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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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@pushinghoops Whew. That ending.@pushinghoops Also, if you're into 'terrible birthday via dysfunctional family,' try Celebration and I Am Love.@pushinghoops Ah. Adding those two to my queue, then.@AmbaAzaad @pushinghoops http://t.co/0CglX6svma@pushinghoops I agree on the last point. Acculturation fantasy.Well shit, y'all, I sure had a great night.@pushinghoops Oooh, *not* RGM? I'm interested in why.also in a fairer world Woody Allen and Judd Apatow wouldnt be so popular they are mediocre at best and one is a child molestor gnite
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Please tell me they're bringing back Flight of the Conchords. RT @HuffPostTV: REUNITED! (Instagram/@_richardmadden) http://t.co/DmZA5hiulP
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@cndreisbach YES! Hooray! It looks so shiiiiiiiiiiny, @zackwagman :)@monicabyrne13 here you are at Powells in Portland Oregon http://t.co/IGrgXOT36g
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@cndreisbach I cannot tell you how much that means to me, Clinton. Thank you.@cndreisbach Yes yes yes yes YES YES YES YES YES YES.@monicabyrne13 Read your book start to finish yesterday. Enjoyed it so much.
Retweeted by Monica Byrnenovelust *nostril flare* *tongue splay*@bandregg @theStake_org I definitely agree with that.etsy shiny blanket
Retweeted by Monica Byrnewhy starship consoles explode
Retweeted by Monica ByrneAlso, I can't wait to read the last Roundtable Discussion....*rubs hands together in glee*ICYMI: @theStake_org's first Roundtable Discussion of #TheGirlintheRoad. They are diggin DEEP, yall. http://t.co/QZc6Ezke63Exploring the goddesses in @monicabyrne13's #TheGirlintheRoad http://t.co/0uiJYf1YdV
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@damiengwalter @matthaig1 @PennyRed Yeah, I've gotten a few that smack of Troll. Not a full-on offensive, though. http://t.co/Z3V9s5p8Ti@bredalot @emilyhughes @hannahnpbowman Merci. Yeah, Meena's a tough cookie.@matthaig1 @PennyRed You know @monicabyrne13 has been getting troll reviews also. Common problem for women writers?
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@Nnedi She'd heard you punched the gym in the face and wanted to learn your ways.@sajennings, see: @RikerGoogling@bostonturgy Right, it'd be online. Thinking they'd be helpful, if used judiciously.How can this fly possibly still be alive after how many times I've thumped it with this legal pad. It is like a Robo-Fly.@teamswangelista Yeah. I'd be linking to online versions of articles I'd written, which seems a better use of them.@alliemullin It totally is. Just all the more ironic in theatre, an impermanent art form at its heart.@teamswangelista Hmmm, okay. Noted!People on admissions committees: how do you feel about hyperlinks in résumés? Totally helpful? Totally annoying? #2amtThe misery of American theatre is due to its trying to make the impermanent, permanent.@thadman Ooooh! I dinna know about Vine. Thanks for the tip!Bedside reading --> bedtime dreaming. http://t.co/uq9Wig2onS#Durham! Get a cheap sushi place downtown already! Braaaaggghh!OK, two more months of Belize journal entries to go through. See you in five hours. #writerslifeAlso, misheard lyric: "You know I'd like to keep my cheating strategy" cc @afnewton https://t.co/TUWZurcLHh"No Rain" by Blind Melon is a great soundtrack for quotidian activities, like pooping.This Week Last Year: Royal Baby Born http://t.co/3jY5mkrWvm http://t.co/sAeNhqewn5
Retweeted by Monica ByrneAnd now, a German man misinterprets the term "party pooper." https://t.co/anvQYR51DXAlso, thanks to my brother @PineCoffinator for gifting me with El León in the first place :) http://t.co/WQ4tWcb9RYNew blog post: En el ropero. http://t.co/WQ4tWcb9RY #writerslife #españolEvery time I read the name "Eli" I hear it in Data-in-old-timey-West-on-the-TNG-holodeck voice.@zackwagman @MollieGlick And if anyone tells you that prospective clients would be turned off or something?--no. I was so impressed.I had a good run. RT @monicabyrne13: *incinerates @randomsubu w/ thunderbolt*
Retweeted by Monica ByrneOooooh it's a good day for this song, rainy day gloomy sweet love song. Turn it up, #Durham. https://t.co/utugREkRng@monicabyrne13 @MollieGlick That's right! All companies should require acquiring literary sci-fi before leave. It's good for the babies
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@zackwagman @MollieGlick I'll always remember you bought TGITR right before you went on yours. And thought that was badass.*incinerates @randomsubu w/ thunderbolt*ok no more mr. nice monica@theStake_org Did you catch the song from Senegal?A Flash Flood Warning has been issued for Durham County. http://t.co/RYcp74EVAC #ncwx
Retweeted by Monica ByrneSo enormously proud of the magazine I've called home for the last three years, @marieclaire, as @janetmock joins as a contributing editor!!!
