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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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@AODhubhshlaine I don't disagree.@AODhubhshlaine You're very welcome. Does he get paid, that fella?@AODhubhshlaine That IS a bonkers price though. That's $1000. That's a boom-time mortgage payment. Who wants to get to Dundee that badly?@AODhubhshlaine Soooo.... you're coming to LA instead, or....?@AODhubhshlaine Game of Thhhrrooooonnnneessss-ah. #MacauleyCulkitTurns out that you CAN'T always get what you want. (But if you try sometime you might find, you get what you need.)
@imogendoel All fab! Good stuff in the works, keeping me out of trouble. :)@imogendoel I'm in NY. Back in Dec though for Christmas, and at the end of Jan for a thing... How are you doing?? Still in London?@imogendoel IMO!!!!To the tune of Frère Jacques: No hot water, no hot water/I'm freezing, I'm freezing/Hypothermia sets in, Hypothermia sets in/ Now I'm dead.@MeganKosmoski I don't give it often, but when I do, it's mainly for jokes about Taylor Swift.
@MeganKosmoski Damn girl, you poked a bear! People obsessively protective of celebrities amuse me. I LIKED YOUR JOKE, for what it's worth!@MeganKosmoski Jamaze. People be trippin'?@MeganKosmoski LINK PLEASE.[Dude on train, yelling] YO! WHATCHU DOING?... SLEEP? SLEEP IS BORING! [Everyone else in train] *Ferocious simultaneous eyeroll* #youthsI have recently become interested in ceramics. Who do I talk to about this?@AODhubhshlaine If you win that, I'll bursht you!To win a 1 night B&B + Dinner for 2 in our award winning Presidential suite simply follow and re tweet to enter. http://t.co/qavAVVSZ6n
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@lostplum #ChaChing, sucker!@lostplum Because we ladies are only out to fleece them for everything they have, and they want to manage our expectations? Sounds legit.@CaptainWavey @darraghdoyle That generally applies to teenage actresses? Usually beside an article damning the sexualization of children.@darraghdoyle The Indo is becoming the Daily Mail. All that's missing is mention of him flaunting his curves or a circle of shame.@MeganKosmoski Les FAB!
@TophHooperton If I ever, ever ironed, I would be interested in it too. Probably not enough to BUY it, but if someone GAVE it to me, maybe.@TophHooperton Just saw this http://t.co/aRVov6CuYz and thought that you'd be the kind of person who'd do #6.@SarahMillican75 That Will Scarlet tho...Glass of NZ SavB and some big project planning on the Upper East Side. There are worse ways to spend a sunny autumn Sunday.@EndaKennyTD @SineadCrowley This will end well. :/Jaggedy hate lines going from my eyes to this bratty young wan. People, it's not big or clever to be mean to your server. Use your head.The MOST OBNOXIOUS person sitting beside me at lunch. It's soup, love. Relax yourself.After five (great) years of designing posters for the @AbbeyTheatre, we’ve finally got an archive up and running — http://t.co/aN6rkwczOX
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@GylanDoburnCray Was thinking more Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash, but this brought me down a pretty great google-hole!
Truth. http://t.co/6tpUJ3QvrD
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanIt ain't me, babe. No, no, no, it ain't me, babe, it ain't me you're lookin' for. Babe.This Ebola business is scary. Too bad there's no "universal" system of some sort to "care" for your "health"
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@DulachG You can always be relied on to provide the quality, late-night eye-bleach moments.This is a good one: #SpamSubjectLines Unleash The Potent Power In Your Pants, Eva Cscanlan. | Also, good use of alliteration.Is excessive tut-tut-tutting a reasonable excuse for homicide? It's a sound that makes want to rip my ears off my head. #AskingForAFriend
Lady on the train has even talking about crab for 15 minutes without taking a breath.Good ol' Derek @blacknight tech support is very patiently talking me through something which my brain won't compute. Thanks Derek! #remedialBrilliant idea from @GoDaddyHelp - having a music-free holding option when you call. Bliss. #GreensleevesNoMoreJackhammer outside my window at 9am. I weep.
@MeganKosmoski I want that chicken. Well, I wanted that chicken 4 hours ago. Now... mebbe not so much.@dlbeller Perdy! How are you doing? We should catch up soon! xMy pseudo-vegetarianism is being sorely tested by the catering game at this gig. My veggie sponsor @MeganKosmoski is pulling me through.It's #ThrowbackThursday and some magic from @BrianODriscoll at Rugby World Cup 2003. How did he get that down? https://t.co/cd6f1Gxl3A
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanBig event today with outdoor & near-water elements. Preparing for hurricane/ nor'easter/ tidal wave.
