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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, GHOSTS/FIFA. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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RT @UberFacts: The CEO of McDonald's & @ochocinco both lost 20 pounds on an all McDonald's diet.RT @Fact: Don't cheat in a relationship. If you're not happy, just breakup & sleep with @ochocincoHow did you do last week in my Fan Duel league? I picked up Percy so I know I'm going to win. Get your team right --> http://t.co/GIck0xLeVHAccording to this game of FIFA with @ochocinco, El Classico is going to be a good one. http://t.co/coglaAlO9l
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonSomeone said I look homeless today & everything I have on looks donated.... My response... SO http://t.co/MGN4K1KsJAAll RED Margiela's for me courtesy of @Wespeso http://t.co/a9ZaajghovWas flying to Paris to C PSG/Ibrahimovic play on the 17th of January, with Real Madrid playing like this I might need to go to Spain insteadIs Real Madrid dominating every facet of the game or is my visual judgment a bit off?🙌 http://t.co/G298KyKc5lLiverpool & Real Madrid...We need to meet RT @vanillllabean: Never met 1 person who ate McDonald's habitually and was healthy just because they ran a few miles afterPrayers for those in Ottawa, hope all is resolved soon...🚶 RT @DealMethToKids: You see a ni••a driving a smart car and it makes you want to take his lunch money and give him a swirlyLike I'm not gone buy you another one? Have a seat in a corner & recite The Lord's Prayer RT @Barbie_Bates_: Thinking about my car 😢😢😢😢She gets it ----> RT @NikiSkyler: Text I love you to EVERYONE on your phone. It's hilarious 🙌I worked for Anna Wintour & was able to get her to fall in love, if I can do the impossible so can you at your place of work... #YOLOIt's not harassment if they like it...Walk in your boss's office and tell em you love em & thank you for the opportunity... (Don't give him/her time to respond just kiss them)Sometimes I feel like just saying I love you isn’t strong enough to express how much I love you…
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI look homeless, who cares I have Starbucks, dope shoes & I love EVERYBODY.... http://t.co/yvyAHewm1c
I was 2/3... Starbucks & T.I.'s album were clutch this morning...Was anyone able to complete the TRIFECTA I talked about this morning?I love them not like... RT @ShonBoo: Can somebody point me in the direction of the guys on Twitter that like fat girls? Please and thank you@JOSH_GORDONXII I'll give you a two goal lead purposely & win still...Just finished polishing my #FIFA15 skills on @PhilTaylor98 I'm 2-0 in the Liverpool vs Bayern Munich series.. #Balotelli @ochocinco up next?
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonStart your morning off w/ good sex, to complete what I call the morning TRIFECTA get coffee from Starbucks & listen to T.I.'s new album...
DJ Swearinger seems sane tonight simply because he's wearing gloves...Arian Foster & Ahman Green have the smoothest & most effortless running styles, it's as if they're floating...AJ80...AB84...Happy birthday to little Bryce, keep eating McDonald's and playing soccer... 🎉🎊🎁🎈Everybody's ship sailed & hit an iceberg then sank according to 94% of your answers...Those of you with kids like myself would you ever go back to your significant other who blessed you w/ your angel/S or has that ship sailed?Love your enthusiasm Mr. OBrien but I don't swing that way... RT @Mr__OBrien: “@ochocinco: How is everybody doing today?” Fuck you chad.How is everybody doing today?1 shoe & garment at a time unless you're Kanye...When changing her closet ALWAYS start with her shoes...Ocho-esque 🔥🔥🔥 http://t.co/bzcdenAkelCrazy how you gotta to wait till it's dark to see who really with you...“@JayWarner_: I need to get on Ye and @ochocinco fashion level 😪 http://t.co/jFv5hjXA7M”SALUTE7 seconds of prayer is all you need, 7 is the number of completion, just make sure your actions are aligned w/ what you're praying for...I love you people & all you stand for, I'm no Joe Clark but you can Lean On Me...Holy dried up pigeon droppings on concrete it's 30 degrees in Montreal, this is absolutely perfect but where's the snow....
