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...and if the car were truly sold it would seem that they would not keep posting the ad every couple of days.As I've been looking for a car on CL for the last couple of weeks I've seen this a few times already. Not sure what the motivation is.There seems to be a thing on CraigsList where people who don't intend to sell a car post car ad and never answer inquiries.Man Calls a Suicide Prevention Hotline, SWAT Team Shows Up and Kills Him http://t.co/s5HPdUgxJs
Retweeted by philtorVideo of that tornado in Longview here... Pretty amazing. Anyone seen Toto? #liveonkomo http://t.co/DnfXAdWiQk
Retweeted by philtorTornado reported in Longview, Washington; residents asked to avoid downed power lines http://t.co/cja4aifq9c
Retweeted by philtorImportant observation. We must do more RT @ProPublica: Washington’s tech laws are antiquated: http://t.co/hM3UusBlHy http://t.co/Spwm771ocp
Retweeted by philtorFelicia Day opens up about #GamerGate fears, has her private details exposed minutes later http://t.co/9X8lvweOve http://t.co/RDYyHvYIrN
Retweeted by philtorTHIS #ISIS lorry bomb got no further than this YPJ Sniper from YPG's legendary sniper units operating in #Kobane http://t.co/ja5pyfEn5L
Retweeted by philtorpumpkin spice tear gas
Retweeted by philtor
Study from U of Missouri saying that you can absorb BPA through skin & within hours the American Chemistry Council is touting safety of BPAScary! In recent experiments, #BPA was absorbed by people who held a receipt for as little as 2 seconds! Our story: http://t.co/tPN02miQCD
Retweeted by philtorAfter spending most of the day fighting with Xilinx's Eclipse-based IDE I think I'll go with good old fashioned make files.@peat Barbra Streisand had a song like that.@peat Is that a computer store in Vegas?@built Actually, this modern adaptation with Crispin Glover was pretty good: http://t.co/s8GlnyAcw3@built @JohnMetta @lawduck Oh, and maybe the story needs an update: Bartleby the Coder.@built @JohnMetta @lawduck Yeah, and I have no idea what Scrivener you're talking about so we're even.#California Releases Draft Plan for Unlimited Future #Pesticide Spraying http://t.co/lwOSXjTskO @Earthjustice http://t.co/HggV5kGTFb
Retweeted by philtor@trimet @GraceStu Even a couple of Portland Loos at each transit center could be helpful. But bad people is why we can't have nice things.@built @JohnMetta @lawduck Bartleby, the Scrivener? Everytime we ask him to do some work he says "I would prefer not to".@pdxboats @trimetscanner @GraceStu @trimet ...the only explanation I can think of is that if there were restrooms they'd get trashed quickly@pdxboats @trimetscanner @GraceStu @trimet Yes, the lack of restrooms at TriMet transit centers is very annoying...@gracestu Sorry, @trimet doesn't have any money to create public restrooms. Please enjoy Trimet's new boat fleet. http://t.co/lWrNTeSsDl
Retweeted by philtor"A smell of kelp came in off the water and lay on the fog ... The world was a wet emptiness." -Raymond Chandler http://t.co/8oy4RoeZ1e
Retweeted by philtorThis is what happens when you take your Nobel Prize for Physics through a TSA checkpoint. http://t.co/GlHoY3nBef
Retweeted by philtorConsumers Union says that GMO labeling will cost less than a penny a day: http://t.co/VogxXdo7qU
Forget Ebola, it's soda that should terrify you http://t.co/S72Hc8262A
Retweeted by philtorOf course someone’s forking Node. It’s not like they can start a thread.
