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Angelina Chung @xAngelinaChungx Dirty South of ATL to LA

1ST OFFICIAL @THEHANDIE GIRL 18+ NSFW Bookings: angelinaxxxchung@gmail.com http://t.co/DB4BQKI7EQ IG: cactx3

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Transgender girls are welcome in the Girl Scouts, the national organization says: http://t.co/Q2yTAMDghA http://t.co/cdVDZsa8Va
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@mariaanlas66 back to LA, where I leave.So sad to be leaving Georgia so soon :/
@Pornhub yall need to take this off your site. This is content owned by me.91% humidity. Welcome to Georgia.
I've been in 4 states the past 3 days.Literally about to fly into the sunset.Last night at the mill city ballroom http://t.co/uv0WsUxbofFun night w/ @jennqofficial @thejanicexxx @xAngelinaChungx !
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@xAngelinaChungx You sexy as he'll in person. Awesome time.To bad I didn't get no photos with ya. ;)
Retweeted by Angelina ChungSo this guy wanted to take a picture with me and as he was hugging me my lipstick got on his shirt. Hope you don't have a gf! #ooops
@thejanicexxx wasn't kidding guys. She's really wearing shoes to the club http://t.co/1smy8dTkqS@skater6983420 you coming by yourself?@skater6983420 I'm not even there yet, lol.I haven't had sex in 2 days. This is getting ridiculous.😊 http://t.co/FGWjsTCzZzI love girls who compliment other girls. Too many girls thinking its a competition these days. It's nice, to be nice.
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@heyhannerd oh no. They have ihop in California.@heyhannerd you gon eat Waffle House wiffff us?@heyhannerd I'm coming tomorrow! Are you gona be home?!
@mush2488 aw, next time babe!Come hang at Mill City ballroom with me tomorrow in Lowell, MA :) - last second addition, hope you can make it! http://t.co/CJKgHWaowD
Retweeted by Angelina ChungBecause I'm so tired, I adjusted to east coast time very nicely.@vmgsinclair the weather is beautiful out! Way better than LA rn. ☀️Let's do some Skype shows until I fall asleep! Email me at angelinaxxxchung@gmail.comLiterally... These beds at this hotel right now are amazing. I've running on 24 hours of no sleep rnGuys if you live in #concord #Exeter #boston #Lowell go check this out! Meet #pornmodel @xAngelinaChungx http://t.co/RIb36NaSFS
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@James_M_Perry nah lol@JAGnLA hi!!! 👋🏽Touchdown in Boston!My golden playing with two other goldens at the beach! 😍😍 http://t.co/4p34NHaYOy👀🍬@xAngelinaChungx lovely smile ever http://t.co/ssZBrhIgdv
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@xAngelinaChungx Eating pussy, delicious... http://t.co/46vwLR1sZW
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@fanofangelina a slave girl could work too if those existed. Lesbian slave girls? Hm, interesting@maleswingerdps lol k. I've already got somebody dominant in my life. I don't need anotherI wish I had a slave boy I can rest my feet on right now.
