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Father, Creative Director @Underwired, graphic designer, gadget nut, petrol-head (Alfa Romeo owner), Brit and Xbox player.

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The most terrifying thing I have seen all day: http://t.co/IAmKJ4x22U
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1st million people who register get to download the next beta version of OSX tomorrow! Click here to sign up: https://t.co/PBb0FYWfIk@jennytheolin I hadn't seen that! Hugely useful thx :)Fox digging up the garden again last night. Scent deterrents not working. Chilli powder helped. Tiger s**t not an option. Any other ideas?@shesho3 Has it worked using the link? Are you UK based? I'm giving it to someone else if it's not working for you.@jennyjonessnow Did you have "Find my Mac" switched on and backed up all your files?@vancootena Sorry mate - they went within the first few seconds - search #DestinyBeta for more!@shesho3 and that's why I sent you a code :)My spare Xbox One #DestinyBeta codes have now gone (to the first two requests who also followed me). Pass on the good will :)“@jasonholland: Anyone want an Xbox One #DestinyBeta code? I have 2 spare. #1stCome1stServed” Remember - you need to follow me to get a DMAnyone want an Xbox One #DestinyBeta code? I have 2 spare. #1stCome1stServed
LOL - insane! https://t.co/5wfLifZZJG Opel Kadett blows away super cars in drag race.
These photos of Hong Kong skyscrapers will make you very dizzy: http://t.co/la9OBlkup5 http://t.co/usDRp3bo5M
Retweeted by Jason HollandIn this London heat, this 'nap at work' policy sounds like a great idea! http://t.co/l1AzeNOfBd@argoshelpers We received a text message after reserving by phone.@argoshelpers Can't DM you as you don't follow me, so DM'd Argos_OnlineReserved on @Argos_Online website. Email saying it's cancelled - by who?! Phone reservation successful. Go to store - not in stock! #fail
POP - Prototyping on Paper | iPhone App Prototyping Made Easy http://t.co/kNV8qWCrXeBe clever. Instantly! http://t.co/gCuo8hHyxw#Happy5thBirthdayMOON :) RT to win! MOON poster signed by @ManMadeMoon Winner chosen 00:01 GMT on Sun 20/7 http://t.co/5psAPs7SaZ
Retweeted by Jason Holland@jennytheolin Agreed - I found a whole new world of people and stuff (shudder)@nespresso When I bought a replacement Nespresso machine, I brought my old one into work - it's now a cherished @underwired gadget!New Airbnb logo - a new meme in the making! http://t.co/E283X0ZT96 http://t.co/hDAGW56B0OThe #DandAD15 Awards are now open for entry: http://t.co/JmxPPYmAlw What will you enter?
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Artist Recreates His Own Childhood Drawings 20+ Years Later http://t.co/8KzrFlwWOf http://t.co/HHgYMD4uZH
Retweeted by Jason HollandHuge thanks to @BIMA for an amazing day of judging great work and to our gracious hosts @razorfishlondon - good luck to those who entered!
Half way through the @BIMA Award shortlisted work, with a fantastic set of agency and client-side fellow judges.
Sometimes it's the smallest things… No.16 Reducing the emails in my inbox to the point where the scrollbar disappears!
Be cruel to be kind! ;) http://t.co/kQInwmC1MY
@ee Any chance of a reply or fix ASAP?The Slap Michael Gove website reminds me of the "Slap a Spice Girl" we did in the late 90's - same idea, new target http://t.co/tlywEjC2yf@EE Can't log into my business account in your website. Known error? I get generic login error message. http://t.co/bL7rTmfPuDB&Q ignoring desktop email customers?! Interactive element great on mobile. Rollovers aren't sticky on desktop so I can't click the links!@BandQ I applaud the use of CSS in your latest email. Great on mobile. Completely breaks on laptop! Rollover doesn't stick, so can't click!
