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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@davemcclure @benthompson @rabois @jonrussell if you've been forecasting a crash since a year ago, you're still underperforming.@davemcclure @benthompson @rabois @jonrussell if a widow bought the market on January 1. She's still up about 30%, hardly a wipeout.@pdacosta ytd still way outperformaning us. So what crash?@bsedloff so you are saying there is a chance, right?@kirkburgess they should watch Columbia national men's team play.@kirkburgess women's soccer is as boring as men's artistic gymnastics.@kirkburgess it's not fake dives, they lack the rhythm and the elegance.@kirkburgess can't disagree more.I Wish there was a way to mute the tweets about USA women's soccer. Sorry, woman's soccer is still boring, with or without USA.
.@twitter iPad app sucks balls.@neilcybart CNBC crowd bet on Friday went terribly wrong. http://t.co/OdPI2NGNHPProof that Jim Carrey causes autism. http://t.co/6leT91BOYp
Retweeted by Joe Zou@zzbar correction to previous tweets: data from "Betfair", not betfare!Betfare implied winning probability of "YES" vote plunged overnight. #greekreferendum http://t.co/wyujbyfufLBetfare implied winning probability of "NO" vote surged overnight! http://t.co/7ZV7tOzj7u
@fmanjoo trouble with private market is there are few if any sellers. So it's not a real market.@benthompson all VPs and Sr VPs report to CEO. It has been like that forever. You are overthinking. Nothing to see here.
@ericjackson @markgurman All VPs and Sr. VPs report to Tim Cook. Maintain the same structure as before.@neilcybart reminds me the late Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping who was in fact the man in charge of China from 1979 till his death.@neilcybart all VPs report to COOK. There is a hardware VP on the list reporting to Cook, not to Sr. VP Dan Ricci. Nothing to see here.@markgurman but all VPs on the list report to Cook as before.@neilcybart if not, Apple can save a lot of pennies because many people have large iTunes library.@neilcybart Q: if I stream a "for you" playlist, and I already owned some songs on the list, will Apple still pay labels for my playing?@eric_analytics @neilcybart I only have one ID.@neilcybart bottom right tap "my music"@neilcybart my music tab > library or playlist.@neilcybart I have iTunes Match. Everything I've ever purchased is in iCloud. And it's still there on iOS 8.4.@brianstelter @comcast there is a typo: it should be "Concast".@robpegoraro @Pogue not including tips.@Pogue @robpegoraro so if you stream for 20 hours, you use about 1GB of data costing about $10, less than a cocktail drink in NYC. Not bad.@mattkrantz @USATODAY thought by who?@neilcybart Spotify will run out of money eventually if only freebees stick around.Whoops! https://t.co/0kzfqOHP3z@jonfortt it's just you. working perfectly for me.@abdophoto @markgurman phil schiller spokesman@anildash the joke is so old. If that's all the critics can say, Apple Music is on to something big.@alansmurray @FortuneMagazine but they are mostly the same group of people.@benthompson how do you explain the difference between Hilton and Marriott? What about EBITDA/rev ratios? Everyone has their favored ratio.
