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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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@theviewtv @PKhakpour attendez la creme.........@NightColander I freely admit I contrived that joke after 30 seconds of reading the Wikipedia entry on Anti-Iranian Sentiment.@NightColander mumblecore, amirite?@NightColander ok mr. historical accuracyIn Farahzad I moved to add yogurt to a ghormeh sabzi stew and he nearly had an aneurysm.Right now he is eyeing my teacup in consternation because my tea is not boiling hot.Things I enjoy in #Iran: distressing my guide Mohamad by eating things the wrong way.@adnohr77 It's an extraordinary and wonderful place.@NightColander #orientalismbingo@NightColander Only if Aladdin drives.Also, I'm going to have to buy an entirely new article of luggage in order to bring home all of my Persian goods.It's like a beautiful dream I don't want to wake up from.Booked my hotel in Hong Kong. My time in Iran is beginning to end. Sigh.@NightColander @tejucole "Opening Open City"@NightColander have you written the book about wandering around new york thinking about @tejucole's book about wandering around new york yet@NightColander @KatWithSword @shebe86 Merciiiiii :)@KatWithSword In NH....!!! Send me a quick update email? ;)@KatWithSword OoOoOoooooOooo yesssssss. I have no doubt they have faloudeh in New York-- @shebe86, @NightColander, yeah?@mahveshm Apparently it's a Yazd thing.@KatWithSword Kat, I wish I could send you some. Maybe it's available somewhere in the Twin Cities?@mahveshm No, it was just in a bowl of sweet rosewater with a giant ice cube to keep everything cold. Soooo weird!@scalzi It was very good once I got over the tactile/gustatory dissonance.this is a thingso it is like cold rosewater ramenfaloudeh is a BOWL OF GLASS NOODLES IN COLD ROSEWATER BROTH, you guys@Keffy Aaaaaaaa thank you so much! That's very nice of you. :)also can we talk about (1) faloudeh (2) manteaus #iranjk i'm asking for myselfHaha uhhhhh are there any hotels in Hong Kong that go for less than $250 a night? Asking for a friend.@CallieLeuck Heeeeehhhhh heh heh hehBuying sweets in Yazd is serious business. #Iran http://t.co/waDWvMvANk@nrose OK. Now going to delete the initial tweets so the Dropbox people don't come after me wringing their hands and making me feel guiltyThe guy behind me in the line has some really BIG IDEAS about streamlining the airplane boarding process
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@nrose AHA. Thank you.@nrose Right & mine should be too. Pix uploaded onto mobile app showed up online half hour later; still no option to download, only "share"Mansplaining Without Borders..."Yes, I know, we have those too. Yes, I've seen them. Yes, I understand." He kept explaining as if she hadn't spoken.Yesterday morning at breakfast, listened to British man explaining egg cups to Iranian woman, despite her repeatedly saying...@robdelaney You do!? Why?@neilhimself http://t.co/kOW16kR98b@neilhimself Ah, you're on the road too! Hello from Yazd, Iran... :) P.S. You MUST come here.@teamswangelista ME NEITHER! So soon, Ami, I get to see you + those sunsets in real life!Wherever I go in the world, I'm always a sucker for bougainvillea in sunlight. #Iran http://t.co/begtqcMdsQPersian stained glass. Bagh-e Dolat Abad, Yazd, #Iran. http://t.co/e9lwWoJT3R
New Census Study Finds That 40% Of U.S. Population Is Filler http://t.co/UCtYOPqpPl http://t.co/hzh93LER5B
