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“The next stage in computing, the next wave, is emotion.” —@cynthiabreazeal #robotics Maker Pro Newsletter http://t.co/ApNSm2tSWUMT @Makercamp Lights, Water, Fire, SOUND: How does #DisneyFantasmic! orchestrate physics? Today @ #Makercamp http://t.co/yswN63y1ntRT @Makercamp Field Trip! #Makercamp goes to @Lego_Education in Denmark TODAY. http://t.co/CxfBdRc44D Join us early, 9amP/12pmE@Secured3D @Leapfrog_3D it'll be on view at World @MakerFaire New York in September: http://t.co/kfFCWzXpym - and hopefully other events!@kruzepritam can you take another picture with sharper focus? please email us at weekendprojects@makezine.com for follow-up help.The Hackmobile is a makerspace on wheels, with lots of tools for making on the move: http://t.co/kfFCWzXpym http://t.co/KM5JdTuyF6Peter turns a book into a tablet stand, so he can read the digital edition of that book! http://t.co/zh28cGhmeITune in to #MakerCamp to see the Toothy Toothbrush Timer, homemade hack for a brighter smile. http://t.co/RJfdl8W6Ux http://t.co/TJYWo1YmQ3
MT @MakerCamp Field Trip! #Makercamp goes to @Lego_Education in Denmark tomorrow. http://t.co/CxfBdRc44D Join us early, 9amP/12pmE."Open Source and the Challenge of Making Money"—Tech/software focused, but interesting with makers in mind http://t.co/TMOZgB1CS5 by @qhardy
Retweeted by MAKEMeet @Make in Detroit! http://t.co/2JEy5m8nEB @dalepd @sannmer @dcschelt @MakerShed #MakerFaireDetroit #MakerFaireFend off afternoon energy slumps w/ a refreshing glass of cold-brew coffee, using a homemade reusable coffee bag #tbt http://t.co/ptGDjUse0eoakland sculptor orion fredericks ignites imaginations with the unexpected: http://t.co/a6OmT904FY http://t.co/kWR4E0RUCf
Retweeted by MAKEBuilding robots and rockets with Javascript: http://t.co/N1f6UjXrMC via @make #iot #maker
Retweeted by MAKERT @MakerShed Raspberry Pi B+ w/8GB Cards Have Arrived in the Maker Shed! http://t.co/Qz32mjquNP http://t.co/6NuVWuBNxjA Robotic Arm Made from Recycled Bicycle Parts - #arduino http://t.co/tZ0nHrrOo7
Retweeted by MAKE8'-Long Remotely Controlled Robotic Arm with a Chainsaw on the End of it is Made from Upcycled Bicy… http://t.co/AF9JtHNPys
Retweeted by MAKETak and @jaymesdec are on @MakerCamp now! Tune in! https://t.co/mDC1YdpBgZ http://t.co/1jf3iqKowZ
Retweeted by MAKERT @Makercamp Build, Tinker, RACE: #NerdyDerby + #Skatehack today on #Makercamp. http://t.co/fQGslZJvCa 11am PDT/ 2pm EDTRT @Makercamp It's a ramporama roustabout today @ #makercamp http://t.co/mb08EWoBbk #NerdyDerby + #Skatehacks 11amP/2pmEOrion Fredericks makes incredibly lifelike steel sculptures. Here's a peek into his process http://t.co/ua1GDutUUfWhat makes TechShop tick? Plus, our 12-step plan for TechShop mastery. From the new issue of Make! http://t.co/Zt0Rc6tJHE
LittleBits new CloudBit module: 3 cool projects to try out. http://t.co/TNsU8xVwtURobotic arm made from recycled bicycle parts, from MAKE. http://t.co/DNMuhypuDO
Retweeted by MAKEFabric Knitted from Shredded Photographs: http://t.co/wtJ350qTgV via @make http://t.co/HPiEHJFjVR
Retweeted by MAKEHow do you make an 8'-long remotely controlled robotic arm even more awesome? Attach a chainsaw to the end of it. http://t.co/QDtvesL3H1SoCal makers: Our buddy @Qtechknow is teaching an all-ages intro to @arduino course in LA this Saturday. http://t.co/muIBu19r4oHappy Batman Day! Whip up a Batman superhero poncho cape in honor of the occasion. http://t.co/J4EiATbwxY http://t.co/qwqhDIrHAESwitch your laptops media without getting off the couch! http://t.co/qZmdSzYHuc
