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RT @calebkraft: Sneak peek. New tool for gaming with a disability. Watch @make tomorrow for details! http://t.co/Ey4UdjsTrMHave an excess of twigs and a dearth of writing implements? Friend, meet the Twig Pencil. http://t.co/gvXOLcuYbiUsing glow-in-the-dark resin on CNC milled wood gives incredible results, just look at this table! http://t.co/mOd3R4J3QoThis Pats fan built an entire miniature stadium to hold his Superbowl snacks! Now that is devotion! http://t.co/xC9O9fiLXvTurn a Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter with this #ThrowbackThursday for Makers: http://t.co/EPGftOVW09 from @MAKE http://t.co/mbgh7XwPlX
Retweeted by MAKE<2 months to enter your PSoC 4 project in our #PSoCMaker Challenge! http://t.co/2pcbGmmL5s Win a trip to #MakerFaire! http://t.co/LPpfQ6j6DZStop wasting those egg cartons! Here are 13 fantastic projects you can do with them! http://t.co/xC1jVmS8V6Detecting 3D Printed Guns and Other Highlights from the Museum of Science and Industry Manchester http://t.co/92H6KCPokY
Transposing traditional embroidery patterns to musical arrangements certainly sounds strange (pun intended)! http://t.co/3k7IU3ejutToday is Data Privacy Day! Set up your own anonymous browsing box using Raspberry Pi! http://t.co/Ydfx5cfuf6 http://t.co/jg4gh9khQDJellyfish Dress, Mood Sweater, And 8 More Insanely Cool Light-Up Wearables: http://t.co/AIG68tvdc3
Instead of throwing away those used coffee filters every morning, why not turn them into art? http://t.co/8zsIfpseQkAudio hints lead you from treasure to treasure in this fun project: Arduino Audio Treasure Hunt. http://t.co/0kXHx3XNToWe're looking for a few good #PSoC Makers. Design an #IoT project to win a trip to @MakerFaire Bay Area in May: http://t.co/T261jqYLSFWhy I quit my job and bought a one way ticket to Shenzen. http://t.co/5SnDeMSST7 http://t.co/JSoWuuNfXHWould you wear this adult sized home made onesie? It sure looks warm and comfy. http://t.co/8zQ9I02RTM
Toot toot! We have a bunch of job openings at Maker Media: https://t.co/7C3MGh9pI4
Retweeted by MAKECould you actually play an instrument while riding on this massive wheel? http://t.co/No8EyxpJO6 http://t.co/vvh3ZwdwPhBefore You Fly: The Multirotor Checklist: https://t.co/xcaNxPo7TqA drone crash landed on the White House lawn early this morning. Can you identify this drone? http://t.co/ZunkqJCfgF http://t.co/YsIP3Tey1HThis free web app makes turning photos to 3D objects much easier. http://t.co/1VjN9eHx0TYou can now program the Light Blue Bean, a bluetooth proto board, from windows! http://t.co/FYwJLeQtHSDevelopment using @punchthrough’s #lightbluebean now supported on Windows 8, http://t.co/dht42pjF9j. #ble #iot http://t.co/nWBLYLAUDb
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A #makerpatient on the cover of @make story of guy who didn't even know what 3-D printers when he got started http://t.co/MKy1nBjRSH
Retweeted by MAKELeatherman just launched their own "wearable" and the Make staff is going bonkers about it. http://t.co/YV7Cq0aGec http://t.co/7aOQhkMMBRThe dual-screen, sensor-laden #SproutbyHP is a pretty fascinating new device. http://t.co/oFBBe7DDvk
Leatherman just came out with a wearable, in their own totally awesome way. http://t.co/YV7Cq0aGec http://t.co/QSniKUOjjYYes, a meth-laden drone crashed near the US/Mexico border. http://t.co/jXpL2kEBgR http://t.co/dTTaeRkInj
Retweeted by MAKENico Huchet (@Bionicohand) couldn't find a good, affordable prosthetic — so he made his own. http://t.co/NU20zQRcGJ http://t.co/8s1t5eBYCx
@make @printrbot Thanks for the @ScienceChannel shout out! We hope you and your fans will be be watching at 10p #AllAmericanMakers!
