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With 'Mad Men' ending, which character needs a spinoff series? Check out who the show's stars suggested - http://t.co/3d38mVeD71Sob! 'Downton Abbey' Season 6 will be its last. http://t.co/3bt87x72Uz http://t.co/xFOmhPDGhcMariah Carey's spontaneous car singing is better than anything you've ever done http://t.co/VMasFK1Yah http://t.co/IYfpQAzCQOGorgeous tribute to 'Doctor Who' celebrates 10th anniversary in style http://t.co/HYHHm41jTc.@ustheduo stopped by @mashableHQ yesterday, and they brought a dance party with them! http://t.co/y7K8xQ5h1sSam Taylor-Johnson won't be directing the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' sequels. http://t.co/fZ6kLvbNqk http://t.co/RVWSPt3QELAmerican Indians are rarely seen on TV without turquoise beads or fry bread. Will that change? http://t.co/kmFbTKQeT4 http://t.co/HvgXVnSbbhSpandau Ballet on '80s glory and today's music industry http://t.co/HH2wV81rhFRihanna debuts 'BBHMM' song on Dubsmash app, inciting mixed reactions http://t.co/UROq1hnnng #BBHMM http://t.co/jArLdtxj8W
The Lakers have started the first Asian-American backcourt in NBA history: http://t.co/xOhSJ1g84z http://t.co/iTSFYXrKLwCate Blanchett loses it in interview: 'That's your f*cking question?' http://t.co/GLXr1kYMxIAirball: How Adidas missed on Michael Jordan in 1984 http://t.co/XwhIu45NoxSteven Spielberg has committed to direct an adaptation of the sci-fi novel "Ready Player One": http://t.co/T86hDRLC6AEmilia Clark told us #GoT Season 5 is "dragons unleashed." Then she did her best The Hound http://t.co/ZPkKRdicQ2 http://t.co/r48PzjABz6"Super Troopers 2" is a go with speedy $2 million crowdfunding raise in 1 day: http://t.co/WOZJ6GVpGt http://t.co/sUClrceF7hMayor of Boston -> RT @marty_walsh: .@choll12 We are all devastated about Zayn Malik but we must soldier on #ASKMJWHere's how the Internet is talking about March Madness so far: http://t.co/SC2v13BKv6 http://t.co/q9nALxpoEGZaynks for the Memories: Listen to 16 of Zayn Malik's best One Direction songs. http://t.co/nZhBCdqm4E http://t.co/54Rdlh633fThe Internet is flooded with crying teens because Zayn left One Direction http://t.co/eRVgpC3CmUPerspective. http://t.co/VunE5IqP2m http://t.co/WEBAlABHQKJesse Eisenberg looks sinister as Lex Luthor in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice': http://t.co/FvHNHWGOQI http://t.co/OCottuv4Px50-to-1 shot: Gambler put $500 on Kentucky going undefeated this summer http://t.co/Il0xmeqTLwHere's what the first round of Facebook Messenger apps will look like: http://t.co/ekrkdALURd #f8 http://t.co/vRISBCSPyRBenedict Cumberbatch to help rebury his cousin, Richard III, 530 years after king's death. http://t.co/CbJCDftIcR http://t.co/OURGU759dLSee the cover art for Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird' sequel: http://t.co/gbjryl66Xs http://t.co/CQ7hqISrsPOne Direction statement https://t.co/9QQazPmDV2
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentNew 'Entourage' trailer is exactly what you'd expect. Watch: http://t.co/jwJSx9k9bZ http://t.co/jiHRLwbxGp"In my career, I have played a drunk, a holy man, an Indian on horseback." Where are American Indians on TV? http://t.co/QN6UL8EPvaBBC Director-General's statement regarding @JeremyClarkson, (former) Top Gear presenter http://t.co/RFuikDiNjm http://t.co/N10CTDGsi0
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentBREAKING: Jeremy Clarkson has been dropped as the presenter of Top Gear, BBC director general Tony Hall confirms. http://t.co/KYoeyi7Fis
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentJ.K. Rowling had the perfect response to a Harry Potter fan who said she couldn't see Dumbledore as gay http://t.co/q7iAO2GHuoMaisie Williams watches 'Game of Thrones' with her tipsy grandma. http://t.co/QRFx2XvLgY http://t.co/02GnJYWrBb.@girlsHBO Season 4 finale: Hannah's rebirth. http://t.co/H3dbcNW3xE #Girls #girlshbo http://t.co/St4eCSnO24Hannah finally seems to be growing up. Read @neeeda's recap of @girlsHBO's Season 4 finale: http://t.co/PSW4xAMHHh http://t.co/UNk212bNxv
