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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. VP Sales with @GetGiftedInc. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The Isles, rational thought and vegan food.

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@rockitdev Ha. He's yours now mate.@rockitdev Yeah. Still early, but all the moves they made are working out. Like this team a lot.Islanders vs. Stars on iPad and Leafs vs. Bruins on tv. Paul likes hockey. http://t.co/64FrTuieQwI want to leave, you will not miss me I want to go down in musical history
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@im_adam_barrett It seems inconceivable that could happen, yet if it could happen to any sports franchise, not so shocking it was the Isles.Email of the day from my 70 year old mother. "You must be happy. The Islanders are sick right now." Yes they are mom. Yes they are.@TheCoolestCool @brightwhite @FindlayH You both need bow tiesThe new Muse record is being produced by Mutt Lange. So the band that wrote Plug In Baby is now going to sound like Pour Some Sugar On Me.@FindlayH @brightwhite @TheCoolestCool Nice work lads.@MathieuLLF Haha. That's fantastic. Someone needs to write "Benadryl" :)@theseoldthings @HotHotHeat It's a glorious song, by a wonderful band.“Bandages” by @HotHotHeat is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/Hsi2Kff4cDFor someone who plays guitar in real-life my air guitar is fucking embarrassing.
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Everyone has been so incredibly nice and welcoming since we got to Halifax. So excited tonight for @HalifaxPopX
Retweeted by Paul RyanOur socks have officially been rocked off by @againstme @LauraJaneGrace http://t.co/M7IGUxG9LP
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@grantisagrant that's greatDude at a stop sign blasting country music clearly felt self conscious. Switched it to some Nickelback. There you go mate. That's way better"Selling is not about pitches or closing deals. It's something much more simple." - How to Really Love Selling http://t.co/KFuMzty2Wm@jerryleewilson I like Clovis and Jackson
@FindlayH Weird isn't it. First one I've missed in like 15 years :(Had a hard time finding a trash can. Took everything in me to not drop my empty cup in this dirty hippy's basket. http://t.co/75CxEdgZDzARE YOU READY? #cillasback #corrie https://t.co/qeCKhyOBsQ
Retweeted by Paul RyanI wish this was my kid #Slayer http://t.co/dgZI8ZVuh7The 13 Most Popular Social Networks (By Age Group) http://t.co/mzWS3r0Z8Z
@Hooberbloob @grantisagrant Sometimes we be sportsing and shit.@tealuke I hope you like collecting and depositing large sums of money to your bank account mate.@grantisagrant I give Stamkos a slight nod, but maybe put Toews with JT in a tie for third. Malkin fourth. Ovie like 23rd.Assuming people who know anything about hockey would agree that John Tavares is easily one of the 3 best players in the NHL right now.Why music must embrace the latest wave of industry disruption http://t.co/Pihlz5912O
@bessyn That was taken on Dundas West@monochromegod DundasWell if I'm not allowed to drop f-bombs when I'm sportsing and tread milling, then you're the wrong gym for this guy http://t.co/YDozyHb1FRI had a donut for lunch. I need someone else to make my life decisions for the rest of the day. Accepting applications. It pays badly.
That time Wayne Gretzky promoted cereal. http://t.co/AeA82u0lca
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@monochromegod Yeah, feels like as good a spot as any. All good things have a natural end mate.Pretty sure Snap Crackle Pop by @Parallel49Beer has the coolest beer name and label. http://t.co/0ol1h7Crrk@jerryleewilson @WayneCarterRad Just getting caught up. Into a big bottle of IPA here lads.
Team has arrived in #Toronto - making life better with gifts @GetGiftedTO - got pals in TO? Tell 'em to sign up http://t.co/ivgCsN0NDw RT
Retweeted by Paul RyanBig welcome to @GillianMcCrae and the #GetGiftedTeam cc: @pryan2112 @carrlaa89 @cmooretweet44 & Jenna! Enjoy your new home #Toronto
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@GillianMcCrae @GetGiftedTO @workshop331 Wonderful spot. Think I'm going to be a regular for a few weeks.
Man. I always forget how many dudes in Sackville like to dress up like the woods this time of year.