Gotta stay in your financial lane...I look like a little kid in that picture w/ Snoop & Ronnie Hillman...It feels good to LOVE with no worries...I can't be beaten in NHL15... http://t.co/k6qB4JWhnG“@BugsyMontana: @ochocinco CHILD PLEASE!!!! #kingOcho http://t.co/fuumCF5Hkk” 🔥🔥🔥Sanu's cleats are 🔥🔥🔥@Everett_Golson5 I need those gold cleats you wore yesterday signed "To The Black Guy"Upset that a Shiekh gets his Bentley truck before I do...The car that @ochocinco saved up for three years to buy: The 2016 Bentley SUV. http://t.co/bU8DyROw3n http://t.co/dMofSj2b7b
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonHeavenly Choir by "The Canton Spirituals" will get your day aligned if you're not on track this afternoon...Walking and perusing each aisle in Super Walmart listening to "The Canton Spirituals" killing time until today's NFL games come on...Breakfast at L'Avenue... http://t.co/eRYK1nZ2dMSmile today & if all else fails know the black guy LOVES you... http://t.co/EiyfsQ96NaAmos Lee's song "Sweet Pea" during my stroll, feel like I'm in the 70's...There's beauty in the odd & imperfect...I know you don't care but I'm just updating you on my weird, simplistic yet boring life...Listening to Andrea Bocelli & The London Symphony Orchestra perform "Vaghissima Sembrianza" on repeat walking to McDonald's for breakfast.Pavel "The Magician" Datsyuk seems to be the consensus...I'm new to hockey but who would be equivalent to what Messi is on the pitch in the NHL as far as stick work/tricks & control w/ the puck.Did y'all see PK Subban's brilliance with the stick/puck to score his 2nd goal coming out the penalty box...Control your happiness and joy today, don't give one person that much power to deter ya sanity...@ochocinco lol I drew you a while back 😌 http://t.co/T84j0bt2MC
Retweeted by Chad Johnson“@Hope_Laurent: I just need a man who has a mindset & fashion sense similar to @ochocinco or Yeezy 🙌”Very few take the chances to stand outKun Agüero has scored 4 goals using both feet, must be ambidextrous...Tottenham & Manchester City is a good match, seems one sided now w/ Tottenham down a man...
əldoəd noʎ əʌol ı ⅋ ʇɥƃıupooƃəldoəd 00ᄅ ɟo lɐoƃ ʎɯ ɹɐəu əɹəɥʍou ʇnq ʎɐpoʇ pəʌol ıHABS you're up next...Beautiful ALS simply beautiful...I finished in the top 10 this past weekend... $10 to play, $5k to the winner. #FanDuel Link- http://t.co/jWvlzKKMnCWhere are the women at during my quest to love 200 strangers I know personally before 8pm...Found @SMMCCA in a cigar bar who is the 4th person I loved today, 196 more people to go... http://t.co/Bsve0NgbPS7 billion people on earth, don't complain find your peace elsewhere...I look like a damn black Jedi...Loved another stranger, 197 more to go... http://t.co/WZSQpb7Gfe.@ochocinco is an awesome guy http://t.co/iF5pKjXED5
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonLoved 2 people so far, 198 more to go... http://t.co/JzjALdmWetWill LOVE at least 200 strangers I know personally in passing before 8pm...Nothing worth having comes easy but at what point is giving up beneficial...Reload and keep on trying...Have you ever got tired of trying...If you're ever feeling down just check your savings or credit score...Mark Schlereth and I are related according to my information I gathered on http://t.co/YHynPeLfH7Is it too early to love on people..."Don't Tell Mom" commercial has me lol'N about doing the little things with my kids their mom wouldn't approve of & me saying just that...
Dinner... http://t.co/94Zh0imusGI loved a lot of people today with no expectations in return...Is there anything that can actually bring you to tears using only your visual imagery...Tears of joy...All I want for Christmas is to be able to sit down at Starbucks for 2 hours w/ Johnny Depp & Daniel Day Lewis...So nobody caught that misspelled word...Curios if I can still play "November Rain" on my Gibson...The right set of hands & feet can get all I have to offer...The song "Latch" featuring Sam Smith is so dope...Gotta follow WayMo & Iceberg footsteps...Made her FaceTime during her checkup w/ her OB/GYN...Life is awesome when you put things into PERSPECTIVE instead of comparing your blessings to others...
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