From Xbox to XF: @Jaguar reveals windscreen with virtual racing line & ghost car (video) http://t.co/anezFnKQLk http://t.co/6i16wt48lg
Retweeted by Jason HollandFolk here are crazy enough to jump out of a plane for a great charity (Air Ambulance) Please spare a few quid & RT! http://t.co/FRN5Hrs3yT
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@travelodgeuk The 'Blue John Mine' in the Peak District is the most extraordinary place in Britain. http://t.co/PSPItd4Jcj
Don't have Titanfall for your Xbox One? Stop waiting - grab it now for 33% off: http://t.co/pxSJR9R28A
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I just backed Potato Salad on @Kickstarter https://t.co/ivCSaxwnWT@haysmacintyre Morning. Just a friendly nudge to point out the spelling error on the Website Feedback Survey - "delcious" surprise. :)
Being a geeky Dad can be fun - I should know! Toy Wars: http://t.co/cJvZSIiapy@chblack19 Sorry I missed stand. With the talk in the a.m. and the Portfolio Surgery in the p.m. I had plenty of work to catch up on :-/Love it when you check your TO DO list and realise you have done some of them already! Big satisfaction in swiping them away. Thx @UseClear@AllegoryPens i.e. I have contactless bank card inside the wallet, but a swipe travel card on the outside, shielded from each other?@AllegoryPens Does the "RFID pocket" come stitched into one side, or is it a pocket that shields a card in an outer pocket? Cont...
Loved #NewBlood had a great time and today especially enjoyed + found really helpful the talk by @jasonholland
Retweeted by Jason HollandGreat 2nd day @DandADNewBlood, inspirational and helpful talk by @jasonholland - best talk of the event!
Retweeted by Jason HollandHuge thanks to the gracious hospitality from @DandADNewBlood and the fantastic students I met today - such amazing talent! #NewBloodGreat advice this morning from @jasonholland at his New Blood Festival talk! Now for the last round of the exhibition tonight! #NewBlood
Retweeted by Jason HollandFavourite talk from @DandADNewBlood was definitely @jasonholland , thank you for a brilliant talk! 😁👍 #newblood
Retweeted by Jason HollandGreat talk by @jasonholland at D&AD new blood festival this morning. Really appreciated that it was focused on us and our future careers 😊
Retweeted by Jason Holland
Coming to see my "Turn your portfolio into a job" talk at D&AD #NewBlood? Note the phrase "The God is in the detail" - may be quite fruitfulLooking forward to meeting great students at @DandADNewBlood tomorrow - giving a talk in the a.m. & doing Portfolio Surgery in p.m. #BusyDay
Apple (!) is looking for a Senior Typedesigner: https://t.co/QdJjvnSG3q #typography #apple Tell them I sent you ;-)
Retweeted by Jason HollandThe ultimate guide to being a freelance designer: http://t.co/PiclUWGQP3 http://t.co/f9axtbmYu6
Retweeted by Jason Holland@gazzajones @dandad Yes indeed :)Design graduate? Come & listen on Thursday at D&AD #NewBlood - turn your portfolio into a dream job! http://t.co/YgrwipsDjh via @dandad@ShangriLaHotels Thanks - but I was more interested in any emails I can subscribe to that inform me of your facilities my business could use@ShangriLaHotels Thank you. And anything regarding the use of Shangri-La for business use, e.g. conferences in global locations?
