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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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"There's just not enough time in this world to offer everyone a good strangling"...@ryan as w/DC pundits, being always wrong is not a disqualifier@txvoodoo :) https://t.co/pMsngEnnZgFLACK @jpodhoretz Tells John Legend To ‘Shut Up And Play The Piano’ http://t.co/1sLHpg9STG ...and QUITS
Retweeted by lvdjgarcianow changing bio RT @dwiskus: Most people’s Twitter bios look like answers to the questions websites ask in case you forget your password.My question: Was andrea tantaros offended by limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a ‘slut’? http://t.co/9AMBsUDOhwbob beckel is the embarrassing Dem, fox news hired to try to embarrass Dems.. http://t.co/9AMBsUDOhw@txvoodoo RT @beep: guys http://t.co/Rqk6Pi7Trg _guys_ http://t.co/X7nVIOb1IJ http://t.co/kWIAVyXSSa@akmcquade @SaraLang @QueenofSpain RT @beep: guys http://t.co/Rqk6Pi7Trg _guys_ http://t.co/X7nVIOb1IJ http://t.co/kWIAVyXSSaguys http://t.co/QfjccFRMLj _guys_ http://t.co/vvrS9WSjqo http://t.co/SxpEOtAkWQ
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaRemember House repubs, at the behest of Catholic Bishops, fell over themselves to defend Catholics against ACA http://t.co/ERkSwANZu4@sherifffruitfly ‘kinks’? I included 70′s porn star Gloria Leonard…@sherifffruitfly Leonard, Steinem, Estefen, Laura Branigan song, Van Morrison song???? Be specific!Oh shit, another reason for impeachment-->U.S. Economy Grew at 4% Rate in Second Quarter, Beating Expectations http://t.co/XGw6tsPnEH
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Spacekatgal alright, but we can agree ‘enterprise’ fans are weird, right?
@Lib_Librarian wait, you mean there's times when she ISN'T giving you the side eye?Fox News Breaking: Black man attacks white woman! https://t.co/EYVzOrVNu9@JessicaKRoy http://t.co/tyGYAj1Ai1"I never liked carrot top" RT @tootwistedtv: Caption this photo. The bird on the right is just KILLING me. hahahaha http://t.co/1o637M0coeSmall typo: FACT! “@Obsessedwskulls: Lawn flamingos can pick a T-Rex clean in...90 seconds. https://t.co/rrsafUiMvN http://t.co/ZSdh8dJjzV
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia'I wanted pizza' RT @tootwistedtv: Caption this photo. The bird on the right is just KILLING me. hahahaha http://t.co/1o637M0coe@kungfupussy @QueenofSpain @aaronvest You mean the San Antonio (TX) Raiders? http://t.co/AsKy94w2V3My $$ on Legolas http://t.co/HjAn6T2G9u@kungfupussy be sure to buy a Dallas Cowboys jersey to wear when you visit @QueenofSpain @aaronvest next :)Would add to Chait's sobering piece, the Netanyahu gov's repeatedl show of contempt for the US admin is deeply alienating to some Americans
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@settern were you whisking pasta???So @stephenasmith gets suspended and sexist trolls say it's @MichelleDBeadle's fault? If only this was an apt metaphor for something....
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaAmazon’s post is full of absurd things. First, Amazon can currently charge $9.99 for books. It’s just that it sells them at a loss.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@txvoodoo a same marketing experts who put QR codes on billboards@undomesticdiva My $ would have been on margaritas…@sherifffruitfly http://t.co/CgqvynrETk ..You’re Welcome…I never have cookies at home because if I buy cookies I’ll eat them all & then I’ll never have any cookies at home..Oh look, bill oreilly is explaining ‘the blacks’ & ‘ghetto culture’ & marijuana..http://t.co/fjWO2jSYAi@Shoq On increasing rare occasions he reminiscent of a ‘journalist’@Lib_Librarian isn’t @sherifffruitfly always bragging about the fresh seafood in Seattle? And he’s eating a ‘California Roll’?bob mcdonnell having his wife take the fall for their corruption...stay classy bob http://t.co/Z3aFMaC83l@OsborneInk in later news: westboro church websites hacked…@Shoq koch bros motto: It’s just business…OUR businessWhen criticizing the NFL, remember to add fans to the list of those not caring about domestic violence http://t.co/gM3NvT4HgR
@JM_Ashby bibi doesn't care b/c he still has repubs & too many Dems in his pocket http://t.co/fPVDqFX4Vq@sherifffruitfly http://t.co/wvSkbdG6u9ROFLMAO!!! RT @sparksjls: 💃https://t.co/27s2LPlWpN@QueenofSpain We'll just pretend Sting is saying 'Queen' http://t.co/rGbvNa8P2pBoehner posts to MySpace RT @inthefade: Grover Norquist goes to Burning Man. Mitt Romney posts on Medium. Your move, John Boehner.The best defense Israel could have found against Hamas was a just and durable peace agreement with the PLO. It chose a different course.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@sherifffruitfly @thewayoftheid 😗 RT @foodporntho: Chocolate mint chip ice cream. http://t.co/53a9YwdAx9This from a man who lost his child not in the last conflict, or in the one before that, but in the one before the one before that.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia"I ask the leaders of my country..how could you have wasted the yrs since the last conflict w/o initiating dialogue?" http://t.co/QrAuQUMXaS
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaeach side has evolved sophisticated justifications for every act it commits." http://t.co/QrAuQUMXaS [2/2]
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaIsraeli author David Grossman, whose son was killed in the last days of the Second Lebanon War: "Over the years, inside this bubble.." [1/2]