Where are the mainstream TV shows about American Indians? http://t.co/lbmkkoweGL http://t.co/FV6m13j4ct'Game of Thrones' actor roulette, anyone? http://t.co/TiWp95NEEl http://t.co/9nvfkIWcPNThis video of Snoop Dogg smack talking wrestler Chris Axel is the best thing you'll see all day http://t.co/qtwJjDW3ex#GameOfThrones producers: No, Season 5 will not spoil the books http://t.co/52aEe3KW8CBallsy bettor stands to collect $25,000 if Kentucky Wildcats win #MarchMadness http://t.co/TpUpthgKf6'The Office' premiered 10 years ago today. Here are the show's 50 best moments: http://t.co/zJCft1OYqp http://t.co/FeBNDjO6KfWe asked #GameOfThrones stars to switch characters. Tyrion said he'd 'probably f*ck it up.' http://t.co/2sqlvGEMhI http://t.co/zGBXDSsNtrWe asked #GameOfThrones stars to switch characters. Khaleesi was all about The Hound http://t.co/WUa4JRxEKd http://t.co/8hxcnyT54vWe asked #GameOfThrones stars to switch characters. Hodor wanted one "without too many lines" http://t.co/EqVAGzYzIl http://t.co/BO5MhMGfe8The truth is here: 'X-Files' will return to Fox this summer after 13 years http://t.co/rwKHfZvEsg http://t.co/vCqH5RbV0gUsers' personal data may have been stolen in Twitch hack http://t.co/Eqd32TTpj4Finally, a witty web series about the everyday lives of modern black women http://t.co/nl8x7mgt8y http://t.co/qkwSz8gPdjHey, Hollywood: Take note of these 8 diverse fairy tales from around the world http://t.co/3gvMUb54Oe http://t.co/tKa336f0Qv"Better Call Saul" Episode 8 recap: Jimmy and Chuck join forces, and the result is miraculous: http://t.co/XE1RRHRiKP http://t.co/8ojFkUyvVV
27 songs that are all about that bass http://t.co/EW4MXJw3w1 #MusicMonday http://t.co/wsz5yDBkf0The NFL will broadcast a game worldwide in 2015 via a to-be-determined digital platform http://t.co/EYJHWL4CNb http://t.co/piCquYiRc6.@Futureboy interviews #GameofThrones stars from the #GoTPremiereSF red carpet LIVE via @appmeerkat: http://t.co/gGfVSB7RFL #meerkatThis is basically our version of an E! red carpet show, but for GoT #meerkat http://t.co/EfcQK8ylma
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment|LIVE NOW| Game of Thrones premiere red carpet in SF #meerkat http://t.co/Z9MveXIDR3
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentJames Corden's "Late Late Show" debut is here: "No one is going to work harder for attention": http://t.co/Vs0unF5TwRMarvel's Falcon didn't get the 'Winter Soldier' look in 'Disney Infinity,' here's why http://t.co/yfftdt30iK http://t.co/p0MM1ocL1gVin Diesel paid respects to his late friend Paul Walker by naming his baby daughter Pauline http://t.co/ADg9v1nsd2 http://t.co/BSx5lh9Ce410 invaluable life lessons from 'Pretty Woman' http://t.co/xdPvjOEKy4 http://t.co/I32de3FG6bCan fan love bring back the cult classic game "Toejam and Earl"?: http://t.co/9JfAkjcDsP http://t.co/OwzjSfl8UbOh hello there, Tom Cruise. http://t.co/51xaTABizo http://t.co/1gkOpGwynuTaylor Swift one-ups haters by buying porn site domains http://t.co/8GsDStqTR3The mascot madness continues: Vote for your Sweet 16 http://t.co/PeLiLdtnMn http://t.co/wrzBeqCPlYThe 'Game of Thrones' showrunners confirm the show will spoil the books http://t.co/o0M2eD1aeg http://t.co/MLK0pcFYjU"The Good Wife" recap: The race for State's Attorney is finally over: http://t.co/Yma6RcGdpD http://t.co/UtdlA5q5qC
Japan's robot icon returns in this trailer for 'Astro Boy Reboot' http://t.co/xAzvSdFQSa http://t.co/l1tixinmdPFor a refresher before tonight's season finale of @GirlsHBO, read @neeeda's recap of last week http://t.co/0VRfuVGend http://t.co/cj4t5lcUp4Watch Jack White and Robert Plant perform Led Zeppelin's 'The Lemon Song' live http://t.co/x2mIspAe9g http://t.co/f7jR8tSMvG.@TomCruise unveils first 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' teaser. Watch: http://t.co/x1KJlhW3Vd http://t.co/lgwpEvpxLTThese is definitely no saving these superhero costumes http://t.co/8xd382T4be via @cinemablend
