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Graphic designer. Photographer. Mac technician. Employed but Employable. Lover of imperfect things.

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Have a watch if you're interested in sign painting: "Gentlemen of Letters - A Dublin Sign Painting Film" http://t.co/Fptsm3Mvq4Who knows what the brain gets up to at night. I woke up this morning witha tune stuck in my head. The tune? The theme from Bullseye. Why?
Did you know that The National Gallery organises a 10 minute talk on a painting each workday? @nationalgallery #soho http://t.co/5Tq3AGdflk
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.@profanityswan didn't you know that breaks it, utterly and completely? Enjoy your new bookend.
Day three of norovirus. My world is still liquid. More tomorrow. #infoyoudidntneedtoknowbutishareitwithyouanyway
Alpro is made with "the best of plants". What?
Too much coffee. Not enough work. A bad combination. Bored and dehydrated. I need a change up.
OneDrive managed to delete a years worth of work. Thank Microsoft. Don't give up the day job. #thank #dropbox
Project #plywood is on! (After payday, goes without saying)Hmm. Do I even care that much?It would appear that the OSX 10.9.4 SMB ACL issue still hasn't been fixed. So binding our 10.9.X clients to AD probably isn't going to work.Whaaaat? Chocolate Lego? Where do I sign? http://t.co/yQMwergtbL
I've just unlocked @OneDrive on Drive by @Jolicloud. Get extra free storage here http://t.co/nCbfXepR6HWin a lifetime of free learning! Enter to win a Lifetime @Skillshare Membership http://t.co/FkJlVs1sfyWow. It seems there's a bit of a shortage of BB grade birch face & core ply at the moment. Prices are $hocking.To resin clear coat or varnish... that is the #plywood question of the morning.
@virginmedia many times. Seems that the super hub isn't as super as they wish it was...Anyone got a recommendation for a good (cheap/used) N router to buy? @virginmedia provided "super hub" barely gets out the room. #wifi@elementary OS Freya beta1 has been released! Time to #scream and shout, and let it all out!
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.
Shouldn't of had that half a cider last night. #gutrot #lightweightI kind of fell into this nerd life. I wanted to be an artist, but then I fixed someones mac, then I kept doing it. How do I fall out again?@AndrewWrites @arstechnica I occasionally power up the G4 Quicksilver to have a game of Dark Vengence or Sim City 2000.
Wikimedia won't take down this photo because a monkey owns the copyright: http://t.co/6UuclOKcM1 http://t.co/Hn0I4rLK3i
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Man alive, you can tell the difference between corporate and home networks. File transfer is a joke!“@monteiro: Good work ain’t shit if you can’t hustle.” Monteiro speaks the truth once again.
Munki is running sweet now (my mistake). Now reposado is playing silly buggers with the 10.9 SUS catalogue. #macadmin@grahamgilbert Our cleaners won't come into our office anymore because of all our 'computer equipment'. We take a relaxed approach to tidy.
Geekblock, adj: When you forget how to do something from the command line that you've done a hundred times before... but it's gone.
Ooh look. Wet stuff falling from the sky. #british #summer is back!NEWS! British Gas reports loss of 1/3. Next up... British Gas increases prices by 1/3.
Just pretend this gif is the only thing on the internet. And be happy. http://t.co/401F3jJPF4
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Nice to see that the corporation has decided to repaint the walls in a slightly lighter shade of magnolia.
Me: Can I borrow the vacuum cleaner? Cleaning lady: Why? ... ... To paint a fucking picture with the brush end. #seriously #thisplace
@Gordon_Keenan We struggle on with virtual box for our VMs. Does the job… most of the time!Yosemite beta, airmail 1.4 and new code academy projects announced all in one day. Happy geek.@Gordon_Keenan fancy paid for software!@Gordon_Keenan yes. Don’t install on a production machine, even on a extHD. Causes issues with your existing install!Look what I got... http://t.co/uOpX4kIg2q
Oh munki. You work so well for ages then you decide that you're all broken and you can't find your catalogues, or your own repo #munki #pitamunki is buggering me about something rotten today.
Should I sack off the day job and go it alone? Gah. The decision is killing me.Today's office high: 31c. Outdoor temp. 29.5c. Just gone 9.30, still 27c. #hot #meltingKasabian's new long player is something rather wonderful. Go and buy it kids, with money.@Gordon_Keenan *quickly registers .scot to cash in later*.
A year older. A reminder of all the things I was going to do in the last 365 days that I haven't done.The lady behind the counter at the bank just sang happy birthday to me. It's a thing now, personal service... want to clear my OD as well?
The air is so think today it's like breathing soup. Oh for Aircon.
Suppose I ought to be thinking about all the things that await me when I go back... or carry on looking for new jobs. #toughcallAh, the end of a week off work. Best thing about that is... I've got another one starting, now!
Yes you can have a print. No, you cannot have it for free. #freeloaders
I know I can claim the mileage back, but I hate coming to the city centre. It's just a pain in the arse. #BristolThem: I need this fixing. Me: OK, I'll be down tomorrow morning. So I go to the place. There's no one here to let me in. Brilliant.
