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@KimberlyKNet she was about to make cupcakes and that came out of the egg LMAO 😩“@blazeitfoo: IT'S FUCKING LOOKING AT ME LIKE "SERIOUSLY MAN" OH MY GOD I'MA CRYYYYY http://t.co/GRTCN7OS3h” 😭😭😭😩😩“@blazeitfoo: OH MY GOD I'M TRYING TO MAKE SOME FUCKING CUPCAKES AND THIs came OUT THE FUCKING EGG http://t.co/LSJibLIy3X” FUCKQPR again! What a strike tbhForever hungry and lazyCrouch still got it lmaoStoke back in it!Stoke 😂Rakitic: "Messi has a magnet in his feet? He has! He's not the best in the world, he's the best in history, we'll never see anyone like him"
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WOW 😍 “@itsaDashthing: O. M. G. http://t.co/kBGHd70K7C
Retweeted by donny♡“@KeshaRose: gimme phone #shttp://t.co/1JoAd8QO3BWow. Did I just read a @nytimes piece that reduced my brilliant, creative, compassionate, thoughtful, badass boss to an “angry black woman?”
Retweeted by donny♡Wait. I'm" angry" AND a ROMANCE WRITER?!! I'm going to need to put down the internet and go dance this one out. Because ish is getting real.
Retweeted by donny♡Final thing: (then I am gonna do some yoga): how come I am not "an angry black woman" the many times Meredith (or Addison!) rants? @nytimes
Retweeted by donny♡Confused why @nytimes critic doesn't know identity of CREATOR of show she's reviewing. @petenowa did u know u were "an angry black woman"?
Retweeted by donny♡@KateAurthur @JoshMalina No. I've been too busy being angry and black. Also a woman. Takes up a lot of time.
Retweeted by donny♡You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now.
Retweeted by donny♡"She doesn't even go here!!!"
Retweeted by donny♡@NellyH8sJelly RIGHT? I can'tO. M. G. http://t.co/ssTomIIXTli know this will make you smile @itsaDashthing enjoy ps its 3am here!!! bye xoxo http://t.co/pr61oH6THO
Retweeted by donny♡@momokhlo ahhhh I saw it on his instagram 😍😍😍😍 BABIES! Goodnight doll! ☺️I don't look like what I've been through.But Instagram, shit ain't fixed thoughHey hey hey! http://t.co/47vnylkDre@BigSean IDFWU! On repeat all day!“@itsaDashthing: First person to buy iphone 6 and first person to drop it 😂 http://t.co/giKLhNTCey”😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by donny♡@jessicajade No way! I thought you lived in the UK! & I'm doing alright ☺️Nothing like some gospel music to kickstart your morning!@jessicajade omg that's hilarious isn't it?! PS: cute avi and I've missed you!@LoveKhloekdoll HAHA that's priceless!First person to buy iphone 6 and first person to drop it 😂 http://t.co/ahH3axZ7kCFfs I don't want my days off to finish in the blink of an eye but I can't wait for the weekend to watch football 😖
Omg I'm so unfit 😭 I am literally dead after that workout.WHAT KINDA FACEBOOK LOOKING MESS :/ http://t.co/XuHqT00MKpWorkout with Shanny 💪@petersusjustin omg isn't it the cutest 💘 thanks!@petersusjustin donniexx
Nothing's more annoying than these fucking emojis. > ✊💯This slope is treacherous, this path is reckless. And I like it.
Retweeted by donny♡FYI to all new IPHONE 6 buyers, there will also be a free selfie of me already in ur photo roll 💁
Retweeted by donny♡LMFAOOOO I AM CRYING http://t.co/UI4gEEN4daFor the first time ever, Barcelona have started the season with 4 wins and 0 goals conceded #fcblive #ucl [via mrchip]
Retweeted by donny♡Picture: Goalscorer Pique and Messi, who gave the assist http://t.co/LRjp2xCDms [via @periodistasanon]
Retweeted by donny♡Good luck my babies! @FCBarcelona“@carmellofaith: Just being young and foolish http://t.co/TO7nSrsljO” 😩😂“@carmellofaith: Eventually you have to face your fears... http://t.co/0Dwxa5UFBc” 😭😂😭😭💀💀💀Xavi: "I told Barça I didn't want to join a European club. I don't want to face Barça, I don't want play at Camp Nou with another shirt."
Retweeted by donny♡Xavi: "Iniesta is the most talented Spanish player ever. You can understand what Barça is all about by watching Andres play." [canal+]
Retweeted by donny♡Ffs, why did I wake up an hr early 😨Lil stupid ass bich
Retweeted by donny♡@YannisBK YASSSSS I love life 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Frank Ocean is working on his new album with producers Rodney Jerkins and Hit-Boy http://t.co/lI6BTZaVRp http://t.co/s5HEteL3zJ
Retweeted by donny♡Why am I in work?!?!? Why am I missing the CL today AND tomorrow??😒Luis Enrique: "I'm not more nervous for CL game than for any other game. The stars and the little music at kick-off don't change anything."
Retweeted by donny♡“@SocialRMadrid: 2 years, 7 months and 2 days. SocialRMadrid out.” Team loses 2 matches..
Retweeted by donny♡“@TSBible: Real Madrid's starting XI tonight. http://t.co/mCKp6H2C3P” @StefanReid_
Retweeted by donny♡The Scandal premiere day is now close enough to see on a 10 day weather forecast. #TheLittleThings
Retweeted by donny♡All 3 season premieres are locked and loaded. FINALLY. #LoveMyEditorsandPost #WeNeedSleep #GreysAnatomy #Scandal #HowToGetAwayWithMurder
Retweeted by donny♡aaron samuels is on dancing with the stars and hes still just as beautiful as he was in mean girls
Retweeted by donny♡BABY!!OMG Aaron Samuels is on #DWTS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Wait I'm lostHER NOSE :(Moniece is a crazy bitch 😩Oh RT @euphoricbliss_: A fucking MESS 😂😂😂 RT @yellowboneRASTA: 😂😂😂 @ChanelKnowsBest: Meanwhile Raz B won't let it go http://t.co/iYWuDkolTI
Retweeted by donny♡The new momma dee 😂😩I've never heard of Moniece.
Retweeted by donny♡What kinda MESS?! 😂FIZZ 😩😍Her face is so weirdAn actor 😂😂Soulja 😂Omarion is so cocky lolAwwww Carlton!! #DWTSShe tattooed Ray J's name on her. I'm done😩😕Sipping on that myx!A rapstress HAHAHAHAHDancing with the stars, I missed you!#LHHHCan someone please invent an app that tells me where I can get the food that I smell in the air? #newyork
Retweeted by donny♡Guys with facial hair *cries*You are an expert at sorry.WERK @khloekardashian http://t.co/jcMt9zLjb3@KrazyKhloeKFan @bieber_khlover @Kardashianpedia http://t.co/F7tFMCkmD8
OMG 😩😭 http://t.co/IgfH4JEbJcDon't do it Sam!!Omg dean is so sassy even when being tortured.anything and everything can be handled with either a mean girls quote, a first wives club quote, a to wong foo quote, or a showgirls quote
Retweeted by donny♡Yes! Dean! 😳😍Supernatural time!Everyone is on the scoresheet.YOOOOOO 7th heaven 😩😩😩😩This is so advantageous 😩 6-0Amazing call by the ref.5-0 😨 this is a hammering!WHAT A RUN 😭😭😭 4-0 Inter!!!
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