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Larry Hryb @majornelson From New England. Seattle now

Trying not to waste your time w/ my tweets. Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & tweeting since 2006 - Married to @thehappygirl - Need help? Ask @XboxSupport

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@SunsetOverdrive @ScottLowe @FizzieSays Wait - What is going on here!@DMZilla It's been great working with you over the years. Good luck and I'll see you on Xbox Live!Voice Commander, a Microsoft Garage project, is now available as a free download for Xbox One. Get it here: http://t.co/sfneCYVbzRWe're Live! Join us as we reveal our biggest update: http://t.co/PJiKCRCaV3 http://t.co/tkvYowtld2
Retweeted by Larry HrybA roundup of the @MicrosoftStore launch events and pre-order deals for @SunsetOverdrive http://t.co/pIyOFGzpS3Join us for the HaloFest Live Broadcast, beginning November 8 http://t.co/jFNPoa31TnDetails on Kinect SDK 2.0 and the new adapter kit from @akipman http://t.co/3aD3fC9pd2I’ll put a blog post up later about Voice Commander (Microsoft Garage project) for Xbox One but you can grab it here http://t.co/9sYJwrDZoGIntroducing a new breed of experimental cross-platform apps from the Microsoft Garage http://t.co/MpLISh5xu9 http://t.co/nK6N0jmHbd
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@litheon GGS.@PlatinumGames' The Legend of Korra is now available for Xbox One, and playable if you pre-ordered digitally http://t.co/5qwOSdW2KCF1 2014 is now available in North & South America (it's been out in Europe & Asia since last week) http://t.co/xYuaocJpP9@ScottLowe @thehappygirl and I swear by @WarbyParker - awesome price, selection and service. 10/10 would order from again.It's a big day for music games - The Voice is now available for Xbox 360 http://t.co/UzlWC2gtZaTitanfall: IMC Rising is now available on Xbox 360. Check out Zone 18, Backwater & Sand Trap. http://t.co/iHGBoS6ntz http://t.co/kYOUbjxJDF
Retweeted by Larry HrybWe're rolling out the 1st new build to the Windows Insider Program! See how your feedback contributed: http://t.co/2JFWi6oIyP #Windows10
Retweeted by Larry HrybFirst Come, First Serve: A few single use codes to join the Xbox One Preview Program to try some new features: http://t.co/aWLyPKnnWGNew from @Harmonix: Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is now available for Xbox One & Xbox 360 http://t.co/nIlv78MN36Pro Tip: If you are in the Xbox One Preview Program, the Forza Horizon 2 achievements make great custom background http://t.co/GuWWP3eSSROfficial Sunset Overdrive trailer here! https://t.co/9hQD4WZv6W
Retweeted by Larry HrybWondering what @Halo 3 is gonna look like at 1080p/60fps in Halo: MCC? Wonder no more! Check out the @IGN montage: http://t.co/IsINKlUj55
Retweeted by Larry HrybNew competitive gaming app coming to Xbox One today: @ESL Gaming: http://t.co/Iej74wHAAlJUST DANCE 2015 is now available for Xbox One. If you preordered/predownloaded, it's now playable as well: http://t.co/TBigpUve3oThe Xbox One Digital TV Tuner is on sale this week in Europe. @AceyBongos shows you how to set it up & use it http://t.co/k8WoFCbiAKR.B.I. Baseball 14 leads off this week's Deals with Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360 http://t.co/WC1wevp15UICYMI: Yesterday we announced some of the features coming to Xbox One in November http://t.co/QY1yPy0GDb
@Boogie2988 Let me know what you think!@x24hrs2livex That’s why this is in preview :)Testing the new new " share to Twitter directly from #XboxOne " feature coming in November http://t.co/Ca0JJrqzqYHere's what to expect in Xbox One's November system update (Spoiler: Customizable Backgrounds) http://t.co/ryXfkGrJWpHelp make the next version of Windows (Windows 10), like you do on Xbox. Let your voice be heard! https://t.co/nXXGKNjRxX
Retweeted by Larry Hryb"Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved" from @Harmonix lands tomorrow. You can pre-preorder your digital copy here http://t.co/glbPZTRFDvThe AC Xbox One bundles announced last week are now available for pre-order @MicrosoftStore http://t.co/AbnS41Hb4m http://t.co/PzmuWOlHFFOk, that was a fun afternoon.@thehappygirl **ACHOO**Good luck to @ibjade Thanks for all the great games you have worked on over the years and I wish you all the best on your next challengePSA from @RockstarGames : THERE IS NO PRE-RELEASE ‘BETA’ TEST FOR GRAND THEFT AUTO V http://t.co/82IHJ5M2FaHappy Monday folks. Let’s do this.
