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Mac @wmacgyver Columbus Ohio

I use groovy, haskell, scala, java, c++, objective c, swift, python, erlang and clojure. Hobbies are videogames and DSLR.

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#groovylang 2.3 has a new markup template engine. Builder approach and very fast (static compiled) #gr8confAnd my fav feature of #groovylang : JSON support now is faster than Jackson. #gr8confNio2 supoort. All the usual methods on File are on Path too. #gr8confNew Sortable supoort in #groovylang came from #griffon and @aalmiray #gr8confYay, #groovylang 2.3 now has TailRecursive support #gr8confTraits support in #groovylang being highlighted. That was long time coming. #gr8confThe @glaforge is on stage to close out #gr8conf@GeertjanW very nice!@Maxinekwokadams hahaha@fifthposition Ted Naleid@Gr8Ladies a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step :)@GeertjanW is that a netbeans screenshot?A lot of questions on git cherry picking #gr8confSeeing increase of women participating at #gr8conf good work @Gr8Ladiesgit talk completely full. @glaforge had to sit on the floor. Amazing how git has completely dominated software dev. #gr8confAnother #gr8conf release! RT: “@johnrengelman: #Gradle Shadow version 1.0.3 released. Thanks to @aalmiray @brandonkearby for bug fixes!@dpp hahaha :)@dpp thank you very much. Digging for it myself right now.@dpp didn't know that. I thought erlang actor came directly from the original CSP paper@dpp sorry lack of context. It was in reply at the conference about where scala and groovy gpars got their actor model idea from.During ratpack demo, the first thing that got the "wow! How did you do that?!" was when @rfletcherEW uses http://t.co/uNoSRiiBqI #gr8confRatpack event broadcast demo was very simple. Not too much code to make it happen. #gr8conf@glaforge @aalmiray @rappleg your "groovy staff" tshirt trumps all :)In ratpack demo, @danveloper is blocking and returning 418: I'm a teapot to chrome agent type :) #gr8confJust spotted @glaforge sneaking into the ratpack talk. I see @aalmiray and @rappleg here too. Omg, 3 #griffon tshirts in one room! #gr8conf@danveloper good luck with the baby!"Real time ratpack" being given by @rfletcherEW hmm, another ratpack talk. By end of #gr8conf I will be brainwashed into deploy it on prodReally enjoying the Q&A presentation on #groovylang usage at Mutual of Omaha by @jshickey & @jmcgill2! My highlight of the @GR8ConfUS
Retweeted by Mac@CedricChampeau your effort and present is very appreciated :)@CedricChampeau doing releases during #gr8conf even when you aren't here :)@sbglasius the first adapter of #groovylangWow, @mrhaki just uses #gradle wrapper to generate build script named 'mvn' :) #gr8conf so wrong yet so funny@nusairat you are British. What kind of question is that?! :)@nusairat @pledbrook maybe you can tolerate the tea quality :)Yes, #gradle demon mode. Embrace and love the demon :) #gr8conf@pledbrook I can't say much for the tea quality :)Listening to @mrhaki taking about "#gradle goodness" #gr8confTea making somehow leads to #gradle :) #gr8conf@pledbrook automated tea maker http://t.co/yvGLvWdKtrWe have dependency diagram on making tea! Now he wants to remove human in tea making! I thought @pledbrook is English?! #gr8confbuild tool matters: @pledbrook uses a non software build process. "Making tea". "I'm English, what did you expect?!" He proclaims. #gr8conf@glaforge well, not quite. But he did say that he was surprised French people did invent things :)Hmm, @pledbrook is starting his talk "why your build matters" at 18th century, on loom. #gr8confLooks like @aalmiray keynote listing #gpars STM support caused new slides being added in the gpars talk :) #gr8confYes, actors model came from #erlang. :) #gr8confHere comes #gpars actors and CSP #gr8conf@jbaruch true :) but we've also been using gpars for a long time :) it's quite a good lib@jbaruch