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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

I organize awesome events, and do event consulting. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|Flex, 360|intersect, Part of GoCode CO & Ignite Denver.

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@timburks thanks. Working on a more transparent and robust version now@corvino @andriajensen still a blur :/
@AmyStephen @agnoster @Spacekatgal awesome. I'll make time. I'm wide open wed and Thursday.@AmyStephen @agnoster @Spacekatgal is awesome. maybe a chat next week?@agnoster @andriajensen some day. Beers and discussion would be awesome.@bEx_x3d @AmyStephen Yes it is.@benr75 @360iDev Super stoked!@andriajensen true.. that used to be a ringtone I had :D@pgor @andriajensen Got your back!@pgor @andriajensen LOL. I wish i had more physical addresses LOL@justin @lojjic @jakep36 we’re thinking a “Who does the internet hate today” website, to make it easier for everyone to rally.@jakep36 @jwilker LOL "If we're all together in this Twitter water park, I've just made a vow to stay out of the jacuzzi of turds."
Retweeted by John Wilker@andriajensen Times like this i wish the internet was still AOL. so it took longer to get to righteous indignation and thought could happen@gatzby_ @jakep36 closer to home. Well closer to Denver :)“@jakep36: Here you go @jwilker https://t.co/zPWSBCn3cu” he might be on to something.@danielpunkass Ha the definite downside of porches and decks.@danielpunkass WOW. porch envy@agnoster @jwilker @michelv I'd just like to say that John is more of a feminist than I am. He's an amazing person and you are a tool
Retweeted by John WilkerAwesome getting to have lunch with today's most hated person on the internet!
Retweeted by John Wilker@agnoster @michelv Yup you’re never wrong, always on the righteous side. Been fun.@agnoster @michelv But really this medium is insufficient, hug, shake, part ways. I’m trying, i’ll always be trying. Like me, don’t.@agnoster @michelv Not a martyr, but the internet rage machine is in fine form. Of course it’s all justified, it always is.@agnoster @michelv FWIW, i am sorry my wording was poorly chosen, and am fixing that. I guess we can agree to disagree on “attacking”@agnoster @michelv I’m sure you are. your twitter bio says so@agnoster @michelv No I’m saying, get to know me before launching into attacks.@agnoster @michelv like throwing “feminist” in your twitter bio.@agnoster @michelv or you know, rush in to attack, screw dialogue, discourse, just grab the pitchfork and head off.@agnoster @michelv about being an ally. I am one and you can feel free to ask around to people who’ve attended and know me and the conf@agnoster @michelv you did. without knowing me, knowing my history or anything else, you rushed to judgement. I don’t crow@AmyStephen @noir That’s hardly fair.@AmyStephen @noir I’m happy to talk, but you make the reco. based on having never met me, ever attended my events, without any actual info@agnoster @michelv Since you don’t know me, don’t presume to think I’m not.@agnoster @michelv No there isn’t. And clearly also not against attacking someone you don’t know based on biases you bring to the table@AmyStephen Actually if you’ve time next week, happy to chat.@AmyStephen you're wrong. But feel free to make in informed judgements to your hearts content@plorry I have and will continue to. Thanks. It's all learning opportunity@plorry also how you criticize can. It's a two way thing if it's a discussion@AmyStephen no thanks.@AmyStephen I'm immensely sorry about that. I've already made the first round of edits. I'll keep making them. Sorry for piling on?App Store reviews for R60 are stellar so far. Check them out! https://t.co/WrppmZCcZw
Retweeted by John Wilker@mollierusher thanks so frustrating they come with their biases and nothing appeases at that point@jwilker Hang in there, man. I know you're doing all that you can to make #WomeninTech feel comf at #360idev, and you do a great job!
