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@hmeisler @ukarlewitz worth noting the bulk of inflows last 2 weeks went into international stocks/ETFs however, FX hedged products ie HEDJFactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (1.52%), S&P (1.58%), Nasdaq (0.73%), Russell 2000 (1.29%) http://t.co/rAmmAehOUB@michaelsantoli @Nonrelatedsense Billboard's Top 40 - they are still dancing in the streets http://t.co/BX15Vo0rs1
@DavidSchawel this is starting to get some traction it would appear http://t.co/1uioI7st5n@AZ_Analyst was a moonshot from mid Oct but I know sideways does not suit you one bit@Ana1Sima I might have to release the Kraken he deals with the riff raff around here http://t.co/PmCvu6rctd@DavidSchawel the dividend and buyback burned their ass and now flows into HEDJ are the coup de graceU.S.-based stock funds attract $8.4 bln in latest week - Lipper http://t.co/avQbtmxC3v but only $1.5 billion to domestic equities@Ana1Sima how do I get them to leave? they fought with the ducks and ran them off, bullies@JackHBarnes @Ana1Sima those Canadians shit all over the hoop court and this thing is trying to eat our fish http://t.co/57Jz9qKNpW@Ana1Sima how do I get these uninvited (Canadian) guests? http://t.co/D8hK7eaT7c@DavidSchawel its all fun and games until somebody loses an eye http://t.co/egi3RpApXqTFM stock up afterhours after earnings, co pulling out of the California market http://t.co/4UWAjnvUrd@AppFlyer so then do it to create jobs and capex?@Nonrelatedsense thx@Nonrelatedsense what does that look like for EPI - can u post it up? have not followed as closely as HEDJ@Nonrelatedsense @michaelsantoli Jono's printing press beats anything Yellen has in her arsenal@michaelsantoli not sure what the over/under is on HEDJ creation/inflows this week...will guess $995 million@AZ_Analyst maybe Parker at AAL can consider UAL's posture http://t.co/2NnDIxlHuJ@hmeisler Groundhog Day...and we are in the 80s tomorrow http://t.co/Qd8YEUMfas
Two Fed Presidents Contradict Each Other on Same Day http://t.co/Y0fIRDxm4e I kinda miss Greenspeak@chessNwine movie on Old Ironsides in War of 1812 wud be cool too there were some great stories from Guerriere/Java and the rest@chessNwine we need more prequels and sequels to Master & Commander featuring sailing tactics and mucho naval combat, history woven inING completes exit from disastrous VOYAge into US business ventures http://t.co/QOJCX5OEcX Dutch should stick 2 speed skating & field hockeyWhiskey Market Heats Up As Jack Daniels and Jim Beam Challenge Fireball http://t.co/8zTHZhFfzO@Dutch_Book ANF shelves Phill Collins song on corp jet http://t.co/fmIa3TEqs0 btw nice color on ATRA@hmeisler whole lotta volume tooYahoo’s 20th birthday marked by dueling press accounts http://t.co/GNwggXDC5x@hmeisler speaking of dumb decisions I sold ATRA on the open and missed TUBE by a dime perhaps@chaseyb not bad today but has been a cloudy and wet winter if I am allowed to nitpick. I will take it however@hmeisler who needs Indian Wells? you do right about now@hmeisler huh what, no you would hate it here http://t.co/xWuvgTMPFc@MikeTannenbaum tried to buy some this AM did not get filled. and fwiw http://t.co/c4Rt5OJEUI@Morgan_03 Nakatomi Trading Corp@buckdeerstocks4 @Nonrelatedsense company was overcapitalized and at a big discount to book.Forced seller with Dutch this one was kinda easyBuybacks at $46 Billion a Month Dwarf Everything in U.S. Mkt http://t.co/Sc6BSRTdTw yeah but what about issuance I am all about net number@LDrogen fired up to see Red Army this weekend https://t.co/UqU60o2jaG lil before your time but it was grand lemme tell uChesapuke@Nonrelatedsense maybe they will buy back some stock soon. PS new EUSC ETF wins the Oscar for most clever new ticker@Nonrelatedsense yes I gotcha but he will proly roll out numbers and roll up price target. ps new lows for VRTS@Nonrelatedsense see ur point but valuation still modest I guess good enough to stick with it. And a stealthy win for EinhornVOYA mission accomplished, pretty much http://t.co/jIYQaLQaNc@WineRex was just thinking about Auric's story about Dan approaching his ex GF at that cocktail party and saying "you sold me too soon"@WineRex yes linoleum is always paired with cheap scotch, my badTUBE steak boogie-ing after beatdownStill not sure why most BABA commentary neglects to mention lockup and overhang, this is how it works https://t.co/7e4grIy962Nothing but Blue Sky on Camelback spring has sprung http://t.co/IdAB3UUWyv@awealthofcs the Cubs run a multi level farm system so its in their wheelhouse@awealthofcs wait til next year, when the family has to mark this to market http://t.co/YPT0Gu8cGA
