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RT @RealJTP: New Blog Post: American-Islamic Brotherhood Political Party Formed: A LETHAL Danger! http://t.co/wfm8Lm7YKf #pjnet #tcot #jcotNew Blog Post: American-Islamic Brotherhood Political Party Formed: A LETHAL Danger! http://t.co/9ZXtvdOhGL
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHappy our trip to the border is the leading story on @DRUDGE_REPORT right now. #BorderCrisis #immigration http://t.co/K1rVw71uKY
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSince starting the operation in Gaza, we held our fire 4 times. Hamas never stopped shooting rockets. RETWEET. http://t.co/sjMMTlHvmf
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLObama whacking balls with his putter as Hamas breaks ceasefire. #golf
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL"@armywife299: Obama Fired 3 Generals, Admiral to Cover Up #Benghazi http://t.co/zVFf2dpeWF http://t.co/XsimaOeVv6 #JusticeForBenghazi4"
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLEleanor Holmes Norton: ‘You don’t have a right to know’ about everything Obama administration is up to http://t.co/LwpcZsKGku
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#HamasCharter, "Israel shall exist until Islam will obliterate it". All Jews must die! U can't negotiate with Terrorists!
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLAllen West with Kilmeade: Weighs in on Ukraine, Putin, Gaza, ISIS and the Middle East via @AllenWestRepub http://t.co/LlUlWNJ9hu
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#BB4SP: Christians Flee ➡ ISIS Issues Ultimatum ➡ Convert Or Else! http://t.co/oBylhlNBNU http://t.co/YGdZ0SYhXL
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLObama's Islamist Spring Leads to Christian Winter in the Middle East http://t.co/DNXx9lxiE5 via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
Survey Says Millennials Think Socialism is a Joke http://t.co/BFeQvy1RT2 #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@glennbeck on @TheBlazeRadio 'You can get angry or you can win' #greatquote
Top Homeland Security adviser says America is an Islamic country: http://t.co/bXYf1NDXt2 #pjnet
#WeWillNotConform behind the scenes is on now! http://t.co/8jkC3kmdwx. MAYBE @glennbeck will stop by.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLEven @iHeartRadio is telling me to listen to @DocThompsonShow & @skiplacombe on @TheBlazeRadio #WeWillNotConform http://t.co/ODm3WYotJW
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@Gengm7 found a good organization for info and good link. http://t.co/1RrDLkMdjc
Obama Admin Exempts U.S. Territories From ObamaCare http://t.co/GbMCQfnyrj
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThe extensive violence at today's pro-Palestinian riot in Paris is symptomatic of the chronic problems of Islamic migration into France.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThis is Paris a few minutes ago near the Basilica of Sacré Cœur. 'Death to the Jews' chanted followed by a riot. http://t.co/dWoWFCYpwU
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLNBC said Putin Russia might be culpable 4 Malaysia flight military accident, Mean Obama culpable 4 illegal immigrants boarder deaths? #tcot
RT @PatDollard: Fmr Border Patrol: ‘All The Good That Was Done After 9/11 Up To Now Has Been Reversed Singlehandedly' http://t.co/g72Deud258Former Border Patrol Deputy Chief: ‘All The Good That Was Done After 9/11 Up To Now Has Been Reversed Singlehandedly' http://t.co/n7CkCmXe9z
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@Gengm7 -page can't be found at link, was it taken down already?Nazi propaganda alive @WashingtonPost cartoonist depicts Netanyahu punching baby in the face http://t.co/oPOW4gNeoW #tcot #ccot #Jew #Israel
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#truth #SecureOurStates #pjnet RT @PatriotsOrg: #SMARTEST STATE IN THE USA? - VERIFIED AT http://t.co/KyI4TFfLVJ http://t.co/qYzDGptoF5Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., fumed, “... is to ensure that women’s lives are not determined by virtue of five white men.” #wtf
Josh Earnest won't answer question about whether WH thinks border is secure. RT if you know the answer. #tcot #PJNET http://t.co/WPfYimrZ6v
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLCLASS ACT: Laura Bush Responds to Michelle Obama’s Complaints About Not Being Paid-Read more: http://t.co/kMGpd9jIMU http://t.co/cNszwjyVwS
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#wakeup #America @jihadwatchRS: http://t.co/Uq1MZ6WrFj Boko Haram leader: "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill Christians!" #ccot ##pjnet #jcothttp://t.co/HSnvXjNfzo Boko Haram leader: "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill Christians!"
