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Ryan Madison @teenfidelity pornfidelity.com

FREE trailers at http://t.co/LzmR4XCx3y, http://t.co/7EUkleKZyJ & http://t.co/yC1ZdbtANa - WINNER of 2014 AVN MOST OUTRAGEOUS SEX SCENE & XBIZ BEST BDSM MOVIE!

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Coming to http://t.co/hK0e02y34k this Friday @alexiagold_xxx - http://t.co/mscYCn4ASKComing to http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 this Friday @iluvchristie - http://t.co/0XizjEJuMmCheck out my scene on @teenfidelity
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonComing to http://t.co/J9bVgbSoVe this Friday @iluvchristie She lost her panties in our tree! ; ) http://t.co/eUarpNvmUq
@teenfidelity You guys did an amazing job... as ALWAYS β™₯β™₯
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonReally wanting to work for @teenfidelity again !
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonAn amazing soul @jade_nile it was a pleasure meeting you. Coming to http://t.co/hK0e02y34k soon http://t.co/0EcAiKDOnyThe most requested Twitter girl is finally coming to http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 in 2 weeks @Natalia_Starr - http://t.co/pYrUDbD8MZDon't miss http://t.co/bOGL2raM40's NEW episode starring @sandeewestgate & @JaredGrey_4love - http://t.co/ScwMBV9GJdJust released, "Make'em Sweat #2" @realdakotaskye taking it in the butt at http://t.co/gqgq9TZGz8 - http://t.co/88Iv8WWm1hYes Ma'am! Coming to http://t.co/hK0e02y34k soon @alexiagold_xxx - http://t.co/ecYq0THDSv
@theRaginCajun69 @AidraFox we're on it ; )@teenfidelity @realdakotaskye Choking and the way her eyes roll back in her head though... πŸ‘ŒIncredible.
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@artdx73 @realdakotaskye - inside http://t.co/gqgq9TZGz8NEW http://t.co/hK0e02y34k episode now out starring the insatiable @realdakotaskye Watch trailer here http://t.co/4BKtfv5Lyb Sup Slow Mo!"@realdakotaskye: Was my @teenfidelity scene that good?" Possibly best ever? Very possibly.
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonYeah, still speechless from earlier. @realdakotaskye should get, like, a medal of honor or some shit for that @teenfidelity scene.
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonIf you wanna see on a whole new level and a really rough scene check out @teenfidelity
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@realdakotaskye @teenfidelity Awesome fucking scene! And you got to toss Ryan's salad... you lucky girl!!!
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@realdakotaskye Your @teenfidelity scene released today is one of the best fucking scenes I've ever watched. I'm blown away.
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
NEW http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 scene just released starring the amazing @sandeewestgate & @JaredGrey_4love Watch trailer http://t.co/7Oaw5QOdSxCheck out our #discounts page every day to find more deals on the hottest porn sites! http://t.co/6WvNNxqTAp
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
Coming to teenfidelity next week @alexiagold_xxx - http://t.co/YTHPhAxui6@alexiagold_xxx @teenfidelity oughta b a good workout..RMs a proper producer..;-}
Retweeted by Ryan Madison#Review @teenfidelity "Hard Passion" with @AlanahXXXRae @AvaAddams @McKenzieLeeXXX @JessicaRyanXXX #BigTits http://t.co/hjHZRpK5m6
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonI just got to watch the new @sandeewestgate Pornfidelity scene that goes up tonight. You should be jealous. http://t.co/0xePag9FEd
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@brucerockac @AvaDalush definitely! ; )
Who would of thought I can get shoot ideas from so you think you can dance http://t.co/QP2xafrYfe@teenfidelity let's Do it!!! Last time I saw your hot ass sweet and fun wife was at AVN I'm down for BDSM too I'm a trained sub ;)))
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@Jemilah_L @Booblaa25 lol just join our sites, it's cheaper ; )
@teenfidelity @Imkellymadison Kelly and Ryan... My favorite movie stars.