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@enkymion Thanks! Yeah, I'm here a whole month. And SO happy. A month isn't nearly long enough...@enkymion 10 days. :(@fakedansavage's column is blocked in Iran. This surprises no one.articulate to yourself what you want from life and then pursue it ruthlessly@MAliKadivar Especially notions of purity.@MAliKadivar Much that should be discussed over tea, over hours.In the Zurkhaneh, where men perform ritual feats of strength and focus in honor of Ali, the first… http://t.co/E6W9NubRSR@shaenasaurus Be bold.@PKhakpour Yesss, public crying. I've also been guilty of this many a time.Mounted outside my room in the caravanserai. I didn't even see it the first day. I think the desert… http://t.co/TL2s8YOxP3The world under the water. Bagh-e Dolat Abad, Yazd, #Iran. http://t.co/DCza5VLZLvA gift from a woman at the Church of Joseph of Arimathea in Isfahan: the Lord's Prayer in Armenian. #Iran http://t.co/N5G25To83N@gretamjohnsen @gillianbwhite @TheAtlantic Fascinating. First thought: it still just doesn't even occur to me as a thing to do.it legitimizes a conversation whose terms have been set by bigots
Retweeted by Monica Byrnestop accepting the disempowering rhetoric that demands you speak for your identity from a defensive position
Retweeted by Monica Byrneprioritize women
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@MAliKadivar BOY do I have a lot of questions for you about Persian masculinity...cc @malikadivarOh my God, Zurkhaneh. #IranLunch on the divan. Hotel Kohan, Yazd, #Iran. http://t.co/ilUyIr8jpv
And thank you to @pushinghoops for pointing me to that essay in the first place.New post: Eating the Other. https://t.co/VhiEXNOvvH #Iran #travel #bellhooks@samalipour Wanderlust, plain and simple. :)Good morning, roof of the caravanserai. Good morning, desert. Good morning, distant mountains. #Iran http://t.co/R6FMDRvyEtGoodnight, caravanserai-under-the-stars. #Iran http://t.co/rluz8pehEKThese two, though. #Iran http://t.co/9VtU0lQilQBed #14: A room in a 500-year-old restored caravanserai. So basic. So comfortable. #Iran http://t.co/qvwyZmQyJZ
New post: Courtyard lullaby. https://t.co/qGFQuFUskj #IranA maze of mud walls and date palms. All ancient beyond imagining. #Iran http://t.co/MZD80H0jwdBed #14: Bedding in a traditional mud house room at Ateshooni Lodge, Garmeh oasis, #Iran. http://t.co/HgMHzGZJl2@KMBTweets @hannahjwaters @inkkr HEY. I just got back from the desert. Love to you all, too. :)@scalzi (1) See: black scorpion. (2) Feel: not as bad.A very dead black scorpion. I found it in the bathroom. Parviz smashed the shit out of it with a shoe.… http://t.co/SYtAA3QN8DVase of desert brush in my room at Bar Andaz Lodge, Farahzad, #Iran. http://t.co/XUlErTmf8JAfternoon on the divan. Hopelessly perfect (especially with dates and hot tea). #Iran http://t.co/caULW3GYDcA fresh date, soft as melting butter. Nothing in the States will taste the same after this. #Iran http://t.co/4mj96SMikkThe tree in the courtyard at Bar Andaz Lodge, a desert homestay in Farahzad, #Iran. http://t.co/P9XlPjrslBSunset winds. Bar Andaz Lodge, #Iran. http://t.co/4OOMjkZQfsWorn-away angel face in the Church of St. Joseph of Arimathea, Armenian Quarter, Esfahan, #Iran. Attn:… http://t.co/s4nJKzKKGP
@KatWithSword ...but here at least is the pic of the demon disemboweling a sinner while on a very large cell phone. https://t.co/1eYul9K8Os@KatWithSword Damn Internet connection! I'll have to try again later...@purp Gracias, y, por supuesto.@purp I'm deep in a beautiful dream.Boys on the other divan. Hi, boys. #Iran http://t.co/ZrXHyBZjonHello from the divan. http://t.co/kJ9YzXn30N@theStake_org @the_younger "Cuvven? Cuvven sounds so stupid, like 'oven.'"@the_younger @theStake_org Right? The scene of Mike screaming is a revelation.@theStake_org Tangentially: have you seen American Movie?New post: A catalogue of sacred places. https://t.co/Oq5MGqPE26 #Iran #writerslifeI wanted to run a caption contest for every single one of them.And here, I think they are pouring water down his asshole? @KatWithSword, can you illuminate? http://t.co/a42x7P8N1vHere, a demon is disemboweling a sinner while talking on a very large cell phone. http://t.co/ektmfI98slThere were many amusingly grotesque frescoes on the walls of martyr punishment and/or horrors of hell.Today I visited the Church of Joseph of Arimathea in the Armenian District of Esfahan. Attn: @afnewton. http://t.co/MOoxZHMutWSitting on the divan by the fountain in the courtyard under the stars, in Esfahan.
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