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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps.

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@jbclarke Checking you are watching :)Checking it twice is a performance issue: http://t.co/7b4T8Sp5g4A little C# Linq humour there from my session on Friday.Making a List Checking it twice var list = (from a in dbcontext.Children where a.Behaviour == "Nice" select a;).Check().Check().ToList();@helephant I was wondering if I could chat to you about speaking at an online event I'm hosting on feb 5th next year.@flexewebs fair point :)If you want free private Git repositories then use Visual Studio Online . Here's steps to migrate an existing repo: http://t.co/Go2ZNh9f3x
To everyone that came to the #webcamp today, thankyou. http://t.co/kIPTooz7Wibrilliant day at @microsoftuk today with @thebeebs and @MartinKearn web development camp - cheers guys :)
Retweeted by Martin BeebyGreat talk by @thebeebs on MVC. http://t.co/pD84sPMhdA
Retweeted by Martin BeebyEnjoying a day learning about open source .net and visual studio 2015 for dev. Thanks to @thebeebs and @MartinKearn
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@thebeebs @martinkearn Thanks to you both for a great session - loads of great stuff to look into and great presentations!
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@thebeebs @MartinKearn Great presentation guys, really nice demos, lots of good info in to take away and show off! Particularly like VMs!
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@thebeebs and @MartinKearn: Thanks for a great #Microsoft web dev camp today. Learned lots of little things that will make my day better :-)
Retweeted by Martin BeebyRoom is set for our webcamp. http://t.co/XOtek3jjyUOn my way to the office for todays http://t.co/Dy8O2CwdNA webcamp
@thebeebs do people usually arrive the night before for the Dev Camps as I am? Happy to meet up in Reading for a beer tonight if anyone is.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@deanleigh We are having our christmas party tonight. Although i am miles away looking after our kids :(@eddielee6 cool, I will give it a whirl, are there any editor plugins to get semantic meaning, code hinting etc.
@eddielee6 what libs in particular? Interested in taking a look.@eddielee6 @dotnetnotts A design goal of TypeScript is to mirror ES6 and eventually not be needed... but it's hard: https://t.co/TbyD8mGyO6@RockMonkey I see the link you mean now... Ok it's fixed. Link is here: http://t.co/d4qvXtPU73@RockMonkey @dotnetnotts hmmm works for me... err, should link to this video: http://t.co/XTSoA1RM1g
@markjbrown sad to see you go Mark.More natural gestures for managing phone calls: http://t.co/uTKPZJAYJN http://t.co/eC78TeRcFQ
Retweeted by Martin BeebyLearn more about ES6 Classes in Chakra: http://t.co/EnaH3Q0SOO
Retweeted by Martin Beeby.@peteduncanson dear @VisualStudioUK any guidance on release of 2015?@peteduncanson 2015 :P I actually don't know. Bits look close to being ready though so not long I would say.Slides and information for last nights @dotnetnotts talk: http://t.co/OBgJ7wwFmb@RockMonkey so you can save bookmarks across apps? Hmm interesting,.@RockMonkey whats get pocket?@RockMonkey Yep. A lot of great things@thebeebs Loved the talk last night! Looking forward to using VS2015 looks like it should be a HUGE release.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyReading the start of a new blog series that @blooders is working on around Apache Cordova: http://t.co/nSrIKK6ARw@deanleigh VS Azure and http://t.co/i7hMcgLT9A are the three things we cover.@deanleigh when we do it with 30 odd people its a little more hands on. When we do it with a larger audience it's less so.@deanleigh well that's not a requirement ;)@deanleigh yep. That's fine. You don't even need to code along. You can just sit back and listen.@deanleigh how do you mean set up correctly?Interesting talk on #roslyn from @thebeebs at #dotnetnotts #youdon'thavetoputontheredlight
Retweeted by Martin BeebyEnjoyed seeing Roslyn in action @thebeebs at @dotnetnotts http://t.co/hchgxE9OeC
Retweeted by Martin Beeby
Tonight I'm @dotnetnotts to talk about Roslyn aka the new .net compiler platform http://t.co/HGGaovqnPB
Join us for Non native / hybrid #xplatdev #Cordova #NativeScript #MobileWeb http://t.co/WbpXEBu310 @thebeebs @sebawita @benjaminhowarth
Retweeted by Martin BeebyPay for your Apps with BitCoin on XBOX and Windows: http://t.co/txFgAIqkW0Love the collabiration between Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and others @ #weProtect. For too long explotation has been considered unsolvable.
@andyofengland ahhhh. Nope, closet hub for tech events is MK Geek Night and Birmingham Events.I've done a truck load of presentations recently. Need to get back to blogging.@andyofengland NN area?@mtaulty @hermitdave @benjaminhowarth probably I was the last resort :) Lol Yep I have availability in most of Jan, would be happy to.@hermitdave @benjaminhowarth nope the talk at future decoded was apache Cordova (We called them multi device hybrid apps) but its Cordova@benjaminhowarth @hermitdave yep gave a talk on it a week or so ago: http://t.co/CL8DCJYYx9 via @mtaulty@rd3d @darrenhutton same device actually.