Retweeted by MAKEGot an old aluminum folding chair? You can salvage those pretty easily, here's how! http://t.co/9Rjjf8Hbrr"When someone asks if you're a god, you say yes." #ghostbusters #embroidery http://t.co/5ckO48xnId http://t.co/OQdtlp24iyRT @Makercamp In 5 Mins: Hangout with #Mojang, creators of @minecraft. http://t.co/3w5uWh9UzG #makercampRT @Makercamp Skill Builder Project: Tinker-Craft Your @Minecraft w/ @Autodesk123D + @tinkercad http://t.co/8xLFYrmOpp #makercampLittleBits New CloudBit Module Simplifies Internet-Controlled Projects: http://t.co/7ph7MFaLfqMT @Makercamp TODAY: We indulge in all things @Minecraft. #Makercamp goes to #Mojang. http://t.co/30d6Thw6ov Join us early, 9amP/12pmE
RT @Makercamp One Word: @minecraft. #Makercamp goes to its creator, #Mojang, tomorrow. http://t.co/3w5uWh9UzG Join us early, 9amP/12pmEHector featured on Make zine, rocking the Pinoccio necktie! http://t.co/Mmcgz1pCOz
Retweeted by MAKELooking for a fun #summer #science experiment? Try building your own lightbulb! Via @make http://t.co/jqxtpv0lLw
Retweeted by MAKEThis truly has to be the most unique walking mechanism ever. http://t.co/0IS85xRWSZWhat's on your summer reading list? Books for #MakerKids http://t.co/bvWk9FxQnK
Retweeted by MAKEFrom the cover of our latest issue (on newsstands today!)— Audacious By Design: Project H Reinvents Hands-On Learning http://t.co/BNvoHr1AmPExcellent post about the excellent @leahbuechley. If you aren't already a fan, you will be: http://t.co/erx7bxbX23
Retweeted by MAKEely mechanical 3dprinter is pretty mind blowing. Would love to see a more complex automata version! http://t.co/zFMJgHZOCrSo excited that I received my first @make magazine issue today! Let the tinkering beg…continue! http://t.co/6Txsg4NQpB
Retweeted by MAKEOur library subscription to Make magazine has started! #makered http://t.co/uDDkgqlHOY
Retweeted by MAKELiking the look of this event - http://t.co/wxoIxDN1ad via @make. Just in time for when I land in NY
Retweeted by MAKEInternet Connected Necktie with LEDs http://t.co/kkGfLGwIs1
Retweeted by MAKEMT @Makercamp In 30 Min: #makercamp goes to @urbanputt + meets Alice Taylor of @makielab http://t.co/AsdsLfhLVQ #golf #dolls #foosballHow to Achieve Radio Silence in a Box, @goTenna's hardware engineer @MAKE blog: http://t.co/s9VhlbgQkd http://t.co/WsDbEGTwQG
Retweeted by MAKEFinally, a Disneyland I'd actually love to visit...in Hamtramck, Michigan. http://t.co/KOhHyWsTr7 @make @calebkraft
Retweeted by MAKEMaker Faire Bay Area 2014 in GIFs http://t.co/goOPeKSJgy
Retweeted by MAKERT @Makercamp @makielab (#3D-printed toys) + @urbanputt (Rube Goldberg #golf) today at #makercamp http://t.co/AsdsLfhLVQ 11amP/1pmEMT @Makercamp How Did They Build THAT? At @urbanputt's 14-hole mini #steampunk golf course today w/ #makercamp http://t.co/AsdsLfhLVQLive in NYC or the metro area? Plan on attending World @MakerFaire in September? Join the Street Team or Volunteer! http://t.co/JLAp9WLQh9It's Fun & Games week at #MakerCamp. Tune in Friday for a look at the Toothy Toothbrush Timer for a brighter smile: http://t.co/Rx0XxqlBeSThis bizarre roadside attraction was really fun: Hamtramck Disneyland http://t.co/qqfKzZp2uf
What do you do with an old pinball machine... aside from play pinball? Make a desk! http://t.co/PsCo9nzPc5Make a Working Quadcopter Propeller with a 3D Printing Pen: http://t.co/aFeaK98TYx via @make
Retweeted by MAKEI kinda love this - http://t.co/D7oJwhrUkw
Retweeted by MAKELeah Buechley: Crafting the Lilypad #Arduino http://t.co/ziBkI3A6Zh #wearables #etextiles
Retweeted by MAKEFun! http://t.co/iX9JAPtkLR
Retweeted by MAKEA kaleidoscope the size of a shipping container that you can walk in? Yep. http://t.co/YEFGmkv0fKIn 25: MT @MakerCamp Run away to @twobitcircus for some #STEAM-powered play. http://t.co/pVD1yQBC5y It's Fun + Games week at #makercampAny Game of Thrones fans out there? Here's how to make an awesome dragon's egg! http://t.co/FBG3IFHjc5Hasbro is allowing fans to design custom My Little Pony dolls! http://t.co/0BVqHFcLUH
On this day, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Jeff's kids get to do it every day! http://t.co/0q1eWOujcuHack your notebook & other projects at @mozilla's #MakerParty workshop at #HopeX in NYC. http://t.co/TmX5T6VwCD http://t.co/BCW8r1pEAyHouston we have an .. anniversary. Celebrate the moon landing with a mission control play area! http://t.co/8y71AWVSKPDesign custom picking bins with a free tool! http://t.co/c0au3PdWTB