Attention Xbox One owners: the NFL app now has Yahoo Fantasy Football support.
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No show this week, but we did a hangout http://t.co/80t3otEw7G and I streamed some @SunsetOverdrive http://t.co/yGHT2mw0ho Been busy!@TannerFoust & @TommyKendall11 help announce the @ForzaMotorsport Experience coming to @Petersen_Museum in 2015 @xbox http://t.co/nL9mpcakTy
Retweeted by Larry HrybHere's a first look at our upcoming documentary "Remaking the Legend – Halo 2: Anniversary" http://t.co/Fbpwo5K4SO http://t.co/YymeDBPO2Y
Retweeted by Larry HrybWhat is everyone playing tonight!?@jeffrubenstein @litheon @JackTimmons @lauralollipop YES!@chrisgrant Most excellent letter. A must read for everyone in and out of the gaming industry http://t.co/OTCcb31T05@jeffrubenstein @JackTimmons Right? We need to grab @litheon and hit it again.May finish up @AlienIsolation today. Feels like I am approaching the end game.THIS IS IT – #AdvancedWarfare LAUNCH GAMEPLAY TRAILER: http://t.co/7kcDwp8sYg Make it count on #DayZero: 16 days left and counting.
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I hope everyone has a great weekend !No podcast this week…we did a G+ Hangout last night instead. You can watch the archive here http://t.co/2LIMXxZ4DQWhat's new & available for -pre-order on this Xbox Store this week? Details on my blog http://t.co/CLPrFvZ8no http://t.co/2Q7yUDnA7fThanks to everyone that dropped by the @SunsetOverdrive stream.Right now @jeffrubenstein and I are streaming @SunsetOverdrive http://t.co/yGHT2mw0hoPssst...come play the first hour of @SunsetOverdrive with me. It all starts in about 15 mins http://t.co/yGHT2mw0hoThanks to my bros at Microsoft I'll be streaming a bit of Sunset Overdrive in about 30 min! http://t.co/pl41laR67T
Retweeted by Larry HrybHalo: The Master Chief Collection is now available for digital preorder on Xbox One http://t.co/ZW3DoFTvXA#freecodefriday - good luck https://t.co/d9qcG2M6NWNot in the Xbox One Preview Program yet? Stand by for your chance…..ICYMI: You can now track your Xbox One Preview Program progress http://t.co/n5D83DnJwC@thevowel Touche@thevowel Oh, are you AFRAID OF SPIDERS! ? :)The stuff of nightmares: This guy ran into a puppy sized spider. In a rainforest. At night. http://t.co/g3itLoFjgo http://t.co/lbkM7a6M4b"Halo: The Master Chief Collection” has gone gold & will be available for Pre-Order and Pre-Download later today http://t.co/KnF28iPGXV
Xbox One Preview Program participants- check your stats: http://t.co/sO1UTlhngcWe’re doing a video hangout starting right now. Watch it all go down here http://t.co/2LIMXxZ4DQIn just a few hours, we're doing a G+ Hangout. See us and ask questions as we do it live tonight at 9p ET/6p PT http://t.co/2LIMXxZ4DQ@bawitdaba1337 @thevowel It's tonight!Walter's Workshop is now LIVE. See real life versions of the @SunsetOverdrive weapons and choose your target: http://t.co/Ry0x1WATY4
Retweeted by Larry HrybSouth Park Pinball has come to Pinball FX2 on Xbox One http://t.co/BCV3koJW6r and Xbox 360 http://t.co/Lyhwt7eTUo Super cereal, you guysMissed our #SunsetOverdrive1stHour of gameplay stream on @Twitch? It's being rebroadcast RIGHT NOW! http://t.co/AqHdk1GbQh