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#criminal #bias Google responds to Problems with >> Searches << for Dinesh D'Souza's Movie 'America' | http://t.co/l1Nrd9Mr7o #tcot #pjnet
Wake up #America | Leaked Lib Megadonor Doc: 'Fundamentally Change Our Current Political System' http://t.co/6iEuBDg2CR #pjnet #theblaze
@TheBenWalters absolute truth at this moment in history! (wish were not the case but it's the current reality that was allowed to unfold)The 2 things we can do to screw up GOP Senate takeover. 1. Ppl like Palin & West calling for impeachment 2. Todd Akin popping up again
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMT @SpeakerBoehner 'Hes been President for five and a half years, when is he going to take responsibility for something?' #truth#BREAKING ISIS seize Iraq chemical weapons site - 2,500 degraded sarin rockets https://t.co/8NivbUksWS http://t.co/3DHcCaUm2d
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLhttp://t.co/Cj4nwB2Awm
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@TrueTheVote: True The Vote Files Motion For Restraining Order Against Mississippi Republican Party http://t.co/zaJldEC55t #MSSen #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
@gop better prepare for before Nov! RT @england498: GOP legally barred from fighting vote fraud http://t.co/Z4YTr05XUx via @worldnetdailyGOP legally barred from fighting vote fraud http://t.co/vywmNYNWxn via @worldnetdaily
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSHOCK, 'EN-ROUTE': 300,000 More Kids Already On The Way http://t.co/fhhGDMcZfz #tcot #teaparty #resist44 #lnyhbt #border #borderkids
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLObama Begins Paying ACORN To Collect Americans' Confidential Info Via ObamaCare http://t.co/h11Fo0GPGW via @patdollard
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@seanhannity Stop putting Rove on your show. He works to defeat conservatives! #RememberMississippi #mssen #tcot #PJNET #MakeDCListen
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@GolanMay @vito4224 -only get 15 seconds or less, only thing can do is run, instantly.Well well well. McDaniel team now has signed affidavits from many witnesses who saw Cochran supporters shred election evidence #mssen
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLCostco Reverses Decision to Pull Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s Book http://t.co/2EpwaNsLiL via @foxnewsinsider
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLViolent MS-13 Gang Members Leave Graffiti On Bathroom Walls Of Nogales Border Patrol Processing Center --Blame Bush http://t.co/pzLNPIFB23
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL☞RT☜ if you believe this is wrong. #tcot #lnyhbt #tlot #tgdn #teaparty #pjnet #ccot http://t.co/XtWTlwV2IL
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMS-13 Tags Nogales Border Patrol Processing Center Bathroom! http://t.co/4aws3x5S8u #SendThemBack #RedNationRising http://t.co/GDwNSSJIOy
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL"Why won't President Obama go to the Texas border today?" If every conservative would ask this question on Twitt… http://t.co/ha4xYFM1e9
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMilitary wife whose twitter posts have made 'liberal heads explode’ @HollyRFisher has a message to conservatives: http://t.co/LgScpPc0Mi
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
@seanhannity @rushlimbaugh thought were none? Iraq tells U.N. 'terrorist groups' seized former chemical weapons depot http://t.co/QCOLJya8RP#Iraq #IS #UN "Iraq tells U.N. terrorist groups seized former chemical weapons depot " via @Reuters @Shahr2ad http://t.co/PrS6ymu2id
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLTed Cruz: Humanitarian crisis on our border is a direct consequence of Obama's lawlessness. https://t.co/fd7WSPngzv #TGDN #CCOT #PJNET #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#vasurge plz sign the #vasurgepetition today http://t.co/Y6WGhOBGoO - let's finally get an answer from the white house @glennbeck @theblaze
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLI'll see @glennbeck 's bowl of fruit loops and raise him a bowl of cheerios - healthier choice ;) @theblaze @TheBlazeRadio @stuntbrain
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@Montel_Williams coming on @glennbeck show shortly 11:30am to talk about a #veteran that died in VA cafeteria #sad Tune into @TheBlazeRadio'@glennbeck Record number of Criminals, record number of Drugs, record number of Terrorist coming across the border RIGHT NOW?'@SpeakerBoehner no more money! -cheaper to send them back and enforce current laws? #securetheborder #seriously #SecureOurBorderWhite House Adviser Valerie Jarrett Met ‘Four Or Five Times’ With Illegal Immigrant Activist Group http://t.co/F5yymhLmSF via @dailycaller
