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Jen Joyce @knitpurl Capitol Hill, Seattle

Captain of Makin It Happen. @Uber Sr Marketing Mgr - WA! Knit when I have time to sit. Always needs more tattoos. Music. Cats. Fun. Also, @Uber_SEA.

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OH: I woke up and started eating a pillow because I thought it was pizza.OH: The only purple stuff I eat is wine!Yes. LAWD RT @akacharleswade β€œ@CRFASHIONBOOK: All hail! @Beyonce on the cover of CR Fashion Book Issue 5 http://t.co/8aWlvy69SF””
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@LStrohmeier Of course! Jen at uber dot comThe Uber recruitment scandal isn't scandalous http://t.co/UJM2SmJY04 via @voxdotcom@mrmattbishop Good for you.Competition is healthy. Options are great. Let's not forget that.
@loomishamilton Mad propsI accept @thechefinthehat @Uber_SEA & my cousin Lee Hollis' #ALS #IceBucketChallenge. (1 of 2) http://t.co/xefafn6tN1
Retweeted by Jen JoyceThat one time when you got the President of the Seahawks to dump a bucket of ice on himself... πŸ‘ΌYou've never heard of @TacocaTs?! #welovepalindromes Listen to them & other Indie pop groups via @Seattlemag http://t.co/YJmi8p5PXk
Retweeted by Jen JoyceBoat shoes would have really brought the outfit together RT @RSherman_25 Caption this Pic 12s http://t.co/BfJEDhR7eE http://t.co/QCbTO0El2gAnyone in #Seattle looking for a studio in Fremont? My pup needs a yard, but my place RULES. SPREAD THE WORD!
Retweeted by Jen JoyceHurry up #BabyCarson! πŸ™† http://t.co/48de2wbYpN(β€’_β€’) <) )β•―I / \ \(β€’_β€’) ( (> JUST WATCHED / \ (β€’_β€’) <) )> BEYONCΓ‰ / \
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Yea, I can't stop watching this. So #flawless: https://t.co/5c3S8c6uH9The bonus of being stuck at a Babies R Us while sissy picks a stroller...really comfy rocking chairs. ✌️😴Being in Phoenix means you eventually go to a mall. Any one need anything from a mall?Yesterday was lil sis' (@anzeable) baby shower! #BabyCarson is still baking but I am already in love. http://t.co/hltu6ltnWK
I just high-fived a fellow @Seahawks fan in a sports bar in Phoenix. #GOHAWKS✌️ (@ Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) - @phxskyharbor in Phoenix, AZ) https://t.co/CrnVdcjOsd
See you soon, @AzucarHotelTul. 😍@carissang Have fun bb!
@shanevans RENTON, AMIRITE?!🏈😎 (at @Seahawks Headquarters (Virginia Mason Athletic Center) in Renton, WA) https://t.co/Q1KC7C44Kw
I feel sad for all of the people who just use the internet to complain. 😝Too sore from PT yesterday to run today. #winewalkabout from Pioneer Square to QA. EVERYONE WINS. πŸ’ƒπŸ·@braddobbs I appreciate your honesty.I haven't worn a baseball hat since I was a kid but it was a gift from the @Mariners so do I look dumb Y/N? http://t.co/RYSGAV48pJThrilled to be joining @travisk and the great team at @uber. A Leader for the Uber Campaign | Uber Blog https://t.co/WO7NdGWONf
Retweeted by Jen Joyce.@davidplouffe, what's up? #UberFamily http://t.co/8AloNID38y
Sooooo, I'll be in Tulum, Mexico for 10 days in Sept. http://t.co/djK00NcihW@bryce1077 No problem! // @christengreene@bryce1077 @christengreene I care. Bryce- can you email me at jen at uber dot com? Thanks!
🚣🚣 (@ UW: Waterfront Activities Center - @uw in Seattle, WA) https://t.co/bIaQnzWrHB
San Diego Chargers. A whale's vagina Chargers.@mikegore the weird Irish pub right next door. The Blarney Bar? HahahaSo glad this bar by @ShowboxPresents is showing the @Seahawks game cause I am going to be parked here until the moment @MurderCity goes on."What is it like to be other teams? It must suck." -@krows54 on the @SeahawksWhere to watch the @Seahawks game on Capitol Hill... Hmmmmm...I'm feeling very cold and wet right now. #IceBucketChallengeWe were tapped for the #IceBucketChallenge: https://t.co/pk2XnKONe4 You're next: @CEO_McLoughlin @Uber_SF @therealmix @heymarseilles
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@davidhoang ❀️ http://t.co/jOQwdFAv8G http://t.co/ioz2qjFv2I@DinoKnucks Yea cause y'all don't have @uber_PDXCan't wait to hear the "SEA!!! HAWKS!!!!" chants and feel all the energy from the #12s tonight!! Nothing like gameday at CenturyLink!!
