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Let the Saudis Lead With U.S. Support http://t.co/byJRIdCGXZShould the U.S. avoid getting involved in Yemen? http://t.co/bun4XUPevlWhat is the effect of having more women on corporate boards? Three perspectives: http://t.co/CRykHoviZV via @nytimes
Retweeted by Room for DebateIs Yemen America's fight? Is the U.S. getting into a quagmire or standing ground against Iran? http://t.co/PyhJkGmdcjIs Yemen America's Fight? http://t.co/CYGpNJWGbSRoom for Debate: The Effect of Women on Corporate Boards http://t.co/FKHoMIBLp7 Summary: It's good.
Retweeted by Room for DebateReally interesting - a different reason why corporate board quotas are helpful: http://t.co/Wl6aJE4hBK cc @MariaMSaab
Retweeted by Room for DebateDiversity in the boardroom may not make companies more money, but that doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do. http://t.co/CcBPSdZK86Does Germany's female quota for corporate boards have implications for the U.S.? http://t.co/JgzlAGkyd2Is diversity in the boardroom good for business? (Or just the right thing to do?) http://t.co/W5uH3ROdCrAre women good for business? The effects of European laws that impose female quotas on corporate boards: http://t.co/1sS1BMrj1iThe business case for more women on corporate boards is so compelling that some are literally banking on it: http://t.co/XEmESJcwOHA seat at the table: what do female quotas mean for corporate boards? http://t.co/jvnQd7rG19 http://t.co/Rbk9DhatcwWhat comes from having more women on corporate boards? http://t.co/XmcQzpxGOUThe Effect of Women on Corporate Boards http://t.co/zUYaKWa79E
Introduce a signaling mechanism to improve college admissions: http://t.co/ly2Ws4RCUpWould going back to paper improve the college admissions process? http://t.co/ZLXtV5q6JsEach college has different needs and profiles when it comes to admissions, and we need to be transparent about it. http://t.co/MyicC3c94ELast year, I applied to 19 colleges, 14 private and 5 public. I am part of a growing problem: http://t.co/CGzyrb1sbKHow to improve college admissions: why not a matching system? http://t.co/dHtmghizX6Wow, quite a claim (but seems accurate). http://t.co/qnKrUAsFhp http://t.co/z2UoIWyZEu
Retweeted by Room for DebateSimplifying #FAFSA is critical to improving the college admissions process, says @AllanGolston in @nytimes: http://t.co/z8MjMDRDNO
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhat can colleges and universities do to improve the admissions process? http://t.co/PfBrdzhxKw http://t.co/KUr0jdDZswIn regard to @roomfordebate college admissions piece: The fact we're using ACT/SAT to measure intelligence/aptitude in 2015 is embarrassing.
Retweeted by Room for Debate@roomfordebate isn't the fix "give us your 1040"?
Retweeted by Room for DebateEnd tuition at elite colleges for a better admissions process. http://t.co/oEfEgxNntaSimplifying the federal financial aid application is a critical step to improve the college admissions process: http://t.co/HzCHEhDRhx #edu
Retweeted by Room for DebateFix FAFSA to improve the college admissions process: http://t.co/qtnPyttSTS http://t.co/O9KamilQRVThe intense college admission competition is destroying our kids. Instate a lottery: http://t.co/yDAPrIrs3PTo improve the college admissions process, get rid of the SAT and ACT: http://t.co/ZGSt00cdfzJudges Need to Set a Higher Standard for Forensic Evidence http://t.co/4I9isRxLyw via @roomfordebate http://t.co/8KP76oOm8j
Retweeted by Room for DebateHow to improve the college admissions process: http://t.co/4H0nmjdKnI http://t.co/J91TEW4cQvCollege acceptance — and rejection — letters are arriving. How would you improve the admissions process? http://t.co/qrOmlYlcF7Perfectly timed, an NYT 'Room for Debate' about college admissions, pegged to "Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be," http://t.co/aAtzBR1kbV
Retweeted by Room for DebateHow to Improve the College Admissions Process http://t.co/evW0YsCFUz