@RunAnEmpire Will travelling on, for example, trains and in cars on the motorway count? Extreme example: drive round the M25.Video: @MercedesBenzUK sculpture above Goodwood House unveiled at opening of @fosgoodwood http://t.co/zMZYOmtFER http://t.co/PQ6EqUDakr
Retweeted by Jason Holland@haysmacintyre Last link regarding event on Monday - you missed the ":" in "http://" preventing the link working for some people.Google Glass event - interesting and maybe even slightly useful! #throughglass http://t.co/GYIMieeNYI@taaskyapp iPhone 5 (latest iOS, not beta)The ROI of Your Office Espresso Machine http://t.co/3KDlXzFjnL via @mashable
This '80s VHS version of the Game of Thrones intro is amazing: https://t.co/njwrdiYRYT @jeffcannata
Retweeted by Jason Holland@taaskyapp Just loaded your beautiful app and got a UI bug immediately http://t.co/9ReOhtduxmThe phrase 'Where are you?' is a recent thing. Before mobiles, we could only talk to people if we knew where they were!Useful service during #Ramadan - tweet @AlArabiya with #iftar #London (or your city) & get time for #iftar. #Imsak also works for start timeFantastic anti-hipster beer ads http://t.co/1FjeEAQvys (thanks to @mixtape_boy for the link)Finally found a @StarbucksUK near work and then discovered my free coffee voucher has expired! So disappointed... http://t.co/cfmSR5nJWrListen to Smooth Jazz & Rain - apparently helps you concentrate! Might try during my next late night working session http://t.co/lnnI31T3e9
@0x47df LOL - at least it would keep all the splinters of glass together when it shatters.Please help. Best slim iPhone5 case and why? TIA #NothingExpensiveStunning #typographic results in this video of supreme #calligraphy skills https://t.co/NxO4hGHGIx Thanks to @AorupaHolland for the linkUS govt says ‘no’ to Amazon’s delivery drones http://t.co/50hDYA2Y0L http://t.co/aC3cOwXmdM Maybe they’d reconsider if they killed people?
Retweeted by Jason Holland@ShangriLaHotels Good morning - is there a page on your website where I can sign up to any newsletter or email containing news/offers?Even though I'm not a football fan I can get fully behind these great goal poster designs! https://t.co/vjVQAiABlY http://t.co/FbsceALe1W@InfuseApp I often get a period of time where my videos all fail to play, skipping. Few minutes into the video and showing just black. Help?
A rare day off. Marmite on toast in a sunny garden. Watching my girls' sports day this afternoon. It is a good day :) http://t.co/sTRUFHIMX0
@litmusapp Ok, thank you :)@litmusapp With such a larger percentage of Mac owners updating OSX I would have thought including the latest Mail would be a good idea?Breaking into Digital? Design graduate? Come & listen on 3/7/14 at D&AD #NewBlood and I'll help you get that new job http://t.co/MllDUGH2rU@Tesco Your Tesco Compare email that I received after getting car insurance quotes on the website has a broken link for "contact page prefs"Why Steve Jobs replaced the Mac's  key with ⌘ http://t.co/B8J6RG5C8j http://t.co/Tmtbl4zwXD
Retweeted by Jason Holland@adrianflux 20 mins on hold waiting to get through for a car insurance quote… problems at your end?@litmusapp Hi! Any reason you're not including Apple Mail 7 in your test environments? TIACrikey - Sonic The Hedgehog is 23 years old today! #RetroGamingFeels like thunderous weather is on the way… oh s**t, a tweet about the weather? Really? Not only have I let YOU down, I've let myself down.
The Super-Slick UX of Virgin America’s New Booking Site | Design http://t.co/dTaHIjQIZT
A morning of gardening makes me feel the whole day was an accomplishment. Lunch and chill? If only ;)
Once in a blue moon, I remember that http://t.co/0RWNA2h9fu exists and disappear into a world of wonder and surprises!@idiottech Been a pebble owner since the first release from Kickstarter. Use it with my iPhone and Nest. Have 9 watches I now don't wear!@johnkavanagh Ever in need of a glowing reference, give me a shout :)Fantastic news: @Underwired appoints Douglas McDonald as Client Service Director http://t.co/oYw5Ty0q0Y Congrats @DMcDonald01 /via @thedrum
Face Tracking for #Adobe #Flash and #AIR for #iOS and #Android https://t.co/qimPC3qjuG @FlashDailyNet @AdobeFlash http://t.co/j0W2cVDOKk
Retweeted by Jason Holland
@matdscott Great news - looking forward to it - come and say hi before/after the talk :)I got my hand cut off! http://t.co/uYtbcafTgZ #GameOfThronesOfficial #monumentvalleygame prints are now available through our friends @iam8bit https://t.co/sMq9RVcakP http://t.co/worLFbbLmZ
Retweeted by Jason HollandI am meant to be doing a Juice Detox day today, but then these @grazedotcom breakfast goodies arrived. Delicious! http://t.co/GWGMQafUBZ
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