Retweeted by philtorConway's Game of Life implemented on Parallella by student at NTNU Trondheim. http://t.co/owC01TD60e
Retweeted by philtor
Apple Pay is cool, but imagine if you could pay with a device that never ran out of batteries and that was slim enough to fit in your wallet
Retweeted by philtorYou think tech support is bad now? Wait until they hire philosophers: http://t.co/C4DkCcnpGy @existentialcoms
Retweeted by philtorBlog post: Heavy Rain Coming and Windstorm Threat: An atmospheric river, a warm current of large amounts of wa... http://t.co/wymBaKX2NB
Retweeted by philtorI made a modern OCaml Android cross-compiler toolchain that doesn't hurt to use! try it if you want. https://t.co/h9DBTVhhRt
Retweeted by philtorFront Page: Bomb squad disarms tripwire device found on trail near Forest Park http://t.co/MW9MRw6o3y http://t.co/8IaJo7HKBP
Retweeted by philtorPriceless. The FBI's own website recommends enabling encryption on cell phones, as the FBI director condemns it. http://t.co/AQNYVHk4D7
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Test drove Honda. Liked Honda. Arranged to pay & pick up car next day. Seller completely unreachable next day. Seems his phone is off.Is is common for to people offer cars for sale on Craigslist and then completely disappear when buyer tries to arrange for payment?
Here's how we roll in South Africa #Flybrary at Cape Town airport- drop off books you have read and take one away. http://t.co/LReJclXmBf
Retweeted by philtor.RT@MultCoLib This made our Friday. http://t.co/t4J0QtCcre
Retweeted by philtorSomeone strapped a GoPro to an eagle flying over Paris (who needs a drone when you've got a pet eagle) http://t.co/V7awyNqCTiNew Generation of GM Crops Puts Agriculture in a 'Crisis Situation' http://t.co/73Arff4uyIScientists warn EPA on Monsanto corn rootworm http://t.co/1iStgFKBDCPlant Breeding vs. GMOs: Conventional Methods Lead the Way in Responding to Climate Change http://t.co/5vXqcXV823From the As-If-There-Wasn't-Enough-Trouble-Already dept:Nuclear reactors near active volcanos in Japan called unsafe http://t.co/Z8ZvObJFKDObama is appointing a venture capitalist as his Ebola Czar. In six weeks, Yahoo is going to own ebola.
Retweeted by philtorWikiLeaks publishes secret draft chapter of Trans-Pacific Partnership http://t.co/QwXJv1cfyVLeaked draft confirms TPP will censor Internet and stifle Free Expression worldwide https://t.co/udg57Df2w5 via @openmedia_caWe think our Yosemite v1.0 looks pretty good @YosemiteNPS #California http://t.co/TU4dFSzot1
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Got the least-effective anti-pot campaign ad ever. Had no idea these things existed, and now I want to try them all! http://t.co/x2pOheVLtu
Retweeted by philtorCool: Periodic table of relative abundance of the elements. http://t.co/Y5s32orITh
Retweeted by philtor@voxdotcom Another way to look at it: cats aren't emotionally needy and clingy like dogs. They don't whine for hours after you leave.@elehack and not just tech.@breakingPDXnews Apparently Monsanto is worried about their business model if 92 passes? Seems like desperation.Monsanto gives $2.5 million against GMO labeling: PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Biotechnology giant Monsanto is rampin... http://t.co/QLBd1tPgko
Retweeted by philtor@rickasaurus I don't think they get a lot of snow in Sacramento, but maybe @built could send her some Oregon water.Here's the horse. He's something like 26 yes old which is why they have him wear the eye protection in the sun. http://t.co/1T6x4bBL6U...and no, that's not a metaphorical horse.CEO is in China this week so we got to put the horse out in the pasture to enjoy the nice weather.@babrietzke I've played a bit with mirage, but I don't work on it other than to submit a bug report or two.Just one example of the revolving door between Monsanto and the FDA: http://t.co/T4atpnJgOsCheck out where the contribs both for and against measure 92 are coming from: http://t.co/teLgqPjC9o basically no individuals on the no sideHey Monsanto, if your business model is based on people not knowing if their food contains GMOs maybe you should find a different one.What's Monsanto afraid of? They just dumped $2.5M (in addition to the previous $1.5M) into the No on 92 campaign. Afraid of a little label.