Amen to this: Can't fix the criminal justice system's use of #forensicscience without fixing the science: http://t.co/dx7YppEQdG
Retweeted by Room for DebateHonored to weigh in on how to improve forensic science in the criminal system, alongside a truly distinguished panel. http://t.co/TbNBXmvvP6
Retweeted by Room for DebateCo-Director Peter Neufeld weighs in on Robert Durst & the limitations of forensic science in NYTimes' Room for Debate http://t.co/1BBRKrcW9G
Retweeted by Room for DebateToday's @roomfordebate: bite marks, shoe prints, arson & handwriting analysis - how dependable is forensics? http://t.co/Axh2uoKJ6d
Retweeted by Room for Debate"If you are a fan of CSI, you might be surprised to learn that crime labs are under fire." http://t.co/Tdkv1No5sZISIS's destruction of art has revived the repatriation debate. http://t.co/kM8oQO5ePM When is it appropriate? http://t.co/I1sd4ZiRO0How reliable is forensic science in court? On Robert Durst's handwriting + bite marks, shoe prints and arson: http://t.co/hXuTtVEUggInteresting question on @roomfordebate: Can forensic science become more dependable? - http://t.co/o2vtQwXqbE
Retweeted by Room for DebateCan forensic science become more dependable? The alternative is even less reliable evidence. http://t.co/XfWS7abqM9On bite marks, shoe prints, arson and handwriting analysis: how to judge forensic science? http://t.co/9wrzv7g9taOn Robert Durst and the limitations of forensic science: can it become more dependable? http://t.co/ZNkMkqCPzT http://t.co/5t57T07UD3How can forensic science be made more dependable and professional? http://t.co/9QjxryMl7URobert Durst, Handwriting and Judging Forensic Science http://t.co/mT1x2s7BdC
Marguerite Roza of @EdunomicsLab: Instead of giving $ through specific initiatives, free school leaders to decide. http://t.co/ljhoWvvGkc
Retweeted by Room for DebateIs improving schools all about money? @nytimes @roomfordebate asks @LDH_ed @EricHanushek et al http://t.co/yVZEGEsu63 http://t.co/WitU4Guk0c
Retweeted by Room for DebateShort, thoughtful & generally pithy arguments on both sides of #education funding debate http://t.co/5K1UpVJJL4 @roomfordebate @TheBrittanyF
Retweeted by Room for Debate
Hey fellow public school parents! What would it take to improve your kids' school? http://t.co/CXwKW1p4o8
Retweeted by Room for DebateMeditating on the value of money in schools http://t.co/N9oMlL7Th4 @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateIs spending more on education the best way to improve schools? http://t.co/jW1TpSjnTP http://t.co/78LgoMdjJbLisa Delpit: In education, the value of "more money" depends entirely on what you do with it. http://t.co/fmKJxoi4VVNo teacher should have to worry about providing the most basic resources for their students. http://t.co/KaWNuNNs8o"We have to see education as collective action and collaboration, not a competition." @timking1 of Urban Prep http://t.co/7gOcEr8oqrTeachers are a resource that is constantly overlooked, or not prioritized, in planning for school funding. http://t.co/7XAZ4PWuMeIs improving schools all about money? http://t.co/lYVWPllRBU http://t.co/rSHoS7zlYOThere's always @RoomForDebate. My @nytimes piece on need for equitable school funding for @UrbanPrep & ALL schools. http://t.co/XuZ0PhjzFS
Retweeted by Room for DebateWill tying teacher evaluations to student test scores improve education? Or do schools just need more funding? http://t.co/dpy2BaxWwJDoes improving schools just boil down to money? @LDH_ed, @EricHanushek, @timking1 and others weigh in: http://t.co/sAobWe9awPIs spending more on education the best way to improve schools and teaching? http://t.co/uSHOKWtj9QIs Improving Schools All About Money? http://t.co/jFhXP5HMwx
