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bit-flipper; voracious inquirer; philosopher without portfolio; kicking against the pricks;

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@quarsan Nevermind, see you previously posted it.@quarsan Citation please?A secular, monastic, moon-based community would be mighty tempting were it not for the tendency of regolith to lodge in bodily crevices.The older I get, the less afraid I am of most everything, with one notable exception: war.
Q: What do you get when you cross Sisyphus and an Ouroboros? A: Life.#hashtag@fs111 Troll on, brother, troll on!Bats flitting past my bedroom window, chasing their breakfast in the fading twilight.Polish town erects fluorescent statue of Lenin urinating called 'Fountain of the Future' http://t.co/ZWmkpeSVXp #futures #lote4
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Asked my coworkers for an explanation of how git really works and literally all I got was http://t.co/4IyX3eTMxl (h/t @eqe)
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron We're so NoSQL that we use Excel. Top that, hipsters.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Use multiple CPU Cores with your Linux commands http://t.co/erRc2TuVDb
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To ensure that a particular strain of human fuckwittery will manifest, one must but first deem it inconceivable.A condensed timeline of human civilization: 1) Insert tab A into slot B 2) Protracted recrimination 3) WWIII"Hell is the desire for vengeance; and heaven the denial of death."
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Russia loses control of a satellite full of lizards. Remember this, the moment when it all started to go wrong: http://t.co/RHbjySEbuB
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron "You can no longer win with a closed-source platform, and you can't build a successful stand-alone company purely on open source."
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Do angry people know about naps?
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@fs111 How long are you here for and shall we have burritos again this weekend? ;-)@rantyben I so want a proper jester's costume.@hpk42 Oh, shit, yeah! I forgot about that. Derp!@hpk42 What, is it too outdated?Coming away from EuroPython inspired to up my game. #ep14
@fs111 That puppy was as big as my head!If everyone is leaving their laptops unlocked and unattended, you *might* be at a developer conference. #ep14@hpk42 Oi, if only it were that straightforward!@puppetmasterd If you build it they will, <ahem>...Every sufficiently advanced discussion at a Python conference arrives at the py2/py3 chasm at some point #ep14
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Club-Mate in hand, totally stoked about 2.5 hours of Python meta-programming workshop this morning! :-D
Berlin, I am in you.@f1nux Do you object to rail or is it something else?Most of us are struggling with a skill(s) we wish to master. Put in the time. You'll be as good as your ambition. http://t.co/MgCW3zMYC6
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron ICE is such a civilized mode of transport.
Understanding Europe... http://t.co/umc8wMT6HB
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron You can live on pure adrenaline for a while but eventually the piper must be paid.
@corelanc0d3r Or, contrariwise, what's the penalty if you get caught wearing it. ;-)@Dymaxion Yup! It's been pretty stagnant the past couple of years. I came close to just buying another x201 off eBay.@Dymaxion Form factor is great but Windows 8 is underwhelming. Insofar as it is mainly just a portable POSIX interface, it suffices.@Dymaxion The market offerings are rather dismal at the moment. I recently went with a Surface Pro 2.
Anybody else doing EuroPython next week?Any sufficiently advanced tautology is indistinguishable from bullshit.'Oh freedom, oh freedom, oh freedom over me...'Attacks on web-based Latex previewers (and building Tex viruses) http://t.co/vrYGD6vGvW
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @wimremes Don't mess with Texas!
Sunset, green tea, Muddy Waters, and a good book :-D
@justintroutman @Dymaxion @gillo @samirnassar Don't conflate consumers versus citizens.@Dymaxion Let's discuss later this week.After eating, drinking, and breathing this stuff for the past year or so, I finally arrived at a vision of solving *new* problems in infosecSpent the last two days talking about the future of STIX and TAXII with the MITRE and DHS folks, plus a crowd from all over Europe. :-)@451wendy @2941Restaurant omnomnom!And our tombstones shall say "We came from the Internet, and we meant well."
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @alexhutton testing their mailserver behavior?@nigelkersten Happy birthday, neighbor!
SSL Blacklist SSLBL - List of SHA1 hash’s for SSL certs that are associated with know malware and botnet activities https://t.co/8ak4GNxoPz
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Would love to see a Forex-focused remake of Glengarry Glen Ross.Protip: the impact of bitching varies proportionally with a client's ability to pay their goddamn bills on time.@DavidLBrixey How's the wifi signal working in there, dude? ;-)@maradydd's essay 'When Nerds Collide...' is a must-read => https://t.co/QAWBTewJeR@treyford If only I could be productive 168 hours per week I could put all this research to quite some use! ;-)Too many open tabs! I guess 64GB wasn't enough ram after all... :-/@Aggress Woof!
@indy_johar @hillbrad Good generals are usually seen in the vicinity of the front lines.I have learned that being a technical leader means you must delegate solving complex problems, but you cannot delegate understanding them.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron This is a pretty big deal: White House offered Merkel intelligence parity with Five Eyes. Merkel said nein. http://t.co/sxfZC7miE3
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron "It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of sapho that thoughts acquire speed..."Pretty stoked about @europython! It'll be a nice change from listening to an unending litany of pwnage. :-P@ChrisJohnRiley @banasidhe "And for my next trick, I will saw a lawyer in half, right before your disbelieving eyes."@midendian @gfish Unless he was trying to...oh, nevermind.@jack_daniel @Walshman23 Time to break out the adrenachrome, gentlemen?@jack_daniel Fuckin' bat country@biosshadow Ummm, now you're talking :-D@jack_daniel Eh, well, beats the shit out of an airport terminal.@biosshadow When I caught myself idly fantasizing about a week or two in a medically-induced coma, I realized that it was badly overdue.@jack_daniel wow-good, I hope!@biosshadow It's like prison for the commitment-phobic.I love @HardcoreHistory so much that I basically go door to door asking, "Do you have a moment to talk about podcasts?"
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron While I can pick a lock or fly a plane, I can't seem to manage taking a vacation. :-/
shrinks : patients :: researchers : malwareHappy dreary Friday, fellow Linux and Puppet experts. Was this week the final straw? We’re hiring :) http://t.co/FxX4Y3Nesd
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron yo momma is so fat she sat on a binary tree and flattened it to a linked list in constant time #BURN
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron /me hands @lusis some data diodes for his multitenancy logging infrastructureRT @chadcouser: This is pretty cool. World map and ebook of data protection laws. Compare and contrast countries - http://t.co/XDfAqaDOKf
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Anyone else randomly read past-tense verbs as if they’re daemon names? “puzzle-dee” “isolate-dee” “live-dee” Argh.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Current status. http://t.co/Motrrq0VaL
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron "Victoria nulla est, quam quae confessos animo quoque subjugat hostes."
Wow! It's not raining. o_OFive Eyes are locked in a race to the bottom: making the world safe for democracy...as a museum piece.most people are unique snowflakes. that happen to all have the same apple macbook.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @snow_jennifer Hang tight, paramedics are on their way. ;-)@Packetknife ...and sussing what the hell is on your network.(Not)Lord, what a gorgeous morning!@spacerog Ah, you young whippersnapper! Back in the *real* 1994 we fixed streaming problems with tinfoil antenna extensions. :-P@Dramallama_Sec @SushiDude Most favorored procrastinator status: granted."US/German relations have never been lower." Something tells me they have.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @lusis You're most welcome ;-)Did it occur to you to inquire who my legal counsel was or did you just assume that I found them on the back of a cereal box? #contextfree/me picks up a cricket bat, drives them back into the fucktardis from which they originated...fucktards: they're *everywhere*/me stands up on tiptoes, on top of a barstool, on top of *another* barstool...
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