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@Bookgirl96 Mt Fuji!!!
I grilled 🌽. My 9year old said, "You just earned a person 'thank you' in my memoir."
The director of Pixar's blockbuster-to-be ‘Inside Out’ is sure he's about to be fired. GREAT @brooksbarnesNYT profile http://t.co/NzktM0K4jEThank you for all the congratulatory texts but josh BROLIN is engaged to his assistant. 💍
Retweeted by katie rosmanIf Taylor Swift’s concert is too ‘1989’ and not enough 2010 (Sparks Fly) my kids + many others will be dissatisfied. http://t.co/7VRgHOeJ4a
Love raising $$ for @girlsclubny tonight! Bonus: @katierosman hang! #celebrateourfuture http://t.co/Qdsbzdq2E3
Retweeted by katie rosmanCharlotte Baker, a spokeswoman for @HouseCommerce who handled last year's GM, Takata hearings, joining @exxonmobil public affairs team
Retweeted by katie rosmanMe, last night. #Letterman https://t.co/RsiwafzRKt#ThanksDave! #goblue! h/t @danabreinglass http://t.co/OPqzsKz84GEssentially announcing her 2028 candidacy. https://t.co/yGZxXVQGqnThe “ritualistic and relaxing” process of rolling a joint. Kinda sounds like knitting! https://t.co/HkB9PNXgwi@brooke @MikeIsaac You guys are all about the bass, 'bout the bass, no trebleOsama Bin Laden read Noam Chomsky, Newsweek, Popular Science. http://t.co/zHvU4Cfm7O via @WSJPoliticsMuch more so than any other digital product, my whole family (including my 9 and 6 year olds) use it daily. https://t.co/mC1sw6oqi4Between amazing @Viacom and @The_lateshow exiles, you could build the most amazing production company in New York right now. Just sayin'.
Retweeted by katie rosman@moorehn He's becoming a parody of himself.@Bookgirl96 Get us backstage?The thinks he doesn't already have enough fangirls? https://t.co/C6wACJFzhCThis is an incredible story, incredibly well told. Editor @michaelngraff does right by a writer, not once but twice. http://t.co/YVbFKWh6tSThe complications of being a well connected journalist. https://t.co/04ATIatzgD
@MikeIsaac time well spent@erin_gs You're drunk.What a foto. Anti-rape activist emma #sulkowicz & friends carry mattress at Columbia graduation -- http://t.co/gE2I04wqnv
Retweeted by katie rosmanHey @JoannaStern, 👉🚥👧! You're a 🗿🌟 and are totally 🚬🔥! And a bit of a 🎭👸. (Me 2⃣.) http://t.co/4Iz3hnTQz8@kayleener Congratulations! It's wonderful.Her brother disappeared. Jared Leto helped her find him. Amazing excerpt to @kayleener's KindleSingle. Brava Kayleen! http://t.co/F4OZRzS9HcJerry Seinfeld looks like Matt Lauer. http://t.co/KlUgodGZ20As my 6 year old daughter said, "I heard Hillary is gonna be president if her husband doesn't ruin it for her." https://t.co/n6ihix8uFRWanna be my neighbor? (Come visit me on wrong side of the tracks!) A $6mil Manse From Town Where the Tuxedo was Born http://t.co/ZX7fgyrt7c
@ryanbeckwith that made me lol for realHi @KChenoweth! Got your memoir for my musical theater-obsessed 9-year-old son. Appropriate for a kid? He ❤️s you! http://t.co/n3oMpTbgkd"In '92, I got my 1st job. 3 lines, 3 days work, a film called Dazed&Confused. Alright." @McConaughey's grad speech. https://t.co/ZjF61a5DhVGuy in the elevator had stop tweeting from his phone to read a text on his watch.@jpressler Thomas Hebner, my friend's son, is running for treasure of his high school How great is this? http://t.co/EtiAT5Su32@heatherkenny @NYTStyles @joyce_wadler hahaha, love that!I call them "Hadassah Arms." Funny funny @joyce_wadler column. If You’re Older and You Know It, Shake Your Arms http://t.co/N9huKl2GtMBill de Blasio makes a funny side kissy face like my Gran used to! http://t.co/FPMd7e03Nh@stdoyle I certainly was honored when I was among the Page One WSJ bylines!! 📰💪All 7 bylines on front page of today's @WSJ belong to women. http://t.co/Q3wOgm8l8t http://t.co/rVN2vTHOc4
Retweeted by katie rosmanHonchos at ABC are scrambling to keep their George Stephanopoulos scandal from becoming a Brian Williams disaster http://t.co/ctelCW25MW
Retweeted by katie rosmanEXCLUSIVE: Gov announces rules to protect manicurists, catapulting NYC salons to strictest safety measures in the US http://t.co/1R2WTVjnQU
Retweeted by katie rosman
Reading my @nytstyles story on #Deadhead yuppies! Faux VW bus tattoo on my leg! #GratefulDead http://t.co/Bbaj1wsGq2 http://t.co/uEk5tZHO2e@jm3 I hope so, I'd like to opt in!!@JuhiJourno thank you so much! How are you, sweetie?! BThese @wnba brides had an unusual pre-wedding ritual. 👰👰 https://t.co/3EQRh3iYdOI know a ton of women who fit this demographic but not this stereotype. https://t.co/YpWIYIXtUvRead this to my kids as they didn't even pretend to listen: NYT: Advantages for Children of Working Mothers http://t.co/kXfyu3sTl0
Great @WSJ story about anti-Hamptoners, and great details about Tuxedo Park: Wisconsin on the Hudson. http://t.co/k3l2Ynjy0n via @WSJ“I thought that all adults were insane drunks and chain smokers." https://t.co/4lotZxhwIcThey insist that is the only thing they learned all week.What my kids learned at school this week: if you eat too much McDonald's and are a boy, you'll need a bra.