RT @MakerCamp Loving the @BoingBoing Love! http://t.co/CVcY2FZ10g Have you checked out #Makercamp yet? Join us through Aug. 15!Space seems like an impossible thing for most people. Here are 5 space projects you CAN do! http://t.co/7ogJKAwD99Maker Hangar season 2, episode 6 is here! http://t.co/uCLWpqhCPvPancakeBot Delivers Obama Grandma Slippers : http://t.co/BmDfXJ95Bp @makeさんから
Retweeted by MAKEIf you're really going to have a high performance PC, you might want to liquid cool it. http://t.co/f1qMvhRInMPlaying with Blue Tooth Low Energy http://t.co/lEZJOahoOj
Nice blog post about #LilyPad history ;) "Leah Buechley: Crafting the Lilypad Arduino": http://t.co/54gfEtDGXR via @make
Retweeted by MAKEBusted! Bathroom alarm shames those who don’t wash their hands: http://t.co/xQqhCzMGDr #Arduino (via @MAKE) http://t.co/lynZrE281s
Retweeted by MAKEHow to modify Macetech's RGB LED shades to be sound reactive. http://t.co/H5iwtitYERHow the lilypad was born: An interview with Leah Buechley http://t.co/0oPAZB5eqZ"40 Foot Geodesic Dome Looks Amazing Lit Up" - see it for yourself at the @mohawkvalleymf this August in Oregon! http://t.co/zckURCyNLK
Retweeted by MAKES.M.A.R.T. use the power of @arduino and @temboo to build an alarm clock that connects to google calendar http://t.co/Ydra2VQ0jw
Retweeted by MAKE#TheGigabots demonstrating connected 'bots (w custom firmware) @ Bronx Library #MakerParty. More pics soon #hivebuzz http://t.co/cVAevRryxh
Retweeted by MAKEA reformed software exec wants to fix bike commuting with his low-cost, low-maintenance cutting-edge bicycle: http://t.co/uBMLzFTIewRT @Makercamp Meet @Cartoonnetwork creatives on today's #makercamp field trip. http://t.co/K7095fqlJo 11amPDT/1pmEDT http://t.co/aBiP9SwyPKPerfectly looping gifs are no longer only for graphics wizards, see how to make them on your own! http://t.co/G1kaQ0QQrvCustom digital tachometer: Blue Shift. What a great name! http://t.co/vVrUFcSw5RTune in to #MakerCamp today to see the TRS Drawbot, a homemade line-art robot! http://t.co/p1bRMKYxvg #WeekendProject http://t.co/yBtY6uOZIpDid you oversleep? Have a task due later today? Build this SMART Alarm Clock and never miss your next appointment: http://t.co/Q84pIgM9Zd
There's no shame in covering your eyes in a scary movie. Or, you could make something to cover them for you! http://t.co/8BuIH5w9YlEver wondered how the heck they test a cellular antenna?Here's how goTenna does it. http://t.co/guy7i8kuDZRT @MakerCamp In 20 Minutes: #Makercamp goes electric w/ circuit stickers + paper light-ups http://t.co/ZeGC4xKLVRi do not like this headline, but good read. RT @FemmeDen: Where Are the Women in Makerspaces?: http://t.co/7znseLOd5d via @make
Retweeted by MAKELewis brings a commercial to life as he builds a smart phone rocket launcher! http://t.co/YrDi1KB7OpBuild your own light bulb! It is surprisingly easy. http://t.co/pxSGg7XYHK
Get Making! RT @lieberrian: 100 Ways to Make Maker Faire Year Round: http://t.co/FQYk3y4BPP. #makered
Retweeted by MAKERT @Makercamp Flickering paintings, electrified sketchbooks + blushing drawings tomorrow at #Makercamp http://t.co/K7095fqlJoDIY “Google Glass” -- 13-year-old Clay Haight made his own wearable smart glasses, inspired by Google Glass. http://t.co/MVjfaxpdOm
Retweeted by MAKEWhen a 13 year old gets inspired by google glass and straps an arduino to his head it is beautiful! http://t.co/tILgn14SpgBig props to @calebkraft for writing up such a great review of #RBCreation this year @make http://t.co/NUD0ebBYzj
Retweeted by MAKEMT @MakerCamp #Makercamp starts in 5! http://t.co/QtJDyVZtRr #3D printing w/ @carladiana_ , @nervous_system + @Autodesk123D's #meshmixer
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