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@Dr_Black @petshopboys @hyper_linda I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by how many people I knew were there, should I? :)
@WildeV I stand corrected, 23:45 finish. Going to be a close one, that.@WildeV I did late night Nigel Kennedy last year, and it finished well in time for last tubes (even with two rather unnecessary encores!)Taking my seat for the Pet Shop Boys’ prom, about Alan Turing! You can listen live on Radio 3: http://t.co/8YCNhBzXnz http://t.co/prBpNg3ZQC@mykreeve Hello from the top row of boxes, stage right!Off to the Royal Albert Hall for the Pet Shop Boys prom tonight. Wonderfully, to get there I have to go west: http://t.co/ayq37QJdgpTomorrow @colin_furze's "Fart@France" project goes to Folkestone. With a huge metal pulsejet-powered arse. Join him: http://t.co/ha6ClODnQE@peachesanscream Fairly sure Dreamworks is releasing "How To Load Your Dishwasher" next summer.@BothersBar I've got a ticket. Rather wonderfully, to get to the Royal Albert Hall I have to go west.
@tef To the tune of "Welcome to the Jungle" there, of course.@jonty Yes.Today on @UsVsTh3m, an old-school game: "Spot the Tory". Can you guess the party an MP belongs to by their face? http://t.co/9I0terQ9Hr@divstivs @ampp3d Idea brainstormed in the @UsVsTh3m office: "your lifetime cig bill would be £X, but since it took X years off your life…"@mattround @youngvulgarian Every time this comes up, I'm reminded of the word @garybrannan taught me for the "fake pie": a "stewpée".
@Eldritchreality @abigailb @mushybees I tried a similar joke on my GCSE chemistry paper when I forgot an answer. Don't think I got the mark.@LindsayMerrony It's a pain to get to, but it's absolutely worth it!Oh no. @mushybees has made "Name That Tube Station". I just spent two minutes swearing at him because IT'S NOT EASY: http://t.co/fP2p2OjW2P@liedra My editor, @robmanuel, has just informed me that the entire astral plane runs on British Spirit Time. I'm inclined to believe him.New @UsVsTh3m thing! Who Were You In A Past Life? It works out which notable person died on the day you were born: http://t.co/HhTVIAkSOPNew video: Giant underground trampolines! http://t.co/yhQfUAyjVL@91dave Interesting, thanks for the heads up! I just wish the British one was working right now...@cr3 AAAAH. That's amazing! I want a go!
@DavidJBodycombe Never again. Never again.@sil That was just lucky: one good on-camera mic!@That_Aesthete Consistency, mainly!
@YasinAydinUK Thanks! Just wish it worked at the minute.@sil @popey Unhelpful answer, I know, but I’d try and film somewhere quieter! I’ve got no suitable kit so I can’t give you a recommendation.@liquidparanoia @trioptimum Took me ages to work out what’s going on there: I have my right leg crossed over my left!@phototropy All the very best!Today: filming! In a rather more professional setup than I’m used to… http://t.co/BpFQDApBVN
@AlbertPasaret @firstpersonquiz Oh! Didn't recognise the name. Would've grabbed you a screenshot if you didn't have one. :)@Corabal @DavidJBodycombe @BothersBar @firstpersonquiz Cue cards? I hope not, I had far too many already.@AlbertPasaret @firstpersonquiz Yep, I cut in after the test question for the catch-up show. Consider it a bonus for watching live :)@exit_strategy Thanks! Not sure yet...@ianvisits Never again. At least not without a cup of tea.London: there’s a storm coming. http://t.co/N4cqYsU9II@MDisraeli Thanks! I'm going to let my nerves recover now...@errdata I removed it! In testing, we weren't close enough to the mic that it was needed! (Did we pop? If so, sorry, should've tested more.)@rnalexander Thanks :)The final show of the run is now available on catch-up. Once again, thanks for playing, everyone - hope you had fun! https://t.co/RQboE0Gn7i
Retweeted by Tom Scott@solace_aderyn Thank you for helping out - you were great :)“Can You Hang Abstract Art” is a genius quiz for @UsVsTh3m by @ricomonkeon. Rotate your device to choose direction: http://t.co/mMUwqWykJm@MrChom @garybrannan @unnamedculprit Actually, I’m blaming @jonty for that. He knows his bees.@JohannFux @Egregiousness There's an urban legend about a headline with that name...@thebeardlessone Just the word "recumbent". I'll have a look at the logs when I can!(Also, we're only now seeing a lot of reports of streaming lag at the start - all seemed healthy on our end, so not sure about that. Sorry!)
