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Visualization in science & edu, virtual worlds, digital media and learning, ChemEd, ed tech, history & philosophy of science. Former NSF DUE PD, PARC-EFRC

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10 AM in Tempe AZ and 75 deg. The dry heat won’t be bad at 3 PM & 90. Love it! http://t.co/lZ87HSbQhh
Off to see the kiddos in Tempe. (@ Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL) in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/l9mXyEiwq8
Dartmouth's Michael Dietrich on rise of Developmental Biology in mid-20th century. Website http://t.co/1jqJsRg9kU http://t.co/sYGGFgfdISIf I knew more about Morgan vs Darwin on creativity of evolution then I might understand my last tweet. http://t.co/bxGb9iYXqcIt is the architect, not production of materials that initiates the [evolutionary] process. John Beatty UBC @WUSTL http://t.co/jEpXohZwdVWaiting for Gar-dot. Harvard prof Everet Mendelsohn introduces U Mass Boston prof Diane... https://t.co/0FpFFrd5JP http://t.co/5qZdC3DFFN
In 40 yrs, what change? "The Double Bind: The Price of Being a Minority Woman in Science" AAAS 1976 http://t.co/OXlsFxHwmx
Cool teacher ed partnership news about SL friend @lisadawley GoGo Labs gaming & education company http://t.co/vIJo8iifo1
Guessing this is a sports bar. I hear the Cards are playing. https://t.co/kAF9a0UZGu http://t.co/NNluL3jqek“50 Myths & Lies That Threaten America’s Public Schools” Berliner & Glass - worst reform ideas http://t.co/zGqamCfyqj @washingtonpost
Happy Hour till 7 with $3 G&T. And ceviche & mussels & salted caramel gelato & yeah.... https://t.co/9idhGh2lc7 http://t.co/vPLgMZsSZ0Microsoft CEO puts foot in mouth re: women. Twitter storm = good. Racist comments not so much, sadly. http://t.co/GHocXZcsl7
@rivenhomewood Very possible. Here's the old Stanley Hall about to be demolished. http://t.co/6dmf0ZZ81L@rivenhomewood Stanley Hall WAS rebuilt recently. But old one was a '50s building. Nothing special.@rivenhomewood Thinking I took one grad course in old Stanley Hall in '71. As a TA Gen Chem was in PS Lecture, now known as Pimentel Hall.@rivenhomewood Cal Hearst Memorial Mining Building maybe? Check out this c. 2002 website and slideshow. http://t.co/S62UjJQqZH@laynemorsch Indeed. Their definition of Tech is…not very clear. Or useful IMHO.@rivenhomewood You mean Lewis Hall at Cal? When we were grad students circa 70s, Latimore was main chem & Lewis was ChemE."14 Weeks in Chemistry" > Hard to find an older HS text, or with cooler images. https://t.co/oDK3r1qyUL http://t.co/tk3fgweGn0.@WashUAlumni @WUSTL Interesting that use of EdTech didn't count for "most technologically advanced university" http://t.co/cKUxob6EyECould we be any prouder? @WUSTL triple-alum William Moerner, BS'75, BS'75, BA'75, wins #nobelprize2014 in Chemistry! http://t.co/XTHx4LEFzn
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraGlasgow U 1st to divest from fossil fuel. http://t.co/Zz1ZYQwRheWhen an email header says "Don't Delete" what is the FIRST thing you do? Doh."View From Nowhere," @nathanjurgenson on the cultural ideology of Big Data http://t.co/2rpBsvqXjq http://t.co/OOYfvlpcya
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera“The inquisition. I didn’t expect that. No one does." Nor this dropped into Louise Penny monk mystery. Hah! http://t.co/9jCUqNozac
Broasted Chicken & baked potato. Can't order anything else! (@ Frank & Helens Pizzeria in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/wJBvDX1t44”Your heart races. Can this be?” William E Moerner on being awarded Nobel Prize. Met at Alumni Award Dinner @wustl http://t.co/9EmRd1x4Gg
@CooleyProf Thanks for the follow. Here are some of my past talks on @SlideShare http://t.co/STk7DODKyfLooking for the Mute Peggy button on TV remote…
@loriclithero Indeed! Who knew our Paula was so sensitive. 94K vs 36K. My bad! hahaha@paulapoundstone Sorry! Meant 94K Followers. Was just kidding around with @loriclithero courtesy of Twitter stats on mutual follows.
