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I invest in internet companies at Venrock, still wish I was a rock star, and have way too many hobbies.

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Machines are beginning to make inroads into everything humans are good at: http://t.co/3zrFIznajl http://t.co/ysIhqORLIy
Retweeted by David PakmanWe don't often think of Google owning a mobile messaging platform. "Gmail Now Has 900M Active Users, 75% On Mobile" http://t.co/01dlgwTFlhAvg consumer has 36 apps installed. 1 in 4 used daily and 1 in 4 never. Findings from a Google survey. https://t.co/MUNvzwioJn
Retweeted by David PakmanI'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing http://t.co/mtSRhDyFIY@liamboluk fantastic work.This is the best discussion of the future of TV I have ever read. http://t.co/gcJV6csjGy@notch @YouNow thanks, great! Ping me when you do so I can follow you ;)@notch @YouNow our pleasure. Let me know if we can be helpful.@notch @YouNow should be fixed now, please try again.@notch @YouNow almost fixed...@notch @YouNow fixing that right now, stand by...@notch @YouNow absolutely not! I'm all heart, you know that!@notch @YouNow it's true I love it and invested in it, but I honestly believe you would dig the community there. Thanks for considering it!@notch try @YouNow! You'll appreciate the community there.Stop Comparing Yourself To Strangers On Instagram, It Could Make You Sad via @NYTNow http://t.co/R9s1IXVBzc http://t.co/HZywDFqqCJ
content marketing is a difficult concept to grasp, lots of nuance and https://t.co/kXLObYYWr5
Retweeted by David PakmanRaising the Next Generation of Chief Executives – via @NYTNow http://t.co/rm4hjoDazo http://t.co/aawIRla80DMichael Dell started Dell in his dorm room in 1984. Since then, total revenues have been a staggering $880 billion. http://t.co/fYRNXhHi64
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A kernel of corn popping http://t.co/RMSQduqf86
Retweeted by David PakmanImagine if someone set the upside cap on Facebook as "Viacom" back in the day. http://t.co/Cd54OOBKjT
Retweeted by David Pakman@kwhitehouse Yup, 90 day retention is off the charts@n8joseph @danprimack Totally okay to seed creators (ala Youtube) but no need to make your own. Why compete with your users?@n8joseph @danprimack In my view, highest value in online media ecosystem is UGC platform, full stop. No need to make your own content.@pkafka dec. = decrease (sorry, ran out of room...)@mdudas @danprimack (and are doing it beautifully) [long: NFLX]@mdudas @danprimack Totally agree, NFLX is a content distributor, not a platform for user expression..they must go up the content valu chain@jaykirsch No. they should be buying UGC platforms!Snapchat has the perfect platform on which others should publish (teen adopted, ultra-high retention). Original content model will dec. valu@jonathanglick I know @aweissman agrees with me…@danprimack The enterprise value of being a UGC platform/network is much higher than being orig content creator. http://t.co/pbx0vybrlmQuickest way for Snapchat to destroy value is to become a content creator.
@jaykirsch @nytimes I am so honored @ConorDougherty has anointed me with such grand powers! #watchmeraiseinterestrateswithmyfinger@kajawhitehouse @nytimes Um, yes.According to the @nytimes, we VCs believe that uttering one word will change the macroeconomic cycle. http://t.co/aQttYtIChA
YouTube ad product boss @philfarhi joins Uber-for-parking startup @luxevalet as product VP http://t.co/SQFFiYxeEL
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Eddie Vedder with a belting “Better Man” on Letterman last night https://t.co/xjSBH47z40
Retweeted by David PakmanThe busy lives of faculty in fake degree programs, as told through stock photos: http://t.co/uacziFJ66g via @slate@MikeIsaac you down with the kidz@MikeIsaac time for another breakfast? Twitterverse too bored of digital music pitfalls for a tweetstorm@ajs @mikeyavo I'm just referring to your comment, "think I’d rather be on a chopper than a tiny tiny private plane"@ajs @mikeyavo First world problems.@pakman that was also 2011. Mkt inflation, competition, etc. fear of cannibalization of DOA DL biz. would only make it more $ in 2015
Retweeted by David PakmanMinimum costs a for startup to launch a music streaming service? $127M in advances to 3 major labels for 3 years http://t.co/4GYGVx6T4R@HananBrand dp at venrock
@MikeIsaac beautiful pupWelcome to @Twitter, @POTUS! One question: Does that username stay with the office? #askingforafriend
Retweeted by David PakmanThe @POTUS is on @twitter. That is all. /cc @ev @biz @jack@HananBrand Thank you. Nope, no longer there. Feel free to email me?Abundance vs scarcity @pakman on stage talking apps, mobile social media + media companies of tomorrow. #InternetWeek http://t.co/NGS8pkXqwP
Retweeted by David Pakman"On the internet, almost nothing is exclusive." @pakman #IWNY
Retweeted by David Pakman
Fantastic essay. Swearing Off the Modern Man – via @NYTNow http://t.co/afmj715eKw http://t.co/vrVzGVttfa
World class mentors. Incredible chance to accelerate your startup. Apply to @techstars NYC for Fall 2015 session: http://t.co/EWnzU9YHlB
New assumption in security is that your LAN is as unsafe as the internet. https://t.co/9dfpK2btDm90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device http://t.co/2YrpKCracS by @ruthreader
Retweeted by David PakmanFacebook’s global dominance of messaging, in two maps http://t.co/EMBaNArEPw http://t.co/SNHr21PH6x
Retweeted by David PakmanComcast = Freewheel Verizon = http://t.co/nFoNFRdsC2 Facebook = LiveRail@RichBTIG @YouNow http://t.co/aPhnxC5Q1K@RichBTIG @YouNow Cowen and Co and eMArketer. Will send you report.