@nelj19 you can always buy another charger you can't just buy a new hitachiI leaned the hard way. DONT FORGET YOUR HITACHI WHEN TRAVELING.Atlanta let's get game 2. Go Hawks
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@xAngelinaChungx one of the good things being single and living on your own 👍👍
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@JessyJonesxxx 😋@DlrJoe always leaving a nice tip goes a long way! As well as loyalty@zksalas I mean, i can still take any airline and still get kogi, LOL. The airport isn't that big, chill@zksalas nope@ATMLA has some beautiful clients
Retweeted by Angelina ChungMy favorite part about going on the plane tomorrow at LAX is @kogibbqThis Sunday going to be Crazy in Lowell, MA @ Mill City Ballroom 🔥 ! W/ @jennqofficial @thejanicexxx @xAngelinaChungx http://t.co/1jNawHMi3o
Retweeted by Angelina Chung"Hard As You Wish" Out now! @SimoneSonay @xAngelinaChungx @MsIndiaSummer & @Deauxma http://t.co/dG5GK6Ywq9 http://t.co/ZFtaKZheTl
Retweeted by Angelina Chung
You …. The First Thing I Thought Of Every Morning, The Last Thing That Stays On My Mind Every Night. @xAngelinaChungx <3 ♡
Retweeted by Angelina ChungLIVE on #Periscope: Cal/OSHA porn shoot hearing https://t.co/1FXDuSi9Ja
Retweeted by Angelina Chung
The best girls are always gonna be the most difficult, so deal with it or get yourself a basic hoe
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@SatanRedvines Boston didn't hire me."@wwaloo1: @xAngelinaChungx i luv u http://t.co/eMBjNswfRi"
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@JackdStr8Guy mill city ballroom@ShawnS754 they discontinued my favorite one at bath and body works. Called coconut surf@ShawnS754 body fragrancesYou rude as fuck if you talk to someone with headphones in, Idc if the music is on or not.Can't wait to party with @jennqofficial and @thejanicexxx this memorial weekend in Lowell, MA!@JFulfordtheIII I was like uhhhh do I know you until I saw your picture lolIf some people just channeled their anger into really good sex, life would be so much easier.@kinkyhill it's in the works and will be up very soon!@kinkyhill there will be some on there! (:@kinkyhill they will be on my clips4sale store from now on.@kinkyhill my work will no longer be on Asian mean girls or Asian cruelty.New movie released 2 days ago on http://t.co/JdeJu0fkIc! "The Seduction Of London Keyes". http://t.co/STg1HhEr3h http://t.co/qGVshjZbuZ
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@kinkyhill nope@xAngelinaChungx I love watching girls get cum in their hair
Retweeted by Angelina ChungWhat are your fetishes?@Jahanacex haha, I'm good on guys rn.@MarkYin978 mmmm. 😋@Jahanacex hahah, heard that one before.@jaxxx8686 Cambodian food is considered bizarre? LOL@Jahanacex you sure? I'm hard to keep up with.@jaxxx8686 yeah @MarkYin978 said its a heavily Cambodian populated area and that's why I was asked to go out there.@ShawnS754 i don't love a lot of men.@ShawnS754 if I love him? That's a totally different story.@jaxxx8686 oh I won't be in the actual city of Boston. I'll be Lowell.@daliadime mean that every girl does. But to each its own opinion.@daliadime what I am saying is that preference is such a key word. Just because you like fit and in your definition "normal" guys doesn't@daliadime I never said you couldn't look and feel good. And I didn't say you couldn't be with guys who make you feel the same way.@DynoMikeSwag yeah, no I won't sorry. Lol.@jaxxx8686 in Boston?@ali_g09 what's a relationship without fire sex? Nothing really. So if they can't, peacceeee out! ✌🏽@DynoMikeSwag I won't personally go out of my way to see you but if you see me, say hi!But with that being said, I'm actually really picky about guys I let stay in my life, romantically.@MrBillFox i always love me some bill fox!!Of course you've gotta make me laugh and shit but that's a whole different topicI've dated guys in all shapes and sizes. Skinny guys, chubby guys, muscular guys, Idc how you look, as long as you can fuck me right.@KurtLockwoodXXX i personally don't give a shit how the guy looks or his body in that matter.@KurtLockwoodXXX immaculate? I'm far from immaculate and I know girls who are far from that as well.@daliadime @KurtLockwoodXXX who look more "normal" I quote that because every body is normal. Not everyone desires six packs, etc...@daliadime @KurtLockwoodXXX because porn is more than gonzo now. With great directors producing more realistic movies, they need good talent
so i just found out @xAngelinaChungx is cambodian. my mind is kind of blown, but more so happy we're slowly entering all facets of media.
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@TarantinoXXX I'm going to Boston this Saturday and Atlanta on MondayMy nail lady always has goodies waiting for me when I come in. Today she bought me a pretzel and strawberry lemonade.Took a lil break from shooting but I'm back!#trailer "Pho King" http://t.co/pdGR81Mri0 @KalinaRyu @xAngelinaChungx @CindyStarfall @miali http://t.co/L3fxtU4JwP
Retweeted by Angelina Chung#trailer "Young Thighs In Knee Highs 5" @josiejaggerXXX @xAngelinaChungx @MiaAustinXXX http://t.co/Jr4YmKdk3g http://t.co/0n7ieCmiK1
Retweeted by Angelina ChungHow to Turn on: @SimoneSonay http://t.co/aIwQD0KB0x http://t.co/DGksdPfpZF
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