Retweeted by Larry HrybThe podcast gang and I are doing a G+ Hangout tonight. How and when you can join us: http://t.co/2LIMXxZ4DQYesterday the October Update for Xbox One hit. Details (+ a video) of what you can expect here http://t.co/8fW2ja71bj http://t.co/sA6cw1yopaHalo: Spartan Strike Comes to Windows 8 Devices and Steam this December http://t.co/iXIrC3r01d
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@XboxQwik Minecraft on Xbox One :)If you follow me on Xbox Live, sorry about clogging up your feed - I’ve been achievement hunting tonight. Thx to @drewbenz for the helpThe original Darksiders is also 50% off for Xbox Live Gold Members through October 31: http://t.co/6H0exLhFm6October Game with Gold Darksiders II is now free for XBL Gold members here: http://t.co/6j98ucnX1w BFBC2 is still available ICYMINew campaign leaderboards, scoring, & speedrunning features are coming in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Details: http://t.co/Wc2n6eO4Vf
Retweeted by Larry HrybICYMI:Earlier today we announced the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundles (include 2 Free Games) http://t.co/sBEVvl1RNv http://t.co/4JR6lwDkHxThis video shows some of the features that the October Update brings http://t.co/ly3sBSLhz9@darkcharger I have not pulled the trigger yet…getting close though!(1/1) should read “next” not “news” sorry about that….Or you can take the update immediately by going to Settings>System & click the Apply Available System Update button in the lower left (2/2)Your Xbox One will automatically grab the new system update over the news few days (1/2)Snap Updates, new Friends section, Media Player, DLNA, MKV support and more are now rolling out to Xbox One owners http://t.co/Kp5bZEm6lNPlants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is now in the EA Access Vault! Time to soil your plants. http://t.co/SqEMhgsM1n http://t.co/PNS7BnvQGj
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@justicar Nov 11th? :)I miss The Sopranos@thevowel Ohh..I'll have to ask @thehappygirl to take a look a that.The Legend of Korra is coming to Xbox One next week, courtesy of @PlatinumGames. Pre-order/pre-download here: http://t.co/JfWXsKzGxnBorderlands: The Pre-Sequel is now available on Xbox 360 Games on Demand http://t.co/y5SHyDilV2Halo: Spartan Strike coming to Windows devices and Steam next month - @IGN has more here: http://t.co/fwMaG5zwQwHBO to Offer a Stand-Alone HBO Streaming Service in 2015 http://t.co/wuH38fY5feThe Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle announced today is now available for pre-order http://t.co/yAW2dXvwUb http://t.co/SkuKI1gCBfAnnouncing two new exclusive Xbox One bundles, both featuring Assassin’s Creed Unity http://t.co/Ev8R9hJ9RB
@TreitandTrue Did it take 35 years to build up the courage to watch it?@Totalbiscuit That is fantastic news!This Week's Deals with Gold include Rayman Legends, Outlast, Worms Battlegrounds, and the Dragon Age games: http://t.co/QGDJzMJKw5Checking out @Skype Qik - fun little app http://t.co/VkozJkWfqNBusy day of game releases & pre-orders for Xbox. Full details on my blog http://t.co/D2Bp3sDDvy http://t.co/fsYBqJB0KV
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