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Kevin Smith @kevsmith RDU, North Carolina

Caffeine curator, bookworm, and distributed systems enthusiast.

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@nicferrier just try not to think about how long Emacs has been around@michaelgorsuch Pager Duty Family EditionThis week has been….eventful. Dead fridge, near death brush w/family dog, and now wife has killer migraine. TGIF.
Major kudos to @MacHomebrew for getting git 2.2.1 out so fast! brew update && brew upgrade
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@jfryman @wfarr Safe travels gents!“If Grandpa Joe can dance, Grandpa Joe can work.” hahahahaAyn Rand reviews children’s movies: http://t.co/CyBOQL1uM9@wfarr @lusis As an agile I know the tool you pick is all that matters.@lusis Bro, do you devop?
/me passes graybeard talking stick to @markimbriacoBar codes are the future.@darachennis @randomfrequency too much candy not enough nose@darachennis Because Dunning-Krueger said so.@ohlol @adamhjk @Twirrim How do you make config mgmt faster if it’s only ever single threaded? CPUs aren’t getting faster.@Twirrim @adamhjk I agree given current state. Likely need entirely new approach for a truly production ready solution.@adamhjk All about API & task design, I think.@seancribbs @adamhjk Interesting. Thanks for the pointer!@adamhjk Yep. Seems like task dependency discovery/tracking and parallel scheduling is a thing computers could assist.@cmeik Or maybe a CM monad…@cmeik Aaaaaaah! Or we could write our own proglang. What could possibly go wrong there?@cmeik Or apply a bit more imagination to their design. mruby on top of a smart-ish C++ runtime, for example.@pavlobaron I guess. Highly irritating especially in elastic cloud environments :(It’s almost 2015…when will config mgmt tools get native support for parallel task execution?PoE switches + Arduino + Front-end unix-ish box = modern Connection Machine hardware?@geekbrit we live in the future….arduino, RaspPi, etc.
Shell globbing. /etc/init.d scripts. Fuuuuuuuuck.Huh. Turns out interface bonding is a breeze on OSX once you have enough real ethernet interfaces.@nathenharvey What the. Hrm. Followed.I'm at a vet's picking up meds for my mom's pets and the man in front of me just said his obese dog Topaz ate his parrot. OK happy holidays.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@bubbafat Multiple levels of mind blown there@seancribbsold @seancribbs Sybil attack against an Erlang clusterHoly. Shit. http://t.co/FQZJ0LRTd8DevOps distilled: https://t.co/FRstoT0jgh"there's a tremendous amount of craftsmanship between a having a great idea and having a great product" -- Steve Jobs
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@pavlobaron single or dual density?http://t.co/UHXLwhzUWPIf you aren't finishing all your sentences with "par-rum-pa-pum-pum," you aren't truly taking advantage of all this season has to offer.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@lusis Wife and I call that one a “two fer”@lusis Bridge Over The River VomIn my inbox: “Dear Sir or Madam, Personalized recommendations drive business…” lulz@lusis Sending positive thoughts your way. Been there and it suuuuucks. But, hey, kids are awesome!
@hyperpape @mzyk83 I’m behind @paperswelovertp and, ironically, also a bit behind thanks to the holidays. Aiming to launch for reals in Jan.Million dollar idea: @FoodNetwork should give Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul a cooking show: Baking Bad
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@lusis At least it’s not LuaLogic or LuaSphere :)@lusis At some point do you wind up writing an app server in lua?Monday, bloody Monday.
Mashup idea: Daily WTF / code reviews / pewdiepie YouTube videosThe roller coaster is real.
So good to be home! http://t.co/OwMC8plEto@lnxchk @mattray E_SHRUGAGAIN
@sfalcon you will report to the UML reeducation camp, komrade.@jtimberman That is……interesting to contemplate.@bradfordw I draw the line at teaching agile in schools@jtimberman I gots a million of them….@jtimberman Namaste: Converging Your Infrastructure With Chef’s Godhead@base10 hahahahahaha@jtimberman “Berkshelf Goes To AA: Managing Cookbook Dependencies On The Client”@base10 tl;dr Waiting to see the Bay Area equivalent to “buy shitloads of milk and bread”@base10 Absolutely. Not at all denying it’s a big storm. Just interesting to watch reactions to it.@jtimberman “Learn To Kanban Your Infra With Chef in 4 Sprints”Interesting to observe Bay Area storm after living 10+ years in a state which regularly deals w/big storms."Don't code? Don't architect." @delitescere at #gotoams earlier this year http://t.co/bnUdHCrQgE
Retweeted by Kevin Smith
@seancribbs Damn Newton’s eyes!@seancribbs Many say the same about nagios and yet…..@seancribbs There’s definitely a (tool) generational divide. Wonder if that’s because newer langs, lack of docs, or comfort zones…@seancribbs monitoring could use a serious level up, imo.Well, holy crap, we apparently have a spare Connection Machine in the back of the physical archive… http://t.co/hWMoerOZQp
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@dreid Nothing weirder than dressing your kid up like food: http://t.co/jwqYyq34oO@darachennis A younger slightly more sociopathic Bruce Wayne.Looking for a magical incantation to persuade yum to log HTTP requestsThis holiday season remember your no kill animal shelters with a small donation. Darla was adopted/rescued from the Lang Foundation in LA
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@lusis *sighs heavily*@lusis Funnily enough I subscribe to the Dire Straits funding philosophy@jrecursive Not to mention the occasional lich overflow….@asenchi @lusis @lstoll @bdha First release is codenamed ‘graybeard’@lusis @bdha Maybe? Depends on if it’d get us a seed round ;-)This scene never gets old: https://t.co/4x8ahF7NTuMy sense of Uber is that it's high-level performance art about Late Capitalism courtesy of young men who are huge Bret Easton Ellis fans.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@lusis @bdha Crazy idea: Unholy mashup of BSD jails, Plan 9, REST on top of modular NetBSD rump kernel@jrecursive They were paged out to ring 0 of Dante’s Inferno where only the hypervisor demons dwell.Network problem? It’s probably DNS. Class undefined? Probably the code path. Can’t download a file over HTTP? IT’S PROBABLY IAM. #fml@lusis @bdha Ah. I see. The commons-logging of file formats. Nice!Debating whether or not to wear one of my “Pull request or STFU” t-shirts to company mtgs this week….@lusis @bdha Don’t we need a metric ton of json to be relevant to today’s developers?!@lusis @bdha There’s this: https://t.co/J1w1WTIen0@lusis @bdha systemp9d@lusis @bdha srsly bro?@bdha They should, imo.
The number of standardization efforts around a given technology is proportional to its disruptive potential.@portertech http://t.co/7JnMhwxPvnAnyone looking at CCNx?@randomfrequency It’s a cloud full of circular dependencies all the way down…
@pavlobaron At least we’re not setting up LDAP so we still win?@pavlobaron Precisely. ‘403 Access Denied’ doesn’t provide much debugging context.@markimbriaco @wfarr @jfryman Werdtroubleshooting IAM role policies is a *great* experience……said no-one ever.@nicferrier i think there is but only for setting up initial conditions. converging a container after it’s running makes little sense to me
Marvel have a new superhero called "Black Justice". It should be about a attorney whose superpower is getting past a grand jury.
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When your dog throws up while you’re in a video call with your team. #remotelife@seancribbs Goldilocks And The Three CRDTs
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