Retweeted by Monica Byrneoooooooo teh tunder tunder #durham@afnewton Going on my list.@damiengwalter I've been doing it more since befriending a few frequent users! And getting over my fear of lighters, haha.P.S. @afnewton What would yours be? http://t.co/SHmp8EVpV8Oh WOW my housemates are lighting up. My whole kitchen suddenly smells like pleasant skunk.@theStake_org @christopherzf @sparrowpost @the_younger Oh, you guys are off to a goooooooood start. :)@TimeOutLondon asked me to pick my top ten scifi films of all time. Also see lists by @helenewecker & @GRRMspeaking! http://t.co/SHmp8EVpV8Oh, wow. What a beautiful day to stay in. #Durham@damiengwalter @FeliceTherese "uh, guess I'll just go look in my mirror"@damiengwalter @FeliceTherese I agree. Internet! PRODUCE!@FeliceTherese @damiengwalter Oh, bless you. This made me laugh.izzit time to getup http://t.co/48mVF6G1unas a renewables and climate guy, @monicabyrne13's energy future convinced me early that #thegirlintheroad is worth it http://t.co/Ivo6i3V4iM
Retweeted by Monica Byrnethe first roundtable for #TheGirlintheRoad reading club wonders how reliable are @monicabyrne13's narrators? http://t.co/I7nTUhq8LD
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gazpacho lyfe@petermarksdrama ...@petermarksdrama Right. It's also a joke you're making about breasts. Own it.@petermarksdrama Peter, that's beneath you.@MaxCrumm @petermarksdrama Yes. Deal with it.mah brang is broken@monicabyrne13 no one will ever understand until we prove it to them time and time again. Durham is a special place.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@minter Yo @MajorTheBull @clarioncontent @bullcity @bullcityforward let's get on it. We need to make "Durham" a verb.I wonder if the @RudeMechs ever had to deal with it. And for how long, before they were taken seriously.@minter We should conjugate that verb. "durham, durhame, durhamung, durhama"@monicabyrne13 Your reply to them should be "Do you even Durham, bro?"
Retweeted by Monica Byrne...I will assume I don't have to explain it. Thank you God. Amen.On one hand, I hate defaulting to a defensive posture. On the other hand, the condescension I've gotten regarding my home base is amazing.Will they believe me.Or why it's an amazing place to make theatre. Or why I choose to make it here rather than in New York. Or Chicago. Or LA. Or. Or. Or.How much of my @NewDramatists application essay do I have to spend explaining what Durham even is.@jeremyvancleve ok ok good excuse@jeremyvancleve jeremy for the love of god why are you not at @cocoacinnamon@JaybirdOBerski Cold brains, unloved, untouched, unglued, alone at last.@JaybirdOBerski Was I? Not as inventive, but still beautiful. I'll support him through any phase, morning or otherwise. :)@JaybirdOBerski Mmmmmmffffffffccckkkkkk I love Beck. Saw his Midnite Vultures tour in Boston. Fell even more in love.@dloehr :)wayell now i can't concentrate for jackshit, thanks a lot, pretty boys, everywhere@AnnieSprinkle @ninaland @belle_knox @MaxineHolloway Just what I was thinking! I love not having any "W" to not look at "NSFW" pix at :)my "date night" face http://t.co/mae9Du10zGBrunch date with cm4c at @oldhavanaeats. I cannot even. And they gave us a complimentary birthday… http://t.co/ICNvZ2ba8D
@belle_abroad yonis errywhere@Tween2TeenBooks It was lovely to see you again, Isabel! Thank you for coming! :)Loved seeing @monicabyrne13 again at @DurhamCountyLib! http://t.co/Ajdgpe46K3
Retweeted by Monica ByrneJust sold another Girl in the Road for @monicabyrne13! I kept all the yonis a surprise.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI'm going to kick the shit out of this author talk. http://t.co/f0BTQeNpTCReady for my author talk! I might faint from residual nausea from yesterday's adventure. Stay tuned. #writerslife http://t.co/6FNqa5tnFe
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