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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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late to it, but -- wow -- this @AndrewKroll @MotherJones story on Dick Stephenson & @FreedomWorks is quite something: http://t.co/YB4wsX8U2q.@EdWGillespie, taking page from the @dccc, emails for cash w subject line "not good": http://t.co/Qnbn81zXEv@ibeetb did @DavidCornDC go somewhere?Prediction: in the (highly unlikely) event @MittRomney runs in 2016, he will spend lots of his own $ -- more than the $45m he spent in 2008.Had such fun this morning at @fox5newsdc with @CapitalKombucha keeping the @UnionKitchenDC love strong http://t.co/FJKWkarB3O
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel#CrapChimichanga (TM)--Rep. Stockman MT @SteveWorks4You: Any border package bill that doesn't defund Obama’s #amnesty is a #CrapChimichanga@brianros1 @karentravers @pkcapitol @KennethBaer @matthewbjaffe @KiritRadia @SeniABC Ryan Howard's ready to go: http://t.co/4SVLF1NABePractical effect? More big $ MT @mateagold Yet another super PAC is using big money to take on big money @CounterPAC: http://t.co/HpqLGYFjKdSurprisingly good cell service in 42nd St-Bryant Park subway. #IsNYCatchingUpToDC?Amen @EnnisNYT: Impassioned defense of Fred Flintstone: WaPo Letter to the Editor of the day http://t.co/AEfDN4aEqJ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAlways wondered why no ad buyer$ listed MT @davelevinthal @CrossroadsGPS @club4growth @PatriotMajority to amend taxes http://t.co/74fEaKRNddNo filming before noon, please MT @LivPetersen: Be sure to vote for @KenVogel - up for most in need of a reality show http://t.co/FRC3yjWPJQJournalism career path from small papers/local reporting to @washingtonpost "passed a long time ago," per @postbaron: http://t.co/Eixs0EMHOr.@helena_andrews obvi MT @FishbowlDC Most in need of realityshow-VOTE @dcbigjohn @pamelaspunch @BrittMcHenry @jonarun http://t.co/FRC3yjWPJQ
& @AmberMostyn RT @Jane_Eisner: Listening to @kenvogel talk about the old white rich dudes who thwarted party bosses with their Big Money.@RachelFersh add in the Koch Brothers for the win. (ref: Big Money by @kenvogel)
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBuffetts v. Ricketts in Nebraska Billionaire-Backed Race http://t.co/AAcAaXE3Wt via @BloombergNews
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"It’s a beautiful day for a press conference – I hope to see you there!" -- Hill flak email sign off. #No
#Boooo! DeSean Jackson: "In Philly...they booed their own players. But here you don't really get that." http://t.co/m2PGzT2e0v"Uncoordinated" @SenRandPaul "made to re-dress on occasion at home”: http://t.co/UOlYwvOcqxb/c nothing whets the appetite for Hooters like genocide MT @nicomuhly: Previous destinations in this rental car ! https://t.co/Nftr4HgZzg@jslovegrove steve sabol was the best. RIP@rebeccagberg Eric Cantor, A Football Life.Some Koch-backed orgs espouse social & foreign policy stances that defy the bros' libertarian roots, @lhfang pts out: http://t.co/GWbFy049D7you don't see the social service? MT @singernews & taxpayer funded, it appears. RT @kenvogel: Cantor highlights vid: https://t.co/GoKGIZJvqLEric Cantor career highlight video would make NFL Films blush: https://t.co/GoKGIZJvqLfor all my former Connecticut & @JournalInquirer peeps -- about to chat with Larry Rifkin on @1talkofthetown. #WATR.8/14/12--when @RepPaulRyan visited Vegas--"shud be commemorated every year as Sheldon Adelson Day" --@MrWalterShapiro http://t.co/9XD9fPXbCIInteresting @tobyharnden on @IngrahamAngle: "I'm keeping an open mind about running for office in the future": http://t.co/fwHzI2Ye06