The pulpit and the ballot box: does a candidate's religion matter? http://t.co/vCjpi2sZKz http://t.co/99tm3mNmlKRandy Boyagoda: Americans care about their elected officials' religions in the wrong ways. http://t.co/D55OhQMuAgIs a candidate's religious affiliation important to you, as a voter? Let us know in comments or on Twitter. http://t.co/gTcJQ9M1eMShould voters care about a politician's religious beliefs? My take for the @nytimes : http://t.co/Kmw2dqE7pg
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhy do voters care about their President's religion? http://t.co/hpzz5XzFxV http://t.co/6u5G86va5D
"I’m an atheist and I’m not running for president." @pennjillette on the role of religion in politics: http://t.co/8D2g1zCPYJIowa's Republican caucus season resembles a religious revival rather than a campaign: http://t.co/zXQuRf4rM1Yehuda Mirsky: The ways Americans talk about their candidates' religions make no sense in many parts of the world: http://t.co/4m3vYFBZNX"American voters care about the religion of their elected officials in the wrong ways." http://t.co/uN4JWVOno5The pulpit and the ballot box: Why do voters care about a candidate's religion? http://t.co/PWU4GGxmHB http://t.co/0ftgaODwMQJeb Bush credits Catholicism as a major influence on his policy decisions. Does a candidate's religion matter? http://t.co/ZBjc0pp9wNWhy do voters care about a candidate's religion? http://t.co/Fg4oFwvniY http://t.co/jd3nJbpdnnHave Faith, We'll Have an Atheist President - http://t.co/q4yevvGEM4 My stupid optimism pink and naked in the NYT. http://t.co/dCBGkCGQ5a
Retweeted by Room for DebateIt's a really good idea to read the whole Room for Debate "The Pulpit and the Ballot Box, esp after Cruz announcement http://t.co/a0GA2zUfVK
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe Pulpit and the Ballot Box http://t.co/sQyhsqFwln
@MsNWarchol @kaaauthor that's so cool! thanks for letting us knowCutting down Old Hickory: NYT numismatic spree continues with @roomfordebate on candidates to replace Jackson: http://t.co/sP7GEmvjTd
Retweeted by Room for DebateWho should pay for worker training to bridge skills gap? @saragoldrickrab, @leecollege pres & more on @roomfordebate: http://t.co/f1C5PFiGfb
Retweeted by Room for DebateDoes the strong dollar help or hurt the economy? Should the Fed take action? http://t.co/cmCrDjgaU0What does the strong U.S. dollar mean for the economy, and for the Fed? http://t.co/ANpQvEkBNESweet Briar women are fighting to save their college: http://t.co/D7Lq8oOMqr Are same-sex schools still relevant? http://t.co/RXnv6YM924A strong dollar may not mean a strong economy. Should the Fed take action? http://t.co/baruFDH4hLCould the strong U.S. dollar slow down economic recovery? http://t.co/ei4hWuurjTShould the Fed be concerned about the strength of the U.S. dollar? http://t.co/QExl04dT0DThe Fed and the Dollar http://t.co/YpTHKUODb2
What do Eleanor Roosevelt and Ella Baker have in common? Titter followers nominated them for #womenon20s http://t.co/m3WSrJlVkBWhat do Harriet Tubman and Cher have in common? FB Readers nominated them for #womenon20s http://t.co/SpGksCz4tUHarriet Tubman Vies With Cher for the Twenty http://t.co/SpGksCz4tUElla Baker, Shirley Chisholm, Eleanor Roosevelt http://t.co/m3WSrJlVkB
Who is responsible for training America's workforce? Read @ChauncyLennon's op-ed in @NYTimes: http://t.co/71zhTq9fPL #SkillsAtWork
Retweeted by Room for DebateThis great article by @PatcohenNYT on the demand for welders, inspired this on paying for workers' training http://t.co/mzsEN5PlBSWho should pay for workers' training? Here's @VAcommerce on what Virginia is doing to address the skills gap: http://t.co/NSp55W5KSdWho Should Pay for Workers' Training? http://t.co/mzsEN5PlBS
This recalls our discussion from 2011: Should teenagers get high instead of drunk? http://t.co/LFJWuH21Zq @UpshotNYTWho should replace Jackson on the $20? A woman. @GloriaSteinem's choice, plus 7 others: http://t.co/bEeh5QGqkJ"I nominate her as an emblem of the power of the word." @GishJen on who she'd put on the $20 bill: http://t.co/b6vWZjtAXC
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