Retweeted by Tom Scott@hyphen1234 @valttuxd Looks like a few people had problems today. I'll bear it in mind!@thebeardlessone I'll see what I can do!@robbieowl Because it took ridiculous amounts of effort and blagging favours on my part! :)@inky38 Interesting - the stream was all healthy from our side, so I'm not sure what's going on there. Sorry!Blimey, I can't believe that. Three shows that worked. I'm absolutely shattered. You are all wonderful. Thank you very much, everyone!Live in FIVE MINUTES. Come and play @firstpersonquiz folks, it's going to be a good one: http://t.co/leAgecm67ZThe stream is live! We're on air at 4pm for the last show of the run. Come and play! http://t.co/6i1qSC5X4T
Retweeted by Tom ScottIncredible view over sunny London from the @firstpersonquiz studio. (thanks @TheUpGroup for the space!) Live at 4pm. http://t.co/LdfY8AvOIr@soypunk Oh dear...!
@chthonicionic Ha! Hadn't thought of that. I've been meaning to get that crew together again at some point...@SimonSapin @thisNatasha Yep. And that’s not counting French, which works: « Like this, see? — Oh dear, she replied, oh dear. »
@youngvulgarian I'm assuming you've seen the follow-up? http://t.co/HJ5u9ONOFk@mattround Thanks! Phonetics was not my strong point at uni…New video! What's the longest word in the English language? https://t.co/Tt42MtVPUd (filmed in Llanfair PG!)@chadskelton No, you can do loads, it's just a pain to run and maintain!@Byteflowstudio It doesn't - Google closed the API it relied on. I've changed it to say that!@chadskelton If it's 1-3 IPs, use an RSS to Twitter recipe for each from "edits from this IP" feed. Otherwise, see @congressedits' code.(To clarify, because of concerned tweets: licensed target shooting on a safe range, with a qualified, trained marksman, for a video series.)A message appears in my inbox: "Bought a box of the largest shotgun cartridges the shop had in stock." This weekend's going to be good.@thebeardlessone @UsVsTh3m You've got more dedication to that quiz than I have!@DailEireannEdit If it's 1-3 IPs, use an RSS to Twitter recipe for each from "edits from this IP" feed. Otherwise, see @congressedits' code."Name That" is @UsVsTh3m's new thing! Someone's already made "Name That Pokémon", which starts easy but ends hard: http://t.co/Hl90hsLfcn@IanMartindale Oh dear. Between that and some messages from old student journalists, I'm having horrible flashbacks lately...! Thanks :)@DaughtryFan19 Yep. Spent four months filming that back in 2011!@tushar_95 If it’s one or two IPs, use IFTTT. Otherwise, see the code from @congressedits!
@eightbitraptor @LovedayBrooke Blaenau Ffestiniog in Snowdonia! There are also enormous underground trampolines (another video soon…!)Today: iOS device testing. Not quite at the finishing line yet, but we're getting there! 📱🔧🔨🙋👍 http://t.co/DrQbXxPfsH
Retweeted by Tom Scott@MDisraeli Ha. I nearly forgot to include that line, too. Thanks :)♫ Gove's out for summer / Gove's out forever / Gove's been blown to pieces ♫ #reshuffle
@mgagle Ask @edsu, not me!@theonesean Glad you liked it!@cubicgarden @cbetta Should be automatic if you use YouTube's live events system. Check their help pages.@MikeOakes91 Thanks very much!Just found the photo from the last time I had a cabinet reshuffle. http://t.co/2gusUPSa@AshBerlin Pop culture’s an important part of general knowledge too, y’know :)@green_knight @parliamentedits There have been no edits! Hence the FoI request…@CloudoidLtd Thanks! (Which question? Looks like our filter missed something.)Today's @UsVsTh3m game is a proper old-school general knowledge quiz. Presenting: Wikity Blank! http://t.co/6owL4rnO01@mattround Oh yes. There'll be a video about that later this week...!New video! Some places have lower gravity than others. http://t.co/uDZh78beLg (filmed on a 60mph zip line in North Wales).@danmcquillan It's an RSS-to-Twitter recipe, using the "edits from this IP" feed. Have a look at @parliamentedits' tweets for other ways.
@DavidJBodycombe Oh, that’s clever.Enough of this “extra time” nonsense, just chuck another ball on the pitch every three minutes until someone scores. #WorldCupFinal@Raidzen10 I think the World Cup flags are a special Twitter thing, outside the Unicode standard. Other than that, no idea!@joyeux_noel_ I studied it at university! No idea where to start, other than that…@kegill @IFTTT @parliamentedits It’s just an RSS to Twitter recipe, based on the “edits from this IP” feed!@mseckington Good luck! We’re cheering you on from here.@KaiOTaylor Yes! It’s on Anglesey.@inabash92 Thanks very much!
@Amanew @kadhimshubber @youngvulgarian I filmed a video for YouTube here. There’ll be evidence!I spent two weeks, on and off, learning to pronounce this for when I got here. Totally worth it. http://t.co/Ugd36AliRE@Chofoza The “edits by this IP” feeds!Suspicious there haven’t been any recent @parliamentedits. I’ve made a new FoI request to see if they changed IPs: https://t.co/p5khJyQnNZ
@olivervscreeper Ha, thanks. Still proud of that one.
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