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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/S1Uci1SeZi

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@lizzieohreally When it comes to Meryl, I'm in the bag like a kitten on the way to the vet's office.@lizzieohreally Solid as a very patrician rock!@PurpleFishHead Yes, sir.A lovely, tender moment when Geoffrey Ward broke up talking about the excruciating pain of polio, which he had as a boy. #TheRooseveltsI'll be talking to Sarah Wildman about her amazing new book Paper Love at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Oct. 29. http://t.co/ZttYc1ZfM5On this week's Ask a Homo, I tell the mom of a queer kid how to show support to strangers she's sure are gay: http://t.co/9NBUIirtDSHOLY SHIT Congratulations @AlisonBechdel on winning the MacArthur Genius Grant!! Lesbian Cartoon Memoirist FTW! http://t.co/yBlwpmA3JY
Retweeted by June Thomas@oliverburkeman Happy birthday, Oliver! Hope your celebrations aren't marred by the impending breakup of our nation!@Mediadisdat Yes! At least one more season.
@moorehn Staten Island?@mrhanbury I'm loving it so far! (Though lunchtime's fried okra is sitting a little heavy.)@laurenmechling I admit I'm always a little thrilled when someone gets my gender right!Phrase I heard most today: "Yes, ma'am." (It's awesome. I'm adopting it.) #AlabamaIf you have Slate Plus, you can hear me here with @junethomas on the Doctor Who podcast for "Listen": http://t.co/hbccBRRA8Y
Retweeted by June Thomas@Coops_tv So it really is a Cilla Black biopic?@TaraAriano So no one told me life was gonna be this way.
@ReelVixen Happy birthday!@TaraAriano So jeals, but won't you be watching the Today show when New Yorkers are watching Tonight?"Don’t worry, it’s really just peanuts that have been non-homosexually pureed into a butter." http://t.co/NARaDsnd8C
Retweeted by June Thomas@FayebellineW Yes! As I said to someone yesterday, who would've thought, watching Corrie in '91 how Steph and Raquel would blossom.@FayebellineW I believe so, but it's HEAVILY serialized. Season long arcs are the focus.
It's 8:45 pm and #BB16 hasn't started yet. Looking forward to #TheGoodWife airing opposite #lastweektonight starting next week.
Retweeted by June Thomas@ezrateach I'm so glad! And you have 10 more episodes to look forward to.Lionel Barber: ‘It’s adapt or die frankly and that’s what we’re doing’ http://t.co/R7ue3CwLIl
Retweeted by June ThomasI've been wanting to write about weird Little House on the Prairie episodes for years. FINALLY, I HAVE. http://t.co/ina0GF4Nm9
Retweeted by June Thomas@Coops_tv Who knew, watching Corrie back in 1991, where Steph and Raquel would end up!@Coops_tv I was just going to say. He's repulsive, but they're systemically repulsive.
@marcmurd Just Alabama, but I'll eat as if I were going to several states.@Foobs_Fooberman Otra vez será!@Foobs_Fooberman Anniston.And now I am officially on a two-week Fresca leave. First stop: Alabama.Hey, remember when the NFL thought Michael Sam would be a distraction?
Retweeted by June ThomasWhy is Facebook cracking down on drag queens all of a sudden? @jbryanlowder investigates: http://t.co/hogG4qGz4M
@moryan @willapaskin @poniewozik F&B are immature frat boys but good lawyers. None of that inspirational toil in their office, but they care@moryan @willapaskin @poniewozik F&B is in no way good, but it really is interesting. I swear.@moryan @willapaskin @poniewozik The anti-TGW/Suits is Franklin & Bash. (YES, I brought it into this conversation.) Lawyers as kidults.
@writerchica @villarrealy That tweet seems superpervy ... but isn't.Happy Birthday Mary Oliver! Oh how I love her. http://t.co/sxJcBdasNg
Retweeted by June Thomas@trishbendix Me, too!@rosegeorge3 I loved Night Watch, too.@rosegeorge3 Really? I go hot/cold on her books. She's the writer most likely to elicit both Wow! and Eh! response from me.Edie Falco looks great, Merritt Wever looks sad, as cast announces the next series of #NurseJackie will be the last. http://t.co/f03C5gLFcfA lovely essay about Sarah Waters and her new novel, The Paying Guests, by Amanda Katz in @SlateBooks: http://t.co/STIqFzYFWjSome good news from @zacharykarabell: Why independent bookstores are booming: http://t.co/U8GAdk7bJgThe film for @FieldNotesBrand's latest edition is the equivalent of @joeweisberg's novel An Ordinary Spy: http://t.co/qSDlAqnfpF
@zhandlen Not even "Vincent"? (With Datak Tarr as V van Gogh?) I agree with you about RoS, though.@Brenshu @Slate @v_urq Interesting response, Brenden. Thanks!@JINUWILL @Slate Are those the only options? No one disputes deaf culture exists. Many other options.How can you love and respect gay culture if you don't know what it is? http://t.co/njsxtYu3gZLast part in our dialogue, in which my trolling is defeated and order is once again restored by @junethomas http://t.co/bDT8rosG8J
Retweeted by June ThomasIn the third entry in our dialogue, @v_urq looks forward to the day when being gay is a "minor matter": http://t.co/jECnCMPZso
Don't play taps for gay culture just yet, @v_urq; it's vital and evolving: http://t.co/kW2gtCoTiD@fred_dash Ta..@v_urq longs for the death of gay culture: http://t.co/YhGUhFxyVL (I'll be making a forceful rejoinder later today.)