Not to jinx anything, but after my dismal 3 hours sleep last night, I am looking at getting NINE AND A HALF tonight. Suck it, insomnia!@MissKeelyD Whiiiiiich brings us nicely back to this: http://t.co/6Vd1U2C1Wi@MissKeelyD I will buy these kitten lamps - name your price. I found a page of kitten gifs earlier and was transfixed for a good 5 mins.@MissKeelyD SAD lamps to cancel out stupid people... that could be a billion dollar idea there.Seriously though, who's awake? #318amI'm so wide awake I could probably get up and do some work. But I'll just lie here, grumbling, instead.I'm wide awake. Who's up? #HelloInsomniaMyOldFriend
Having to pack your bag for tomorrow is the new homework. :( #sulkTonight's #SpamSubjectLine is a twofer: YOUR HEALTH is OUR MAIN CONCERN, Evacscanlan OR Vigara = 40% dissccoouunntt. (check that spelling!)@TheScienceVids That escalated quickly.@lostplum Lovely pic! Are you rocking the Rachel?Tourists barging into a train before letting other passengers get off. #SideEye@BeccaTheSM And they say print media / the theatre is dead.look! a fork in the road! *i pick up the fork and lick it* hm....gravy. and its fresh. the highway eater's been here. and not too long ago
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@BeccaTheSM HUH! Colour me surprised!@BeccaTheSM #MerchWhore (I'll be very surprised if that hashtag has ever been used before!)I could do without all the Sinn Fein love on my timeline. #purgeHad some basil and mozzarella arancini by @Arancini_Bros last night. Still talking about it today, and planning my next dose. #YummersNothing unites Irish people like Twitter when something big is happening. (Or the #LateLate.) I love me some Irish Twitter snark. #Budget15It's #Budget15 day! *Settles into twitter, prepares for worst*@MeganKosmoski Aw thank you ma'am. It might be gone forever!@MeganKosmoski Something along those lines, but not...? It's on the top of my tongue. It'll come to me eventually!'We're More Than Just Your Local Webstore, We're Your Friends, Evacscanlan'. #SpamSubjectLines Well that's just creepy. Weird syntax, too.'FW: Any Drugs For A Reasonable Price' #SpamSubjectLines ANY drugs? Cos I could use some Cold&Flu up in this joint.#SpamSubjectLines: 'Only losers have tiny weeners - stop being a loser, Evacscanlan.' (This is my new favourite thing ever.)
@MeganKosmoski It was something computer/internet related. #shocker #grandma #youths@MeganKosmoski Keys, phone, wallet, can-do attitude. Check-check-checkity-check!@MeganKosmoski Hm. DEFINITELY not cando. Apple defaults to can do. Merriam Webster hyphenates. OED is subscriber-only. WHO CAN TELL?!@MeganKosmoski CAN DO ATTITUDE! That's the one!@MeganKosmoski It crossed my mind earlier to ask you to bring something to work tomorrow. No idea what it was. If you think of anything...?I need to be able to shop for heels without getting phantom pains in my stupid broken toe.I love you @ticketleap, but your fancy, moving sign-in page is giving me motion-sickness. #dramamine #NeedALieDown"..all the king's horses & all the king's men couldn't get Humpty together again" *raises hand* What guy thought horses might figure it out?
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanHappy Bartolomé Day! http://t.co/NpCNdu6Q8o via @oatmeal
I'm pretty sure I've just lost the hi-res, full-size versions of every photo I've taken in the last 2.5 years. I'm numb and distressed. :(I won't be leaving the house today because my black jeans are now covered in pale blue fluff from a new blanket. And also because it's cold."TITS LADY HAS BRAIN CAN READ? MAIL CONFUSED. MAIL SMASH" http://t.co/YaHa6hvcmR
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanIreland is in the middle of an October heatwave, and I'm wearing a wooly jumper. Not complaining. (#KindaComplaining)@AODhubhshlaine @MrShaneDelaney Stop making this about you, Anthony. (I kid. Kudos on the jumper buying efforts.)@AODhubhshlaine That @MrShaneDelaney is looking fine. Nice jumper.@BeccaTheSM Yeah. At least in the UK, most of the dipshit comments are confined to one newspaper. Some people are the worst.That last RT is so depressing. Is EVERYWHERE on this planet populated by total dipshits? Is anywhere safe?Daily Mail readers react to Malala, shot by Taliban for campaigning for girls education, winning Nobel Peace Prize: http://t.co/lendQMXywu
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan"Then you lied to me and said I never had any goldfish. But why did I have the bowl, Bart? Why did I have the bowl?!" http://t.co/GV2QvQU1KD
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI'm not even setting an alarm for tomorrow morning. #rebel THAT'S how tired I am. #RebelThatNeedsALieInTop theatrical acting advice frm the makers of, "How to make a better burrito," & "Dentures, the new teeth," @wikiHow http://t.co/86QJaB1NEI
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
you cared about robin williams because his mental health problems were hidden & controllable. you laugh at amanda bynes because hers are not
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
This gets funnier every time I watch it. Which is many times. https://t.co/4nuPIAcxUk Brilliant work by @HamAndCarrots. #AtHomeAloneI'll have been off meat 40 days tomorrow. I think I deserve a steak.
@BeccaTheSM Indeed. She's staying strong for both of us.@BeccaTheSM Not one for the overt displays of sympathy though, even in light of my imminent demise. #waaahmbulance@BeccaTheSM Just about to crawl into bed. Jen sent me home in disgust. #germs #alcoholwipesAre @TWC_Help deliberately slowing the Internet in Chelsea, or is it just on the fritz? All office activity grinding to a halt.
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