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Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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In my perfect life, I'm living in a small MA town, spending my days writing & taking pics <sigh>fox news refers to, never convicted, Jay-Z as 'former crack dealer', but convicted felon Bernie kerik is welcome?That shod have said 'before things get *any more* stupid'Finishing this beer, then heading home before things get too stupid@chrisswartout @owillis nothing, b/c ailes/murdoch paid her off to shut her up+1000 RT @hotdogsladies: Peace on @Darth.Reminder: bernie kerik carried on an affair w/his book publisher in apartment donated to the 9/11 first responders https://t.co/UfSR0Flg0TConvicted felon says what? https://t.co/UfSR0Flg0T.@AlexSilverman @ReignOfApril on the official account, but not an official statement? Looks like a 'walk back' to me #cowards.@REALStaceyDash @TheRevAl @deBlasioNYC & the woman in MD? What about her? #ShameOnYouIt's 'Santa's Helpers' week at the bar & this is Las Vegas, so....Damn this beer is good!@johnroderick @danbenjamin he's big in the bacon worldPress vilifying a movement, linking it to violence. Of course this has never happened before in the US...
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@PhilipMichaels MARTHA! WHAT FOOTBALL DAY IS IT, MARTHA?!@yayayarndiva @Kennymack1971 there are conflicting reports about her, I just don't want her to become a footnote, no one deserves that.@SBANYPD ..and the woman in MD, what about her? Or doesn't she matter?And please don't forget the woman this man killed in order to service a narrative.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaI'm off the 1st week of Jan..seems like as good a time as any to take a Twitter sabbatical@P0TUS you just know @seanhannity was chanting 'please don't let the cops be black, please don't let the cops be black' #bastard#GunFetish RT @nbcbayarea: gun range put up a sign outside their business in Chico, depicting Santa holding a gun. http://t.co/yWP3BZC046Seeing/hearing this many pols being this scared/deferential of a police dept is, in and of itself, scary@rolling_2 the philly loss means Dallas likely needs to only win 1 of last 2 gamesWas this an 'assassination'? RT @AshleighWalters: Prior to events involving #NYPD officers, gunman shot his girlfriend in Baltimore @WPTV'assassinations' are a political act..there is ZERO evidence this was anything other than an act senseless of violenceThat's a coup d'etat. RT @JimmyPrinceton: Wow, NYPD PBA: "The Mayor's hands are literally dripping with our blood." http://t.co/zvLRW7T83M
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaThis guy stabbed or killed his girl friend this has othig to do wit my father ..my condolences to the nypd officers that died ina violent
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaNot all cops are bad .take this as an example and learn from it dont let angercloud yabetter judgement but thenagain its some sick ppl in
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@LegallyErin CBSDear @owillis : Thanks #Cowboys@eileentv go ahead, it's the holidays, what's the worst that could happen? #enabler :)@AntheaButler I saw Earl play at Texas..Dad was a life long Texas fan & absolutely adored Earl@AntheaButler Oilers were always fun to watch; Dan Pastorini, Kenny Stabler, Bum & the beloved Earl CampbellSo about those 'resurgent Mark Sanchez' stories....An afterthought in most reporting on NY shooter? He also murdered his girlfriend But that doesn't fit cop-killing REVENGE plot narrative
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@paulcarr how much of his contrition is tied to his somewhat rapid fall down the gawker ladder?The woman the Brooklyn gunman ALSO shot is a mere footnote in the reports. http://t.co/ip1QyOC3tG #maleviolence
Retweeted by lvdjgarciab/c all his $ is in US dollars? RT @sherifffruitfly: I feel no responsibility for rouble’s collapse, says Putin http://t.co/uwIjUAy158@ElisabethRappe Next Seth Rogan project: National Lampoon's : Bored of the Rings?@Moltz http://t.co/wQj6nqBtIhApparently there's a 'woo girl' in the bar who's an eagles fan....more whisky please!@Moltz <reads letter> GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!@Kennymack1971 I feel dirty rooting for DC...but the whisky is helpingTragic the 2 NYPD cops being murdered, but let's not forget a woman in MD was (apparently) killed by the same guy too@rolling_2 there's a trashy little strip club about mile from the stadium too.. ... ... #OrSoImTold1 follower, following 1 person & 15 tweets since Dec 2013... #FuckOff RT @basil_savage: @(me) fascistHorrible, horrible news from Brooklyn. Heartbroken for the families of those officers. And for all of us.