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michael lazerow @lazerow NEW YORK CITY

CMO, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, CEO/Founder: Buddy Media, http://t.co/c9Fv90865K, U-Wire/Student Advantage, Lazerow Consulting.

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Are we seeing the rise of goateeism in TV news? http://t.co/GN8s6z8qPq
I spy @lazerow & @kasslazerow going in on the 🚴 in Times Square #cycleforsurvival 👍
Retweeted by michael lazerowRiding in Times Square for @Cycle4Survival's kickoff. #cycleforsurvival http://t.co/GSg4dKzIuE
There always has been, & always will be, one ceo at Oracle. "All sw & hw engineering functions will continue to report to @larryellison."
Retweeted by michael lazerowWant to maximize success on Pinterest for your e-commerce brand? Don't miss our upcoming webinar. https://t.co/XTIOJo4TRQ
Retweeted by michael lazerowI wanted to thank all my friends for sending me Phish's New Year's run news. But any Phish news you send probably isn't "news" to me. OK?@EdGrapeNutZimm @phineasb 15 ... or 75I agree 100% with @fredwilson's post on burning cash ... http://t.co/JZjndP44sNCongrats to my former @rollcall boss @sbg1 on her new role at @politico http://t.co/lLhnnyLDyDDid you know that serial entrepreneur & New Yorker @lazerow is a .nyc Founder? Visit Lazerow Ventures' online home: http://t.co/ce6N48vFHX
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@brooke my son does. Email me.This is @sethmeyers at his best ---> Seth's NFL Rant http://t.co/YSFWWIt3oMMr. @peterthiel is brilliant(ly conflicted) - trashes $TWTR , @Uber, competitors of $FB (BoD), @lyft (investor) http://t.co/NagSNv87YFNew @salesforce @ExactTarget Research: Social Advertising Benchmark Data from 1+ Trillion Impressions http://t.co/uazdFk4SmeWe analyzed 1 TRILLION impressions to create our Social Advertising Benchmark Report http://t.co/SbpPPQ7SlC http://t.co/NNuusdZIVz@pkafka @danshanoff @danroth nope. Your life would have spun off in a whole new direction."Map out the customer journeys. Even if it's on a napkin" @lazerow totally agree w/ the first step towards omnichannel success #Ftmarketing
Retweeted by michael lazerowGiving @lazerow an F. http://t.co/hd5CQVDM1w http://t.co/JMYqMKnnHK
Retweeted by michael lazerowIt is no longer the internet of things...it's the internet of customers. @lazerow #FTmarketing
Retweeted by michael lazerowMarketing is now about the journey, not the destination. @lazerow #FTmarketing
Retweeted by michael lazerow“Whether it’s on paper or with software, map out the journeys that customers are taking with your brand” - @lazerow #FTmarketing
Retweeted by michael lazerowSATURDAY NYT HEADLINE: Systems Crash Under iPhone 6 Activation Rush, Spoil Apple's LaunchADVICE: Don't Misspell a Dead Man's Name https://t.co/Ql30nSMkDU http://t.co/H40DN5ybTFAnd I still visit every day: http://t.co/P0dK1xoG1nThe fact that Drudge Report launched in 1997 and hasn't redesigned once makes me smile.
My Dad Was a Terrorist http://t.co/niIRc8msdM http://t.co/CKL6y89bh0
Retweeted by michael lazerow"It’s not about the money. It’s about my sanity." @notch on the sale of Minecraft http://t.co/N0potzgRx4For my LA friends ... KAWS "Man's Best Friend" @ Honor Fraser Gallery Recap http://t.co/qmlte4krh0
"The Mathematics of Ebola Trigger Stark Warnings: Act Now or Regret It" - WIRED - http://t.co/jfN6xFPiMo
Retweeted by michael lazerowWay to go @nyjets! Timeout negates TD.Starting tomorrow, you can get October #LNSM tickets online exclusively at http://t.co/V6sFhbTOxI! http://t.co/f4AytglAga
Retweeted by michael lazerowDirection is so much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.
Retweeted by michael lazerowI love hanging out with people that make me forget to look at my phone.