@arnoldkim @t87 no.@rsg too bad, most websites are down due to leap second.@arnoldkim @t87 when i subscribe to Apple Music, do i still have to pay iTunes Match? I hope not.@arnoldkim @t87 it has to be streaming from the cloud because my song is not on the devices. iTunes Match give me that right.@arnoldkim @t87 because when i tried from my iPad while playing on iPhone, it says "another device is streaming".@t87 @arnoldkim no tech website doesn't know details like that.@arnoldkim @t87 not true. it's stemming petshop boys songs now and i own all of their songs@t87 @arnoldkim i already pay for the itunes match. no double dipping here.@t87 @arnoldkim how do you know that?@gak_pdx @viltvittraren i wonder if beats 1 broke the internet.Dumb, Dumber, and now Dumbest. https://t.co/WhRqbJtTkv
Retweeted by Joe Zou@viltvittraren @gak_pdx force quit the App Store app.@gak_pdx mac app store seems down@arnoldkim if i stream a song i already own, Apple won't pay the musician for my play, right?Women's soccer is still boring.women's soccer is just not very exciting. It lacks the rhythm.@fmanjoo there are android users who actually read the nyt?@TechCrunch what does a guy who works for a phone company know about music? @JoshConstineOne great feature of #AppleMusic streaming: it transitions from Wifi to cellular network seamlessly as I walk outside. No pause, no skid.@jyarow @fmanjoo super easy to use.@jonfortt @iTunes @MikeIsaac I buy a lot. Still prefer to own.This Amber alert came up on beats radio while "Man Don't Care" is playing. So I continued to listen... http://t.co/vjzLnufKas@MikeIsaac big difference is no radio can reach the entire globe simultaneously and knows exactly who and how many are listening.I think Beats 1 is now my default radio while driving. Sorry NPR, Beats 1 is Fresher Air. #AppleMusic@neilcybart it's like NPR, different shows at different time with different personalities. Car talks, fresh air, etc. you pick your shows.Listen to Coffee Shop Alternative by Apple Music Alternative on @AppleMusic. https://t.co/cfxc20YBUt http://t.co/W0eJGX5XNN#AppleMusic app have me automatically follow all the musicians in my old iTunes library. Not sure this is a good idea.@neilcybart apple will probably ask for a full 2nd Circuit Court hearing and on to the SCOUTUS. Not over yet.This is how The New York Daily News covered the Stonewall Riots back in 1969 http://t.co/p8Q1rAFppS
Retweeted by Joe Zou@rjonesy @IsTheStoreDown is there any aspect of Apple ecosystem not covered by a blog or a Twitter account?iOS 8.4 is here. Downloading now. #AppleMusic@caro_milanesi thanks. That was my first question. https://t.co/To8DKcx74O@caro_milanesi @neilcybart @Kantar but they usually disclose more granular data during conference call.@caro_milanesi @neilcybart @Kantar ok thanks. But I still doubt the U.S. Number. Will see what Apple reports on July 21.@caro_milanesi is the data measuring sale-through to end users? Or simply shipment numbers?@caro_milanesi where can I read the methodology used in your study?@neilcybart @Kantar does it count Apple Store and online sales on US? I don't believe that U.S. Number.@neilcybart @Kantar does it include enterprise sales in U.S.?A brief history of the tabs on Apple’s home page. http://t.co/uw46ERmhIv http://t.co/0LIwTY8S9E
Retweeted by Joe ZouSo when is Apple Music going live today? What time do they release iOS 8.4 update?Porto Rico population: 3.5 million Public debt: $70 billion Debt per person: $20,000. That's a lot of empanadas and fried plantains."Absolute safety" = |0| return. https://t.co/DGcmOxJsOi@benthompson they did the watch because they think it's a good place to put cool tech on. (Jony Ive's own words). ID theory is overthinking@benthompson they invented Iphone because they need a better experience for themselves, not motivated by some half-baked "theory".@benthompson somehow, I don't believe Apple University teaches ID theory.@benthompson yes, everything they do is brilliant by default. But I only get excited if they do something insanely great.
@hunterwalk @benthompson @MikeIsaac won't work in Places like China unless Uber is willing to bribe officials.@neilcybart is that all smart phones? Or iOS only? Without OS specific data, it's pretty meaningless.@rsg if this continues, there will be no IPO buyers and the market will self-correct.@Kelly_Evans low search buzz is a reflection of declining Google search. People get info from the watch app on iPhone. Google not in China.@BenBajarin but can they create PA Semi?
Is this a Good way to attract talents? WTF? https://t.co/bZE6qEn1Y8@MikeIsaac not before Greece abolishes peaty democracy and installs dictatorship.@nyonnais if only Greece was ruled by a military dictator, the problem would have been fixed already!Freedom Tower, Washington Square Arch, and the #prideparade, as seen from my window. http://t.co/raSyKHMV2RDid they have #PrideParade in Athens, Greece today? #GrexitPhew! That's reassuring! https://t.co/NWnjQirCpdThe Citi contingent is blasting "like a virgin". Something is not right. http://t.co/VQNkc4wyi5The parade was interesting during first 15 min. It's boring now corporations like Walmart and Citi showed up. http://t.co/9jzE06OJh8This crowd of parade onlookers seem rather thin this year. http://t.co/Rdm5FvTYfT
@benthompson @rabois Obamacare was only possible because Demo controlled the House and had 60 votes in the Senate.@Kosmatos I am using the name on their own banner. Look closely at the picture.
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