@meganfluevog Thanks for the RT!@joelkelly Thanks for that share Joel.@bitterbarbie Thanks for the RT :)To the lovely people of Toronto. Excited to be bringing TheGiftList to your wonderful city. Check it and please RT. http://t.co/cpRY0pm0hb@John_Gillis That's awesome@CoyMoore Even if she was drinking NyQuil it was still classy.Woman behind me in a Fiat on the drive in was drinking coffee from a formal tea cup. I felt like a hillbilly for just driving on her road.@brightwhite Was swamped with some stuff, so couldn't make it, but thrilled to hear you were listening to the Fannies yesterday.There is no band's music on this planet that puts me in a better mood first thing in the morning than Teenage Fanclub.A dreaded sunny day So let's go where we're happy And I meet you at the cemetry gates
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@huskermould Oh cool. Thanks. I'll take a look. Not sure when I'll have a chance to check it, but would love to hear the whole thing.Iggy Pop: "If I had to depend on what I get from album sales I'd be tending bars between sets" http://t.co/WbNe2pobN8 via @uncutmagazine
The #Rangers fans head to the exit here at Madison Square Garden. 4 goals in the 3rd period the #islanders have full control. 6-2 #isles
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@ludditelynch That's Sammi, and yeah, she's just a bit cute.Finishing up some work and watching The Islanders with a little help from a friend. http://t.co/Wo6G6wRVeMRangers v. Islanders game is fun hockey. Halak is ridiculous right now.I just want to point out that Kim Jong-un's smile is more authentic than Doug Ford's #TOpoli http://t.co/Hgns59gxLL
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@wblakelives Absolutely.@huskermould Think you're right. Think How Soon Is Now? was as well.@wblakelives I often forget the Clash version was a cover.Wonder how much GM paid to use The Clash's "Brand New Cadillac" for their new Cadillac commercial. Note sure I love hearing it like that.Hey #Halifax.. we want you to know it's best to go to http://t.co/CYCzcsZ72n and log in to get #TheGiftList - emails are going out slow.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@huskermould Yeah. It's okay. Hard to hate anything he does, but his lyrics aren't great and his vocals are average.@DarrinSearancke Seems to me I gave them a whirl. I'll give them another check.@huskermould Maybe :) Really not into anything folky or twangy these days at all. Could change.@huskermould Sure she's great, but alt-country/folk/singer songwriter stuff tends not to be in my wheelhouse at all these days.Running about a month behind on the music blog (as usual), but here are 5 albums from August I quite enjoyed. http://t.co/0MTnpMRpJQNoel Gallagher: "Morrissey is the funniest man I've ever met" http://t.co/PMC8ecO5Xf
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Two shows in a row in Rome without cancelling. That's right. Two. #Morrissey http://t.co/iOMQnrH3HQ“Seven” by Fever Ray is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/OaQRfzNMkT
Bell Customer Support: "Sir can you open a browser" Me: "Sure, which one?" BCS: "Internet Explorer" Me: "Maybe choose another one"My parents are 71 and 76. They asked me what a hashtag was today. That conversation went exactly as you might expect it would.
@huskermould I think he's the third best player in the league behind Crosby and Stamkos.@huskermould Actually feel pretty good about their chances of making the playoffs this year.So you can take a family of four to a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game for $100, including snacks. You can't buy a beer at the ACC for $100.@huskermould Regional coverage in Carolina, so thankfully no Butchy.Daltry and Townsend touring as The Who in 2014 is sort of like McCartney and Ringo touring as The Beatles in 2014. Namely a bad idea.28 minutes into the season and John Tavares only has three assists so far #GoIsles@huskermould At least he's not wearing that ugly helmet anymoreA Ranking of All 118 Sweaters Shown on Twin Peaks http://t.co/RUhuaqEmSi@jkozuch @GetGiftedTO Hey Justin. Love to chat mate, thanks. Heading up on the 18th until the 4th. I'll DM you and we can sort a time. Cool?@skivels Thanks. My chino collection is sort of like a box of crayons.@bessyn Just trying to put in the effort every day, you know.Islanders season opener tonight. Felt right to dress the part today #GoIsles http://t.co/W0F8dDjpY6
@CH_RemoZaccagna To be fair, I can see that. It's just too bad about the actual inductions and performance stuff. Absolute nonsense imo.This just in. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame continues to be just about the least rock and roll thing in the history of rock and roll.@huskermould @DarrinSearancke @nickcalder It could happen. It doesn't, but it could I suppose.Man Takes Parents On Tour Of City Where He Came To Escape Them http://t.co/xTRzGdyovg via @TheOnionWhat traffic study would have shown the people of Fall River have even an inkling of the wherewithal to engage or navigate a new roundabout?@LostCod I heard a rumor ;) I will stop in to buy one this weekGo Vees Go #tbt http://t.co/RisZE4r4PmShyness is nice, and Shyness can stop you From doing all the things in life You'd like to
Retweeted by Paul RyanREAD: Roster Highlights #Isles' Depth; New depth means that players will have to produce to stay --> http://t.co/Ym0qWCJ7rM
Retweeted by Paul RyanJohnny Boychuk w/ me today: "Just look around the room. It's time... We're not going to be a good team, we are a good team." #Isles
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@HeyItsKod I hope so man. I really like the moves they made, they drafted well again, and they have ridiculous speed. Fingers crossed ;)
Regardless of your favourite team, the absolutely best part about the start of any NHL season is getting to see Johnny Bower drop the puck.The best. People who don't like hockey complaining about all the hockey tweets. Clearly someone else followed all those hockey fans for them@bessyn I'm more of a Steve MacDonald fan regarding Coronation Street characters, but if we go, I'll see if I can get that number for you ;)@ballyhewe Not my most sensitive tweet today about a fictional character with a drinking problem.
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