Retweeted by John Wilker@plorry my wording was bad and I admit that. My intent and feeling on the topic are not@plorry you misunderstand. Imy word choice was Poor. I know where I stand and am am not ashamed to support WIT.@AmyStephen @tomburns it's not I've been a strong supporter of WIT for years and have eloquence issues. Thanks for pile on #constructive@lindseybieda @tomburns I do and they're easier than actual action to judge by.@lindseybieda @tomburns donated to app camp 4 girls. Wore an orange vest most of a week being visible to enforce altconfs inclusion policy.@lindseybieda @tomburns I host women in tech breakfasts at the event. I'm working on a lounge. To name two. Actions. Actions over words.@lindseybieda @tomburns for not having my thoughts on diversity worded to the liking of the mob? We've never met. But no.@ScottErholm @tomburns @360iDev sigh. I removed it so we could focus on the document. It's not deleted. But if that's the important issue..@michelv yes please preach to me. One white male to another.@tomburns Thanks. Honestly it did. and clearly started a ‘thing’ :) including calls for boycotts :(@tomburns My passion on the subject colors my words more than is usually good for me.@tomburns Then we must chat and get beers :) But yeah I’m not above making it better and learning from this.@tomburns And rather than email me or politely start a conversation it started with an attack...@tomburns well i have had a rough morning. but a link isn’t a conversation either. “Here read this, I have nothing to add”@noir @justin unintended side effect i guess.@tomburns The internet rage machine with pitch forks over conversation folks.@lomifeh @Spacekatgal it wasn’t written right…@Spacekatgal @NeoNacho That was written with some heat quite a while back. Heat wasn’t needed but in the moment it was there. it’s not now@robelkin Sigh. just look at @360idev mentions, you’ll see it.I wonder if adding “feminist” to my twitter bio would make me part of the team? That seems to be the standard “I get to judge you badge”@justin @jwilker I am annoyed when people who are not female tell me how I should feel about something I don't consider sexist.
Retweeted by John Wilker@iconmaster Yeah. internet rage machine at it’s best :(I love that the internet rage machine is quick to pitch forks, slow to dialogue, slower to understanding@justin You know it. I guess i’m doing something right when the white males take offense to my take on things@justin Yeah. apparently I run an exclusive white male event only welcoming to white males and only for white males. So say the white malesDear @justin you're welcome@samuelgoodwin clearly not. Now people I've never heard of won't be coming to #360idev or sponsoring. Not they did before.@samuelgoodwin so it would seem. Apparently the white male thought police aren't ok with my stance on diversityApparently I can only be pro diversity if I express it in the accepted way in the same monotone as everyone else. Sigh
@octothorpe lol I'm always on by beta 3 or 4@octothorpe it's on my utility machines. So far so good. Thinking it'll be on my main box this weekendHuh a 15 minute intermission for a concert. Must be the age group demographic here needing time to take the stairs to pee@smakus77 my favorite venue. http://t.co/cgPaCZv2DgWho knew. The full name of ABBA is "the Swedish super group ABBA" At least to swedes@sehugg red rocks amphitheater.@paranoidroid mainly connection stuff. Weird sleep issues where I'd unlock and it wouldn't. Or it'd queue it which isn't helpful.@paranoidroid have had mine a while now might re install it and see if it's better.Hope we can find a seat ... http://t.co/DTornG4a28@corvino ah that’s true. Maybe I’ll play with that a bit more. before making a switch@corvino I do use Sync as well and like it a lot. Haven’t tried any type sharing with others yet.@dermdaly @tombihn @IanRobinson Sweet! They rule. Had a clip bust, new one in the mail ASAP. love emRevolution 60 - Now available! I helped test it - it's so fun! 24 endings; choices that matter. https://t.co/8q2IlTYING
Retweeted by John Wilker@justin @arielmichaeli The modern equivalent of “Knock Knock, I just left you a voicemail”@bclinkinbeard I hope it was “Nope, please die in a fire”@dermdaly @tombihn I have two Tom Bihn, love. LOVE ‘emHappy Thursday! Episode 129 is out, Swift JSON: http://t.co/kvziCiymkw http://t.co/WnkSHvLBSR
Retweeted by John Wilker@ZombieObject @subdigital @ryan_marsh Definitely getting into “ask them” I dunno. i mainly use it for rich text notes.@LordBron Good times! Good ol’ Ameriquest@jwclark http://t.co/hRJuItMNkQ only on day two, but so far so good.@JalphaK Hoping so, LOL@JalphaK Truly! #360idev ended up during summer restaurant week :\@JalphaK Makes sense, took me about 3x longer to lock in downtown than it’s taken in the past in other places.@JalphaK If you need any help logistics wise in Denver feel free to hit me up. moved my event downtown this year.@ryan_marsh @subdigital I noticed a little sluggishness on hitting ‘delete’ but moving between notes seemed ok to me@subdigital @ryan_marsh I’m having trouble with Sync but I’m mid Beta switch so assume that’s my own problem, LOL.@subdigital @ryan_marsh Ah! always hard to tell. but yeah price didn’t me a moments pause after about 20 minutes with the trial.@ryan_marsh @subdigital Yeah though i was paying $50 for evernote premium, but yeah hoping it’s money well spent. They have a desktop trial@ryan_marsh http://t.co/lvj3JGcZlE Evernote and yojimbo (that’s around still??) importers.
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