Retweeted by MAKEThis Wampa Cake is so good looking, you'd spend a night in a Tauntaun for a chance to eat it! http://t.co/AfePTtP3OT"All-American Makers" Launches on @ScienceChannel with White House Approval: http://t.co/kZOgZx8aYo Way to go @printrbot and Brian R!A hot wire cutter can allow you to do some really cool things with ice and snow! http://t.co/jJCiSHLR6uThese 3D printed tabletop racecars look so fun! http://t.co/cYdL4lbxMs
check out the @make Instagram for some other photos I shot tonight at our Wearables Issue Kickoff… http://t.co/aWDqQOQlDACassandra Marshall (http://t.co/v3Kz2q9DvP) has some amazing LED spinning flowers at our Wearables Issue… http://t.co/2xQRbR2sheKeahi shows off his amazing Bionic Boots (http://t.co/BnR5U0sKDb) at our Wearables Issue Kickoff Meetup… http://t.co/4wBaCknQwpTravis in one of Stephanie Hamilton's knitted LED designs (http://t.co/72T951Er6Z) at our Wearables… http://t.co/MVdXC2wTyxPeter Newman shows off a chip testing board at our Wearables Issue Kickoff Meetup #chips #chiphttp://t.co/i5FCcE56PLStephanie Hamilton (http://t.co/72T951Er6Z) shows us her unique LED strip knitted purse accent… http://t.co/aSzFQOwgndMake's own Dale Dougherty tells us about the vision for the Make Media Labs #wearable #wearableshttp://t.co/Q4iKlq6tsZKeahi demonstrates his Bionic Boots to Make's own Jason Babbler at our first ever issue kickoff… http://t.co/m2f7lr3uu7Tanaya shows us her awesome ensemble featuring blip kits at the #wearables meet up #wearabletech #make #maker http://t.co/MQAWhI7WKDThe Make Your Own LED Wearable table is a big hit with the young crowd tonight at our Wearables Issue… http://t.co/UMq2mXBaQyLauren augmented her already super cool hoodie with some LED eyes! #wearable #wearables #wearabletechhttp://t.co/ySf1Iyv5XNFitz demonstrates the Oculus Rift at our Wearables Issue Kickoff Meetup #wearable #wearableshttp://t.co/gUjnz1iMadHuge crowd at the Maker Media Labs tonight for our Wearables Kickoff Issue Meetup! #wearableshttp://t.co/TnZkZE7RVOPhoebe shows us her amazing LED headband that she made herself at our Wearables Issue Kickoff Meetup… http://t.co/ekoopj7jtd#wearables meetup at the Maker Media Labs @ The Palace of Fine Arts #make #maker #wearabletech #makermovement http://t.co/syy5PNIChNbean showing off his DIY LED wearable made at our Wearable Issue Kickoff Meetup tonight #wearablehttp://t.co/IsGQdgVHXoDr. Really? aka @wearereally shows off his amazing LED Steampunk goggles at our Wearables Issue… http://t.co/NlV4UhPEeV_that_kid_over_there_ and max demonstrate their wearable led mask at our Wearables Issue Kickoff… http://t.co/dwilzBr2bH@tenayahurst modeling some amazing wearables at our Wearables Issue Kickoff Meetup tonight at the… http://t.co/5eDES0j4h3Watch stormtroopers deliver a Star Wars styled prosthetic arm to one lucky boy. http://t.co/DXodtewQIN'The best #Arduino book just got better' http://t.co/TZZ59vcDDp GREAT review of @mbanzi + @ka6rcq new edition! Thnx @BoingBoingCross stitch + pixel art= beautiful clothing! This Metroid shirt is truly a work of art. http://t.co/Cduzja5uVMBuild Your Own Pebble: The DIY Smartwatch. From Make v43 http://t.co/e2gEq5sLHW http://t.co/OMNhv0RcbI
#PSoC makers: we'll give another couple days for you to respond & possibly get a free @CypressSemi board. Read: http://t.co/DTdwron0anPlaying with giant stepper motors @OSMakerMill http://t.co/8Zub1S4JjQ
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Fun @GameofDronesCA "flight and fight" day this AM. Spotted a HandyCopter UAV from @Make v37! http://t.co/eTQJqKtn2G
Retweeted by MAKEThe 10th Annual Bay Area Maker Faire is this year! Our "Call For Makers" has just begun, get signed up quick! http://t.co/o03nhdsjoo
Living mushroom bricks and bacteria based dye, biofabrication is incredible! http://t.co/EZ17syHa8ZIf you haven't seen Anouk's Spider dress yet, you really need to. Its wonderful and creepy at the same time. http://t.co/5NeL32ehMr
Unhappy with his companies tracking system, a trucker makes his own improved one using raspberry pi. http://t.co/6vM9REmteSSci-Fi Wearables: Four Futuristic Projects You Can Make Today: http://t.co/j7WxU1w5eaWe go hands-on with this new board, the PSoC 4 BLE. And you could get one free for your IoT: http://t.co/7wo51VZV6i http://t.co/aiJwHtbm7iIts just like speed dating, only instead of becoming a couple, you can team up to make a product! http://t.co/Ul0xAcD7s0