Lakers guard and former MVP Steve Nash has announced his retirement http://t.co/VJWFBPWli7Artist re-envisions post-punk rockers as popular Marvel superheroes: http://t.co/vfcO5BTuHA http://t.co/0r3xeVI6tKHere's every March Madness upset so far to explain why everyone's burning their bracket: http://t.co/AfJc6Ax7SF http://t.co/bKzUr6fbYyVasectomy Madness: Making the cut to watch the games http://t.co/cwE2CVZ4xc
"Candy Crush Saga" maker sued for allegedly inflating user numbers: http://t.co/KdI8rD8Z9c http://t.co/FwPtbvX8vADramatic video shows the first and final frames of 55 iconic movies. Watch: http://t.co/cbF6QLkBL5 http://t.co/kyzsCK4ByHSuge Knight collapses in court after judge orders $25 million bail: http://t.co/QUXBFAfL7Z http://t.co/P5n91nuZOCTwisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero is dead at age 55 from an apparent heart attack http://t.co/t1mHV5CkWv http://t.co/DqZIUdHNc7"Bloodline," the Netflix original drama starring Kyle Chandler available today, is your perfect beach binge-watch: http://t.co/RXR5TMdAHpMarch Madness bracket busted already? Congrats, you're in luck! http://t.co/cNQpBdXq6G http://t.co/ssOo8ch6GAPlayStation 4 arrives in China with slim pickings for games. http://t.co/sx1MPuJcrTWe ranked the top 50 best songs from 'Glee' before tonight's series finale: http://t.co/t91yCVWRsm http://t.co/iMj9PHFOG3Jeremy Clarkson supporters use tank to deliver petition to reinstate 'Top Gear' host. http://t.co/GQMu9lFkLL http://t.co/TQpPTEFWBb"Fairy tales were never meant to be homogenous." 8 diverse stories around the world: http://t.co/PlfXVA7DEb http://t.co/PmqNoUhfBu8 diverse fairy tales worthy of Hollywood adaptations http://t.co/bLoentXn7Y http://t.co/ePiLeHyqx4How Nintendo could rock the mobile world, even if it is late to the game http://t.co/LcrBBL606u
And now, for some reason, a 'Fraggle Rock' movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt http://t.co/ON5mfucpuARon Hunter trash talks Obama after Georgia State's epic upset http://t.co/54j0raXLQBMarch Madness: The touching reason UAB wears mismatched sneakers: http://t.co/QykfV5zbzqGeorgia State coach overcomes injury, scoots to arena because March Madness. http://t.co/uJBBNiijJa http://t.co/SItCGNQRzwZayn Malik left the One Direction tour and the world is pretty much ending http://t.co/BUcuDShN61Adorable elderly lady is all of us during March Madness. Watch: http://t.co/vH4VGxpVvX http://t.co/JlyXW4EDKaWelp, now it's *officially* official: The 2022 World Cup is a total abomination http://t.co/oUBl5kXuIx
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentNew 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' trailer confirms it: Captain America's in charge. http://t.co/2GMrwiArs7 http://t.co/DcA00zTwz2'Silicon Valley' Season 2 could feature weekly broken bones and a Christmas special. Watch: http://t.co/o73D6OS6Mj http://t.co/Y3scrKLox9'Evolve' has some freaky new characters and an observer mode ideal for esports http://t.co/4LuUFnEAOb http://t.co/ZDj6S4IUOXBaffling Vine of Iggy Azalea rapping will make you question everything. Watch: http://t.co/cPmB2JcLK412 March Madness facts to make your bracket suck less: http://t.co/s0FRSkEUBT http://t.co/kert5x8o5wOne Direction members forced to pay "weed bond" by the Philippines. http://t.co/oGDnJlvSem http://t.co/yH0LPcQLa0
18 OMG moments from the 'Empire' season finale http://t.co/BO086JesefWho's getting ready to watch the @EmpireFOX finale? #EmpireFinale http://t.co/ya1yxtBklS5 March Madness stars you'll see in the NBA next season http://t.co/g4h7vgI9iF
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