@GraehamF @mjones @YouNow Of all average sessions (majority of users are viewers)Avg daily time spent (mins): Facebook 42 Tumblr 34 Instagram 21 Pinterest 21 Twitter 17 Snapchat 17 Tinder 15 LinkedIn 10 @YouNow 50#Venrock is happy to be backing the super-talented @kevinryan again! https://t.co/f5SRoIm9l4Breaking: Verizon Communications to acquire AOL for $4.4 billion in cash http://t.co/tYCeELTJqc
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No Stack Startups http://t.co/5B1TL6RHDD via @aweissman Content and Commerce are moving to the edge.
Twitter has a short-term Periscope problem and a long-term media mess by @pkafka http://t.co/sptzuCF1ml http://t.co/uv4rDQeSij
Retweeted by David PakmanYouTube's NewFront pitch: keep buying TV, advertisers, and you'll miss out on a generation http://t.co/KKp2DcwOcQ
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The Rise of Emoji on Instagram Is Causing Language Repercussions, via @nytimes http://t.co/ME8WqvERIT
@sether ummmm, wha???I am in total shock about the loss of @davegoldberg. A fantastic person, mentor, friend and leader. From Launch to @SurveyMonkey. So sad.@carnalizer ok let's talk!
@jonathanglick @aweissman Right. Even though it will take long time before teens wear the watch, seems like the catalyst for something new@jonathanglick @aweissman Know anyone making one? ;)@jonathanglick @aweissman FB = pics from last night, TW = real-time text, IG = real-time photos, YN = live video, snap = ephermeral, next?@jonathanglick @aweissman So, is it possible to predict the "form" of next expression platform? Or must we just wait and see?@aweissman @jonathanglick To many, it may not look like disruption until it has happened. But man, we have seen this movie so many times now@aweissman @jonathanglick OMG I just typed that exact sentence, basically.@jonathanglick Oh it is SO much more fun because the establishment always dismisses the new IP as inferior until it is too late@jonathanglick Oh, absolutely. It is much harder to disrupt using licensed content (Netflix) than new IP (FB, YouTube, IG, Twitter, etc.)🔴 LIVE @kristahponen on #YouNow - Dances the perfect MJ! http://t.co/RofmtjCVyw http://t.co/uZ69uJV5Fk
And @pkafka with the Grooveshark money quote... http://t.co/6LTqXTEG7Q http://t.co/XV8PayclAP@gregcohn the Californians.Dear young people, Please shut up and pay us. Yours sincerely, the cable guy. https://t.co/rSXCdqrOWn
Retweeted by David Pakman"If u want to stay in the eyeballs business, cool — but u risk losing relevance to an entire generation of viewers.” http://t.co/zEyWY4XGq3
YouTube is dominating TV networks with mobile alone http://t.co/9f64s92JR1 http://t.co/8BN3BtXg3q
Retweeted by David Pakmanboom :) Arduino and Microsoft announce partnership http://t.co/OgK8ihWHgC (this is just the beginning)
Retweeted by David PakmanNote where Eagles fans rank, my friends. Washington Redskins: Bad at football, worse at spelling. http://t.co/77lGxFb9IA via @WSJ
Retweeted by David PakmanRush's Drummer Neil Peart has chronic tendonitis in his arms. http://t.co/9mymazRKNWFor perspective, the Q1 revenue "miss" from @Twitter means they only grew 74% year-over-year!
Retweeted by David PakmanI’m the kind of friend who will help you hide a dead body, but if you betray me, just remember: I know how to hide a dead body.
Retweeted by David PakmanNever mind @periscopeco or @AppMeerkat -- @YouNow has already paid top live-streamers $1M+ http://t.co/4OZqLO0t0f
Retweeted by David PakmanTeens are going crazy for YouNow, a livestreaming app with 100M monthly user sessions http://t.co/ynIUrz9WiU (amazing work, @mekosoff!)
@pkafka dudn't make it riiiiight...Verizon Falsely Tells Customer to upgrade to 75 Mbps from 50 to get Better Quality Netflix Streaming http://t.co/inPUgV1bbEGreat piece in @Wired. "Since 1999, @SurveyMonkey has quizzed us. Now it has answers." http://t.co/hzMxdZJxQm http://t.co/utXIsse79I
Retweeted by David PakmanAlgorithms and the crowd predict triumph for same-sex marriage at the Supreme Court. http://t.co/MIqz6JDbk8 http://t.co/nXG1hK40qs
Retweeted by David PakmanIn the entertainment biz, innovation is always restricted by rights issues. ESPN Sues Verizon Over New Cable Packages http://t.co/dzItJwkTrr
How two Harvard Business School students turned a class trip into a billion-dollar company, yay @cloudflare http://t.co/QfILKthw3YThe power of teen social platforms. Shawn Mendes and the 6-Second Path to Stardom, via @nytimes http://t.co/K12XfDKhw9This is awesome. Forget Anna Wintour, The Latest Fashion, Trending on Google, via @nytimes http://t.co/Ndha6eKTYhWhite House Takes Cybersecurity Pitch to Silicon Valley , via @nytimes http://t.co/t3FMX0FkJL
🔴 LIVE @PointlessBlogTv on #YouNow - 9K viewers live! Check him out. http://t.co/ABY9aGZTps http://t.co/3gxbUf18pY
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