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James Iry @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. I corral Cascading cats at Concurrent.

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Winning http://t.co/tdmU7VNuEC
I just made a pun about Boile's law. Beauty is only skin deep, but nerdiness goes to the bone.@Myriachan #DeflateGate is about Boile's law: the sillier the scandal the more the press will boile over.@mattmight In summer you'll find the natives wearing fleece while visitors wear disappointment.Larry designed one of my least favorite programming languages ever, but he's one of my favorite language designers.
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@jsuereth >_>When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore. When it's like an ethical belief built into society that's a more.When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore. When it looks like a snake but it's really a fish that's a moray.
Also, sperm “@visualisingdata: NEW POST: Make grey your best friend in data visualisation http://t.co/x2jjsvWyZj http://t.co/t8ktKQhsOm
Retweeted by James Iry@fogus In such an extreme condition assisted suicide may be legal in your state.
fool stack developer
@posco Unless in their rage they instantly disintegrate you where you stand.Cache rules everything around me.@thefutureian True! When I search for my name the #1 result is always a boob."As big as 4 football fields." Metric or imperial football fields I have to know!@andywingo @johnregehr I'm pretty sure you meant "favoriting is isomorphic to honking in the category of tweets."@jamesiry were we being compliant with http://t.co/RSCbKKSGoy nothing of it would happen.
Retweeted by James IryIt's here!! Announcing Rust 1.0 Alpha: http://t.co/KINjoW5ZMd
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Retweeted by James IrySide effect? Sigh, defect.
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@raganwald white, 20's, male, nerdy. Wonder what management wants me to figure out in the rest of the interview?Unhackable systems! Goddamn. The solution was staring us in the face! Why didn't anybody else think of that first? https://t.co/YgrbWupYWQhttp://t.co/Am0T8mln87
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Video: "Got a long list of ex-students… they’ll tell you I’m insane…" UCSD does it again. Dying. This is... http://t.co/AlwfPtbmBZ
Retweeted by James Iry“Should we - I mean, this is just." "Print it.” RT @AustenAllred: http://t.co/VDYivzRMZ2
Retweeted by James Iry@rickasaurus incr x vrbl 2 nsure accrte cnt of nvntry rcrdsThe intersection of the dietary restrictions/preferences of my extended family is ice cubes. Organic. Free-range. Ice cubes.
Retweeted by James Iry"Bruges is to re-route its beer underground, through 3km of pipeline capable of carrying 6,000 litres per hour." http://t.co/ZcjzxNUxKV
Retweeted by James Iry@marius What's the current status of controversial arctic beer drilling?
The James Webb Space Telescope is a 6.5m infrared instrument that will be able to do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs http://t.co/hz8KlxkBuV@michael_nielsen @sigfpe DO YOU EVEN DIVIDE BRO?A raging flamewar about how many times someone can work out in a week, if they work out every two days: http://t.co/iTcz7KKPys
Retweeted by James Iry@djspiewak @deanwampler I think of it as a calling, really.@djspiewak @deanwampler val a,b,c={val d,e,f={val g,h,i=println("hello")}}
I won't believe North Korea has cyberweapons until Colin Powell tells the UN they do.
Retweeted by James IryPoint Proven: http://t.co/IwoEl5zWZh
Retweeted by James Iry@rit Since jello shots are a thing, Robitussin jello can be a thing.@badastronomer I would be cool to explore the fun implications if a config could make you float. For instance the rapid loss of atmosphere.No human could possibly do this, but yes, I legally swear I have done this. http://t.co/fxo6QO1Q3h
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Retweeted by James IryThere are three kinds of programmer: those who understand the halting problem, those who don't, and those who
This might be the greatest thing in 2014 cc @Mark_Rojas_ http://t.co/cDNIVFnrJB
Retweeted by James Iry"m4 macros to configure autoconf to write a shell script to look for 26 Fortran compilers[…] to build a Web browser" https://t.co/KymSE3dIcC
The worst part about the Nix package management system is the name. So hard to Google fwithout getting lots of random unrelated results.@miniver @mralancooper "Checks and balances" is the best institutional design principle we ever came up with and we can't even do that well.
No matter how much science I do up here, 73% of you will still think I'm finding farts.
Retweeted by James IryFarewell, Dr. Dobb's http://t.co/5kcBLtT3SW@scientist_lady @jeanqasaur A PhD is hot and all but what I really care about is are you cool?Any wikihow article on a sufficiently advanced topic is indistinguishable from trolling. http://t.co/leiZlxUMn0
Retweeted by James IryJust did it. http://t.co/NQAqrlo0kq
Retweeted by James IryThe American date format, created by me it was.
Retweeted by James IryDr. Dobbs is shutting down. I think this is officially the end the of the PC Revolution™.