New 52 week lows for VRTS as the class action lawsuits continue to pile up.@IvanTheK art imitates life, where 13F piggybackers are also weasels trying to hitch a free ride
@jimcramer do you think people long LL can hedge themselves with a few squares of linoleum and a half empty bottle of vodka?254 days until Singles Day $BABAShorter Stan: "I am not dancing"@michaelsantoli dunno exactly but NSPAX was one of her strategies then and she was proly down 80% from Mar 2000 until Spring 2003@michaelsantoli speaking of bubble memories - apparently Mary still has a pulse http://t.co/kgOWsuKdd1@JeremySeysses @jbonne oh wow that is a great piece. You guys are lucky, what a life u leadNext on CNBC Naz 5k Special: Alberto Vilar sings for his supper@JoshFriedlander Trader Monthly was the best lol I really think they poked fun at themselves, had good sense of humor and luv Rich Blake@RaginCajun the new widowmakerU.S. shale producers get no relief from rising Brent http://t.co/vOX3H6HVT1 ditch the export ban?so the entire float of LL might turnover today? buy the brokersHow about a counterpoint from Cliff Greenberg on LL@MebFaber Virtus to ‘Vigorously’ Fight Lawsuit Tied to F-Squared, Annual Report Says http://t.co/HTFuo84Eaj@AppFlyer well at least we don't live in L.A. lookit those gasoline prices. I still have some $1.81 gas in the tank@AppFlyer asking again - if you are reconsidering your posture on the oil export ban, Kemp's latest on it http://t.co/a2VrXdLxATBoris Nemtsov murder: security cameras 'turned off for maintenance' http://t.co/cFemNPS1NI
@JacobWolinsky everytime Tilson goes on TV he has a shittier office. U think that radiator next to his desk hisses and clangs all winter?FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: March 2-6 http://t.co/vOJQ75jK6DLL down about 25% last wk and short interest at one year high but everyone is gonna short it in the hole tomorrow AM? http://t.co/X6mkAiNiRB@maoxian I think you meant to say Kartoffel@BarbarianCap well there are advantages to the East Coast you get to see the 60 Minutes piece on Lumber Liquidators before we do@Morgan_03 I will tithe 10% of my tomato crop to Boston in 3 months@NYY_Gossip time to hop a plane to a warm weather conference - this was about time of year I would crack. Enough alreadyWanted to play hockey but the cee-ment pond won't freeze over http://t.co/16Pe8ADueE@Calculatorci pretty. quite the contrastNo time for outdoor sports it will soon plunge below 70 degrees http://t.co/qZOsj4HsY2Working on Victory Garden cuz its a victory if u dont live in Boston this winter http://t.co/1SFYYwGVLfTough winter day in AZ, so many clouds http://t.co/EaIdywZYE5Mutual Fund Observer for March http://t.co/HfbDblcuMs
HEDJ brings in another $500 million of inflows/creations last week http://t.co/NLENvlfhnk
@ShortTreasuries did not read it, should I consider it? certainly area of interest@LWinthorpe great month in the books,what r u drinking? proly somethun over 100proof but I reco irrational exuberance http://t.co/bTwmBAuFytFortress Macro Fund Under Siege as Redemptions Rise http://t.co/LDdWlrmNHhJesus Christ. RIP #Nemtsov http://t.co/abZLkiLmXa
Retweeted by StockJockey@Nonrelatedsense and lets not forget - Joe could break you, mate. Sir Larry Wildman style@MebFaber last lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against VRTS is a rotten egg?@AZ_Analyst this 5 day weather forecast is kinda like living in Boston? wtf@michaelsantoli @IvanTheK all I can say is that growth kills, eventually and without mercy@IvanTheK I don't see growth investors living to 100 value must keep you young if Roy Neuberger made it to 107 and Glickenhaus is over 100
Lipper: US Equities see $3.1 billion in redemptions while international stocks get $4.6 B of inflows in wk ended 2/25 http://t.co/SrdjAODOiKthey will never stop Llambasting Brian Williams@dasan valuation opinions are like....well, everybody's got em@dasan proly even a few growth guys lost money shorting this one. Amazing run looks like usual suspects at Fidelity win this one@AZ_Analyst hey man they found your Llamas https://t.co/KDFP8giTDP@dasan Benioff is sooo promotional...makes me wanna puke but I guess he backed it upPut together an "In Memoriam" slideshow to remember all the value investors who have died shorting CRM@TheStalwart @conorsen pretty impressive across the board https://t.co/ANijIQJ0KnTwitter Finance Grouchiness prints 52 week highs in the months the Russell 2000 Growth smokes Russell 2000 Value
Everybody is getting raises except the cashiers at SHAK who must be too busy to ask for them http://t.co/ljOf48m5BY
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