Fisher Price's My First Campaign Strategy Memo: http://t.co/HUcX3QsMwEMichelle Nunn's $$ goals, via @jameshohmann: $500k from lawyers, $300k from gays, $250k from Jews http://t.co/HUcX3QsMwE No Hollywood quota?Stop eavesdropping on me! RT @LivPetersen: OH in the newsroom: "Sure I want more followers. I'm just not going to work the corner for them.""Couldn’t you tell that alcohol would only fuel the seething, unrelated frustrations I brought in the door with me?” http://t.co/OtsLS6J5gnInteresting @salon on tycoons' paleontology obsession, tho this puzzles: "dinosaurs symbolize something invulnerable" http://t.co/7TqsvLbUSC
Spotted, appropriately, on a mid-1990s VW Golf: http://t.co/uTaAHoWw3rOwning your oppo, @miltonwolfmd edition: https://t.co/b8ckwAWujmcan't figure out how much it costs to subscribe, but -- whatever the cost -- can only assume it'll be worth it: https://t.co/raPGt3KecW"This is a news channel that is really a lot more than news..." https://t.co/raPGt3KecWknees weak, paws are sweaty http://t.co/NtI3pYQVuT
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelA great way to make weed unappealing to kids is for the @nytimes to be cool with it. Your move @USATODAY
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel#ToneDeaf. Sitting by her backyard pool, East Hampton resident compares noise from nearby airport to "Apocalypse Now" http://t.co/8djIXxfRxG
@YossiGestetner great, thx, i'll look forward to your review. and good shabbos.@eScarry no, i got you, just didn't want to go thereSorry: "@Starbucks" - Fixed! RT @eScarry Subtweet? RT @kenvogel EXCLUSIVE-- MUST CREDIT POLITICO: I Love Starbucks Coffee Light Frappuccino!@aseitzwald #PublicService #Context #BringMeMyPulitzer@aseitzwald i am a shill for wichita, but no, i arrived at that conclusion thru a patented deep-dive data analysisEXCLUSIVE -- MUST CREDIT POLITICO: I Love Starbucks Coffee Light Frappuccino!"If you want to score a sit-down with the Kochs, it helps to work in Wichita." http://t.co/yIcu0PDZBJIn Kansas media, "Charles & David come across as generous, down-to-earth, Midwestern guys w bemused but loving wives" http://t.co/A5gd91lodGMuch more practical than #AF1 napkins cc: @IsaacDovere MT @DHBerman: Egg holder from Cape Town #givethingstodan http://t.co/6qJwljZhuCYou didn't like my egg holder from Cape Town? RT @DHBerman: Editor maintenance from @IsaacDovere http://t.co/SxUDfjUF4QSTAND-WITH-ISRAEL BLOOMBERG MORE POPULAR THAN SODA-BANNING BLOOMBERG, concludes @PolitixDavid http://t.co/Lipxybolrt@evale72 only if he bobbles a routine grounder!Developing Now ... https://t.co/Nu70fviaTRPhinally! Philly wins something. MT @DaviSusan: @Pontifex coming to Phila in 2015, still considering stops in DC, NYC http://t.co/ABXYPMX6hQThis headline: "Parent-Suing Cheerleader Files Restraining Order Against Boyfriend Her Parents Hated" http://t.co/Vz0ZipE9smhe did manage to attend secret DA donor mtg MT @cspan: @GOPOversight hrg on Campaign $, WH's David Simas not present: http://t.co/WFX9etnLPIAmerika, don't never change https://t.co/zNcPFVluT2 RT @kenvogel Oh, Florida. http://t.co/VFP1jvKowZ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelOh, Florida. http://t.co/AthdmOecqa
@jmartNYT need more charactersStop eavesdropping on me! MT @jmartNYT Overheard at dc restaurant: dudes talking about how for 1st time, they know more re: news than NYT&WPRIP "Small Donor Revolution" MT @natashakorecki: Michelle Obama tells donors to "write the biggest, fattest check" http://t.co/1DSojy1YwyB/c 2016 Dem nominee will keep distance? MT @jameshohmann: FLOTUS tonight: "Barack’s last campaign was not in 2012. It is this year, 2014."more puzzling: $2.9M in a checking acct? MT @rickhasen The Old “I Forgot to Disclose My $2.9M Checking Acct” Problem http://t.co/kZiLqFKMbdwow, grim MT @mpoppel Powerful image: Procession of 74 hearses in the Netherlands today w the remains of MH17 victims http://t.co/lvh9vtQcj9"Matt Boyle with @BreitbartNews is currently outside @NRSC. We have our Press Secretary outside...heads up.” http://t.co/KsqLyOklYg #fear"Just the tone of the question is trying to create dissension, it’s insulting to America”: http://t.co/40eTb73nB4 #huh?
