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Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner.

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Programming Langauge communities are kind of like TV series where if you miss some episode(s) you can be totally lost as to what's going on.Oregon is the least corrupt state in the nation? http://t.co/SgNhzZFo1V
Do you think "mesh-networking" is the internet of the future? #OpenWeb #WebWeWantFest - http://t.co/2tc8J0juTj
Retweeted by philtor@teknotus Do you get auras?@stevej @jamesiry he was the Elon Musk of his day.Until recently, skunks were considered weasels (family Mustelidae) but now they have their own family: Mephitidae.
Retweeted by philtor@lrz No, not at all. A few inches, generally. Some winters none.@lrz We rarely get snow in the winter.@lrz Looks very similar to summer on the Oregon coast.
Unknown orange-red glow over Pacific Ocean http://t.co/5fWdKX2SMf
Retweeted by philtor@jessejiryudavis At first glance I thought this was a Supreme Court retreat.This is actually a new book, 15 years too late: http://t.co/VmEIHuVsbd
Retweeted by philtorThis Hoverbike Is High-Flying Mix Between Motorcycle And Helicopter (based on @3DRobotics Pixhawk autopilot) http://t.co/RD6nFn9gzK
Retweeted by philtorThe most joyful true rant I've read about programming languages in ages - Dylan: the harsh realities of the market http://t.co/48cdn4gMlu
Retweeted by philtorgears within gears // #generative #perfectloop #processing #sketch, #tumblr featured #gif // http://t.co/a9O6fnid4T http://t.co/GiZgu5YTpZ
Retweeted by philtorHope we're not just the biological boot loader for digital superintelligence. Unfortunately, that is increasingly probable
Retweeted by philtor@teknotus how'd you work up to it?@bhurt42 I thought of that, by is that IDE still in use? Didn't it disappear in the early 2000s?@didip vim?@tarasglek what's next?Job ad requirements: 5 years C++ experience (ok), 3+ years of _IDE Knowledge_ (??) Does not specify _which_ IDENot the URL I would go with, personally. But w/e: http://t.co/xRBkELKgWb
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@BreakingNews @latimesent yawnThis is what a snow-removal train in Skagway, Alaska looks like. http://t.co/XE2OQxnIGD
Retweeted by philtorcc @NaomiAKlein MT @SonyKapoor: More lifeboats! http://t.co/6R7HB8aX6K
Retweeted by philtormy advice to new programmers is to remove the foil from the leftover lasagna before you put it in the microwave
Retweeted by philtorBurning Man is next week, and if the US really insists the War on Drugs isn't an institutional race war, it will end in thousands of arrests
Retweeted by philtorNeed to give credit for the wonderful photo I posted earlier. http://t.co/0TalDiBQdw Taken by @nbcbayarea photographer Jeremy Carroll.
Retweeted by philtorPerl is a Trojan-style weapon of mass destruction designed by Romulans to first slow down, then to annihilate Earth science.
Retweeted by philtorBlue Sea Slug http://t.co/EYu9Yrc0xn
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@evanphx @davystevenson I thought it was kind of creepy that the anthemic "Let it Go " is sung by a person basically having mental breakdownIs Burning Man Just Work? http://t.co/EcFfCrI829
Retweeted by philtorSpotted on FB: http://t.co/pImQLrNvh6 #drwho
Retweeted by philtor"A PhD student is someone who forgoes current income in order to forgo future income"
Retweeted by philtorif your charter is down and you can somehow read this, add and to your DNS.
Retweeted by philtorJane Street: Clearly Failing http://t.co/tRjI3KxqDF
Retweeted by philtorTeacher arrested by TSA for carrying weapons of math instruction : identified as a member of the Al-gebra mouvement http://t.co/olCUUaIJi1
Retweeted by philtorI'm #reading A Spy Among Friends by Ben Macintyre http://t.co/wToUFp7Wng
Implementing the Binary Memcached Protocol with Ocaml and Bitstring http://t.co/uh8M3TrQ93 (http://t.co/bcrs4BKh42)
Retweeted by philtormicro SD cards are actually too small to be an effective archival medium. Too easy to lose. Too small to write labels on. #bringbackfloppiesCouldn't make Burning Man this year? Just ride your bike around the living room in diapers and a stovepipe hat and then burn the house down.
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Crowd-funding Nuclear Fusion http://t.co/eFjwypojkN via @IEEESpectrumExperimental nuclear fusion company raises $1.5 million in venture capital this month http://t.co/K0Zw2VpwG8
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Retweeted by philtorRussia demands Bulgarians stop painting Soviet monuments as superheroes http://t.co/Aaf2GfkxfA http://t.co/pk5rJ0pfUO http://t.co/eYQkz8Xqe5
Retweeted by philtor@wccls have you looked into Hoopla? https://t.co/K4XjEAQfki Looks like Multnomah Co. libraries are in, but don't see WCCLS there.Note for Americans: this is what 'riot police' look like. Count the assault rifles. http://t.co/dvUQ9KzSio
Retweeted by philtorOur office pets? Three jellyfish named Jellius Caesar, Jelvis Presley + Sting: http://t.co/0GmK64mcnl #TEDjellies http://t.co/I92PQQLeXE
Retweeted by philtor@rickasaurus with hammers.Actual quote from the Andy Griffith Show: wisdom on today's hypermilitarized police. via http://t.co/NCDSaxdq80 http://t.co/xnm5rCNQve
Retweeted by philtorCreating an 8x8x8 3D LED Cube: It's All About the Jigs #FPGA #MCU #PCB @EETimes http://t.co/oXm7UMDqha http://t.co/iM92AJzwTp
Retweeted by philtor@gragtah @glv The ghost of the Gold-Rush lives on in the Bay Area.