Retweeted by James Iry#octothorpe #pound #number #hash #lumberyard #hashtag
@stephenjudkins @d6 We'll stuff 'em full of so many stock options they won't know what hit 'em.Do you think Santayana meant Bush v Clinton 2016?@fogus Roll a d20 to save vs uncaught exception.@d6 That for engineering to figure out. I'm more of an ideas guy.I've got a totally practical and useful solution for global warming: export it to Mars.You know who says waterboarding is torture? The United State Military Justice System http://t.co/wefuilsncq
@djspiewak Yeah. For me it's chemistry. Just cannot get into it.I am having trouble crossing this street. http://t.co/WLrjfiwdM9
Retweeted by James IryBit harsh that. http://t.co/sYyLUA3vxq
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Cellbacy is hereditary. If your parents never had sex chances are neither will you.With facial motion capture games are climbing up out of the uncanny valley. http://t.co/h5ZbDKqwii http://t.co/O6cMXRFsOf@campster Here ya go http://t.co/O6cMXRFsOfRussian Billionaire Who Bought James Watson’s Nobel Prize Medal Is Giving It Back to Him http://t.co/0eZseShLtQ via @slate
Retweeted by James Iry"Under the Clojure contrib guidelines, this project cannot accept pull requests...patches must be submitted via JIRA" http://t.co/M2PIv90Dim
Retweeted by James IryBook idea: "The War on Christmas." Elves get waterboarded, cluster bombs on toy workshop, drone strike on Santa. Somebody call Clancy.@qmaqdk Nope. Just elves. Santa gets a drone strike once the elves tell us what they know.@jamesiry Constantly playing Xmas songs might count… So they did it first.
Retweeted by James IryCan we use torture in the War on Christmas?@campster @shamusyoung "5 minutes" is only a small exaggeration. First prototype was 10 days. Sauce: http://t.co/HM2lpckaDM@campster @shamusyoung Oooh, I know that one: because it was cranked out in about 5 minutes in order to meet a marketing window.@shamusyoung @theescapistmag PROGRAMMING Y U SO HARD@fogus Don't worry. Nobody writes Pascal any more so you can't offend anybody.Godwin's Law. http://t.co/zZtrPu0P5R
Retweeted by James IryOn this day in 2004 Canada's Supreme Court ruled gay marriage constitutional and just 10 years later only 9 heterosexual couples remain.
Retweeted by James IryThere's clearly a balance between "octopus merges are fine" and "Christ, that's not an octopus, that's a Cthulhu merge”.—Linus Torvalds
Retweeted by James IryPosts generated by a Markov chain trained on the Puppet documentation and the assorted works of H. P. Lovecraft >> http://t.co/WIXZHexDme
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"you can't win the game. it exists only to destroy your mind." YUP http://t.co/Y99MaWHw56 http://t.co/QaYDze79aU
Retweeted by James IryHow to mess with your coworkers, from @d6 val WEEKS_IN_YEAR: Int = '4'@id_aa_carmack If so then @BoredElonMusk is set.“CONCLUSION: The internet is scary. Consider keeping private thoughts to yourself.” http://t.co/EviSeJa9bR
Retweeted by James Iry@russel_winder Yeah, but they aren't breaking the language or standard API. More like directory layout and such.Heads up, JDK 9 goin' break some shit http://t.co/16Kszyo5dXIt's not that I'm opposed to fusion food. It's that I think we haven't looked hard enough at ways to make fission food safe."Multithreaded programming - theory and practice." // via http://t.co/HgmgZ2vuly http://t.co/R2wQC5ITYh
Retweeted by James IryThe more I use Python for non-toy programs, the more I feel like Guido is trolling me.
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@runarorama @rit @larsr_h @milessabin So…now you're going to say "trust your feelings"?Honey, here's my plan for remodeling the kitchen: https://t.co/RkQMcChgdH
Retweeted by James Iry@raganwald If you don't you're humane.Looks like somebody is trying to deal with my main problems re: GitHub pull requests https://t.co/gNsBIA6PECBART rarely fails but when it does it fails hard.
Bond: Wait, aren't you going to confess your secret plan before killing me? Hawking: Nope. Toss him in the black hole lads. [Fade to black]Stephen Hawking says he'd make the 'ideal' Bond villain... http://t.co/3cq2t7JvDC
Retweeted by James Iry@djspiewak 30k feet is only about 5 1/2 miles from the ground. Cell radio towers can reach much further than that.@sethtisue Your character name can be Mayor Polimorfismo TipoWhy science teachers aren't given playground duty. http://t.co/qs1hOGY15T
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@CompSciFact The point is that if your point floats too much, then your floats become pointless.
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