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia#TooManyGunspress will demand black leaders denounce murder of 2 NYPD cops, but whites are never told they have to denounce killings of blacks by copsAmen. RT @baratunde: It is possible to mourn the loss of life BY police and OF police. That is true humanity.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@txvoodoo and that's why I'm so reluctant to expand the definition of 'journalist'How is it we have 24hr news channels, 1000s of news sites/blogs & yet we are LESS informed?@ritaag I can guess where @voxdotcom @ezraklein got thier 'data driven' reporting on the NYC shooting http://t.co/FGXFL7maudI see my decision to rid myself of @voxdotcom & @ezraklein is once again proven right #hackerygot of theater, checked the news & as usual too many assumptions being made by media & twitter@Gus_802 dawkins is a bigot, as bad as most all televangelist@Green_Footballs he also linked to politico as 'proof Michele Obama lied' about an incident at Target..he lied about that too#potkettle RT @CaptivatingNews: Ann Coulter: Women who say they are raped are just “girls trying to get attention” http://t.co/p5UrFnhVJb@HumanityCritic ...and then you sang a Twisted Sister song? ;)@WeeLaura May want to consider the iPad mini 2, unless the screen size is an issue.(my life would be so much easier if they were) RT @sherifffruitfly: Breaking: people learning that other people aren't just like them@WeeLaura No..the additional RAM & processor power would be wasted if she doesn’t play games or other ‘power’ appsRT @pattonoswalt: "Oh no, I just realized there's gonna be #TheInterview 'truthers.'" -- @wilw, at breakfast this morningWho? RT @voxdotcom: 2014 was the year Lana Del Rey became a great pop artist. Here's why. http://t.co/ZDh67v4RC5 http://t.co/rLMYTv2IEe@scATX LOL..’fellow travelers’..‘I’m waiting for the FBI to leak info on the Sony hack before I believe them about the Sony hack’ <sigh>@Shoq These Dreamers Are Actually Making Progress Building Elon’s Hyperloop http://t.co/tO9gCF2owV@johnYSchen You are your own Product (Red)@reneritchie @donmelton working, thanks 👍@reneritchie @donmelton Getting a 'download failed' message , is there a problem w/latest Melton podcast?‘data driven journalism’…oops http://t.co/cWF3ATd38Y@Mitch_Stewart are the Bears willing to pay $8mill/yr for a coach?CNN State of the Union has an interview w/Pres Obama followed by john (bitter loser man) mccain… #CNNFailABC: rubio NBC: rubio CBS: rubio CNN: mccain Me: not watching http://t.co/luSU40UBJk#Florida RT @Anomaly100: Machine Gun Park For Kids Opening In Orlando http://t.co/tAqSOA4IL1More #CNNFail http://t.co/gz2KZbaeydSony deserves the ire for pulling ‘The Interview’, but what of the theater chains who said they wouldn’t run it *before* it was pulled?Don’t you just love when journalists only ‘discover’ something when their colleagues start doing it? <sarc> http://t.co/rSUxqn1LeMSee what I mean? https://t.co/leh0D1znrePlease stop leading a tweet about ‘World Health Organization’ w/its acronym ‘WHO’…I keep reading it as ‘who’, as in a question.. #tooearly#uppers The Great Pubio Slapfight of 2015
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@inthefade the inn still would have been overbooked & they’d had been given a voucherIf the Sony emails were released en mass, how can anyone claim an ‘Exclusive’ to their content?If PBO had said N. Korea *wasn’t* involved in the Sony hack, the nutters would be claiming he was ‘covering up’ for NK<eye roll> cc: @Green_Footballs http://t.co/98xIdHXESr@Radlein thanks..bookmarked@lvdjgarcia I've been following the South Korean reaction via Arirang News.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaAnyone following the reaction to Sony hack in Japan? Specifically regarding north korea’s possible involvement.@AdversAerialOne that front right paw is freaking me out!I see the pulling of ‘The Interview’ has been Godwined…good job Internet <sarc>Seeing lots of people invested in the Sony hack *not* being a North Korean act..Not much of a choice…Happy Holidays? http://t.co/I6YNMjPIv4
@rolling_2 Damn, I had this ready for the 11th day (pipers piping) http://t.co/SHsIhwWZM0@rolling_2 http://t.co/nsM4JMrkoP@rolling_2 Vegas Baby! http://t.co/V0r1fhXIg1@rolling_2 maids…milking…needs I say more?@rolling_2 schwings a schwinging http://t.co/cSrP3vbV2r@rolling_2 6 geese a laying…(at least someone’s getting laid)The Hobbit: Best casting- Ken Stott as Balin http://t.co/DBEg58ZGew@rolling_2 throat chops (^@HumanityCritic)@rolling_2 four restraining orders
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