great excerpt from @ArthurAllen202's new bk on the Jewish Dr. who duped the Nazis http://t.co/6gTXAJ6yWT Amazon link: http://t.co/9lHmEdQin5https://t.co/CIs7AVlxRU RT @JakeSherman: @kenvogel fairfield county is the epitome of taste.Greenwich, Conn should protest omission RT @Heminator Oy. I've lived in two of these. MT @kenvogel: Yeah, Alexandria! http://t.co/Ik8aH2ynq7Yeah, Alexandria! http://t.co/Ik8aH2ynq7 #NoVaElitismGripping account of what it's like to report from Gaza: "we smoke cigarettes & watch the night light up with flares" https://t.co/PRLSVP16f9Thanks for the plug, @SenatorTomUdall! http://t.co/owWBQeQkzpJoseph Goebbels. Edward Bernays. Matt @Wuerker. https://t.co/SPorH4V9NA Is there a Pulitzer for propaganda?@emtitus @kenvogel Along with books by @tpurdum and @amieparnes and @jonallendc. Excellent current and former @politico showing
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelbut not made of horse meat MT @aseitzwald "Clinton is the McDonald's of the Dem. field: ahead & not making mistakes" http://t.co/7QVCQN99bBcheck is in the mail RT @StanfromSD: @TomUdallPress plugs @kenvogel book "Big Money" at #disclose hearing. #darkmoneyif your family's tried 'em, then you know you've satisfied 'em MT @ByronTau: Is Barry Loudermilk the best political name of the cycle?Called out on air for false claim re: GOP obstruction of Obamacare in NV, @dwstweets explains "I’m not from Nevada.” http://t.co/mohpFXME75Obvi MT @kriswernowsky: @chucktodd Or all of our candidates are made out of cornmeal & horse hooves, AS I'VE BEEN TELLING PEOPLE FOR DECADESShocking #: Of 123M people eligible to vote in '14 primaries so far, only 18M have done so. Historically low turnout: http://t.co/X8wHncg7gWNice @chucktodd turn of phrase to explain plummeting voter turnout: "The dogs aren't eating the dog food." i.e.: voters sick of candidates.
It's ok for Obama to attend closed-press super PAC fundraisers with donors the WH refuses to identify b/c he doesn't look them in the eyes.Hot streak RT @HotlineJosh: Kingston trailing narrowly even though polling showed him ahead. His pollster? John McLaughlin, of Cantor fame.Not sure what's moving into former Baja Fresh/Z Pizza space in Politico's lobby, but, it's going to be painted white. http://t.co/FLTLtU35XoDemocracy Alliance liberal donor club working with @TomSteyer to plan a "climate change summit" in Sept. on sidelines of UN General Assembly@justkarl right, he's a covered official, so he asked the FEC and the FEC answered, which led to my tweet@justkarl definitely similarities, but FEC wouldn't get involved in Hillary's book tour, b/c she's not a "covered official" or candidate.FEC approves a @RepPaulRyan book-tour plan that sounds a lot like a national campaign funded by his publisher & PACs: http://t.co/XmLaKFbTGdObama donor's comany wins FCC waiver that could help it in planned airwaves auctions, report @TShields3 @JDSalant: http://t.co/r5ConNkRwYnear Seattle fundraiser, Obama motorcade passes pro-Palestinian protesters chanting "stop the killing, stop the crime, free Palestine."Obama appearance at @MajorityPAC super PAC fundraiser is closed press, per pool. Not sure why, tho. Big $ flip-flop is already public recordBut he's still bue collar at heart MT @JustinElliott Michael Moore owns "9 properties in MI & NY" including NYC condo http://t.co/eJ4jgZ1yRT& you sure play MT @AmberMostyn: Love Ricketts' quote: you have to play or else you forfeit. "Why don’t women give?" http://t.co/BXtzBtnoL6invite to s-PAC funder starring schmoozer-in-chief stresses he wont be "acknowledging your contribution at any point" http://t.co/0XCTVoUU94Thanks! MT @SalAlbaneseNYC Big Money highlights the absurd influence of $ over our broken political system has reached I highly recommend itSure, Obama is headlining a $25k/ticket super PAC funder, but he is “not soliciting $ or acknowledging your contrib." http://t.co/0XCTVoUU94Fax me MT @scrivener50 Electronic voting w/no voter-verifiable paper trail=conspiracy to steal democracy by corporate-authoritarian fascistshow i get all my best tips RT @JasonMillerinDC: @kenvogel Fax delivery was the first key…Enjoyed it! MT @alibtaub: Thanks for taking the time to come on @InsideEdition today! Look forward to working with you soon #Politico
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