My cousin, an NPR reporter, is moving in for weekend w people pretending to have just survived an earthquake. https://t.co/DQq2d4qTQzIvy Ziedrich, 19, pushes Jeb Bush on foreign policy, calls him pedantic, lands at the top of NYT's "most viewed" list http://t.co/ehLEfKTj4Q@johnjurg I hope so but I don't know if I can afford it!One of my favorites. #bbkinghttp://t.co/prXRm9SfUO@mattmiller1973 @nytimes @juleshyman "Lesh, Weir, Hart + Kreutzmann are to be joined, in Mr. Garcia’s stead, by Trey Anastasio of Phish..."@mpsjourno1 I think they're pretty different stories and this is an event everyone will cover. but @johnjurg's piece was amazing, as always@Dalton_Barker Thank you so much for this really kind msg!!Touch of Greyer (and Richer) -- @katierosman on this summer's Grateful Dead shows in Chicago http://t.co/s8KGSdukjb
Retweeted by katie rosmanThe 2015 version of the Grateful Dead: more hashtags than hash, less Summer of Love than summer of “likes.” http://t.co/rdmaZFix9p
Grateful Dead fans: still rabid, but only now a whole lot wealthier http://t.co/LuQD6Mty3n http://t.co/9tCr8KORK7
Retweeted by katie rosman@DaynaWeber @Jonwebs @D_HONIG 👍✈️🎼Brilliant @katierosman yarn on Deadhead one percenters. -- Private Jets Replace the VW Bus for Grateful Dead Fans http://t.co/lpao5Xx7ab
Retweeted by katie rosmanGrateful Dead fan then: Beaten up station wagon. Grateful Dead fan now: Lear jet. Terrific piece by @katierosman http://t.co/LDDF47Hfey
Retweeted by katie rosmanA Mother’s Memory, on the Pages of Her Books. A beautiful piece by @nickbilton. http://t.co/TBfPqgr2w3Stephanopoulos tells NYT he won't moderate GOP debate next year. But the damage is done, says GOP @koblin and me: http://t.co/u9r01hEK2T
Retweeted by katie rosmanGeorge Stephanopoulos Acknowledges Giving $50,000 to Clinton Foundation http://t.co/pRFnrZ3kxLHoly crap they even have sarcasm in LA now https://t.co/gXw0rBPLOa
Retweeted by katie rosmanI know a lot of amazing journalists but none is better than @nickvarchaver. https://t.co/OnYxIK5PUbManicure shame! It's real. Been hoping someone would write this. http://t.co/qxOUsPoOxE via @katierosman
Retweeted by katie rosman@AndrewCPark I know! But it makes me love Jalen even more.Mimi O’Donnell on how theatergoing helped her after partner Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death http://t.co/b9QOZ6ZTfL http://t.co/0cnfyb1AYm
Retweeted by katie rosmanCan't we all just get along? @cooperhewitt takes a swipe at @whitneymuseum. https://t.co/cawzwL2ejz@nataliapetrzela will reply to you on FB when I know more!!!She chose a pale pink polish. “I didn’t want a conspicuous manicure,” she said. My @NYTStyles story on manicure guilt http://t.co/BVECQLqDSf🏀 @JalenRose dunks on @realchriswebber. http://t.co/Fgk4FzEwsJ http://t.co/1Z0oubGK91
Former Detroit among the Philly dead. Mother to a toddler. https://t.co/79MfTIorFVTo help map out the company's future https://t.co/d4gNxOmVL4@LaurenYoung @erin_gs But the fact that you feel moved to explain your mani sitch is exactly the point!New York women grapple with manicure guilt. 💅 http://t.co/5tmeDcA4M9I think we're post-post-literate. https://t.co/LMsMsSoHvvFourteen NFL teams got $5.4 million over three years to stage "Salute the Troops" events and aid recruitment. http://t.co/DubImvjAIf
Retweeted by katie rosmanProud of my Son James 4 his winning shot & the 2014 California High School Photo of the Year! Awarded by the CNPA ;) http://t.co/a0jVk9fGVg
Retweeted by katie rosmanStill seems like a lot. https://t.co/7EbkQhDKN4You have to go into the Facebook app to get full experience of the FB-hosted NYT articles but it's worth it. Super cool features.I'll say!! https://t.co/sZi2wAjgIs
1st responders are begging for news choppers to flash light over #Amtrak crash in Philly. Bad scene @abc2news Train 188 out of DC.
Retweeted by katie rosmanWho's better than @KellyCrowWSJ? https://t.co/Sz5o4oL30e@Lock @askanyone Email me any time, Lock!!@askanyone @Lock I've been try to get him to fave one of my tweets for years. I didn't realize that this was what it would take.@askanyone Hi Sloane! I can't find your email! Can u email me? Katherine dot Rosman at nytimes dot com@JulieKlam just demonstratedThis @WSJ story about Yogi Berra will knock your socks off. What an extraordinary life. http://t.co/7m3wab2MB0
Retweeted by katie rosmanI guess @wjrradio and @dbusiness aren't very impressed by women execs in Detroit. 2015 Champions of the New Economy http://t.co/SHRrFJiTJn@jpressler Hollywood Reporter@jpressler Your media reach is far. http://t.co/oT5E7J4CcE@ayovelasco Hi there! Would love to speak to you for a story i'm reporting. email me to discuss? katherine dot rosman at nytimes dot comSome high schools require girls to submit photos of prom dresses before they allow them to buy tickets. http://t.co/ibICqc6tFwThis is cool. https://t.co/ghCGNbpgFvMaybe that's why they trotted Dolly Parton out? Give the peeps something else to talk about. https://t.co/Wg17K4gOgf
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