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonComing to http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 this Friday @sandeewestgate & @JaredGrey_4love - http://t.co/wrUyhG3cG8Just been looking at http://t.co/cp4javrGCf - one word #horny @Imkellymadison @teenfidelity
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonMake sure you don't miss my @teenfidelity scene, the editing and music is on point! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ http://t.co/IhU3b1ZMSP http://t.co/VVzYfvIsaf
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@NinaElleXXX No mention of the pool? ; )
@teenfidelity saw some of ur scenes on pornfedility and I think my prostate would have exploded and I would have had an aneurysm. Kudos 2 U
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@realdakotaskye Working on it now, it will be out this Fri ; )Coming this Friday to http://t.co/hK0e02y34k @realdakotaskye - http://t.co/LBli1nyTZe@Da1nOnli176 @teenfidelity agreed!!! I wanna come back! :)
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonI never watch other films anymore, because @teenfidelity covers all my need!!
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
First shoot of the day for http://t.co/MA2OPLRyXT http://t.co/BeW1ZkpiTW@teenfidelity http://t.co/Bk0rMrb9tr
Retweeted by Ryan Madison#pornfidelity @teenfidelity is seriously one of the best studios ive worked for. Upper level of porn.
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
Coming next week, Pornfidelity's "WHITEROOM #4" DVD @XMISHACROSSX @xxxGracieGlam @brookewyldeXO @IsisLove - http://t.co/xqjJx1ZiqrOur NEW http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 DVD @Imkellymadison @SummerBrielle @CherieDeVille @AvaAddams & @therealJuliaAnn - http://t.co/ARC59yN3OF@teenfidelity was a blast!
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@DESTINYDIXON You're reading my mind ; )Beautiful Lady @AvaDalush Coming to http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 soon! http://t.co/psjI0tG98NSurprise, @teenfidelity still threw @realdakotaskye in the pool anyways. http://t.co/Bz185yDErb
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
@teenfidelity scene was my ideal way of being fucked
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonNEW http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 episode "Real Life #13" Starring ALL NATURAL 36JJ @ItsMaseratiXXX Watch trailer here http://t.co/eNrJR0rzSULook for me on the cover of @teenfidelity's DVD "Jean Fucking" in stores next month! http://t.co/2g7iX1K6ve
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonComing to stores next month Teenfidelity's "Jean Fucking" DVD @AidraFox @sabrinabanksxxx - http://t.co/kiZkqzmXqRNEW http://t.co/gqgq9TZGz8 episode just released starring @WillowHayesxxx Watch trailer here http://t.co/xqTbYLvTKO@Frank78187 @teenfidelity it was nuts
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonNow available! @teenfidelity's Can't Take It w/ @BlownByRone @belle_knox http://t.co/Ms1kEDEJ8Q http://t.co/yUalbpU8PG
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@realdakotaskye @teenfidelity This will be a scene to watch. @teenfidelity comes correct.
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@AVNMediaNetwork @AdultVideoNews hey everybody if You havent seen my @teenfidelity video its a strike 1! ;p http://t.co/AjOaB9SMQR
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
I'm about to get fucked in the butt by @teenfidelity #anal http://t.co/WkAcEWbAZp
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
http://t.co/KuvEFwZHME @Imkellymadison http://t.co/BvAIpYzAjp
Coming to http://t.co/hK0e02y34k this Friday @WillowHayesxxx - http://t.co/I45RlrvuFW@teenfidelity is literally the best thing to happen to porn, knows how to treat his ladies!
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
@Imkellymadison @teenfidelity and then Porn Fidelity 5 was great too http://t.co/tPtYinK2g8 you're on a roll!
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@Imkellymadison @teenfidelity Born Flirty 4 was really good (reviewed http://t.co/2GBIyowour )
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonJoin Kelly Madison's site right now and get 33% off http://t.co/5c1Nv5OzLh@Jemilah_L Sounds right to me ; )
This is probably my favorite recent episode of PornFidelity. @XMISHACROSSX is so fucking hot. http://t.co/cnu48eNO5N http://t.co/8JTA3T9VYM
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonNEW Pornfidelity episode starring ALL NATURAL 36HH @ItsMaseratiXXX Watch trailer here http://t.co/wPVXKiMFQl - http://t.co/97uHsPATXVNEW Teenfidelity episode, Jean Fucking #4 starring @Ella_WoodsXXX Watch trailer here http://t.co/ZMAKXULuiW - http://t.co/cFWMiocAOE@teenfidelity I'am great fan , also have a lot of respect for you mister. Nobody handles pair of huge breasts like you (since Bob Pounder).