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@bijan loving my sony a7. It's sick.@bijan as a photographer you may want the phase detection of the 6+Dash Radio is force to be feared. #thecomeup #dashradio @djskee
Retweeted by michael lazerowLoving @djskee's station on @dash_radio this AM. No thinking. No playlists. No ads. Just great music. For free. http://t.co/Ff3muQjfeb
Wow, Snowpiercer, wow.MINDBLOWN! @djskee just told me @dash_radio was bigger than any FM/XM station in the country last night. (Been live less than a month)Just noticed the reviews for @dash_radio ... ALL 5 STARS! https://t.co/v5JcMC8Yxq http://t.co/xbPjAUuuVu(just download free app. select OF station. hit play https://t.co/v5JcMC8Yxq)EPIC ALERT! Any Odd Future fans? Check out @ofwgkta station on @dash_radio. Congrats @djskee & @fucktyler. http://t.co/7dJk18clQy@tomfgoodwin no idea."In a world that is changing faster than ever" should never be used in a TV ad again.
Today is a great day ... new music by the one & only @ElleKingMusic https://t.co/kbztMwIgmx http://t.co/Z5h8WJb6c1Come to @BKBazaar this Sat. 9/13 for a FREE night with @ElleKingMusic @gracewebermusic @titanicsmusic @scottkrokoff http://t.co/pUmSnQ29Ko
Retweeted by michael lazerowDJ Skee Explains Why DASH Is The Future Of Radio http://t.co/eDHNb4i977 via @hiphopdx
Retweeted by michael lazerowTurns out @sethmeyers broke his nose rescuing a woman from a mugger http://t.co/M8pnm63VjV http://t.co/wJEfgRbGveSeth is 40. He played street hockey. You could say the result was inevitable. http://t.co/IDTtbzCxnj #LNSM http://t.co/z0hVZd0mof
Retweeted by michael lazerowSo excited to see @Mashable nominated for 2 major journalism awards, one for Heartbleed list and second to @SLaird! http://t.co/R1625qgC6v
Retweeted by michael lazerow“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. It’s learning how to control your fear, and to be free from it.” #LiveLife
Retweeted by michael lazerowMorning Doodle. (2014) Original ink on paper. Signed by artist. $5000. Proceeds to @Cycle4Survival. http://t.co/XPtHIXxpNsWhy do kids want to be astronauts & not cosmonauts? http://t.co/g89wkzMnHu
6 Reasons Why We Love Mindy Kaling and Why You Cannot Miss Her at #CNX14 http://t.co/HMW9YewZEq http://t.co/hU2lVBWnYbNew Research: Facebook Benchmark Data from 2+ Million Posts http://t.co/KI9hTn8QI8 http://t.co/ahuaJxvthT100 Stats About Social Media Around the World http://t.co/o14B9mGpLv http://t.co/zaFO0CPF05Minesoft? http://t.co/vWd999CaAd http://t.co/hKlk68kwwM
@DeirdreBolton @RiskRewardFBN let's do a show on internet of customers ... Cloud, social, mobile and how we're connecting in new ways.@DeirdreBolton @RiskRewardFBN this is technology that connects people like never before ... To apps, people, products, companies. Thx!!!!!#TuneIn now on #MainStage for the @JASMINEVILLEGAS takeover on http://t.co/ymivwJFkm1! #DashRadio
Retweeted by michael lazerowThank you @DeirdreBolton & @FoxBusiness for letting me on during this historic day for Apple. http://t.co/7JH3IG7oUVJoining @DeirdreBolton on @RiskRewardFBN & @FoxBusiness to cover the launch of the #AppleEvent. Stay tuned folks, looking forward to it.INSTANT CLASSIC: Seth's story about breaking his nose at our fantasy draft https://t.co/fYv7BixYHY http://t.co/G5p2UCG1ZK
Fantasy football Old friends Clean inbox Coming home #indubitablygoodthings
Anyone who bets on NFL games should read this ... http://t.co/tpymsOFRNS
Congrats to the most handsome man in software, @alexbard, on his exciting new position! http://t.co/GtlMq7FrqL http://t.co/dg6Lxy5Hu3
BuzzFeed wants to beef up its business section, with help from the Wall Street Journal http://t.co/YhB9bRQCZs via @pkafka
Retweeted by michael lazerowA few more reasons to come to Connections -- @mindykaling and @bchandlee have been added as keynotes! http://t.co/5hzI4fY7uR #CX14