You can have these shoes 3D printed while you wait in the store, then walk home in them! http://t.co/16HO6AW8LY5 DIY 3D Scanners to watch. Would you use a 3D scanner at home? http://t.co/fpOLEgTJdDNintendo Power Glove hacked to control camera systems for stop motion animation. Now that's power! http://t.co/IYl0m91BtvRT @Makershed NEW: "Maker Pro," essay collection by those who have made the move from amateur to professional http://t.co/ZsQ48mR3tDICYMI: Man saves his wife's eyesight by 3D printing her tumor. Wonderful story. http://t.co/oCaDBDGAUv http://t.co/4iDYVTUtbWWant to work for the coolest company ever? We're hiring! http://t.co/xnz36Er6QmHigher strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum. MarkForged Lets You 3D Print With Carbon Fiber and Kevlar On a Budget: http://t.co/Bw3I2VAmLp@firstlegoleague state championship is Saturday! Join us. https://t.co/mHF2EjqUwd
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There are many different things to consider when building an electric bike. Parker gives tons of info on the subject http://t.co/u2I3fSrZcYDIY Fashion Show Sets The Runway On Fire -- Literally! http://t.co/oSHBP1zAB2 http://t.co/Y1oQWO67khTrying to figure out where to start with wearables? Here's an illustrated guide to the basics. http://t.co/fa8i346rkiThe next @providencegeeks features @AS220Labs: from 3d printing to folk technology: http://t.co/GKtnQmVli8 Providence, RI/Jan 21Man Saves Wife's Sight by 3D Printing Her Brain Tumor. http://t.co/qWeNZtJDSm
If you're going to flip a coin, you might as well do it in style. Check out this wooden coin flipping coinapult! http://t.co/ET06bl7NMoHave you ever seen a geekier marriage proposal than this? Not very likely! If so, you've got to tell us about it. http://t.co/HLQsPzKxThSo you've got a 3d printing pen. Now what? http://t.co/yngl9JsrocMaking your own breakout board for the Intel Edison http://t.co/TOd3W05G2p
Did you know we have @Make magazine? View the the current issue in the library & check out older ones! #dyimondays http://t.co/dLx8mZbsz4
Retweeted by MAKEA “cool” project based in the most southern location ever! http://t.co/ziNqi4oOWQ #Arduino #Antarctica
Retweeted by MAKEWe never miss an opportunity to shoutout the Unisphere - watch this great drone fly-by video: http://t.co/0wi6GZQ0Kd http://t.co/dJN8hkrzrF3D printing may help speed things up, but this artist still has years of work into these massive bronze sculptures! http://t.co/awBDqRZEMvPlaying #Tetris on Buildings, http://t.co/wrOYqOmSRI. #ri #xmaslectures #makers http://t.co/vcBmEfN0SH
Retweeted by MAKEA lecture series for the makers of things, http://t.co/ndqfEckETi. #ri #xmaslectures #makers http://t.co/mvqzLpJOvh
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Irrigation + Leonardo: What's new in 'Getting Started w/ #Arduino 3e,' http://t.co/u2JcGyUi5B Quick catch-up w/ @ka6rcq
For those of you who didn’t catch it in dead tree—a smorgas-board of boards, http://t.co/NjiUOZ8ROJ. #make #v43 http://t.co/VhcAEnmIY2
Retweeted by MAKEBuilding high quality slingshots. These things are works of art! http://t.co/77BINw8UGIMeet the All Sparks, a highs chool FIRST robotics team. They're documenting their season for us! http://t.co/u1CFDgRxK7My fave find at CES: "Print Your Own Circuit Boards and Reflow SMD Components With the Voltera V-One" https://t.co/IAXWd85maT
Retweeted by MAKEEdiDoom: Playing the classic game Doom on an Intel Edison. http://t.co/X978IOrJGy'This valuable little book. . .' Getting Started w/ #Arduino, 3rd ed http://t.co/QfZZFc6nFS 'The info you need' via @AdafruitIf you are suffering from a lack of atari games in your home, you can cure that with a raspberry pi pretty easily! http://t.co/FiGIfK55uaThis table saw modification for turning bowls is very dangerous, but also very cool! http://t.co/aAC8t1179D
3D printing and electronics, finally! Voxel8 Demonstrates Its Electronics-Capable 3D Printer at CES 2015: http://t.co/248h5Gc5nf
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