Mountains (and a lake) in the Brecon Beacons for Vol 6 of @cerealmag http://t.co/dIGsmTqd3f http://t.co/fkzwuZSN0z
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Dear majority of YouTube product reviewers. A couple of things to note. 1. Speak clearly. 2. Buy a f***ing tripod. That is all.We got a new apprentice today. His name is Dave. He smells. The kind of smell that strips paint and curdles milk. #modernapprenticeshipsDespite my best intentions, I did not ride my bike to work today. #bikefailure #carwinRussia's ban on swearing in books, films, music, theatre and blogs comes into effect today. Visit Russia? Fuck you, Putin.
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Good news for Community. Bad news for UK fans #sixseasonsandamovie
2013/14 staff appraisal time! #fun #whatfun
I wish Apple would concede to the idea that microSD is a good thing to have in their products. (Just run out of space on my ipad.)
Virgin have just called my mobile to tell me I only have 5 days left to take them up on the incredible offer where I pay them more money!
@Gordon_Keenan ah yes, the going it alone ploy. So tempting, but perilous what with rent to pay blah etc.Current mood: locked in to a job I used to like, but changed so much it is no longer recognisable. http://t.co/fmavgJaQYiIs it the weekend yet?Great little series of films. With the network proxy would let me watch them. http://t.co/SEKvoxrx7W
Sitting on the balcony, sipping tea with my lovely. I wish I was doing that, not stuck in this office with a deadline and this heat.Dear whoever invented the popover advertisement for websites: I hope you fucking die.
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.I may actually be dying of hot. Office temp this morning: 30.3 Celsius.
An outstanding archive of photos from the Glasgow School of Art, especially poignant after the destructive fire. http://t.co/OEqUciaqQl
I've worked in better places before. http://t.co/4rY55ZtwENThinking of having an all analogue weekend again. It was fun last time, and better weather on the horizon.Miniclick hosts an evening of talks about why it's a great time to be in photography. Tonight, Hackney Picturehouse: http://t.co/k71WMON05A
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.RT @netmag Learn the secrets of keeping clients on side - http://t.co/w5a1hjtMJI
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Architect Henrique Steyer's office has all the right pieces to keep the juices flowing: http://t.co/2vN4AhdMQo http://t.co/SgemqaoZBv
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Wow. Selectable SVG text with animated backgrounds (using GIFs). http://t.co/WD6QG0l8XL
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Apple Store Down... Apple Store Down... Apple Store Down... Apple Store Down... Apple Store Down... what does it mean? Probably nothing...@verge bountiful copyright infringements all over this paper, surely? Didn't some other start-up get shut down for similar reasons?
Could happily have a doze now. Busy morning plus office temp at 29.6 degrees C. Yeah... sleepytime.No words. Which is ironic, because, hey, fonts! http://t.co/wBoodepGvg
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Run out of coffee. No work can continue until more coffee is purchased. #endtransmission
Places to go, people to see lady behind the till having a long conversation with someone on her phone.“Mid-century-modern is so totes now”. I like 50′s design as much as the next guy, but this person needs to shut it.
@verywesleylike It is indeed for bullshit 4:3 reasons. Bullshit bullshit and more bullshit. I need a fucking holiday.Thought of the day. Never confuse education with intelligence. #fuckwitsReally? You want the film in 4:3? Final Cut X doesn’t even do that any more… #darkages #threeweekswork #wasted
Welcome @melmackay7 to the world of twatter.
@Gordon_Keenan Reality is a bitch, but it's the only one we've got, so get interested... this is it.@Gordon_Keenan Absolutely... it's important to let young people make mistakes, because they know everything, and won't be told anything.@Gordon_Keenan Sure is, and all these art students want to go out and make money from making art. I haven't the heart to tell them...@Gordon_Keenan I'll just tell them to abandon all ambition at the door of McDonalds, then hand them an application form. Here is your futureCan I just spend the rest of the afternoon sat in the sun? I don't want to do any more printing, or helping students realise their potential
All the things I like doing are not profitable. I need to monetise sitting and watching TV somehow.#garnatadisplay Una tipografia del proyecto @garnatatype sobre los rotulos de Granada. http://t.co/dwT0vVBx3T #pagarconuntweetApple headphones with lightening cables rather than 3.5mm jacks. That's the end of decent, cheap 'phones to use with iDevices.Outstanding... I wish I could draw freehand like that. http://t.co/gCwDt9TINp
Our Journey Begins: #TwoDots http://t.co/5iG31x0JmX http://t.co/UYGVfZrZiTBut the question remains, what is it exactly I want to do. You’d think that 35, I’d have some idea, but I don’t. #lacksdirectionI need a plan. 1. More take-home pay. 2. Less time working. 3. More creative freedom. 4. Better working conditions. Any ideas?
So here it is. Monday. And then there were two technicians left in this boat.
@BBC6Music is Garvey on at 12? The 6 music website is partially offline...
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