but parallel stream only exist on jdk8 I thought? Gpars will work on jdk6 since it use fork join@jbaruch but not out of box :)@jbaruch groovy stream is not multicore. Best for io bound problem. Gpars is multicore aware, better for CPU bound#gpars map reduce approach will avoid the overhead of keep converting back to groovy collection when you chain calls #gr8confGParsPool bring demoed to perform .collect in parallel. #gr8conf #gparsWow, @aalmiray is going to make a ncurse #griffon app. TTY zork, here I come! #gr8confDo not use #griffon 1.x plugin with griffon 2. It will NOT work. #gr8confNow @aalmiray is live troubleshooting maven build for demo #griffon project :) #gr8confNew #griffon website announced. http://t.co/Y0MMjLgFig #gr8confHaha, @aalmiray is releasing #griffon 2.0 rc1. On stage NOW :) #gr8conf#griffon 2 plugins are just jars. No more custom IDE support. Gradle takes care of that. Supoorts maven and ant. So enterprise! #gr8conf#griffon 2 moves #groovylang to just a plugin. Core is now java only. Small footprint to target embedded devices #gr8conf#griffon 2: supoorts jdk8, jsr330, gradle based. Uses lazybones for archetype. #gr8confNow @aalmiray is doing some chest beating on #griffon polyglot support #gr8conf "we got more!"#griffon talk starting. @aalmiray is promising surprises. #gr8conf#grailsfw #clojure plugin src being shown. @jeffscottbrown is showing how he did the class proxy #gr8confYup, @jeffscottbrown just started typing #clojure in sublime2 on screen :) #gr8conf@aalmiray I saw @rappleg running by the hallway@aalmiray haha, I'm showcasing #griffon tshirt :)In "polyglot web development with grails 2" talk by @jeffscottbrown #gr8conf I bet #clojure makes an appearance :)@twleung not gonna happen. Most of them are so bad in the first place
@psnively I still remember the ending part with the staff of ages.@psnively shadowgate, that brings back memories!@fifthposition yup, his Spock talk was fun, full of punsMost often spoken phrase from @kenkousen in his Spock talk is "yes you can" #gr8confNo matter how man years later, talks about Spock always end up talking about power assert #gr8conf@glaforge but you enjoy it so much :)@pledbrook beanstalk supporting docker is fairly recent. Other beanstalk issue remains.@wbucksoft the real test will be doing this for non-trivial web app. Also, beanstalk has issuesDid not know there is a docker plugin for #gradle #gr8confgradle run --debug-jvm is your friend. #gr8confRatpack has support for using RxJava by @netflix http://t.co/qsH7c7tL6L to handle async #gr8confSome of the ratpack api names is odd at first. Like .maybeGet(), or write specs in handler that has nothing to do with testing. #gr8conf@ElanorRiley I see you across the room with the chromebook nowSea of Mac laptops at the conference. I can't even spot a non-mac at the ratpack talk. #gr8confIn the @ratpackweb talk at #gr8conf@sbglasius agreeddouble value=3 println "$value.14".isDouble() #gr8confBoo, that puzzle is too long for tweet :) #gr8conf[0..9].each { println (it -1 ) } #gr8conf@Maxinekwokadams yum!def map=[metaClass: 'frequency'] println "What's the $map.metaClass, Andres?" #gr8confList<Integer> list =[1,2,3] def now= new Date() list << now println list #gr8confdef map=[2:'treasure'] def key=2 def value=map."$key" println value #gr8confdef key='x' def map=[key:'treasure'] def value=map.get(key) println value #gr8conf3: def range=1.0..10.0 assert range.contains(5.0) println range.contains(5.6) #gr8conf@jeffscottbrown it's one of theirs. :) they are doing a good job. Audience is doing well guessing too2: what does println (-3).abs() do? #gr8conf1: -3.abs() is.... #gr8confAh ha, so @aalmiray is the partner in crime for the #groovylang puzzler talk. #gr8conf#groovylang puzzlers. Inspired by the java puzzlers. Interesting... #gr8conf@jhpacker @fifthposition I'm surprised :)@stephoverflow it's an awesome conference
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