINg
Retweeted by donny♡Luis Enrique: "Suarez? Maybe now people see it more because he scores, but he has been playing at a high level from the start." #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡Picture: Luis Enrique during the game against Granada #fcblive [mundo deportivo] http://t.co/nqdtuUCb94
Retweeted by donny♡Picture: Messi, Suarez and Neymar #fcblive [via @periodistasanon] http://t.co/ptFLFd3lsB
Retweeted by donny♡Surpassing Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo (71 in 105 games), Messi-Suarez-Neymar (72 in 92) are now trio with most goals this season [via @fcb_datos]
Retweeted by donny♡1989 tho
Retweeted by donny♡And for everyone asking I see blue and black
Retweeted by donny♡Almost 21 :)
Retweeted by donny♡There Is No Dress.
Retweeted by donny♡3 pts. We'll take it.Wanna go ddi 😩@bieber_khlover 😘😘😘😘@bieber_khlover lovelyWhat a save!!Assist Lucho! How unselfish.Lucho you are BEAUTIFUL!Well shitAmazing Suarez!Luchoooooo!Crackitic!Xavi and Bartra starts 😍Barcelona line-up (official): Bravo - Alves Bartra Mathieu Alba - Rakitic Mascherano Xavi - Messi Suarez Neymar #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡Why are all these people in my house 😒http://t.co/bD7mIMr1Wh
Retweeted by donny♡Water day. Sleepy as fuck bye
"I was waiting for you in the snow." http://t.co/Vhmk9TwOZE
Retweeted by donny♡
What's worse than gangnam style and flappy bird? This fucking dress. #THEDRESSI literally have the worst headache. #whiteandgold@taylorswift13 OH MY GOD NO IT ISNTCant trust people who see blue and black #WhiteAndGold
Retweeted by donny♡“@StefanReid_: @itsaDashthing Lmaooo u mad cuz you blind boo ??” http://t.co/DIallcXdBd@StefanReid_ cunt yesI HATE THE INTERNET. #whiteandgold@JamesPantin I hate everything :((FUCK OFF @ everyone seeing anything but #whiteandgoldI was having a good day until I checked Twitter and realized the apocalypse is being brought on by a dress. am I being punked? #whiteandgold
Retweeted by donny♡I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck.
Retweeted by donny♡“@kanyewest: I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck.” @StefanReid_ this guyRT para conseguir mis nuevas @adidas_ES #f50.Suerte! #teodiarán RT to win my new boots!Good luck! #therewillbehaters http://t.co/H9XfQ23rbC
Retweeted by donny♡
@InspiredByKimK happy belated birthday babeee 💘#DarkSkyParadise is so so good.UGHHHH! Obsessed with Dark Sky Paradise, it's like, I thought you couldn't do better than Hall Of Fame but WOW! I'm so proud of you @BigSean@PBandJenelley_1 got arrested again???@KhloeK4Life their customer service sucks, I missed my flight BECAUSE OF THEM.He like boys if he don't like me.@AmericanAir K@AmericanAir http://t.co/jWeN0mvQGp@AmericanAir nephew in, this could have been avoided. I even tried speaking to an agent but I was told I have to stay in this line.@AmericanAir I am now in another line and LATE, my flight leaves at 7:30am to MIA, had I been informed before that I couldn't check my@AmericanAir after waiting to check in for 35mins outside of MCO, I was told I couldn't check my nephew in because he is under 2 yearsI'm so disappointed in @AmericanAir , I will NEVER fly with them again.@JordiAlba IM READY! Can I have it??? 😭 #VamosBarcaForgot my moms stuff :(
"At least Ronaldo scores penalties" should I comment? NahFuck lol. Leo's not a penalty scorer.“@2KingsOneMan: Dah man just bless we with one yes. Respect Zabaleta” with what one?Crying real tears. ✌️agagaraahdjjrutjrnjdkfkffFUCKKKK IM CLOSING MY EYESOh????????LMFAOOOOO THEY ARENT ALLOWED IN THE COUNTRY. Poor trey :((( thinking his tour would prosper with not ONE but TWO felons
Retweeted by donny♡Messi 😂😩Let's get another!!!Well Alves is mad😂😂😂 forget it Alba😐Disgusting.GOODBYE.Ugh. Iniesta is so smooth.WTF“@SocialBarca_10: And then Mathieu coming as well. 2-2 close.” Don't make me laugh im madDAMN! Pique you tried.Mathieu?Not sure if Gerard Pique or the Great Wall of china.
Retweeted by donny♡#MCFCB 16' GOOOOOOOOOAAALLL!!!!!! LUIS SUAREZ! 1-0 TO BARÇA!!!! #FCBLive
Retweeted by donny♡Neymar you beast!!!👏👏👏PIQUEEEE GRANDEJust in time for the game 😁Fucking hell I can't wait to get home and see the goalsJAISJIEURUWH FUCK YES LUCHOOOOOOOLuis Suarez is the first Barcelona player ever to score a brace in the first 30 minutes of a CL away game #fcblive [via mrchip]
Retweeted by donny♡Half-time: Man City-Barcelona 0-2. Suarez (16 30) #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡
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