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLTime to BOYCOTT >>> #Costco <<< for pulling #tcot #Conservative #books from their stores on purpose? >> #enough WE are #done - #PJNET #CCOT#SecureOurBorder | Immigrant illness: What you need to know about scabies and tuberculosis | http://t.co/Q5KmRpAtjT #tcot #pjnet #ccot #jcot
#SecureOurBorder #tcot | Immigration crisis: Tuberculosis spreading at camps | http://t.co/dJjJlBULQnFor the 49th time in the past 50 months, more jobseekers gave up looking than found work. http://t.co/TGA8q2d3D7 http://t.co/psxEfjix7X
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#tcot Opinion: An Immigrant Surge En Route To A Third World USA: This Is The ‘Fundamental Transformation’ Obama... | http://t.co/F5MDL0DHwNTop of the photo is what media presented. Bottom part tells TRUTH. Amazing how media lies for "Palestinians" http://t.co/XMv3KzThGC
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Murrieta Illegal Alien Bus Protests Keep Growing http://t.co/YrQEbvvXIu http://t.co/NzoqkkhQgA
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
Then get out #done RT @ArcticFox2016: CAIR: Muslims ‘uncomfortable’ in Americas ‘free’ society http://t.co/UYSjigcnNC http://t.co/UmtqWNbbVZIf you're not proud of America, GTFO! #ItsThatSimple ** Pew Survey: 60% of 'Solid Liberals' Not Proud to Be Americans http://t.co/dDFFoGD0Nz
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@SarahPalinUSA ➡ Does it seem a decorated Marine is the only one Obama doesn't want crossing our border? http://t.co/G6pT8igtZI
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLIt was a nice night. #America #IndependenceDay#WTF Diseases Xing border w/illegals #tcot #PJNET #UniteRight http://t.co/JS2eev8rvR
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
God Bless #America #IndependenceDay http://t.co/P3iLOeyoSeBest ever so far! #Deerfield Beach, FL http://t.co/dlynH5jChN#IndependenceDay #fireworks http://t.co/5iYcBHU6UA#Deerfield beach pier #fireworks in 15mins :) #IndependenceDay #excited http://t.co/lSRfwTOjqYComfy beach chair 25ft from the Atlantic -check. 79 degrees -check. Absolute n tonic no lime -check. 200yrds from pier fireworks: #priceless@MarshallFSmith stuff of dreams! #America on the #beach during #IndependenceDay@AshleyDaniello -so I should have checked your other TWs (hotty), glad had great time out here -Pier fireworks at 9pm though, best in SoFL!@AshleyDaniello hopefully you're coming out to the beach cause it's not crowded, no rain, and a lot of fun Happy #IndependenceDay :)Storms inland #Live pic #Deerfield beach Pier enjoying relaxing time on beach awaiting fireworks 9pm #IndependenceDay http://t.co/7y9lzKIaSd#SoFL Live #beach update: #Deerfield beach and pier NO rain currently at 7PM and not that crowded either. Know weather bad inland, ok here!#BB4SP: Medical Staff Warned ➡ Keep Your Mouths Shut About Illegal Immigrants Or FACE ARREST! http://t.co/24lWy5hv1G http://t.co/A7NyK5dinx
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLGOP Rep: Deport Illegals, Don't Give Them Hope for Amnesty: Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) called on the Obama adminis... http://t.co/dQukY5AaEf
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL‘We Have Not Forgotten’: Presidents on the Fourth of July http://t.co/zD0cMLdper via @Heritage
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLAm thanks Vet, going 2 C fireworks soon :) @Vet4America @DavesGrill @thetoyman1 @Docs357 @janemiami @Tierrah46 @eavesdropann @FingersflyingHappy #IndependenceDay God Bless #America! @Vet4America @DavesGrill @thetoyman1 @Docs357 @janemiami @Tierrah46 @eavesdropann @Fingersflying#myFlag blowing in beautiful South Florida breeze #ProudAmerican Happy #IndependenceDay #tcot #ccot #pjnet #teaparty http://t.co/fhTJW7XtsY@colleencpa @jjauthor -the liberal socialist communist scum and worst of Chicago took over our great nation.“@jjauthor: The Obama White House - You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy! #tcot http://t.co/f48fNBLWIu
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSavage: Media ‘hiding’ illegal-alien disease threat http://t.co/qphsZ8JuHf
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWH: Obama Won't Visit Border While Attending Three TX Fundraisers Next Week http://t.co/dneFdiPJh0
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#ProudAmerican@SenTedCruz seeks 2 permanently block🚨illegals from all welfare🙏Amen @jjauthor @AmyMek #tcot http://t.co/jUR1gJbf9i
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLI told my son the American story this morning during his diaper change. We got to the part about Obama and he farted. He's a #ProudAmerican
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLOn OUR Independence Day you moron Spoiled Little Brats are going to fill up TWitterland with BS hashtag like #ISupportNiallAndObama #RUFKM?It is called "The Declaration of Independence" for a reason http://t.co/HFBwmqyjIZ via @CommDigiNews @tjohara2012 http://t.co/su7uhcPdjP
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