French Onion soup + G&T = $10.70. Huh?? For real. (@ City Diner at the Fox in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/qMoQlWkFAf@loriclithero So @paulapoundstone follows you & me & 94k others. Isn't that special? HehLucked into front row seats at Marty Stewart at the sheldon. Caught him with the... https://t.co/OgOdQeBJGB http://t.co/TBOuQMNRXZBreezy and cool, but sunny and wind-free on the clay courts. Undiscovered gem. https://t.co/0UAnN8muWv http://t.co/a6qZWCKTJH
Balloons make it official. But no worries. I will still be around @wustl https://t.co/68a7Drp0yg http://t.co/eg4VsAddilPerhaps one of the most interesting things on the heels of FB's new research policy http://t.co/tNYtrbORLF ... [1/2]
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera@Airbnb Reservation in DC completed thanks to your help. Yay!
I'm retired! Sort of…just have to finish this blankety-blank NSF grant final report. Argghhh.@airbnb Oops sorry - done.@airbnb Would contact you by email, but things to listed email <account.security@airbnb.com> for problems just BOUNCE. Grrrrr@Airbnb We used you multiple times for several years, but now my account is cancelled due to email mixup. Please help!
I have a new tennis club. Yes. (@ Frontenac Racquet Club in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/VT35NnsWWo http://t.co/iFyiy5L8QC
Infographics: Why so cartoonish and ugly? Or is it just me…
Cool! from @dogtrax: "Learning Tube Map that uses Webmaker/Thimble template by @chadsansing http://t.co/LirAAfWxft It’s remixable!”@dogtrax Thanks! I've been a fan of mind maps for a long time. Sometimes use NovaMind for note-taking.
"Connected Courses: My Brain on Edu" post on WordPress so anyone can comment (i.e. non-HASTAC members). #ccourses http://t.co/ccweS4CCqQYou can relieve some anxiety by treating #ccourses as a stream to be sampled, not a queue : http://t.co/1H22WSVnhv
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraAt Philosophy of Cosmology meeting, trying to convince Stephen Hawking that philosophy is not dead. http://t.co/iL9ChwURte
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraPitt HPS guy @GGandenberger speaking @WUSTL on…um…the Likelihood Principle & scientific evidence. http://t.co/EYgYFa9fQm
Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. If I could only eat one kind of dessert for the rest of my life. Hands down. @TalentiGelato
Tomorrow eat at I Fratellini or Water street http://t.co/d8PGyhjy3P or @barlesferes ? What say ye #STL peeps? http://t.co/x0qnm25lQ1Smeone must be sure Don Bruant from UCLA is fed properly tomorrow nite. Me. Here? Maybe. https://t.co/KAZaCkVPe1 http://t.co/j8wFtvdGZRWondering if #ios8 twitter stream will have useful advice — or just make my brain explode.Dropbox and Onedrive may be functionally equivalent but the "Mac client coming soon" on Onedrive tells a story.
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera@eliotboden Welcome back to twitter! Search for #ccourses to join in the ConnectedCourses discussion.