@heysnowy I'm a huge fan of Betabrand clothing, though I don't own any Gay Jeans yet. Yet.
Full @spectator analysis of the shock YouGov Scotland poll that puts ‘Yes’ into lead: 51%-49% http://t.co/M1FKWRFQDJ http://t.co/aGtYydOTPl
Retweeted by June Thomas@BriefWit @jodyrosen @DavidGrann Doe!
@JMoLawre @moryan LTIH is much softer than Happy Valley; S&B is in a similar emotional range to HV.@JMoLawre @moryan Also excellent: writer Sally Wainwright's series Scott & Bailey. First two seasons are on Hulu.Here's a nice bit of prose from @jodyrosen: http://t.co/YgMuCM81BB@moryan @JMoLawre (See TV Clubs passim! http://t.co/O1wTSPwY50)@moryan @JMoLawre Mo, now that you've had the Sarah Lancashire Experience, you'll know why I was so thrilled by Last Tango in Halifax.
@p_v_t_i @HannaRosin I need to listen to myself pontificating.@p_v_t_i @HannaRosin I think the Senate is different from where you and I work.Our topics: Emily's NYT Mag piece on post-clinic abortion, the NFL's domestic violence policy, and Kirsten Gillibrand's Senate harassers.On this week's Double X Gabfest, @HannaRosin, @NoreenMalone, and I had a special guest, @emilybazelon: http://t.co/Gm0YVNrD7h
@whitneymatheson So sorry to hear that.Things I just Googled, "How long do elephants live?" "How long do lions live?"@poorpete Well done, sir!
@alanhahn What's the toughest part of the calendar for a sports broadcaster? When is there the least to talk about? #auaNow that's what I call a Kickstarter premium! http://t.co/yrV9lpdIIxHow class contributed to the sexual exploitation of at least 1,400 children in a northern English town: http://t.co/IhMT8hsVMk@tanejamainhoon But I agree that summer TV is far from the desert it once once.@tanejamainhoon You liked some shows much more than me (e.g., Fargo, which I disliked, save for Alison Tomlan's great performance), +@guan Last night!
Yeah, yeah, Labor Day. Some of us know the real sign that summer is over is the return of Today in Parliament.@AmyTVGal I just caught up with Nurse Jackie and squealed when Bunhead Sasha showed up as Grace's friend.@colinmcenroe I think you (on WTIC) were my first US radio interview--I had written about toilet paper and paper towels. CMc sweet spot..@guan Best fake podcast feed ever: http://t.co/WQZBkK6Ha5@guan Me, neither, but they show up in the full list of OIG releases: https://t.co/QNVpHDoKuOThe Office of Inspector General of HHS has some dope podcasts, yo. (Seriously, they're really good if you're interested in Medicaid fraud.)
@YvonneBeasley That's (more or less) how I sounded when I was a kid.@Readerly I used to know her a little back in Seattle, though I haven't seen her in years. She was so great this week.
Apols, I mean on Netflix. RT @junethomas: @motokorich Happy Valley--UK 6-parter on Hulu.@motokorich Happy Valley--UK 6-parter on Hulu.
This Buzzfeed listicle about medieval beasts goes out to @thehighsign: http://t.co/pBqdsJ3xfX@scootes I don't believe so, but what better reason to cough up $5. The issue also appears to contain tips on maintaining one's situation.If you're looking for a new fall show, my flow chart in the September Marie Claire can help you find one. http://t.co/TbHLXFCVDDSomething you shouldn't miss: Photos of queer life in Kampala, Uganda: http://t.co/kCJSXDrJRn@tvoti Whatever you do, don't eat the onion rings.The PM is making a press statement following the raising of the UK Threat Level from international terrorism to Severe.
Retweeted by June ThomasWhy is coming out to strangers always awkward, asks Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart: http://t.co/SgzhWMmdkC@noamscheiber @tnr @QEDNewRepublic Just a bit!@noamscheiber @tnr @QEDNewRepublic I've been meaning to say that for ages. One of the best things I read all day.Know what else is great? The daily newsletter emails from @tnr's new(ish) project @QEDNewRepublic. I learn something every morning.
@nprmonkeysee SOUVENIR TEETH! I'm going to be up all night hitting Refresh.My new favorite Wikipedia page: http://t.co/pA3q2ZgCAU@WarmTV Ditto!@WarmTV She's amazing, I love the Rusty storyline, and the mysteries were good this season.@WarmTV It's confounding. And I hate leaving shows with unresolved questions.
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