@peat So my tree is still about 3 years from fruiting. I was thinking of planting another one. Sounds like one tree yields plenty?@peat persimmon party!@peat what part of town? Might be able to swing by on the weekend?@peat are they the Fuyu variety?if you ever wondered if the CPU emulator implemented in LaTeX is crazy... yes, it is ;) http://t.co/kzNfWJkY11
Retweeted by philtorNexus 9 looks nice. But estimated to be $399.This is what Detroit looks like. http://t.co/YKAXXw2B9a
Retweeted by philtor@developerWorks first reaction: "could be interesting" then see it's all Java.Just a little market meltdown.
Bill Nye in favor of labeling foods that contain GMOs (watch it till the end): https://t.co/8rRHxWa8ZA #YES_on_92Nadella saying he prefers women who don’t ask for raises is pretty close to violating labor laws http://t.co/znPaHnioTa via @josheidelson
Retweeted by philtorMicrosoft CEO Nadella tells women in tech it's bad karma to ask for a raise: http://t.co/yNEMhPfEpM
FBI announces new policy: Homes in USA to remove all locks, as locks indicate owners are hiding something.
Retweeted by philtorThe advantage of working out in the boonies, this is my lunchtime walk. http://t.co/jCnyeXi6PrVisited Bonneville Dam yesterday on way back from Hood River. If you haven't been it's definitely worth a stop. Free. http://t.co/EB6g8iXERI
@whitequark There's also HDCaml: http://t.co/V4VTVWpTUD
Huge amount of construction going on out Hillsboro way and beyond. Condos, houses, data centers, etc. Even some starting in North Plains.
How Do Some People Survive? http://t.co/CgzNmsOrR8 http://t.co/3zti0Hofuq
Retweeted by philtor"It took me an insanely long time to realize that these were in fact not tiny brontosauruses." http://t.co/JQCVUqU34i
Retweeted by philtorCEO gave us a tour of his densely wooded, steep-terrain property today in a 6 wheel John Deere "Gator". It was both terrifying &lots of funHelp strengthen your neighborhood with a Nextdoor website and get a $25 Amazon Gift Card. https://t.co/EYAKzopXRUH.261 decoder in OCaml, compiled to Javascript (with live IOCaml demo) http://t.co/S8vkEYPJ1x
Tell Vilsack to Keep Agent Orange Soy Off Your Plate! http://t.co/n5n1BTG25e @food_democracyFracking company pinkwashes drill bits http://t.co/6axz5samHm fracking uses many carcinogens http://t.co/tQyAH6HqSd http://t.co/8jVi1G10y4
Retweeted by philtorRead. Consider. Then ask yourself: who can stop people like weev? (Hint: the game is rigged against those targeted.) http://t.co/SjcUDkAS2N
Retweeted by philtorToo busy to tweet much of late. Have managed to learn a lot of Python in the last couple of weeks by necessity: #inherited_code
John Oliver on how civil forfeiture laws are making the US ino a banana republic https://t.co/YBjPhXqUtpJohn Boehner Just Admitted on Twitter That Republicans Have No Jobs Plan➡️ http://t.co/1IigxgEQCc #p2 #tcot http://t.co/UD3NDKUlSG
Retweeted by philtorThe freeway a river of Nissan Armadas and Ford Phalanxes stretching on to the horizon.An ebola data 'hackathon' is being hosted all week by Virginia Tech @ndssl_vt. See http://t.co/UkhkSwhvcb
Retweeted by philtorTwo months ago removed snacks from the house, and started eating only when actually hungry. No other changes. Lost 30 pounds so far.
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The octopus is just about my favorite life-form. Besides you maybe... http://t.co/ble4c8X4sN
Retweeted by philtor@lehudgins where was it? ( if it's not a secret) I haven't seen any yet in the places I've checked.It's not supposed to be hot in the evening in October in Portland.Median GMO labeling would cost consumers $2.30 per year. #Yeson92 #YourfoodYourchoice http://t.co/BGJvXmhJYq
Retweeted by philtorBased on the title, this could be the most useful book of all time. http://t.co/FbH8ATosSx
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