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🐰 http://t.co/wpoVrCcwxgYup. @nathanfielder is my new favorite human.@DinoKnucks #BABEALERTSooooo our office was tapped to join in on the #IceBucketChallenge. Who do YOU think we should tap next?! You have til tomorrow to weigh in!
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@TaylorGraham26 @JewsburyJ @RossFletcher1 DAMN. The @Uber_SEA team was totally gonna pass to @gregr1077… // @omsandhoneyIn case you haven't heard what's going on in #Ferguson check out this video. #America #policestate http://t.co/e1WmUzyun6
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@girlandcoconut @carissang @keridwyn I MISS ALL Y'ALL! I think we need a ladies night soon,..@carissang @keridwyn Also, miss your faces!@carissang @keridwyn I'll be jointing the cool auntie crew at the end of October! I am SO excited!!!Hey #PDX! Follow our sister account @Uber_OR for updates on other @Uber cities around #Oregon State! #Salem #Eugene
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@christopher575 @JessEstrada Ugh. @ThoughtCatalog need to check themselves. WTF@JessEstrada What!? That person is a piece of shit.@JessEstrada What are you referring to re: thought catalog?@omsandhoney hahaha http://t.co/J5LWaGl80X but waaaaaay prettier@JessBartleson The schedule is pretty packed but shoot me an email jen at uber dot com and let's see what will work! :)
Yea, we got this! #6ubercities #oneoffice #UberPNW #bringitThe Day Before the Day Before!!! Can't wait to see and hear the #12s on Friday!
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@girlandcoconut YAY! Thanks, love. Miss youuuuu@girlandcoconut hahaha! Any tips on where to stay/what to do? I mean we will probably just be on the beach the whole time. Let's be real. :)Have you been to Tulum? Y/N If yes, any pro tips?lulz: http://t.co/PaavpTba1PMissin' @JessEstrada πŸ’
❀️ my team #UberSEAis3 @traviswals @BryceBennett8 @omsandhoney @rlfritsch @jordankwheeler @megbryan @TGibbs26 @Chromatty @sandman1349 Austin@SeattleMaven I got pulled into a 4pm meeting but @traviswals can grab ya!Norm MacDonald May Have Just Written the Best Tribute To Robin Williams Yet http://t.co/MW4SvW8gaQ@chelc_s_ Soft & easy to care for.#KNITTING QUESTION. I need a cute baby blanket pattern that is not too hard so I can bust it out with love. Also, yarn suggestions! GO!@MichelleKOMO I believe our team reached out to ya! :) Hope you are having a great day!@kimik @Uber_NYC @BARONVONFANCY WAAAAAAANT.Steve Ballmer now owns the LA Clippers. IT'S HAPPENING http://t.co/yGz9o6GFPR
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@Uber_SEA @Uber No, thank you Uber for creating and offering a unique and quality service!
Retweeted by Jen Joyce3 years ago today, Uber launched it's 3rd city…Seattle! Thank you, Emerald City! It's been a fun ride: http://t.co/sJPfH1y5Tc πŸŽ‰ #UberSEAis3
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Dating someone who doesn't like pickles means you always get an extra pickle. #blessedSometimes you are on a boat for work things and someone says "Hey! I met you in @lukeburbank's basement".#boatselfies http://t.co/lGGCSAaauL
On that note...I need to add to my running playlist. Whatcha got? #gimmeabeatOk yes. Sometimes I listen to shitty songs while I run. Catchy catchy damn shitty songs. πŸ™Š@contexthound YO! You'll wanna follow along at @uber_nashville! :) Hope you're well!I hope summer never ends
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@Postmates hey! Made a comment in the app on Thursday about not getting part of my order & haven't heard back. Is there a better way?The thing about watching a marathon of Master Chef on Hulu is that I now hate the Samsung Galaxy Gold & I never want to watch Mulaney.
when are they going to replace the Statue of Liberty with a statue of BeyoncΓ©
Retweeted by Jen JoyceAll of the kale today! #kaleday 🌱
RESUME REVIEWIN'.😎 RT @TrendsSeattle: Uber Seattle, @uber_sea is now trending in #Seattle http://t.co/lVpTrrKLUwOur summer promo has come to an end but our 20% uberX price cut is HERE TO STAY! Yay! uberX is now 46% cheaper than taxi. Uber on, Seattle!
Retweeted by Jen JoyceLOL RT @BillWixey After #Broncos preseason win, @denverpost calls #Seahawks #SB48 win "fluky" http://t.co/3ncuibaghW (via @AaronQ13Fox)
Latam launch team is phenomenal. We're hiring like crazy across the region. Here's why: http://t.co/RJt0YxsMHu
Retweeted by Jen JoyceCurrently: dancing to @FeelLegs at @HilliardsBeer.@SamLachow @jordankwheeler Oooooo he got you!Be with someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant
Retweeted by Jen JoyceI see you @SamLachow http://t.co/zaojVsYOsuToday I am all like http://t.co/ucqCMLLs9d
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