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaTalk to The Hand #PalinTVShows http://t.co/3iRxwlDbge@lawalazu @lrozen @marcburleigh You saw this? http://t.co/JhfmF4Vlc5@lvdjgarcia its comical the same Dems who in secret or on record demand for Obama to have a spine, but soft as baby thighs themselves
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@lvdjgarcia Bibi & Congressional Dems can make that calculation knowing that "progressives" will heap all the blame on the President anyway.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaI told you so…https://t.co/ZLiZJr9ESGbibi had hoped wobbly Dems would join reactionary repubs to cover bib’s actions in Gaza & undercut PBO http://t.co/JhfmF4Vlc5Gillbrand joins cruz in proving to the Arab world the US has no credibility on Israel/Palestine http://t.co/JhfmF4Vlc5Once again, the EU fails Europe http://t.co/IqDzOaNsJ3 http://t.co/aEvpuOAqvo@marcoarment or Techcrunch or the v*rge or gawker or tmz…Business Insider RT @marcoarment: Is there anyone from whom you’d be less interested in hearing a “Thought of the Day” than Forbes?@darth yes, but they never get to the punchli…
@jkfecke @Philosopher_Dad they reformulated 7 up a few years ago, it’s terrible now…@jkfecke don’t get me started on the Dr Pepper wannabe abomination that is/was ’mr pibb’posting uber ratings is only *slightly* less annoying than the ‘how much $ is my twitter worth’ postHey, if were a washed-up former VJ who had failed business ventures and a dwindling audience, I’d probably be an asshole to strangers too.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaUber; but for pies RT @hujane: I'm home alone in the middle of the suburbs and I can't drive, but I need pie. Help& buzzfeed too..RT @thejoshuablog: I hate RT's of @voxdotcom crap. Please stop. Love, Me.@Veronica @ryan Must have been that moonlighting comcast rep..@Karoli She was gonna use this as her theme song, but then someone told her it was a different Beck http://t.co/vvHZTujdmd@expatina Every Fri I do a delivery to Gold Strike, Railroad Pass & Shadow Creek..I call it the California-Arizona-Utah run ;)@expatina Did you buy that at the Gold Strike? If so, then I was the one who delivered them to the shop :)Don’t you just *HATE* when that happens? RT @thewayoftheid: WHY DOES EVERYBODY THINK I HATE EVERYTHING.Grifters gotta grift..RT @HuffPostPol: Sarah Palin gives the people what they want http://t.co/3zhHe9ZBRPSo, it’s a Monday..RT @sherifffruitfly: tomorrow i shall get drunk, go get a crap-ton of crab legs & corn & such, and annoy peopleIf the Zombie Walk is an ‘annual tradition’, then why doesn’t the SDPD & SDCC close off streets? http://t.co/STnJgLPwykyou forgot the shrimp RT @SaraLang: Asking for a friend: is it too much to order oysters, octopus, and scallops (for one person)?I’ll believe the VA compromise is real, when boehner schedules a vote & mcconnell promises no filibuster http://t.co/q694GYQDFM@tootwistedtv Can’t watch Brad Pitt film ’Snatch’ w/o the subtitles http://t.co/IwYPpQHdkUBrief bit of rain for the Las Vegas valley..@WeeLaura have they gotten to Barbara Jordan's (D-Tx) statement yet? It was BRILLIANT & devastating@emilylhauser the list of politicians/pols made not brilliant by Israel/Palestine/Middle East would be extensive@thejoshuablog @Shoq I'm at S5E15...& I'm waiting a bit before I finish@thejoshuablog @Shoq figured you were still getting back up to speed from your vacation & thought I'd handle it for you@Spacekatgal hedging your bets, by getting in good w/ #Skynet creators?@Green_Footballs journalism: old rule- wall b/t editorial & sales...new rule- wall b/t editorial & web traffic viewsThe first rule of clickbait: don't talk about clickbait.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Shoq to paraphrase @thejoshuablog SHUT UP & KEEP WATCHING THE DAMN SHOW!!@gte @marcoarment Apple = Acme?@Green_Footballs buzzfeed is politico with LOL cats@Green_Footballs with benny johnson's record/resume, the question of WHY buzzfeed hired him as a 'journalist' is valid@sherifffruitfly @root_e @thewayoftheid worked w/a woman who'd mix mashed potatoes, brown gravy, apple sauce & put it on her pork chops :(Don't forget the SOUR CREAM! RT @sherifffruitfly: @thewayoftheid i'm putting a mint chocolate drizzle on my pork chops tomorrow!Guarantee he doesn't regret them RT @politico: 5 lines Barack Obama regrets http://t.co/UZ46yW91UG
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia#Xena RT @NotPatrick: First reaction to Wonder Woman's new outfit. #Reddit http://t.co/DfAlKjMSCHFit over Kerry? Israeli right's relation to top Western power always been bad love: Overexpectation, fury when not met @LRozen @ChemiShalev
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@giantspacekat RT @matthewmckibben: Someone LEGOed the Comic Con Wonder Woman pic. Gotta tag @scATX http://t.co/oOaNnwcKw1RT @crooksandliars: Was That @RBReich's Evil Twin Skippy On This Week? http://t.co/qANowpakss
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@lrozen @marcburleigh bibi’s calculation: Dems will pressure PBO to mute any criticism of his actions & side w/bibi not PBOCan’t say; His rider requires ‘an adoring crowd’ for all Q&As RT @sevenish: I trust Snowden is enjoying his extended stay in Russia?@AdversAerialOne @MsJoanne ‘the only way to waste your vote is to vote’..penn jillette http://t.co/2wRVuaMH67
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