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Software Engineer in NJ and sometimes NY, @fitocracy, helplessly hopeful individual. Specializing in iOS Development. Available for freelance work.

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Definitely isn’t that we’ve heroified any white dude with a uniform and gun to the point that there is no expectation of accountabilityKind of a weak closing there, don’t you think?http://t.co/rotrSFrbCq “…beyond Ferguson, we won’t know without better data why grand juries are so reluctant to indict police officers.”12 things white people can do now after #Ferguson http://t.co/9ZxUGN8j9z
Retweeted by jpWow despicable that they're rioting. This is disgust- *presses finger to ear* oh this is PSU when JoePa was fired nvm http://t.co/UBpxuBtq2h
Retweeted by jpAnd not ONCE in the 15 years since then did it even cross my mind, not until now. But yeah ok white privilege definitely isn’t a problem okKind of surreal to think about how dead I could have been under different circumstancesWhen we were kids, my brother and I used to play with cap guns in the street in Trenton, the 4th most dangerous city of its size in 2005@joshriker the American flag doesn’t deserve a whole lot of respect at the moment@joshriker things you shouldn’t say on a day like todayActual human wrote this, not a piece of living garbage, if you can believe that. http://t.co/DX8ee6pxsP
Retweeted by jp@alexnaj I can’t even put into words how angry I am atmFuck it, pouring another one out. This country. Jesus Christ.https://t.co/4IyNfnq7Ka
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Adobe Illustrator Hell: Day 3 — Crashes every time I hit backspace in the Save dialogue. No typos allowed.
DJ playing RIP Big L with a RUN DMC shirt on? I’m cool with that.
@alexnaj fuck marshmallows imo@jc4p hahahaha okay that makes sense now carry on@jc4p WTF IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW@jc4p explanation: untapped users are disproportionally white college-aged hipsters. Source: 1 of 1 users I know fit this is description@jc4p http://t.co/LG6UCYd5i5Reminder that your six figure salary ain’t worth squat if you’re putting in 60-70 hours a week. Life is short. Don’t put up with that crap.“typical long hours of a tech startup” — pretty sure the word you wanted was toxic, WSJhttp://t.co/uMGWu3mJrU maybe don’t force your employees to work stupid long hours you know maybe that’s a pretty good perkGood news and rye whiskey. I’m diggin’ it.
Jim Jefferies on Gun Control http://t.co/hs4SEnEyYOSwift without mutable variables feels a hell of a lot like writing Lisp. Just don’t tell that to the Cocoa community. Might scare ‘em.The lesson here I think is that sometimes, just sometimes, state is pretty okayThere’s a bunch of gameplay bugs but getting it perfect wasn’t really part of the exercise here 😜I built Tetris in Swift — without using mutation (almost at all): https://t.co/Dfo32iWmvk Only `var`s are for handling the host view.2014 is posited to be the most erratic year of my life. Not sure if that’s good or bad yet.
I wrote some words on Swift’s Optionals targeted at Objective-C devs who’ve been reluctant to dig into it. http://t.co/uMyZhalV6d@alexnaj what have you got against pumpkin flavored things@engers it’d be worlds better with a slightly less black black. I think I can better than both tho :D@engers I’d agree if they had picked one that was easy to read 😜 I guess they wanted to look playful? But it’s an app for reading text!@engers 1) font choice 2) awkward margins and weird use of white space 3) line spacing looks off 4) contrast is off http://t.co/oOafOKNzwt@engers but I also want regex filtering, better image loading, and downloading of other threads while you’re reading. I got big plans@engers I hate everything about the typography in the AMA. I spend the most time reading r/AskReddit, that’s my #1 improvement priority@sturmen you must use Android so you can’t see how ugly and unappealing it isA little better but not exactly pretty. http://t.co/jnClsj5meEStarted writing a Reddit client for iOS. This is what happens when you try and use their implementation of OAuth2 😐 http://t.co/rDGMPXyCNu
Ugh. Stop, just… stop. http://t.co/A9VHnJU3j6
Retweeted by jp@Xanwick Saturday December 20th, my place!@Xanwick wrong tone man, that was pure jealousy!@Xanwick you’re right. I wouldn’t have learned jack shit about programming but I could have become a professional drinker@jparishy -__-
Retweeted by jpEvery time I help @alexnaj with his CS homework I wonder why Rutgers U doesn’t teach how man pages work and get glad I didn’t go there 😜@alexnaj I meant the 275x5 trololol@alexnaj nice warmup
Eddie Izzard — Being Bilingual https://t.co/ISwt2aJV90
Dad vs. Autocorrect http://t.co/cgKMJ1iof9Symbolic breakpoints just not working in Xcode 🆗Man, I love Chasing Amy. One of my favorite Kevin Smith films.