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
β€œ@theRaginCajun69: @AidraFox you and @teenfidelity gotta go at it again!” Trust me.... I know😏😏😏😍
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonSave $$$ on over 1,000 adult websites at KellyFind's discount page - http://t.co/7uDIXAbYtV
Holy Crap! Coming to http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 this Friday @ItsMaseratiXXX - http://t.co/Wk4dex5cmTNow Available! Pornfidelity's Kiss w/ Kelsi Monroe, @NatashaVegaxxx @ValeNappi @NikkiHeartsXXX http://t.co/elVzgXlA6R http://t.co/arEAtb47DQ
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonComing to http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 @iluvchristie in the "WhiteRoom"!!! http://t.co/lI06Ic7YJOComing to http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 this Friday, @ItsMaseratiXXX & her all natural 36HH breasts!Coming to http://t.co/hK0e02y34k this week "Jean Fucking part 4" @Ella_WoodsXXX@teenfidelity fucking machine .. no one fucks like u in porn β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β™₯β™₯β™₯ #boss
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
@david66836718 @teenfidelity I recently shot for http://t.co/yfTqig1T3V and hope to cummm back very soon! ;) @Imkellymadison
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonOne of my favorites πŸ˜‹ go watch! http://t.co/G3TLBX8VBD http://t.co/YGwfgLSKyy
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
The NEW http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 episode starring @NinaElleXXX Watch trailer here http://t.co/dDXSxPc8vNNEW http://t.co/hK0e02y34k episode just released starring @Halle_Von_ Watch Princess trailer here http://t.co/iu573cmlDQHad so much fun playing barbie on set yesterday! @imkellymadison @teenfidelity http://t.co/yfTqig1T3V http://t.co/IDNmLb3seL
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@NinaElleXXX your New scene at @teenfidelity is fucking hot Baby 😘😍❀
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonDONT FORGET! Although it is my birthday, it's also the release of my @teenfidelity Video 😊😘 #payforyourporn http://t.co/qA8W13cHJH
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
@MissDaniDaniels bummer with your car, we'll make it happen one day ; ) take careNow in the store! BornFlirty 5! @alinalixxx @ScarletRedXXX @KarlaKush420 @JennaAshleyxxx http://t.co/GEVKimpoSW http://t.co/OXNcCcBSmd
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
@Da4k_Kn1ght @ItsMaseratiXXX 2 weeks
Coming to Pornfidelity, 2 scenes, one's real life ; ) @ItsMaseratiXXX - http://t.co/Za7nneM81t
My @teenfidelity scene comes out on my birthday- next Friday. Lol Get pumped πŸ‘‘ I'm a princess http://t.co/SI0ksuQt5U
Retweeted by Ryan MadisonComing to http://t.co/hK0e02y34k next Friday @Halle_Von_ in Beauty Pageant Princess http://t.co/UQ5YkIRglKOur NEW DVD just released "Real Life #3" starring @AugustAmesxxx @Brandi_Love @MarieMcCrayxxx @BibiNoel1 - http://t.co/jmqYEPaS6l
@MadisonMontag Yea lol ; )NEW http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 episode just released, The WhiteRoom starring @xxxGracieGlam Watch trailer here http://t.co/rdgM8PWFGNNEW http://t.co/hK0e02y34k episode, Braces & Spurs starring @ItsNatalieXXX Watch trailer here http://t.co/fgpt2ZjrSW
@davidjames696 @teenfidelity would love to!
Retweeted by Ryan Madison@david66836718 @teenfidelity I'm still waiting for my turn.
Retweeted by Ryan Madison
Coming to "The WhiteRoom" at http://t.co/bOGL2raM40 next Friday @xxxGracieGlam @Glamchowdr - http://t.co/EmsoAAaU65
@Halle_Von_ pageant princess coming 2 weeks from yesterday http://t.co/gqgq9TZGz8 ; )Another Saturday evening http://t.co/CG5lpCf3nL
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