Egypt calls on US authorities to show restraint against protesters in #Ferguson http://t.co/r4pZ1uKScZ http://t.co/BDSwDATZD1
Retweeted by philtorWTF?? http://t.co/8FRduljOR0 Police kill a person by showing him for 1 hour so hot his skin fell off... WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA?
Retweeted by philtorEven Turkish soccer fans are protesting with Ferguson now: http://t.co/KB2KWn72hs http://t.co/RfHM4UhGmJ
Retweeted by philtorGPLGPU: An Open-Source GPU http://t.co/a8D6aFwjkC
Retweeted by philtorI've found the Rebel Bass http://t.co/4FWWYKTxPi
Retweeted by philtor@mort___ @el33th4xor How can we get started with that?Imagine finding out your BOYFRIEND OF FOUR YEARS is an UNDERCOVER COP sent to MONITOR YOUR ORGANIZING http://t.co/DSAPDBQEUS
Retweeted by philtorPolice in England and Wales shot a firearm 3 times last year. Wow. https://t.co/ZywppFHuBB
Retweeted by philtor@FioraAeterna @stevej Is this a new instruction?oh my gosh, Intel, I am in love http://t.co/4emneIQcmz
Retweeted by philtorNow running Xen on Cubieboard2! :)Note to self:when using dd to write an image you most certainly don't want: of=/dev/sdb1 You want: of=/dev/sdbWho took the silicon out of Silicon Valley?
web dev 101: mostly everything is awful. just choose the least worst option.
Retweeted by philtorMissouri officials apply widely admired ‘Beijing model’ to small-town policing #Ferguson http://t.co/gWJ4e8S92U
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Our national disgrace. RT @JebBoone: More and more foreign news outlets sending their war correspondents to cover #Ferguson
Retweeted by philtor"If you see something, say something". Saw police teargas an 8-year-old: http://t.co/U2I2fQhxxT #Ferguson
Retweeted by philtorToday 94 years ago, Jozef Pilsudski and the Polish army smashed the Red Army and saved Europe from a Soviet invasion. http://t.co/R8NJgGDeP0
Retweeted by philtor82% of the state of California is now suffering either "extreme" or "exceptional" drought: http://t.co/pnxwxUIZhu http://t.co/tr0kMRSsb3
Retweeted by philtorOur app is slow-compiled in small batches, with minimal optimizations and linking only locally-sourced libraries
Retweeted by philtorIf you try to build a bridge of reconciliation on Twitter you will find trolls living under it.
Retweeted by philtorTwo Years of Data On What Military Equipment the Pentagon Gave To Local Police http://t.co/QCHzOaNvkj
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One Calli Beavverton's answer to Salt&Straw. Mexican ice cream & paletas. Bueno! http://t.co/KYzXsn269qAn emotional @NPRmelissablock interview w/ Reverend Willis Johnson, pastor in Ferguson http://t.co/1IMudpF8jU http://t.co/9FOXLSaVCi
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Polymorphism for beginners - Thomas Leonard's blog http://t.co/ESW8rbKdcV #ocaml
Retweeted by philtorNeighbors: "Can you put our chickens in coop at night while we're on vacay. Really easy, they just go in the coop" Reality: chicken rodeo.Amazing watching Trimet put this behemoth back on the track.... http://t.co/dhIj3lJEK6
Retweeted by philtorThis is what Roger Frisch looked like when playing a violin during brain surgery to find what's causing his tremors. http://t.co/o4wubP0m3S
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Hugging people is proving strangely more effective than gassing them in #Ferguson. Wonder what STL county cops think as they see it on TV.
Retweeted by philtorAll the places where the CDC says you can't drink the water: http://t.co/pHvd3sIR9W http://t.co/ZkmokXjR4E
Retweeted by philtorhttp://t.co/9A4j0UykJF
Retweeted by philtorNo one could’ve predicted that getting rid of the Darth Vader-looking sniper cops would diffuse tensions in Ferguson. Well, except everyone
Retweeted by philtorWisdom http://t.co/5zmhDk0RLH
Retweeted by philtorTHIS WEEK IN TEAR GAS: Ecuador, Turkey, Egypt, and America. Can you tell which one is where? #Ferguson http://t.co/viChjjZwsf
Retweeted by philtorThe argument against GMOs from a risk management perspective. http://t.co/rmPZ2vfrJe (Or: don't try to short circuit evolution)No, a space ship didn't land in Beaverton. It's OHSU's new Data Dome: Oregon Health & Science University just... http://t.co/rIzI8hExoI
Retweeted by philtorAdderall has a Tech Industry Problem http://t.co/rfnLVvn5Wc
Retweeted by philtorWhat's going on in Ferguson sounds like a Corry Doctorow novel.Does your package manager have a weather service? OPAM does: http://t.co/NCpfJQ7NcC #OCaml
Retweeted by philtoropam 1.2.0 beta released http://t.co/C1zoZnaW4X #ocaml
@PDXBYTE users group meeting tonight. Tail-call Recursion Optimization with gcc. Presented by @philtor http://t.co/zvDHtyCqg9
Retweeted by philtorHere's the NOTAM for those interested: http://t.co/dLAKezfwFp http://t.co/Ul1fP20eUz. //cc @philtor
Retweeted by philtorFAA closed low air space over Ferguson? Wouldn't want news helicopters covering. Or people's drones.The loss of @robinwilliams is tragic. Like him, I also & many veterans also suffer from depression. All Americans should awaken to this.
Retweeted by philtor"Why do black people always protest by destroying goods?"—White people who literally named a political party after throwing tea in the ocean
Retweeted by philtora mini X86 1-byte opcodes table http://t.co/0ob97HmjDL
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