@darrenhutton amazing.@thebeebs What's great about that is it's only £20 more than my Office 365 renewal. I'll take a £20 tablet thank you very much!
Retweeted by Martin BeebyWindows Tablet just under £80 with office: http://t.co/wc8rO0fi5NListening to @MartinKearn talking about toasters and APIsCome learn about the Roslyn - the new .NET compiler, which is #opensource! - next Monday at DotNetNotts with @thebeebs
Retweeted by Martin Beeby
@jacobrossi nice one!W3C working group agrees to publish Pointer Events as a Proposed Recommendation http://t.co/FLuypVqQql
Retweeted by Martin BeebyNew update to Dominos app on Windows Phone, now supports smartglass and Cortana. http://t.co/HVfv56u0hBBusy week of free #webinars planned with @thebeebs! Not too late to register: http://t.co/VT1ir1XMMq #WebDev http://t.co/brrYqrJ6wU
Retweeted by Martin BeebyTalking about SignalR at Bradford Uni today and delivering a webinar on Single Page Apps. This week is crazy busy.One week until the next DotNetNotts! - A lap around Roslyn with Martin Beeby /cc @thebeebs #csharp #roslyn
Retweeted by Martin Beeby
Here is a video of me talking about Apache Cordova: http://t.co/Ld8ah013Nl Warning: Cordova Cat demo at 57mins.@tom_gant @MartinKearn high fives!Ready for our webinar on http://t.co/tCbCSRwKnT me and @martinkearn are doing one everyday this week, Register here: https://t.co/W30to2wM9oBusy week of #webdevelopment #webinars planned with @thebeebs . Not too late to register at http://t.co/fDLXnXgtRM http://t.co/ObXZYu6nWq
Retweeted by Martin Beeby
@tom_watson @TomLong78 that's a really horrible story. Some people have no empathy.The Sun compares breast feeding to urinating and says it should be done in a little room in private. http://t.co/hBMK6AljDE (h/t @tomlong78)
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The slides from my #ndclondon talk can be found here: http://t.co/pW8iSCStkB the video will be up as soon as I have it.About to head down for my talk on IE dev tool at 16:20 at #NDCLondon. Room 1, come join me if you're still around.@robkentzy this is my ordinary screen. I like it. It's not for everyone. http://t.co/HsbHQ6vKDP@Lumia there is an app for that http://t.co/C8KUVeAGJT@robkentzy there not 2d icons... They are 3d rotate and update with information.Something tells me I was bored on that train journey http://t.co/0zS2tNdsr5BBC iPlayer now available on Xbox One http://t.co/YcwOUvoumt http://t.co/2QVnVrUpnV
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@garyshort they are 8 lucky people though. I'd be there if I hadn't missed my train.Speaking about IE11 dev tools at 16:20 today in room 1 at #ndclondon http://t.co/bWXLbymySw come see a genuine IE user in real life.@ballantine70 @simon_mich @mtaulty that I brilliant.@garyshort can you teach one to find my keys.@Saurabh_Sethi25 I'm actually genuinely interested to see what they can do. Love seeing experts push software to unexpected uses.@joaofnfernandes 42@joaofnfernandes of course. It's a backbone of the internet of things and so uses the cloud to disrupt.There is an Excel world championship. I kid you not: http://t.co/Y2DqnM2Vs6@Filleepa @Econsultancy @MicrosoftUK I worked on that :)
Feeling a bit embarrassed by the video of my "10 fucking annoying social media habits" at @FronteersConf - I wasn't nearly ranty enough.
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97 slides... 60 minutes. Ok I need to make some changes.@AndySterland is that something that happens/could happen out of band. Show up in IE11 like some of the updates you've added.@AndySterland yep. The icons as they stand are confusing. Have to use the tooltips all the time.@AndySterland err is that the IE vnext tools. I didn't realise you'd moved the navigation. I knew you were thinking about it.@AndySterland yep that's also in: http://t.co/OyAAad5lXC@thebeebs you can also log a string and do printf like things and still inspect the objects (+new header) http://t.co/y32cXj4dRB
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@AndySterland yep I saw your talk at build, It's the source of most of my material ;)CTRL + SHIFT + U gives perf stats in IE11. http://t.co/4idDXsHesW This an other tips in my #ndclondon session on Fri http://t.co/bWXLbymySw@RobTaylor84 I know. It took long enough.["Hip", "Hip"] Array. IE console.log now logs the object. Learn more @ my #ndclondon session http://t.co/bWXLbymySw http://t.co/XUQPztBbKoWe’re launching an amazing open source framework, Foundation for Apps on Thursday, Dec 4th! http://t.co/ZQsvoEK4H6
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@patrick_h_lauke that island would have an incredible touch specification.
@bonhomme36 toucheYou're 1 in a million... But in a world of 7 billion people that means there are 7000 people just like you.
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