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LOVE THIS --> Why @Phish Shows Are Perfect for Recovering Addicts http://t.co/ifrmN11QKU http://t.co/fRqpw1xx0pLove @LateNightSeth's new set, despite the elimination of the "moving desk jumps". http://t.co/GHNzZZE40O
Our first all hands meeting at the new @mashable office http://t.co/0571LDFzAE
Retweeted by michael lazerowFound my first must attend session at #df14 "The Science of Weird: Why Weirdos Outperform Normals" with @lazerow
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Want to win a copy of @EAMaddenNFL 15? Download my favorite music app @dash_radio & post a screenshot. Get it free: http://t.co/P9G5QPsBxB 
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the 'unauthorized saved by the bell story' looks fucking incredible
Retweeted by michael lazerowNew Yorkers have $13B in unclaimed funds. No joke. Crazy. I just checked and I had some. http://t.co/4i8gURzS83180 degrees of US Open http://t.co/DznOBZ4gZpCan someone tell me if Hello Kitty is a cat (http://t.co/IAllZeDrrx) or not (http://t.co/Lnz2smXxpJ)?The World's Most Insane RV http://t.co/3e2JFXfe7I #RV #offbeat #KiraVan
Whatever you do, take care of your shoes. #phish #couchtour http://t.co/UFa9CusQ2iAnd the best SNL cast member ever is ... http://t.co/gdYWteX4KW
I really liked "Red Oaks" ••• check it out. http://t.co/IW6k0tRmt7 http://t.co/V4L0nASy35.@Grantland digs "Red Oaks" http://t.co/lPIauSBNwA Check it out http://t.co/bzKwTrEKlz
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Denny's comes to Manhattan. You can get Dom Perignon with your Grand Slam. http://t.co/D9RGAQRQZ0 via @mashable
Retweeted by michael lazerowHint: if you list something on eBay for $21M, you should offer free shipping. http://t.co/2eLLgMp2XfBtw, I’ve been playing with @dashradio from @djskee and have been massively impressed.
Retweeted by michael lazerowDownload @djskee's @dash_radio app at http://t.co/T2c3ZmG9Ex ...Mixes are on point. Free. No commercials. Best radio app out by a long shot.
Retweeted by michael lazerowIf Cindy Gallop Ran The World, It’d Be A Sexier — And Safer — Place To Live http://t.co/68l0DST0Qm
Retweeted by michael lazerowHOT 100...again. @Domotalk named by JMP Securities as a top private #software company 3 yrs in a row! http://t.co/Q2RnObLLoI
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@saveFaris #megamade http://t.co/FiAqb7LLlU
Congrats to @sethmeyers for his quintessential hostability at last night's Emmy Awards. Calm, classy, hilarious. Well done.
Retweeted by michael lazerowCongrats team @TubeMogul and @bjwilson34 on first public earnings release. #beatthestreet $tube
Retweeted by michael lazerowAnyone who wants to rid themselves of leg hair forever should read this. http://t.co/K50Gq1dQ6k http://t.co/DyVFxe7j1K.@sethmeyers did the #ALSIceBucketChallenge after hosting the Emmys http://t.co/eRGi30htKt http://t.co/QQMUmCj63j
Retweeted by michael lazerowCongratulations to @sethmeyers on nailing the Emmys from beginning to end.
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Ready for @Bonnaroo 2015 https://t.co/CjqhLKQyMO http://t.co/fx3geo98MkThis apt isn't worth a penny more than $312M. http://t.co/x6CJnqcjKB http://t.co/YVc9lXVvZ1If you haven't done so already, check out @djskee's Dash Radio http://t.co/ZdqfLjKVOt. http://t.co/KrvzxlyFYGThrough 8/24, we're throwing a back-to-school philanthropic sale! Nearly all projects are half-off--donate today: http://t.co/ilO61S6GOT
Retweeted by michael lazerowFrom @Grantland33: @sethmeyers & @BillSimmons talk about everything. http://t.co/Pb6Srynxgm
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.@KAWS has announced his third exhibition at Honor Fraser Gallery in LA, check it out here: http://t.co/F0CfI9RazE http://t.co/iFx0mR2VGD
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