Champagne, gin & tonic w/lime in one happy hour drink? Yes please! https://t.co/kalXrfd1tR http://t.co/O2yRCIZWzO
Meet the 2014 MacArthur Fellows: 21 creative people who inspire us all http://t.co/xmANDiNFQr #MacFellow #creativity
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraOChem profs say same. “gives them critical thinking skills that are important whether or not they go into computer science as a profession”Every single Republican in the US Senate voted against equal pay for equal work for women today. Unreal. #equalpay
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera
@ldinstl_chimera My hero too. Alan Kay had some great things to say about him in #thoughtvectors interview #ccourses https://t.co/qf90DwI74i
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraJerome Bruner is my hero @GardnerCampbell. "The Process of Education" 1960 is fascinating. #ccourses http://t.co/lxDoZw5TJJOutcomes Driven education reminds me of conservative republican governors attempting to disrupt liberal education. :-( Others? #ccourses@mizuko Thx! Really enjoyed your @NMCorg keynote awhile back. ;-) #ccoursesLast prof hired by Stanley Fish at Duke was @CathyNDavidson. Def a badge of honor! Betting SF has no (active) twitter handle atm. #ccoursesWhat's the link to @mizuko conversation? Assuming it will be posted on #ccourses.@kforgard I deleted my second tweet with the CPR link duplicate. Fav the first if you want to save. :-)"Calibrated Peer Review" web-based system in Chem @UCLA + NSF funding 10+ yrs ago. Still a great model. http://t.co/ACI3VspEAO #ccourses"Antics of Jim Groom" models play > @mwesch < "Not all of can be Jim Groom" So true!!! #ccoursesYes! Randy Bass says we need to model how to participate in open/public critique and dialog in courses. True for my CC students. #ccourses@jjulius Hah! What is Think-Pair-Share in Greek? Betting you're right. ;-) #ccourses@GoogleGuacamole LIve now. http://t.co/DCbQuaPgud #ccourses
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraI first heard of Think-Pair-Share from Harvard Physics Prof Eric Mazur years ago. Was he first? #ccourses@cherylrrichards Thinking this [at] randybass is not OUR Randy Bass. ;-) #ccourses@cogdog Your UT talk was pretty much the story of my life at Maricopa. email: "Dear Alan, How do I…" hehehNow: > @gsiemens: @cogdog presents on Do You Ever Wonder What Happened to Wonder? Join here https://t.co/MB8yDLYMSQ #utalink #ccourses#ccourses kicks off with a discussion on 'The End of #HigherEd' today @ 1 PM PT http://t.co/nkMA5bhdSJ
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Scrolling to the earliest #cck08 tweets is a blast from the past to the present of #ccourses. Interesting connections.Am I the last to know of the Dark Side of Roald Dahl? Whoa #oldnews @thisrecording http://t.co/07vw7jqqOu
nextSTL, @LiveGreenSTL & @LeftBankBooks welcome @BenRossTransit to STL 9/18 for "Rebirth of American Urbanism” http://t.co/gV3PnwepJL
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera
Highlands Golf AND Tennis Center. C'mon. Trying for a comeback after 6+ yrs off. Clay courts FTW! https://t.co/SdBz81WSvsNext to 8-ish clay tennis courts in Forest Park STL. Who knew? Used backboard for free. https://t.co/S51faKTruhJoin us! nextSTL, UIC, Left Bank Host “Rebirth of American Urbanism” Author Ben Ross 9/18 http://t.co/gV3PnwepJL
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraHmm "…to be an American adult has…been to be a symbolic figure in someone else’s coming-of-age story" via @raphkoster http://t.co/RGjgQ2Q55a
Whoa. @hrheingold > vid of @jimgroom #ccourses planning workshop - why I haven't been this excited since the WELL https://t.co/k4SIgZadOh
Check out this hands on report of Apple Watch by @Pogue . This is the most informative one so far http://t.co/NdqaJyvJIk
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera"Why Apple Pay Won't Kill Square" w/ @jack tweet-quote. http://t.co/zPMApDuWH8
@drjackson My friend @ann_steckel asked me if #ccourses was what you are working with. Our avatars met in Second Life years ago.Something tells me the new U2 album will be on iTunes…festival? But they will never be the Rolling Stones. I must be getting old?Apple Watch can find my parked car? Yay! Wait…I have to buy that BMW first. Nooooo! #AppleLive http://t.co/NGuRFwwk0PReturn of the SmileyFace? ermmm…move along… #applelive@dmlresearchhub Thx for the #ccourses RT. You guys do great work. Best of the Edu-supporting foundations.Yup. iWatch. #AppleLive"We have one more thing" #AppleLive200 international LTE providers. Now if only carriers can agree on some REASONABLE roaming charges! #AppleLive@cogdog Hahahah...age-related memory loss is a bitch! *personal experience*@cogdog Did you try flickr archives for your lost Grand Canyon pics? https://t.co/3F6TJwpm50 Did old post on this, but still exists.Thx @cogdog CogDogBlogged: What's [Not] in Your Feed Channel? http://t.co/zSzhBoyxMy nitty gritty details for ya @ldinstl_chimera #ccourses
@cogdog Yay! Thanks!@cogdog The feed link doesn't lead to blogs page. I prob messed up. Link in text is where it should go. Name is just "Liz Dorland's Blog".
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