@engers true, I should probably do this. I already keep my phone on Do Not Disturb most of the time anywayIt’d be nice if I could opt out of libc defs for autocomplete in Xcode. I never, ever want the `index(3)` function you dumb computer program@engers exactly it’s absurdly obnoxious especially since the default Messages for Mac ping noise is annoying as hellIt’s very un-Apple to not have made text message forwarding prefer one device if your computer & phone are sitting right next to each other.
@alexnaj Aren’t those the same thing thoI have to contantly remind myself how old I amSomewhere in LA, a 19-year-old who hasn't sold a series to CN yet is sighing with relief. RT“@ColleenDoran: Yes. http://t.co/8nmQHLKm0C
Retweeted by jp@jc4p ya. You think they gave him shit after the ex-employee AMA and this was just the icing on the cake?@jc4p ya I believe it myself, not that it makes any less silly https://t.co/udrP0X9xvp@jc4p the thing I don’t understand is why they’d bother making up a story like that."adults under 35 have a savings rate of -2 percent, according to Moody's Analytics." http://t.co/0tc2HQTr4g NEGATIVE percent.
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Decaf coffee is so unsatisfying I’d almost rather continue being sickI always assumed it would be a garbage pointer like any other scalar value and never questioned that assumption. https://t.co/YjnHYOfXTCTIL: “…for object pointers … the compiler will automatically set the variable to nil if you don’t specify any other initial value”This cold or whatever is wrong with me finally beat out my last bottle of DayQuil. And I only have one tea bag left. It’s winning the war.
@engers getting rid of my desk huh? oh okay i see how it is :’(@nicklockwood ya :) it’s a little strange that Swift classes aren’t req to inherit NSObject like in Obj-C when the RT often depends on it@nicklockwood ex. put in a Swift class that doesn’t inherit NSObject, then try and print the set. Doesn’t impl methodSigForSel: & will crash@nicklockwood to get hash/isEqual. AnyObject can def blow up in a set though. Swift classes only partially conform to NSObjectWhich deity to do I need to bribe in order to be able to breath normally again. I’ll throw in extra if they make the coughing stop.@nicklockwood if you’re requirement is putting it in an NSSet, then you’d want <T: NSObject>@nicklockwood yup. I wrote a stupidly simple generic Vector class, but found it impossible to use `sqrt` on the generic type.7 Nihilistic Quotes That Only Brilliant, Misunderstood Males On The Internet Will Appreciate http://t.co/aSNGv3cJw7 http://t.co/jG0SRvxPbx
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Three days later: still sick. At this point I’m more concerned about how long it’s gonna take to go through my unread emails when I’m better@watchinharrison sure!Dancing around Swift’s CFunctionPointer in order to get AudioServicesAddSystemSoundCompletion to work. Jeeeez. https://t.co/rZGlsvspfM@watchinharrison https://t.co/rZGlsvspfM a little verbose, but this seems to do the trick@jc4p doctor banging on the tardis was also a very powerful scene"Never trust a hug. It's just a way to hide your face." #DoctorWhoFinale #DeathInHeaven http://t.co/M7mnfQ7jNM
Retweeted by jp@jc4p wow ya totally opposite opinion. But I thought kill the moon was okay so shrugWell done, Moffat.
Kind of crazy how horribly broken strings are in SwiftWriting code is essentially grunt work. Knowing how to design systems that scale & don’t need to be rewritten every six months is invaluableThe more consulting work I do the more clear it becomes that architecture design is a far more lucrative skill than programming itself.@steipete @oletterer clever!@markcwebster @gdcaplan wow this is seriously cool…Not needing a physical office is my favorite part of being a dev. I’ve got this crazy strong urge to go on an extended working road trip.@jc4p \o/Problem solved http://t.co/s4OfKIjNExWhere’s a hot toddy when you need one
@jc4p that was my favorite one dear god so funny@jc4p did you watch the others in that reddit thread!? holy fuck I was laughing so hardXcode crashing every time I use Open Quickly or Project Search. I guess today is a good day as ever for a night off.
Drink every time I go back and realize I was dumb enough at some point to name a property `description`. Go!@engers sanity what’s thatThough, it was a pretty good exercise in wrangling some crazy legacy code. Plus, you know, whatever it takes to pay the bills 😜My personal hell is having to work on a codebase with multiple KV observers added to a global user singleton. …is it hot in here or what? 🌋
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